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  1. carlyai

    LED Wiring

    Yeah nearly all good. Would have been nice to have received my garage door from china to make the area wasp and big critter proof as lovely critter homes at the bottom of the SONOFF. Off shortly for another one of those pesky back operations; may as well throw in a new knee while I'm having fun. See you in a couple of months...hopefully.
  2. carlyai

    Skype update awful

    Yes I had skype for a loooong time, then they upgraded and mine didn't work again. Trouble was when i started the new upgrade I couldn't remember exactly what username and password I used. The end result was microsoft said i didn't provide enough info to get my old skype back, which included some credit and stored numbers. I had to start a new skype.
  3. carlyai

    LED Wiring

    Just to finished this off, the SONOFF, seems to work well with WiFi and RF remote switching. The WiFi mobile app switching is through a cloud, so when I switch from the house, all is OK, but when I tried it from the car and 12Call phone app, it didn't work. The RF remote was a little tricky to set up, as the setup instructions weren't clear. I ended up using an old 5V output power source for the SONOFF.
  4. carlyai

    Water tank suction?

    I'd go with Aussieroaming as a standard water tank purchased in Thailand would normally not be mounted underground and comes with no valves. Or that's how it used to be. Is yours above ground or underground? If it's above ground look for a simple solution first like an air leak and bad joint.
  5. carlyai

    LED Wiring

    @Crossy wrote: 'The warning is to do with you using 2-wire remotes that draw a small current through the load.' So the problem this causes is the LEDs don't completely turn off, or you still have light emitted. Is there a more sinister problem?
  6. carlyai

    LED Wiring

    Thanks for your reply Crossy. Yes using a neutral and switching the output 12 v to the light. At the moment I've got 4 normal on/off power switches for the pool light switches, but these are in the garage area. I want to rig up a remote and switch from the house, so I'll wire the relay contacts in parellel with the switch contacts.
  7. carlyai

    LED Wiring

    I have just read the warning label again, on the box the Flood Light LED came in. What it actually says is: 'do not use with dimmers or electronic switches or remote controls'. Makes me more concerned about my next remote switching LED pool lights project.
  8. carlyai

    LED Wiring

    I'm installing a new outside 20 W LED, as the original installed one failed. On the box is a warning 'do not install with an electronic switch'. Fair enough as I'm not, but after this I'm installing a remote internet controlled 4 channel SONOFF electronic switch, to switch the 4 pool LED lights on and off. Although the SONOFF is an electronic switch, the switching is done with relays. I plan to wire the 4 relay gangs in parallel with my existing on/off power switches. I think the warning about electronic switches is referring to dimmers installed with the LED, and my electronically operated relays should be OK. As the pool LED lights are crazy prices, I just wanted to make sure all will be OK.
  9. carlyai

    intermittent flickering of lights

    I'm not sure where you're going with this. In a recent post you said the flickering had sort of resolved. You ask about the problem maybe incoming, but it doesn't seem you've checked with your neibour's to see if they have the same problem. You say you measured 230 v incoming but on the equipment side 250 v. I think you said it really all started after a lightning strike, but no more detail of what the strike took out. To me, I can't see that you're any closer to find the fault. Sorry if I've missed something. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  10. carlyai

    intermittent flickering of lights

    Yes, good to know about the lightning strike. This also raises another thought to me, .....red ants. They cause all sorts of unexplainable symptoms. Hopefully lightning strike investigation will find the prob. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  11. carlyai

    intermittent flickering of lights

    I think you need the link and I think at the moment we are chasing a neutral to see if it is properly connected and all connections are good. When you took the cover off the Consumer Unit did you take any pictures, if so post them. Could you also take a pic of how your earth rod is connected. Did you check that all the connections were tight and secure? Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  12. carlyai

    Chinadoing 5kva diesel genset

    Very nice and a clean floor as well. [emoji2] They didn't answer my request for another manual. I think I have found enough info to work out my electrical system. I'm just waiting on my frequency meter to check my output frequency. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  13. carlyai

    intermittent flickering of lights

    Oh well, I've run out of suggestions on what to check to isolate it further. You have 230v incoming, but you measure 250 v towards the equipment. One thing I noticed with my set up a while ago was that it's very difficult to check for lose connections under the alan key type screws. Mine were all lose and I bought another consumer unit, but it was difficult to see any burn marks under the screws. This probably doesn't make sense, I'll try to find some pics. Be careful. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  14. carlyai

    intermittent flickering of lights

    '250v,215v,224v' are you sure that first 250v reading is correct? Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  15. carlyai

    intermittent flickering of lights

    @Crossy sorry for the follow up question: so if it is a neutral problem ( seems to be the common denominator), it could be from the PEA poles in, or from his connecting box in. If his neutral is earthed at his box coming in, how does that effect the equation? He could also look at the PEA poles, the top neutral wire, and see if the feed is common to his and his neibour's houses and if it is, see if they are also having trouble. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk