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  1. You're right, however, the police orders that are often quoted on TVF should be considered as minimum standards. In order to qualify for a 1 year extension of stay based on retirement you must have, as a minimum, a non-immigrant visa/permit. Each immigration office has a certain amount of autonomy, and it seems that offices like Sri Ratcha exercise that power and impose additional conditions. I've no idea why some offices insist on someone needing a particular category of non-immigrant visa, but they do. There is nothing published in the public domain to support that extra requirement. IMO Sri Ratcha are imposing extra conditions as opposed to others that just insist on the minimum conditions being met. The MFA changed your visa category because it was issued incorrectly by the Thai embassy in the UK, not so that you could meet Sri Ratcha's conditions. Had the visa been issued correctly Sri Ratcha would have sent you out of the country for a new 'O' visa. The MFA govern consular services worldwide, which is what gives them the power to alter the visa. Forums like this can be useful for general information and opinion, however, you are right that people should always check with the office processing any application, because each office can have it's own way of doing things under the management of that office. If your unlucky to deal with an office like Sri Ratcha you may have to jump through more (extra) hoops than others.
  2. They are saying that you can't do a border hop to extend a stay, not that you can't come back. This type of visa is designed for people living outside of Thailand that want to visit frequently. It's not meant to be used to live in the country although The Immigration Bureau allow it. Border checkpoints can legally stop someone doing a border hop if they can justify the reason.
  3. You should be able to report on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday without being fined. Friday is your last day.
  4. I'm not interpreting anything. Other offices have, for years, been issuing extensions of stay based on retirement to those with category 'B' non-immigrant visa entries, which confirms that it can be done. And the published rules state that "The alien must hold a non-immigrant visa", but they don't specify that it must be a category 'O' or exclude category 'B' . As I said, some offices, and it appears Sri Ratcha is one, won't do it for category 'B' visa holders, and will usually send the person out of the country for a new visa. Sri Ratcha is just another example of an office exerting their autonomy when processing extension applications. As far as I know extensions of stay issued by immigration have nothing to do with the MFA, and I doubt any of the staff would be particularly qualified to comment. I would have asked for the rule/regulation being interpreted, otherwise it's just their opinion. Bottom line is that some offices will do it, and some won't.
  5. Consideration period

    It's within their power to extend the date. It would be best to call/visit the office to explain your situation and discuss options. You won't get a definitive answer here.
  6. Border Run Alternatives

    Yes they can, for 1,900 baht.
  7. As soon as you want. You must apply with at least 15 days left of the current 60 days.
  8. Once you've been issued an extension of stay based on retirement your wife qualifies to apply for an extension as your spouse. If you are both within the last 30 days of your respective 90 day permits to stay you should be able to apply for your extensions on the same day. Regardless of when your wife applies, her extension will be for the remainder of yours.
  9. Border Run Alternatives

    No visa needed in advance.
  10. Border Run Alternatives

    You are only allowed 2 visa exempt entries per year at land borders, so as long as it's your 1st or 2nd land entry you will be able to get another 30 days at Mae Sai. No need to stay out of the country overnight. Yes you can get a visa exempt entry at Ranong.
  11. The immigration office could have given you an extension of stay based on retirement because the only requirement is that the visa you enter the country with is a non-immigrant visa. However, some offices won't do it for category 'B' visa holders.
  12. I don't have any personal experience of your situation so can't help much. But my feeling would be to simply leave the country, by air, asap. On exit, unless you have a re-entry permit, your extension of stay will automatically end with no overstay fine to pay. Re-enter with a new non-immigrant visa and start the WP/extension process again. If you are the spouse or parent of a Thai you would be better off getting a non 'O' visa rather than a non 'B' so that your permit to stay isn't reliant on your work.
  13. You should have no problem getting another 90 days at that crossing. It's open from 06:00 to 20:00 daily.
  14. In case you're not aware. If you are the spouse or parent of a Thai you can extend your 90 day stay by 60 days at immigration for 1,900 baht. That will give you another couple of months before needing a new visa.