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  1. Follow the court case closely ... It will obviously be very enlighting for your understanding of the events. I trust you may need an aspirin or two
  2. Noooo coming back from Loei up North, there are almost no red lines except at road blocks and the occasional accident area. Using a bit of sense and sometimes the help of oncoming drivers flashing vehicle lights, it's very easy to pick up the traps.
  3. Easy to spot the BIB with radar. I use Google Maps app on my phone when travelling. The radar chappies always have a road check a kilometer further to pull up and book folks. Maps traffic alerts me to those folks with Android phones slowing down at these spots, both graphically and tone (setting). So it's easy to slow down a couple of kms beforehand. Best detector ever.
  4. Despite all the rabid criticism of him in the MSM, his appearance on Joe Rogan’s show was orchestrated, pure genius. The MSM and sharemarket responded exactly like Elon planned. I love it! Elon’s playing the MSM like a fiddle… the same as Trump is doing.
  5. Once again the fake news trolls have been working overtime to create a load of baloney which has taken on a life of it's own. A serious comment made by Vernon when Musk arrived in Thailand with his aerospace engineering team and during the initial meeting of minds, fobbed off Musk's team and referred to their efforts as Musk's "Pedo" solution - short slang for Torpedo, as not feasible and unwanted. Musks team had explicitly been told whilst in the US to go full steam with the solution and had worked tirelessly 24x7 to produce a torpedo rescue capsule for trial and testing. Vernon literally fobbed off Musk and pissed off the science team to boot. Musk returned to the US and was no doubt extremely annoyed with Vernon's reception and he twittered that. Both acted unprofessional. The media has since made this a circus.
  6. This is about to blow up in the media's face, literally. I hope folks realise Musk's direction with this and is letting the media hang themselves.... again with an avalanche of fake news relating to the tweets. It started with Unsworth referring with others to Musk with the nickname 'pedo man' short for 'torpedo man' in reference to the submersible Musk was making. Musk confronted about the name initially whereupon Unsworth brushed it off. From there Unsworth ditched Musks idea and reccomend to senior Thais running the show it (the torpedo sub) not be used at all. From there a bitter feud has ensued.
  7. bofhman

    Chiang Rai: Search teams ‘making headway’

    The longer this goes on the more I wonder if they are actually in the caves. Divers, drones submersibles, multi-national teams of navy seals. Just to access the caves. Would the kids have even been able to get that far without these equipments, breathers, oxygen tanks without leaving a trace? Perhaps kidnapped or a prank gone very wrong? I hope they are safe and sound somewhere for better or for worse.
  8. Has the fact that the boys may not be in the cave at all crossed anyones minds? I am sure it has but no one has mentioned it. That many boys! A practical joke gone to far by some or all of them? One can only hope they are in fact alive, dry and safe somewhere.