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  1. Well we are all "sat here" reading this article
  2. JustAnotherFarang

    Rice rains on PM Prayut (VDO clip)

    This is the thai way, they will tell you how nice they are and then cheer themselves in the vain hope they can convince others to believe in them.
  3. JustAnotherFarang

    Ford unleashes first-ever Ranger ‘Raptor’

    It has, point taken. Why change something that works well on a whim of fancy JAF
  4. JustAnotherFarang

    Ford unleashes first-ever Ranger ‘Raptor’

    I saw the american version on The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson at the wheel. Have to say I was quite impressed with it. Anyone know what price it will be as I have had my Vigo for 8 years now and fancy a change JAF
  5. The hub of superstitious nonsense
  6. No matter what the crime is, there is always an excuse. Guess its this saving face nonsense which allows them to never admit being bad without a good reason.
  7. Thais lie but when they lie to each other they call upon superstitious nonsense to prove their honesty in the hope that other fools believe them.
  8. The problem with thai society is that when a so called educated idiot speaks, other fools are not expected or allowed to question their knowledge. The burning question is simple, if e cigarettes are dangerous and deserved to be banned for the health of the people then why do they sanction the sale of cigarettes and other more dangerous pollutants and toxic substances. The answer of course is hypocrisy and tax.
  9. Something amiss here as I never posted the "liar liar" remark in this forum which was replied to by Manta. My post was made in the Prawit forum regarding where he obtained the watches from. JAF
  10. JustAnotherFarang

    Prawit stonewalls questions about luxury watches

    The toad is in the hole...... the toad is in the hole........ and all those expensive watches are telling him its really time to go.
  11. JustAnotherFarang

    Prawit names third party over watches

    Time to go.......time to go
  12. Forgive me if I am wrong but when they say he is running "all the way" does it mean from one hub of support to another with transportation to connect the dots? I may be wrong but there seems to be large leaps of distance made over several days with many days of rest needed as well. JAF
  13. JustAnotherFarang

    Prices of US eyewear vs. Bangkok?

    I live in the south and went to the opticians, who were having a buy one get one free sale, to replace the glasses I had made 5 years ago. Was checked by one of the local ladies who seemed efficient if not entirely qualified and we worked out a better prescription. I already had some frames I could use so I asked for the cheapest lenses and was quoted 10,000 baht for glass and 12,000 bht for plastic. Granted the lenses are progressive and my eyesight is -5.25 and -5.50 but I baulked at the price and asked could she do them cheaper. She then said, if you just take just one set of lenses, then she could do it for half price (the buy one get one is a complete lie, they just charge you double and then give you two sets). So I said that I could purchase them cheaper elsewhere and asked could I pay her for her time to give me the prescription and she said she could not do that. They must realise that with their exorbitant and greedy price gouging that they are now losing money to other retailers especially those online so they refuse to let you pay for your own prescription. Not only did they lose a sale but they also lost the opportunity to make a little money for a minimum of effort. Still looking for an optician who will just give me a prescription JAF
  14. JustAnotherFarang

    Toon is using humility to lead the way

    I admire the man but not the band wagon that all thais are now jumping on. Did they not see the problem within their society beforehand or is this just an opportunity to applaud themselves because they seized the moment to care for a few minutes. When Pee Toon stops running will the funds dry up and leave those in need looking for another hero to make up the difference between those who have and those who have not ?