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  1. At BKK show the NZ passport to airline check-in and then use THAI passport to exit the country. Once you’ve left Thailand use the NZ passport. Do the reverse when heading back to Thailand; check-in with the THAI passport and exit Germany with the NZ passport.
  2. Not doing anything to upset the officers would be sensible.
  3. elviajero

    Bank Statement Overseas

    They use Bangkok Banks buying rate on the day of your application.
  4. elviajero

    Bank Statement Overseas

    They won't ask, and it wouldn't be a problem if they did. They could ask to see the income going in to your Thai bank, but that isn't standard practice and unlikely to be asked for. The income affidavit should be all they are interested in.
  5. This would suggest otherwise. There is no such thing as "dependent visa/extension". Dependency doesn't come in to it. When people wrongly refer to their visa/permit as "dependent" they usually mean as the family member of another foreigner with a permit to stay, or as the parent of a Thai. The OP is asking about advice given elsewhere saying they can work with a their "Non O Dependent visa"; that would only be possible as the parent of a Thai, and not possible for a family member of another foreigner. I doubt there would be "several other forums" saying otherwise.
  6. That does not appear to mean they are the parent of a Thai. They could be on an extension of stay as a family member of person on an extension of stay (aka dependent extension). It could be, but based on the query in the OP I doubt it. My moneys on the OP being the parent of a Thai.
  7. As it’s only a few days late they’ll probably (almost certainly) still process the extension. But be aware that they don’t have to and could, although unlikely, insist you exit/re-enter with a new visa.
  8. Yes. Permission to stay based on being the parent of a Thai allows you to work once you've a valid work permit. You don't need to do anything with immigration, you/your employer need to apply for a work permit from the local labour office. You need to change your address if living in the South and then you can report there, or keep reporting in Bangkok. If you (can) report online you cant report from any location. You can also report by post to Bangkok.
  9. elviajero

    Visa Question

    If your extension application isn't agreed before your permit to stay expires you need to leave the country and get a new non 'B' visa, OR overstay (with the local offices knowledge) and pay 500 for every day you overstay until the extension is granted. If you are the spouse or parent of a Thai you could get a 60 day extension of stay as a temporary measure.
  10. elviajero

    extension photos

    You should use new photos with different clothes. If they see you’ve re-used pictures, which is possible, they could insist you take more.
  11. elviajero

    Clear a long overstay!?

    The IO’s involved don’t need to delete anything. They will stamp out the person as usual at which point the original entry is closed. Would theoretically be possible, but i have the impression that a ban is mandatory if it's more then 90 days, no idea if an IO can waive the ban Part of the fee paid to the agent would have gone towards paying the 20K overstay fine. Bans are not mandatory (automatic) and can be waived.
  12. elviajero

    Clear a long overstay!?

    Because you paid a corrupt agent who paid a corrupt immigration officer/s to clear the overstayed entry and provide you with a new 30 day entry. Effectively you left the country and returned. Had and you actually left the country without help you would have been banned, but you “bribed” the right person/people to get the ban waived.
  13. elviajero

    Visa run by air

    You should’ve entered with a tourist visa then you wouldn’t need to do a visa run. You received permission to stay for 30 days, not 28. You can extend that stay by 30 days at a local immigration office (1,900 baht) before doing a visa run, or extend the next 30 day entry. Two 30 day entries and one extension of stay will cover your 10 weeks. You get 30 days when entering, without a visa, by land or air; land entries are limited to two per calendar year. Laos is a good choice, but you don’t need to stay for two weeks if you extend one of your 30 day entries to Thailand.
  14. You can only extend once per entry, so if you’ve already extended your current entry you need to exit/re-enter.
  15. elviajero

    Border Run Alternatives

    That is possible, but it would be entirely up to airport immigration. They could insist the carrier that brought you takes you back.