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  1. How to travel to Hua Hin from Bangkok?

    ^ no, if you value your life don't take a mini van. Ever.
  2. Ummm, she ain't working so that would be you dude. /thread
  3. Since she's not working, it falls on you to pick up the cost for everything.... fixed costs like her phone, her internet, her life insurance, her health insurance etc etc... on top of the digs. And all the while you're doing that, there'll be no imperative for her to find work and contribute to the cost of living, to help offset these costs. But I'm sure you'e aware of that reality. Hence your problem of how much to give her. I would strongly advise to cover her for her fixed costs only. Never give pocket money. I've been down this road and from my experience any amount you come up with is never enough. Thais don't budget, or plan anything, so once they see some numbers in black in white it becomes like a bargaining game. "How can I get this amount higher" will be her MO. You can't change that, it's cultural.. And they are far more skilled at this than we are. Therfore do not discuss money at all. Cover her fixed costs but never reveal how much you have or what your upper limit is. Any amount you set will always be reached and usually exceeded. There will always be an attempt to get more and no attempt to save. Unless of course it's their own money that they have earned, and which you will never see or know about. You must control the purse strings OP and only pay for things as you see fit. Never the other way around. Even when you go to the supermarket, YOU choose what goes in the trolley, not her. You pay, you the boss. When she wants this and that... the usual crap they don't need... and she will try you on to see how far she can stretch you... say no. Only ever buy what YOU think is of value to you BOTH.
  4. How much of this is BS? (Thai Marriage Money)

    I'm still yet to see any Thai person starving, no matter how much they cry poor.
  5. How much of this is BS? (Thai Marriage Money)

    No one is begrudging the daughter taking care of her parents. Let her work as long as she wants to fulfil this obligation. But to expect the husband to chip in for that is a bit rich. What about the husband's parents if they are starving..? Is Thai wifey gonna help them?
  6. How much of this is BS? (Thai Marriage Money)

    So she's saying after they graduate and get a job they should pay and support their parents. Fine, that's very commendable. However, if you want to marry her you have to pay her parents? Sounds like the parents are double dipping. Based on that logic, is she gonna pay for your parents?
  7. Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt dies aged 68

    Wonder if they'll play "down down, deeper n down" at the burial?
  8. We talking mainland Chinese? Like sit still for 5 minutes peace and quiet chill out relax? It ain't gonna happen dude. Chinese love noise, and feel very nervous if things get too quiet. Or if there isn't a few dozen other Chinese in close proximity. Like joined at the hip close. And a flag bearing leader. Yelling at them. Through a megaphone. They aren't that sophisticated when it comes to venturing off into nature, getting away from it all and "relaxing". Something like Nong Nooch is right up their alley. But with more flashing lights. And more noise. The tackier the better. But don't have real animals in those places or they'll throw stuff at them and laugh lol.