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  1. nikster

    Ducati 899 breaks cover.

    They'll assemble them here. Target date for release is around mid year, I've heard - but these things usually change so who knows. Meanwhile you can buy them imported for 999k. They had a brief special for 899k when it was introduced. Those on the road right now in CM are the imported ones. White is gorgeous. So is red. This is just one gorgeous bike.
  2. Got Revit pants / high viz yellow jacket from Pandarider. Jacket was 2k, pants 1k. Now that I've got a few downpours behind me, absolutely love it, the pants especially - they're perfectly cut to just pull up over jeans and very easy to put on and take off on the road. The jacket - it's fine, it works.
  3. nikster

    Ducati 899 breaks cover.

    Cobblestones certainly look like Italy and not Thailand. My guess would be they make it there, too.