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  1. Do I need a yellow book?

    Please Sir...I can answer that. Yellow book cost be 20 baht, ID card cost me 60 baht. Yellow book took around 20 mins, ID card about an hour. yeah tedious and useless....NOT
  2. Do I need a yellow book?

    Agree with Ubonjoe. I've found it useful in lots of ways and has definitely simplified lots of processes. my pink ID card is also still proving to be useful, not least in entertaining Thai people who've never seen one!
  3. Reporting motorcyclists on pavement

    If I had any confidence in the likely outcome I'd report every time. Pavements are there for pedestrians to walk safely. Should we be able to turn the tables and walk in the middle of the road and feel there's nothing wrong because it's Thailand so we're all laid back? Of course not, at least allow us to walk safely.
  4. Is it worth visiting kui buri?

    That's not the same prachuab I visit pretty regularly. The one I go to s a quiet little town with not many tourists a few good/inexpensive hotels and not bad food
  5. I haven't been to Cambodia recently but my last few entries by air to SR did not require forms
  6. It's been quite a few years since I stopped filling in the intrusive questions and never been challenged. My post was about the nonsensical notion that the form is needed for security reasons
  7. Utter nonsense. No forms used for Cambodia Malaysia and Vietnam. The latter 2 have visa exemption and apparently don't have security concerns
  8. Sneaky True Visions

    I don't use any boxes or pay for IPTV. I either download or use apps/sites like FilmOn Watchallchannels.com or giniko. As long as you have good enough internet it's all there
  9. Do you get bored with your condo?

    I'm an idiot and a fool having having bought multiple times, sold multiple times and made a profit. You however are really smart because you sold at a loss. I'm the idiot?
  10. Do you get bored with your condo?

    Bored in my condo? Bored with my condo? Not for a second, I couldn't be happier with it or in it. As for the renting v buying.... I'm a firm buyer and have done so 6 times and never a problem selling at a profit.
  11. Purchasing a firearm, advice needed

    Perhaps go to live in America?
  12. Boiled Eggs from 7-11

    You DO need one....to boil eggs. Actually you're right, you don't need a kitchen. You could boil eggs in a kettle
  13. Boiled Eggs from 7-11

    I once saw frozen mashed potatoes in a Villa and couldn't believe anyone would be that lazy.....this beats that....buying ready boiled eggs? Really?
  14. What kind of procedure are we in?

    I'd force people to read a post properly before jumping to idiotic conclusions and making stupid comments.
  15. Nothing wrong with buying off plan with due diligence. I bought off plan in Bangkok. Excellent project, well managed and sold after a number of years having made a very good profit. Always tread with extreme caution and it will pay off.