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  1. I am going to be speaking to. A few vendors this coming week. I will check what they say. I am still wondering about the stainless steel requirements for the mounting frame. I have a colorbond roof. And. If I used stainless I would have a very quick and bad galvanic reaction and a big rust hole. Time will Tell All
  2. Do you have the PV panel list? I had look on the PEA site but I couldn't locate it. Thanks Shaemus
  3. Thanks very much Crossy. In doing a bit of research yesterday I came across this article https://m.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/2110147/sales-rooftop-solar-power-begin-thailand And then this older document. (attached) it's an unnoficial translation. I was a bit shocked. By a couple of requirements in there. The stainless frame for mounting (normally extruded aluminium for rooftop) and the hdpe for conduit. It could just be the translation and it is quite old (pre junta) and I could have my plastics mixed up.tbe requirement in Aus used to be HD conduit and marked up as a solar conduit, but the conduit I see for sale here yellow or white is pvc. I see hdpe used for hv conduits. Thanks for the info I will have a good luck through as i will be installing a PV system. I have often thought of starting my own PV install business. Maybe the time is right. 20130918_giz_translation_solar_rooftop.pdf
  4. shaemus

    Sparky Help

    I had a similar. Issue. With some. Led replacements. For an. Oyster ceiling light. I had 4. They have all blown up (litterally) I was going to. Send them. Back to Eve but I haven't got round to it. I have plenty of other Led's not affected of a different type. I assumed they are a bit sensitive for where I live ( lots of power cuts spikes surges etc). Shaemus
  5. Wow. Electricity works the same all over the world. Solar W/per Msq does change. It might be better for some. Of the experts here to do a maximum demand calc and then a peak load analysis. It's not expensive. There are plenty of tools on line to help. Fundamentaly.at the start of a design you should decided to go on grid or off grid. Off Grid is More expensive as. You have to buy batteries, etc On grid is cheaper. (less equipment) and let's use Thailand as the factual base for this. Meters are analogue ( spinning disc type) there are no peak/off peak Tarrifs or price differences for KW./h at different times of the day. By using grid connect system (non hybrid) You will effectively slowing your meter down and potentially making it go backward should you generate more than use. And obviously you won't be generating at night. So it is a case of Kwh consumed / Kwh produced. There aren't seemingly many financial benefits in Thailand to export power to the grid. The more Ideal Option in this country would be to have hybrid type system. So power back up etc etc. But much more. Pricey. And not worth the money in Thailand. In reference to the ex. Job title jibe. I'll say this. I worked as a solar installation manager and system Designer in Australia so I think I am Qualified to comment. I have software that does full shade analysis and power analysis etc etc plus full generated power outcomes. Etc etc. Solar is expensive in Thailand due to the import Tarrifs. Plus for domestic you would have to have a lot of faith in your Thai installer to do the design and installation safely. Good luck and if anyone gets hold of the list of approved PV equipment please post up
  6. shaemus

    adding a out side consumer unit

    15A for lights! Do you mean the circuit breaker or the capacity of the cable. 6A CB for lighting is normally well sufficient. 10A is 2200 Watts. @ a supply V of 220v
  7. shaemus

    ABB Step equipment required

    Thats very kind to let me know. I have seen it. But never having all of the items I require. What is the sub brand called?
  8. I am looking to purchase some items from. The ABB Step range. Does anyone know of an online seller that sells the full range? The range has exactly what I require and my research indicates that other brands do not. I require intermediate switches, f type, cat 5e, 2 way switches. All from the same. Range. Thanks in advance Shaemus Step Brochure 2015(7).pdf
  9. shaemus

    Digger Hire

    I havent seen any beams for this avaialable where i am. Go to all your local builders merchants and see what they have. I havent ever seen solid block for sale. The closest i have seen is the precast slabs. You might want to be more specific on your spec for rebar and concrete. I bought myself a manual rebar bender, so i could bend the stirups myself. I normally use db10 (deformed bar) it comes in 10m lengths. I dont know t he price. Concrete delivered ranges from 1000 per cube to 1500 depending on mpa reqd. I only get one choice of slump where i am. I did a 20cube pour for my workshop and put a thick layer of rags on top and watered it for 10 days or so to help with the curing As for machine rental. The rental industry hasnt really taken off in Isaan as far as i can work out. Have a look on truck2hand.com. you might find a local seller who knows the local market better.
  10. I use. HIFX. Easy too use,quick and good rates
  11. shaemus

    CCTV systems questions

    Very intersting, can you share the model of the NVR and the cameras. and a brief spec, I.e. 4mp 1080p and an over all cost many thanks Shameus
  12. shaemus

    Parts of Thailand to experience heavy rains until Oct 1

    Not any time soon. I am in the middle of khon kaen, Korat and burriram. most farmers are letting the cows eat the grass/weed/rice in their fields around here. the rain we have had is very sporadic. small bursts and not for long. Our dams are empty as are the water tanks. I dont bother even looking at the weather forcast as it seemingly is just made up. i would hope that Government could see the benefit of a major scale water distribution scheme. A large bore pipe and a few pumping stations wouldn't have been to much to add on the rail expansion project from nongkhai. It would transform this region dramatically
  13. shaemus

    CCTV systems questions

    from what i have seen. its either POE or Analogue, the latter being coax and 12v . the former being rj45 connectors on cat5e or cat6, cat 7 is to costly and time consuming to terminate. plus the network speed from the NVR is 200Mbs and the tranfer rate of cat6 is about 1Gbs. the larger conductor size of the cat6 should hopefully help with Voltage drop and only using 1 cable is easier to install i am not sure what you mean by "powerbrick" something like this. with 8 pig snout cameras and 8 bullet type. https://www.ebay.com.au/i/372443604104?ul_noapp=true
  14. shaemus

    CCTV systems questions

    Can anyone tell me from experience what the pro/cons are for POE CCTV systems Vs analogue I am looking at buying a 16CH 8MP NVR with cameras to install at the farmhouse. The low spec and price in Thaialand seems very expensive compared to online. i have no interest at all in using wifi cameras. i have underground conduits going to all buildings required. Obviously cable length and size will have an impact. I can use either cat 5e or cat6 for the POE and for lengths of of 80m Then i assume i would need a switch or some kind of booster.
  15. Yes thanks, i was searching for clarification of the definitions of the 2 items the Visa is the Stamp in the Passport and the Permission to stay is the sticker.. or maybe i am wrong.... it seems to me that going to Savannakhet would be easier or more still. Just paying a lawyer to deal with the hole thing. there is not a chance we would use the Village leader for anything as it would be hard to drag him away from the microphone, plus a few more reasons.