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  1. shaemus

    King cobras, rats and pythons

    Its 20 rai. 60% re forrested
  2. shaemus

    King cobras, rats and pythons

    There are no sightings of kings locally.
  3. shaemus

    King cobras, rats and pythons

    The python was hit by mistake with the blade of the brush cutter whilst grass was being cut.
  4. shaemus

    King cobras, rats and pythons

    I wasn't there to see the snake. But after going through the types of snakes it could have been and the ones it wasn't, we weren't left with many options. We think the snake lives in a old tree which has a very large termite mound, which according to locals is a place to avoid and not sleep next too. (termite mound) We also have a pong pan or pan pong (ferret badger) that lives on the property. They eat snakes So i am told. As we have done allot of forrest development things haven't reached there natural ballance yet. The dogs are at training school so hopefully when they come back they will sort out a few rats. The rats are a local delicacy. So i asked for a few traps to be set up. I have tried it. Doesn't taste like chicken. Thanks Shaemus
  5. shaemus

    King cobras, rats and pythons

    I live on a property in Isaan. We have undertaken to reforest the land. We have a very large fruit garden and have a couple of rai for growing rice. I have been informed by our contractors foreman that that have seen a very large black snake. I went through lots of pictures of king cobras with the guy and he confirmed that he is pretty sure of the type of snake. He is a local obviously and has seen and encountered a great deal more snakes than i have. We have noticed that we also have more than normal amount of rat holes around the property. The same guy in the past hit a big python with the brush cutter once at that time we didn't have as many rats. We don't see alot of snakes really but we do find skins around and eggs that the rats find and eat occasionally. Generally we see rat snakes and smaller fish snakes. So i can only assume that if we have a king cobra it is quite happy eating the other snakes and not the rats. I am looking for some advice.. Thanks Shaemus
  6. Its very easy. Drive to Nong khai. Park you car in the car parks at the end of the rd, just before the entrance to the Border. They give you a ticket which you take with you. Ignore the visa services they offer. Waste of time and money. Have your photo taken (passport style) or bring some with you. Walk through the border/imigration as you would at the airport. After this you can catch little bus (25bht) to take you over the bridge. There will be visa and taxi touts. A polite and firm no will. Make them go away. Get on this bus. Get off the bus. Fill in the forms and hand them in through a little window with your passport and payment. You collect your passport from. The next window. Your loas visa will be inside. Walk through the gates. You are in laos. Its worth going to Vientiane. Its very relaxed and quite cheep. Drink some beer laos dark. Its the best. Go to the pharmacy buy what you want. Stay a bit. Go back to Thailand. I am not sure about what your visa requirements are or if you have to go to to embassy etc etc. But the process of leaving is very easy. I have been on my own and my thai isn't very good. Coming back in. Same in reverse with the visa application part. Oh. You can pay in Thai baht for most things over the border. You get change in Kip. Easy peasy. Good luck. Let us know how you get on.
  7. Growing rice on a flood plane. Good idea if it doesn't rain too much. A famer local to us. Planted and had his crop ruined 3 times by flood water last rain season(rice season). Every one is expecting an early start to the rain season this year. I am not sure why.
  8. Three different types of death listed by you. Which was the actual one?
  9. The DM. Is a hate ridden rag. Not real journalism.
  10. shaemus

    SRT Rail line improvements/construction

    Thanks. I was curious about the 70km of rail construction that i see when driving to KK. And all of the new stations. The raised concrete structures in KK seem quite complete. I can only assume that the light rail in KK will blend with the Bangkok to Nong khai line.which is part of the Chinese rail investment. As i am sure you are aware the rail line runs parallel to the mittraprap rd. Basically it has been fully replaced with several raised stations along the route. If you have any website links that would be very helpful.
  11. Does any one have any information on the new rail construction in muang pon, non silla, Khon Kaen etc etc. Thanks Shaemus
  12. shaemus

    New scam at Suvarnabhumi

    Yes they can. The "scam" is that if you are travelling to Aus. You have to buy your duty free on Arrival. I have fell victim to this also at BKK. But they had reps at the Desk from the duty free shops who were giving refunds, to passengers who had purchased items at duty free which are not allowed to board aircraft travelling to Aus (most things) and the price of things in BKK should stop you in the first place. This rule has been in place for years.
  13. shaemus

    Online Car spares

    I cleaned all the linkage pins of my tractor the other day on the loader bucket. They have grease nipples on. It works always in a dusty field. I cleaned them thoroughly and then the nipples. Then new grease. I assumed it was a fresh application of grease to lubricate the joint and to form a barrier against the mud and sand type materials that would work there way into the joints and cause premature wear. Or maybe I'm wrong. You two should get a room. Or maybe start your own thread on the pitfalls of greasing and not greasing. Just sayin. Shaemus
  14. shaemus

    Online Car spares

    Thanks I have been recommended a couple of times to go the modification type shop as the dealer service cant help in my search. The name of the type of shop has left my brain for the moment. Thanks mate.
  15. shaemus

    Online Car spares

    Thank you, Seems like this thread has been hijacked. Thanks for getting it back on track. Exactly what i requested. Cheers mate. Shaemus