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  1. SRT Rail line improvements/construction

    Thanks. I was curious about the 70km of rail construction that i see when driving to KK. And all of the new stations. The raised concrete structures in KK seem quite complete. I can only assume that the light rail in KK will blend with the Bangkok to Nong khai line.which is part of the Chinese rail investment. As i am sure you are aware the rail line runs parallel to the mittraprap rd. Basically it has been fully replaced with several raised stations along the route. If you have any website links that would be very helpful.
  2. Does any one have any information on the new rail construction in muang pon, non silla, Khon Kaen etc etc. Thanks Shaemus
  3. New scam at Suvarnabhumi

    Yes they can. The "scam" is that if you are travelling to Aus. You have to buy your duty free on Arrival. I have fell victim to this also at BKK. But they had reps at the Desk from the duty free shops who were giving refunds, to passengers who had purchased items at duty free which are not allowed to board aircraft travelling to Aus (most things) and the price of things in BKK should stop you in the first place. This rule has been in place for years.
  4. Online Car spares

    I cleaned all the linkage pins of my tractor the other day on the loader bucket. They have grease nipples on. It works always in a dusty field. I cleaned them thoroughly and then the nipples. Then new grease. I assumed it was a fresh application of grease to lubricate the joint and to form a barrier against the mud and sand type materials that would work there way into the joints and cause premature wear. Or maybe I'm wrong. You two should get a room. Or maybe start your own thread on the pitfalls of greasing and not greasing. Just sayin. Shaemus
  5. Online Car spares

    Thanks I have been recommended a couple of times to go the modification type shop as the dealer service cant help in my search. The name of the type of shop has left my brain for the moment. Thanks mate.
  6. Online Car spares

    Thank you, Seems like this thread has been hijacked. Thanks for getting it back on track. Exactly what i requested. Cheers mate. Shaemus
  7. Online Car spares

    Its a Toyota Main Dealer
  8. Online Car spares

    just found this for Toyota Parts. https://www.phithanparts.com/ And this For service manuals http://www.siambig.com/shop/index.php?shop=car-servicemanual
  9. Online Car spares

    thanks i live in isaan, so in order to be effective 100% i need to learn formal thai to read and speak, also isaan to speak. and to be effective on the net here you need to use formal and informal thai. its just a case of finding the right phrase translated and bingo. you are in a different world. As for the quality of the website and the content then only time will tell. unless More people start using and demanding a better service + easier more simple online buying, then it will stay as it is. I would say that Thailand is quite stubborn in a way. But the pace of technology will keep knocking on her door. I will give you and example. Search Google.th for thailand handtools online sales. not much comes up How can a company as big as KTW.co.th not have there SEO well covered. this is one of the places all your mom and pop stores buy there stuff from. they are massive with a hug range and a catalogue to boot (out of date) So yes again i am not in Kansas. but we live are surrounded by on online world. the postman local to me hates me. i have so many parcels delivered, he complains bitterly that 30yrs ago he only had a few letters to deliver now he is swamped every day. As i said all i looking for is a portal into that specific world and ill be off merrily shopping. Thanks for help Shameus
  10. Online Car spares

  11. Online Car spares

    Thank for your input. I can easily go to my local toyota dealer and have them replace like for like. But having just spent 25000Bht on a few things from them and having over looked the cooling system, i want to keep away from them for the moment. You quite rightly say that the Car is not a space shuttle. you are correct with your observation. But i would like to install something that that the dealer does not have nor ever will have. let alone be able to able to contemplate something that is not standard or fixed price. So with you being such a gentlemen of distinguishment and almost Oracle like ability to see all the content of the internet you would know that the main dealer cannot and will not install anything other that OEM parts generally. So i am left with 3 options . Buy what i want and do it myself Go to the car modification shop and get them to do it do nothing and breakdown. Option 1, i can buy exactly what i want online from overseas, as per the OP. I was trying to avoid that with help of helpful persons such as yourself. As for the Kansas thing.I get woken up every morning by a monk banging a drum then ringing a bell, then the dogs howl then the chicken man comes in his pick up. I couldn't be further away from Kansas if i tried. But it would make sense that a popular car pick up, made in its millions here would spare parts available online, whether that is OEM parts or Aftermarket, as i have mentioned before. there are an tremendous amount of modified pickups on the Rd here and one does wonder where the parts come from. may be you could use your wisdom to let me understand the aftermarket dealer parts network retail suppliers. Just so i can make up my mind what option to take Wonderful help from you Shamemus
  12. Online Car spares

    Yep it has the OEM EPDM hoses as new. the tray i am looking for (see photo) I have decided that the movement of cows buffalo or vast qty of plastic chairs will be left to those persons who desire to buy a tub frame for the tub of their pickup. they are readily available here at around 3000bht Example of thai website : https://racingweb.net/classifieds/ Thanks for your input Shaemus
  13. Online Car spares

    Thanks, do you have a website in mind? My apologies the car is 1999. I will make up my own mind as to what type of spares i want to replace, but thanks again for the tip FYI. The car has been extremely well maintained with a new gearbox and nearly all the running gear replaced. fully sealed underneath and clean as a whistle with all the panels straight. and a mint interior for the age. I have some plans for the car and as its only for me to go use on the farm and pick up materials etc. I am also looking to buy an aftermarket Steel tray for the back.
  14. Lesson learned on that one.
  15. Online Car spares

    From what i have worked out. There is a very distinct line drawn between OEM parts and modified car parts. The car is quite old and no racer. The previous owners have done quite a good job of looking after it. I checked the cooling hoses the other day and they were very crunchy from scale on the inner walls. There is not many of them and the connection union needs replacing as well. So I thought i would replace them with Silicon hoses as they are quite cheep. So no, i don't mind high performance parts as the image suggests. I have found some on Lazada but the search facility on the website is not very well administered. And generally things are quite expensive on there. There are a quite a high percentage of modified pick ups running around so i can only assume that there is a suit of websites as well. I am not quite sure of the thia word for modifications but it is a specific market. As when i was at Dealer the other day with my other pick up. They didn't really no where to start when i asked them to install a switch. I was tikd to go to the specialist shop which does the fitting. But i want to look at what is available first before i do that. Thanks Shaemus