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  1. Is it not that the dollar, pound and euro are falling in value ?
  2. I guess Porkie needs more time to "borrow" some more watches.
  3. Prawit ‘close to resigning’ amid scandal

    So if it's true that he was lent them by an extremely rich friend who has since died I would have thought not returning them to the deceased family is akin to stealing.
  4. Thailand expects 12-pct investment growth in 2018

    Surely any foreign investment will be put on hold awaiting the outcome of the election that MAY happen later this year. I find the 22% figure for 2017 rather odd, but if you're coming from a low in 2016 then it could be real. Also how much is internal investment used by the junta to gain support ?
  5. Junta angling to delay vote again: legal expert

    Judging by what has happened with thd lottery - correct price, 80 baht - but now prices going up to 100 baht and more - this government is full of promises but can't deliver on real stuff. The election is really big stuff and they can't or won't deliver.
  6. Burning in the open air. Is that just for show ? Haven't they got access to an incinerater ? So very 3rd world and bad for the people downwind.
  7. Global warming strikes again 55555
  8. AIDS is very common in Uganda. Anyone going with those girls must have a death wish.
  9. You really need to research what has happened in Zimbabwe. It is even less democratic than Thailand.
  10. This watches story isn't going to die, no matter how much the generals wish it would. In fact they risk this becoming how the current junta will be remembered in the future. A kind of "Watchgate".
  11. This was used in South Africa many years ago. It worked, but needs to be enforced 365 days a year and not just a New Year stunt.
  12. Thailand needs experienced qualified inspectors, that can't be bought. Ain't going to happen in Thailand is it ?
  13. This is what happens when raw sewerage is pumped into the seas. Crabs, lobsters, prawns and other bottom feeders (no pun intended) are an even greater risk.
  14. How long will Trump wait for these draft regulations to actually happen ?
  15. Yet more committee meetings. Looks like another gravy-train. Meanwhile the pollution continues.