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  1. I agree no insurance no entry simple mate you can buy a plane ticket but you can't buy insurance for $120 bucks yeah right...
  2. Welcome to Thailand my good man one law for them and another for us.
  3. Sometimes it's not about the money it is mainly about government taking action and providing a clean environment for the tourists that do go there. What do they think people want to go there and swim in Poo!! All those big high-rises and all the hotels on the beachfront should be made to contribute, and the government should come up with a better solution for the area period.
  4. Highly agree with you mate on the money without a doubt that pedestrian was belligerent to the max... Did you see how she looked back and took off that made me so angry knowing that there are people out there that would leave you for dead, like her.
  5. It should be made compulsory for anyone travelling overseas to have insurance no insurance no travel part and parcel of travelling simple as that it's not a hard equation... seriously what is wrong with people.
  6. I'm not sure what video you're looking at but the way I'm perceiving it the idiot pedestrian on the phone was the one that came out onto a ROAD without looking then she realised what she did look back and took off like the guilty coward she was.
  7. Mate you can pretend you're a cyclist and you sympathize with the cyclist but you're not really. if you're a cyclist you know you can't go any slower then what that cyclist was going as slow as she could that pedestrian just came out like an idiot thinking the whole world revolves around her we need to stop making excuses for these people this girl should have stopped and helped she was guilty that's why she took off.
  8. For sure mate, a good deed deserves another I would definitely contribute to his little shop and it would be nice if other people did the same that he helped.
  9. A much better handling bike the braking system is superb and the quality built is excellent.
  10. I see, the girl walks out on the road bumps a cyclist while she is on her phone the cyclist goes underneath the bus the girl turns around looks at the cyclist being under the bus then freaks out and takes off that has all the hallmarks of guilt need to say no more. If that accident happened in a civilized nation that girl would be done for manslaughter no questions asked. So tell me this why did she run away.
  11. Then why did she look back and then run away her action tells a thousand stories my good man.
  12. Guarantee the Thai guy did not pay a cent 100%
  13. They all need to go back to where they came from if people wanted black girls they will go to Black countries to be with them, unfortunately a lot of the people that travel to Thailand they want Thai girls so I say for all these black scammers they should get them out of Thailand they are nothing but a nuisance.