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  1. Lies upon lies upon lies
  2. Oh dear, sounds like the redirected Paypal scam but it would mean that the hackers have gained access to the thai banking systems, which would be of no surprise when you see the version of Windows they use
  3. I have now bought all the gear and tools and will soon embark on this project. I am building another property on my land which will be on concrete pillars allowing me to make a workshop and tool storage area on the ground floor. Still need to source a big heavy vice to bend the steel which I hope will lead me to be able to do more intricate styles and designs as I want my arches to be picturesque. It has been a long long time since I worked with metal, I was just 16 yrs old and working on a YTS scheme at Cammell Lairds ( I learnt nothing other than how to use a grinder and that there is no such thing as a glass hammer or striped paint from the storerooms but you could get long wait). So providing I don't cut off a thumb or electrocute myself with the welder I will soon provide updates and photos of my amateurish endeavors and will gladly take any constructive criticism from those who know what they are actually doing. Onwards and upwards JAF
  4. JustAnotherFarang

    Agoda - is this reasonable advertising?

    I dont think so. I would not be happy. JAF
  5. JustAnotherFarang

    Elon Musk apologises to British caver for 'pedo' slur

    Really ?? You think Vern should apologise to him............... how can you possibly think that Verns opinion of Elons sub is in any way similar to Elons slur on Verns character. There is a world of difference but somehow you have failed to see that for yourself. JAF
  6. JustAnotherFarang

    Elon Musk apologises to British caver for 'pedo' slur

    If you read the whole post instead of just the beginning you would see why I think he is playing the blame game. Maybe if someone slurred your character and "good" name by calling you a pedo and then you found that these slurs are published online for all to see you might not be so willing to advise, as suggested in your previous post, to just accept it and then just walk away. JAF
  7. JustAnotherFarang

    Elon Musk apologises to British caver for 'pedo' slur

    That's not an apology.......that's the blame game. Essentially he is saying that Vern told lies and hurt his feelings about his little sub so this is why he slurred Verns good name and character by calling him a pedo. He knows its wrong now but it is Verns fault he said it................ Elon would fit right in with the locals way of thinking JAF
  8. JustAnotherFarang

    Extending TV warranty

    Funnily enough, I came to this thread looking for the same info and then noticed that I have the same LG 850T TV as well. The TV has now developed a 2nd problem (the first was a broken remote control, the second, a flickering screen of white lines) which I thought would be covered under a 3 year warranty (the same as Singapore) but now I find that its just 1 lousy year for a TV that originally costs 89,990 baht. Who in their right mind would purchase it at that price ? I worked it out that mine has cost me 2500 baht in monthly rental fees and they want 26,000 baht to fix it It goes without saying, I will never buy LG again JAF
  9. I like the simplicity of the first design, just some straight tubing with some pipe joins. I would prefer an arch shape as it would look more visually appealing. I wonder if Thai Watsudu sell bent pipes and pipe joins that would match? If they do I would go with this design as I am merely a jack of all trades and I figure I could easily do it JAF
  10. I love the idea of using natural and reusable materials but thats it.....its just an idea that will probably make more work for me at a later date. I want to have a more permanent feature that will withstand all that the weather in Thailand will throw at it. Now I am planning a trip to Thai Watsudu in Surat Thani to stock up on all the materials I think I will need and a few tools as well to keep me busy. JAF
  11. I just saw another cost effective way of doing things. A rancher was driving metal square posts into the ground and then using ranch wire attached with clip ties to form a neat and tidy arch. I cannot buy ranch wire here in my hometown but I guess I could buy fencing wire and bend that over. It wont look as pretty or as rigid as the rebar idea but it could always be reinforced with a bit of bamboo whenever necessary. Once the passion fruit and other vggies start growing it will still look quite good. JAF
  12. HI Guys Our garden is 2 rai and we have finished planting all our trees and got our vegetables going. Now I am thinking of building several sections of archways and rectangular spaces in my garden so that the wifey and i can start growing more passion fruit and other overhanging vegetables. I was thinking that the best idea would be to use plastic piping that is quite flexible or but then maybe I should be using some rebar to create a stronger and more pleasing aesthetic design. The initial area I want to cover is about 10 m by 2.5m and would be a straight up archway in a rectangular space. I prefer the rebar idea if its cost effective and think that I would need about 5 x 7 m pieces bent into a u shape and then 4-5 10m straight bars to hold it all together. I can always add more trellis work later. After that, if all goes well, I will look to make other structures to add onto the tunnel as we want to cover a large "L" shaped area.. I haven't had any experience of using a welder so this is a problem I need to learn more about but is there anything else I might be overlooking or is there any other advice that you can offer before I commit to the build Cheers JAF
  13. JustAnotherFarang

    What is the average price per rai for chanote land used for rice farming?

    It is the simplest advice that has been mirrored in all the comments above. I think I will pass on it, I have had enough problems with the thai way of doing things in the past, why would I make more problems for myself in the future. Cheers JAF
  14. JustAnotherFarang

    What is the average price per rai for chanote land used for rice farming?

    Maha Sarakham - Ban Kuu En ( please forgive my transliteration)
  15. JustAnotherFarang

    What is the average price per rai for chanote land used for rice farming?

    My wife said it is in a province called Sala Kham and that it has road access similar to a soi, "cars can go in" she said.