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  1. Anyone have same experience with Lazada

    Thanks NE1. However he's listing the A7 at the price most big retailers are asking for the A9 I'm interested in
  2. Anyone have same experience with Lazada

    Been thinking about buying Samsung phone from Lazada but concerned about fakes. Anyone had good or bad experiences with this?
  3. AIS and access to certain websites

    I can't access the Daily Mail but that's not an AIS issue. Could be the only thing they got right. I wish the British gov would block it too
  4. Christian parents plan to sue school over son’s transgender classmate

    Imagine how much hate they can teach their kid at home.
  5. So in fact London isn't going downhill....it's entirely about your bigotry and hatred of Muslims
  6. Work is something you get paid for. Help is something you give/donate for free. Work should require a visa, help should not and be received with gratitude.
  7. Logically anyone wanting to give their time to helping people/school/community/country should we welcomed with open arms and appreciated for doing so. I think the key word here is logic....and that word seems to have passed them by
  8. I always thought if you're working here you need a work permit not a visa exemption
  9. Completely agree.....totally alone like the proverbial leper. Btw...what's UiK?
  10. Bigotry is a kind of personality disorder
  11. The UK won't have left so the GBP will most likely have recovered and the brexiteers will still be whining about sovereignty and straight bananas
  12. You're quoting something from the express!!!!! Lost cause
  13. Apparently with your head in the sand you haven't noticed that Project Fear is rapidly becoming Project Reality. The UK economy is now the worst performing economy in Europe and one of the worst in the world and the reason this thread was started is because the GBP is tanking....Brexit being the cause. Take your head out of the sand for a moment....Brexit is Project Suicide
  14. I can't see the GBP recovering much u til brexit gets dumped