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  1. I had no idea that asking the question could cause a problem. The service is openly advertised with what they offer for anyone to read and it's been advertised for a long time.
  2. Oh Wow, Thank you for telling me. I don't want any visa trouble that's for sure!
  3. Yes, thank you I am aware of the sight. Just wanted to a review of their service.
  4. There is a company that advertises on this site The reason I am thinking about using this service is that they offer to put money required up for their customers who do not have it. Has anyone used a service for this reason? Does anyone have knowledge of
  5. I hope so for the better!! Thank all so much..appreciate your direction!!
  6. Oh Thank really cleared things up for me..I will need to take a trip to Vientiane Lao. Then see what options are open for me in my situation.
  7. oh wow..I'm so confused..many of the people I know told me to go to border and get the tourist visa..So..I'll go to my nears consulate which is in Nan. Last time I went there it was difficult, to see what my next step needs to be. Thank you kindly for your time and assistance!!
  8. okay I after that extension ..and the visa is expired..could I get change from non-imm B to a tourist visa at a border crossing?
  9. Thank you for your that will mean that my Visa will be expired? I'm new to all this and I'm sure how that will effect my visa status after the extension?
  10. Please help me figure out my next step. I have a multiple entry non-immigrant business visa that will expire in the first week of January. I read in previous post that I can get an extension for 3 more months pass the visa’s expiration date if I cross the border before the end date. The border is use is Haui Kon . I was interested in how that would work would they issue me a new Thai visa with an extended date? Also, after the 3 months of extension are finished can I apply for the new 6 month tourist visa?