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  1. In cases like this they are not formally ‘deported’. There is no record, in their passport or the immigration database, of ‘deportation’. Usually the offender agrees to pay a fine and, if required, agrees to leave the country within an agreed deadline.
  2. It would be best to get a Tourist Visa from the UK. You shouldn’t have a problem using visa exempt entry after that.
  3. Even if caught they are rarely “banged up” or “deported”. Usually they are fined and, at worst, made to leave the country.
  4. Thai Retirement Visa

    Given your situation I wouldn’t bother with the 60 day extension, and would apply for a 1 year extension based on marriage as it only requires the money to be in your bank for 2 months. The end game is a 1 year stay and, in your case, it doesn’t matter whether it’s based on retirement or marriage.
  5. Yes, but the extension will not be for a full year and only until on or just before your passport expires.
  6. Thai Retirement Visa

    If you’re married you could do a 60 day extension and then the 1 year extension based on retirement, or simply apply for a 1 year extension based on marriage. Or did they come up with another solution?
  7. Yes. If you do an extension they will transfer the entry stamp before/at the time you apply for the extension. Take the letter from you embassy with you. You will need to complete form TM.7 for the extension, and a separate form (I don't think it has a TM no.) for the transfer of stamps. Depending on the office, you might need to do the transfer first before queueing again for the extension. If your lucky they will do both together.
  8. Yes. There should be no problem doing it a Mukdahan. No. As long as you have room for the necessary visas and stamps there's no problem.
  9. I doubt it makes much difference, but using your wife's house/base would probably be favourite. You need to take into account the 1 month 'under consideration' period if you apply based on marriage. So if you use Udon you need to time your annual renewals during the 3 month window to allow for the 1 month period between application and being granted the extension. You could renew at either office as long as you use a local address. Use online reporting if you can. It doesn't work for everyone. If you report by post you can report from anywhere, but need to send it to the office you applied for the extension from, and enclose a self addressed envelope back to your registered address. You could report in person at the other office but would, usually, need to make a formal change of address first.
  10. Thai Retirement Visa

    It’s not a problem overstaying a few days as you qualify for an extension of stay. As long as you pay the overstay fine they will process the application late.
  11. You don’t need to worry about the travel date/s. Leave them blank, or give an approx date. You don’t have to use the re-entry permit on any dates given. Whether single or multiple it will be valid for re-entry up to it’s expiry date.
  12. Yes. That is the application form required for a ‘Re-Entry’ permit (“exit visa”).
  13. Your understanding is correct, and your friends advice is wrong. Immigration will not transfer visas, they only transfer the stamps giving you permission to stay. You have a 90 day (short term) permit to stay so you don’t need to transfer the entry stamp. When you next exit the IO, at the border, will transfer the entry stamp to the new passport, and stamp you out in the new passport. When you re-enter you need to show both passports if you want to use the visa. If you had a long term extension of stay immigration would transfer the permt to stay (not the original visa), at the issuing office, and would probably want the letter from your embassy as part of that process.
  14. Your permission to stay remains valid in the old passport even if you’ve received a new passport. Immigration never transfer visas. When you leave the country you show both passports and the IO at the border will transfer your current (60 day) entry stamp to the new passport, and stamp you out in the new passport. Your SETV is already used, and you can only get a new one outside the country.
  15. Buying half of the business

    Neither. You can invest in any business with any visa.