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  1. Sure they do mate FIGMENT OF YOUR IMAGINATION.
  2. Why is it going to damag Thailand? The black Africans are the biggest scammers out they have milked plenty of money from lonely women they deserve to be caught and kicked out of the country so tell me how is it damaging the reputation of Thailand.
  3. Who did you insure with why don't you tell us that because that does not make sense I've been injured before and went to Bangkok hospital without any problems and fully paid out by my insurance which was CoverMore insurance
  4. What he's trying to say is it's lucky that it was only cats and not maybe dragging a baby or human being he's not saying it's lucky it's ok. understand now it's only a matter of a saying
  5. My last question is stupid? but your hole answer is even more pathetic and who you trying to kid that you're a cyclist because if you're a cyclist you would see what was going and make a better judgement I think the last time you where on a bike is when youre 5 year-old. You can just tell by the way you've perceived the whole thing. And why did she look back and then she run away like the guilty coward she was, explain that, then again her action Explains It all no need cheers.
  6. Honestly what are you talking about cyclists speeding are you kidding me this whole topic is just getting to wacky for me the administrator needs to get rid of it some pretty stupid questions been asked and said.
  7. Oh really you didn't see pedestrian just walking out without looking? I'm just wondering if you watching the same video we are...lol I'd say the cyclist was alert the whole time but when you got somebody that just pops out in front of you it's a bit hard to avoid.... the funny thing is we can all see the video but we are all coming up with different thoughts I mean you can see clearly that the pedestrian bumped into the cyclist. When your on a bicycle and somebody pops out in front of you like that it's a bit hard to react really quick that's why she came off the bike do you think she really wanted to go under a bus.
  8. Eli1

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    I sore that but the edges are to sharp to hang to many plastic bags they'll rip. You can get one that's solid aluminium and smooth with out any sharp edges, unlike that one. I'd send you a photo when I go back.
  9. They hate you because they are jealous of what we've got compared to what they have and that's a fact I was riding my bike once in jomtien pulled up at a set of lights and there was this thai guy wearing a t-shirt and on the back it said tourists go home. Yes sure there is a lot of people that like us but a lot hate us to and that's fair enough there's a lot up of idiot that are attracted to Thailand.
  10. Eli1

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Yes mate a lot of people don't know how to use the remote control it's as simple as turning it on and leaving it on in your pocket that's all you need to do, and never touch the remote ever again after that. And all you do after that is approach the bike switch the knobs to start and go. When you get off the bike all you do is switch the knob on the bike to off lock and walk away and the bike will turn itself off it's that simple you don't need to use the remote. I don't understand why people are having problems with that.
  11. Eli1

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Your right mate the colour choice should be a lot wider than what they have provided for Thailand I don't understand why manufacturers do that when they know colour is a very personal thing and it could stop you from purchasing a bike.
  12. Yes mate Thailand is like Russian roulette sometimes you miss but most times you'll get hit. Not a very nice place.
  13. Eli1

    Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    Any aftermarket hook they also need an extension to the hook it's about 25mm in length because where the hook goes on the aerox it's quite deep the hole.