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  1. Two chairs outside the same shop....set up!
  2. stop feeding street dogs

    What about them?
  3. stop feeding street dogs

    If they’re already dead they don’t need support
  4. How much $/ month to Live in Phuket ?

    Well fancy that, I always thought the local currency in Phuket was Thai Baht
  5. stop feeding street dogs

    All sounds good but for one thing.....I’d have to get you neutered
  6. stop feeding street dogs

    Suggest you find find a large sterile bubble to live in
  7. stop feeding street dogs

    It’s not the dogs I’d exterminate........
  8. stop feeding street dogs

    Me too, over the years we have befriended countless soi dogs and had many of them operated on, both male and female. We also support a dog rescue centre near Thap Sakae, a woman who almost single handedly takes care of around 200 dogs. Should anyone like to know more about this woman please DM me
  9. But you’ve got one running the country
  10. Heads up -- protecting your eatigo.com account

    Actually it’s not useless, I found it quite interesting. And if it’s usrless why bother wasting your time passing your opinion....that’s useless!!
  11. I’m sure the OP found your comment really helpful
  12. Incorrect. Any amount can be transferred with correct paperwork. For amounts under around 900k most banks don’t ask the origin of the funds
  13. I can’t accept paying 10x the price for a national park just because I’m not Thai and assumed to have more money. If charges are based on ability to pay then most of my Thai friends would have to pay a lot more than me
  14. The government is looking into the overcharging and ripping off of tourists. Would that be the same government that does the very same thing at National parks and other sites it operates by overcharging by 1000%. I won’t hold my breath while I wait for things to change.
  15. How bad is the traffic on January 1st and 2nd?

    I’ll let you know on the 3rd