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  1. That's a pretty unique design. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  2. That's a shame Hutch. You going to install more ponds or convert some of the fish ones? If you want some info., or probably more info., I know there was a guy really into crayfish, but I think he may have folded. Robert from Aquaponics Thailand would know. Good luck. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  3. I used the 10 cm ones for my garage. As an untechnical reply, they offer good heat resistance, are easy to work with and lay. You MUST follow the installation guide, not necessarily the Thai way it's done. My garage hasn't cracked, and I did it per the instructions with lintels etc. SWMBO hired a building mob to do her balcony and extra kitchen extensions round the back, and nearly all of the walls have developed hair line cracks. The building difference between the two projects is, I used lintels (they made their own cement from the Thai window way ), I made sure I used the wire mesh everywhere the instructions said to, they didn't use it everywhere. Don't know where you got the info. that you can't hang things on the walls, if you use the correct wall plugs, no problems, but they're (or used to be) hard to find. I started using the straps and nails for securing the blocks to the piers, but found the rebar idea was better. It's all in the instructions. I think the blocks are great. Do use the foil, but do your research and use the best heat properties, double sided. Bit expensive though. Most builders seem to lay the foil, then the tiles on top, but you should leave a 2" gap between the foil and tiles, and not have the foil touching the tiles. I'm not a builder, but this is just my observations from doing it. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  4. Anxiety is a horrible thing, but with people to help, no drugs or drink, plenty of exercise, and meditation, you get through it and come out the other side. Sent from my SM-J700F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. Hello, I had a workplace accident where the incorrectly constructed scaffolding collapsed, leaving me with serious back injuries. I had many back operations, and eventually was on lots of prescribed medicine. I had anxiety, and waking up not being able to breath and my heart racing. I went cold turkey on all the drugs and worked with a good clinical phycologist and practiced self hypnosis to control the pain. It is that bloody valium that caused anxiety, heart racing, cold sweats, can't breath etc. To my mind you've got to stop the valium. You do come out the other end. You need someone's help, and although I haven't been there, I have enquired with Robert about getting my son into the rehab centre. He had an Ice problem. Give Robert a call and have a look at the website. "Best regards Robert Cook Director SafeHouse Rehab Center Eastern Seaboard Thailand Email: Tel No: 0066 917 399536  Website: SafeHouse Rehab Center Thailand" Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  6. Yes, it is surprising how little Amps you use, when you have a meter to look at. I was going to suggest this before but forgot. With the stabaliser turned off, the meter pointers should point to zero. Previously, the little hole for screwdriver adjust used to be to adjust the meter pointer to zero. This doesn't seem to be the case with the Lion stabaliser. If you turn that little potentiometer adjuster, you can hear the servo control move, so I think it is to set the output to 220v. If you use your other meter and rotate the screwdriver in the hole, you will see the voltage change. Just make sure it is at 220 V. My genset didn't have an output current or Amp meter. When I test run it I wanted to load it 90%, so I installed a small current/voltage meter on the changeover switch, then when I switched to gen set I could see what my load was. It was surprising, cause I calculated about 22 A, but my Chinese set started to complain at 14 A load, and it would never deliver 22 A. It could be the way I have it set up. Using a single phase genset to supply 3 separate phases. I could try and find a photo of the amp volt meter if you're interested, but it's one Crossy used before. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  7. Yes, I'll do that thanks. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  8. @beachproperty 'I 'd be interested to know what "pump" and "filter" system you'll be using with your pool?' The pump is a CTX 500, and the chlorinators is a Eumax 32" sand filter. The chlorinators is an AIS Autochlor 64T, with racing stripes and Farrari hub caps. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  9. Chemically you can get chlorine from salt, I seem to remember. Maybe Ch ain't Ch? Like the Aussie treasure, 'there's no such thing as debt, It's either good debt or bad debt.' So is it good Ch and bad Ch? I need to go outside and destroy my stockpile of salt and gunpowder. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  10. It was recommended the z.... one, but I chose sand. Rock sand from the birthplace in the Himalayan mountains, mined by traditional Himalayian sand miners and placed in Big C bags and delivered to the door. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  11. Sorry, at the moment I'm putting my mind in neutral with the help of my friend Wyndham Estate Shiraz. I can tell you the pool dimensions (within a cm or 3), but the others specs. you'll probably have to wait till the Rocket Festival is over ...this weekend. Pool dimentions: 14 x 4 x 1.5 (av). I know the pump is 2hp but it's got special properties, it's like a cryptonite 2hp pump. The filter is a Chinese Eumax sized for my pool m3, but I shall send you further info. Now the chlorinators is something else. Sent from my SM-J700F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  12. I give up, how do you get 53.2 mm? Be kind and gentle please[emoji26] Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  13. Yes Sorry, I think you are correct, I read it as the 90 day could be still done at the old place although transferring the office to the new place. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  14. Could be a movie in this. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk
  15. Sorry for your state mate. For me codeine is the worst, it is a great pain reliever, but causes consterpation. From my experience morphine will put you away, but codeine is not worth the after effects. I feel for you, get better soon. Sent from my SM-J700F using Tapatalk