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  1. Fairynuff

    How bad is it to beep the horn here?

    I’m a minority then. I drive a kph car and see no reason to convert my speed because I know what speed I'm doing . All this despite the fact that I’m from an kph country.
  2. Fairynuff

    How bad is it to beep the horn here?

    But not the OP right? I assumed people would get the reason I pointed this out....I guess you didn’t
  3. Fairynuff

    How bad is it to beep the horn here?

    If you’re driving a car you bought here and saw you were doing 60, then it was kph not mph.
  4. Fairynuff

    why AirAsia is so expensive nowadays?

    No, there are lots of countries using dollars, the name isn’t copyrighted, but yes prices are based on USD. However most airlines quote and charge in their local currency so the USD. rate is irrelevant
  5. Fairynuff

    why AirAsia is so expensive nowadays?

    With AirAsia it’s all about timing. I use them frequently and try to book as far as possible in advance, avoid weekends and so on. I use other airlines when flight times are too early. Mostly I find them really good til something goes wrong, and then they’re just like the rest
  6. Fairynuff

    why AirAsia is so expensive nowadays?

    As far as I’m aware Thailand uses THB, Malaysia uses MR Indonesia uses IRP, most of Europe use the €....... so forgive me for disagreeing
  7. I’m clearly not (a) smart (a**e) like you. Fortunately
  8. Stop being so angry and use your brain for a second. You may not be able to receive a OTP whilst trying to do some banking overseas. Easy peasy.
  9. Fairynuff

    why AirAsia is so expensive nowadays?

    The others are all counterfeit. Or as the big orange baby would call them FAKE
  10. Fairynuff

    Immigration staff checking passports at DMK Domestic

    So just to clarify the situation here’s a summary..... your pink card is valid as ID for hotels and domestic flights, except when it’s not. your DL is also valid, except when they won’t accept it. you must carry your original passport with you at all times, except when you don’t have to. Now if we’re all clear can we move on!
  11. There is nothing “over the top” about wanting equality.
  12. Fairynuff

    Airline baggage damage

    From my experience...and I fly very regularly, the best airlines are great while everything is going well and barely any better than the cheap airlines when things go wrong. I did however once have a case replaced by Etihad when they damaged mine.
  13. Fairynuff

    SURVEY: Is Russia the enemy?

    Russia is without doubt a huge threat, pulling the strings of its orange puppet brings a further threat.....but there are many other threats too