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  1. The arms trade has no morals !
  2. Looks like they thought "all was done and dusted", just the Irish to beat. Ooops !
  3. Looks like they though "all was done and dusted", just the Irish to beat. Ooops !
  4. Very much a regional thing. Where I come from meat and potato pies are a staple diet and would win easily. Good to have a laugh at the weekend 😄😄😄
  5. This self inflicted problem just grows and grows. The eventual outcome is in the balance, but the indications are that it's going to turn very nasty within the next few years.
  6. Just a few months ago the government stated that the unrest in the South was reducing. Since that statement things seem to have actually got worse. RIP soldiers,, your leaders have lost the plot.
  7. Why does the official media always confuse "sustainability" and "sufficiency", they are two very different concepts ?
  8. Old news really. I read the report in November 2015. It's worth a look. The scale of the pollution emitted by Thailand should have been addressed years ago. It (we) releases more litter into the sea than the whole of the EU with a much smaller coastline and a much smaller population. When talking to Thais, if they can't sell it, e.g. bottles, cardboard, metal etc, then they just shrug their shoulders. Some might say it's a cultural problem, but plastic bags have only been here for about 50 years, probably much less, so maybe it's just being lazy and not caring about future generations.
  9. Sustainable development and sufficiency economy are not the same and can never be. I guess someone in the government needs a copy of the Oxford English Dictionary.
  10. We have a similar problem caused by a mushroom farm just 200 metres up the road. The owners have stated that if we (us and neighbouring houses) wish them to stop growing mushrooms, then we must pay them. No such thing as planning permission here. When we built the house 11 years ago, the site was just a glade in the forest. Up to 3 years ago everything was good, but now it's impossible to sit on my patio having a quiet beer without a plague of flies coming to join me. So not just rubbish dumps are responsible.
  11. They are still in a state of denial over the vote to leave. I suspect much more BS to come before the end of March, with, of course, the BBC doing its Remoaner bit at every chance it gets.
  12. Trying to find out which other countries took part, but the story link at the end of the article is the wrong one !
  13. Banksters offering yet more debt !
  14. I wonder how many were certified to the ISO standard. I've experienced companies claiming CSR, but so much "window dressing", just scratch below the glossy surface and you find the real truth. Not knocking Thailand because this a worldwide problem.
  15. So much hot air. Transport, waste management, shopping mals with huge aircons are just a few sectors that aren't being addressed sustainably. Assuming one believes in global warming, then Thailand is only scratching the surface, but then compared to China and India they are only minnows in a sea of some very big fish.