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  1. Thai defamation law and online reviews

    Just make sure you don’t give him any kind of review tho...he’ll hate You for it
  2. Bangkok sleazy......yeah every last inch of it.....and all those dishonest Thais there by the million. But return to Blighty with all those people....I’m guessing foreigners...no way. Chiang Rai...definitely the right place for you....buy a cheap condo so you have enough change left to buy a gf. Oh boy am I delighted Bangkok isn’t in the running for you
  3. Thai defamation law and online reviews

    So according to you I should not have the right to warn people of bad businesses and share my overwhelmingly positive experiences? Yes there are a few bad practices going on but the majority of people are like me, fair and honest. With experience I’ve learned which reviews are most likely to be genuine. most businesses don’t feel like you, most businesses see reviews as a positive thing...unless of course they reason not to....and I’d be wary of those. May I finally and respectfully suggest that you concentrate on maintaining your excellent business, worry less about what folks say about you...and give the forum a break for a while
  4. Thai defamation law and online reviews

    Really? You’ve had all those accolades about your amazing business and yet you’re (not your) determined to hammer the review sites. Something not quite right here
  5. Thai defamation law and online reviews

    All see from mr ruf's domination of this thread is a bitter business owner
  6. Thai defamation law and online reviews

    Millions of people read and write reviews on these “pathetic “ websites. Many businesses actively encourage people to share their experiences. Of course they only want positive reviews which is why they take such notice and act upon the negative reviews by improving their standards and services. Complete nonsense to say just vote with your feet because the rogues just get away with it and those who genuinely want to make things right and improve their standards just wouldn’t know if they’ve gone wrong.
  7. I’m in Bangkok, I did not have to translate my passport. All I needed was the yellow book
  8. Moving to Bangkok

    My advice....ignore every word of this post written by someone who clearly has nothing of value to say about a city he clearly knows nothing about. Some people must be very very bored
  9. Religion and “illegal” sex seem to go hand in hand with any religion
  10. Technically illegal, but I’d be interested to hear about anyone ever being prosecuted for it
  11. If he had rented HE would be the problem!
  12. RRecommendations for internet/phone service provider

    I was once a 3BB customer and got neither customer service nor internet that ever really worked, but that was years ago. True..... not great, especially when it comes to English communication. AIS are now my provider and have no complaints so far
  13. So next time I try to enter a National Park....oh wait...not a tour company so they’re exempt and allowed to scam
  14. If YOU'RE normal thank goodness I’m totally abnormal because if I was as normal as you....I’d kill myself
  15. Totally agree....bigotry is unnatural