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  1. Thai Sayings and Phrases Wanted

    Thanks to both of you bannork and tgeezer. So ใส่ตะกร้าล้างนํ้า basically as almost the the same meaning as ย้อมแมวขาย
  2. Thai Sayings and Phrases Wanted

    Could someone explain to me the implicit meaning of this phrase: ใส่ตะกร้าล้างนํ้า Put in the basket and wash it? Is it like to make something more beautiful before selling it?
  3. Sell Car with finance ongoing

    Thanks for the replies - I am checking with my company to replace and get an allowance. I bought an Honda CRV 2.4 4WD - Excellent car.
  4. Dear Arkady, So many thanks for this very complete answer. It is really really helpful for me Thanks
  5. Dear both ubonjoe and VIBE, Thank you for your answers. What i meant by non-b visa is of course extension of stay. When I arrrived in 2009, I got a non-B visa which was then extended by immigration 4 times for 2 years each time. Sorry for my bad explanation. So you must be married to a Thai to apply for citizenship?
  6. Hi everyone, Sorry that this question might have been asked so many times, but I'd like to know what's your opinion on the easiest solution for me : either to apply for PR or Thai citizenship. I have been working here for 8 years , i have had only non-B visas up to know linked with my WP. I am employed by a local company. My partner is thai (we are not married) and we have 2 kids. I speak thai almost fluently We live in Rayong province so the local immigration or police would not be of so much help, would probably need to go to Bangkok. So is it faster for me to go and apply for Thai citizenship directly even though we are not married (will getting married help a lot?) Thanks for your advice and experience sharing
  7. Hello Everyone, I just purchased last month a new HONDA car with a financing (from KasikornBank Leasing) over 4 years, and 2 weeks later time my company just informed me that I will be entitled to get a compnay car starting from next year... Bad timing ... so I have to sell that new car that I just bought (and probably loose a few hundred thousands)... Anyhow, my question is: how does it work in regards to that financing if I want to sell the car? Can that financing contract be transfered? Anyone with experience could share what's the best to do to avoid loosing too much money? The car and credit financing contract are both in my name Thanks !
  8. Many thanks to both of you for your help. I will go to the Amphur with my partner and the kids to do this then.
  9. Hello everyone, I am working here for 8 years now, and my thai girlfriend and I (we are not married) have 2 kids. Regarding my tax declaration last year, since we are not married with my partner, the revenue department asked me to provide a document a certificate of children issued by the District Office, to be able to deduct 30,000 THB per kid in my total personnal income tax computation. They said that the thai birth certificate is not enough as a proof. Does anyone know what that certificate of children is? I mean I can go to my local district office but since we are not registered on any tabien baan (blue book) here, I dont see what they can do for us. Thanks in advance for those who have some experience in this regard.
  10. Thank you very much johng for your precious help
  11. Hi Everyone, I read this thread with a lot of interest because I am about to experience the same situation I live in Rayong province and I will buy a second hand car from an owner of a different province (Prachuap Khiri Khan). Based on what I read I am not exactly sure what and where to do; - Shall I get any document from the DLT in Rayong first before going to pay and get the car? If yes which documents? - Who is responsible to change the name in the blue book? myself or the old owner? Where is this done? - Once I drive the car back to Rayong - do I need to change the plate to be in the new province? Many thanks for your help
  12. Thai Sayings and Phrases Wanted

    you can also say: คนในอยากออก คนนอกอยากเข้า ( kon nai yaak ohk kon nok yaak krao) which literally means " the one who's inside wants to get out. The one outside wants to get in"
  13. Many thanks to both of you for your clarifications.
  14. Thank you very much Arkady for our detailed answer. That is really helpful. Another question: For foreigners living /working here while not being a permanent resident, is it a must to be registered on a tabiaan baan? Or does it become a must after being a PR? I've been living here for 7 years in Rayong province without being ever registered on a tabiaan baan. My partner and my kids are registered on the family house blue book upcountry but I have never been myself, shall it be blue or yellow book. Many thanks for your help.
  15. Hello to all, I am applying for the PR this year after 7 years working here for a Thai company, and father of 2 thai/foreign kids. Another question related more to the tabian baan than the PR : We (my thai partner and I plus our kids) rent a house. I understand that we shall ask the house owner to give us the tabian baan, and put my partner's name and daughter on it already now (they're both thais) and mine can be put on it after the application for PR is approved. Is that correct? Actually, shall we keep the tabian baan blue book with us as we live in the house or shall it be the owner? Sorry if my questions are a bit stupid. Thanks for your help