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  1. Not obliged to buy, no one can force you, but in Asia it’s expected you will buy once you engage in the haggling process. In street/ night markets that is, you definitely don’t want to be asking the price if you don’t intend to buy. They get mighty annoyed if you pull that caper. Fresh off the boat here are we?
  2. Chinese definitely do understand how that works. Ever been to China? Don’t even ask the price if you have no intention of buying,.let alone a discount, which is an expected part of the sport of haggling btw. They get might pissed off if you walk away after engaging the vendor like that. More to the story here which we’re not being told about, no doubt. The guy’s just probably a loon.
  3. aircooledflat4

    water bill

    Depends. Is it the issue date or due date?
  4. Because we need a peace deal, above all else. Do whatever it takes to get this guy out from the cold and onside. It’s a start. Kudos to Sth Korea for doing the groundwork for this meeting.
  5. ^ for sure. It’s about time Sth Korea and Japan pony up their own defence resources and capabilities. The days of relying on the US to be the world’s cop, watchdog, protector are over.
  6. Disgraceful. Ashamed to be an Aussie right now. Totally Un-Australian thing to do. Stand down the whole touring party, root and branch.
  7. Yeah true, but I always seem to return home with a couple of thousand baht unspent
  8. Yes, I get picked up from the airport upon arrival home :))
  9. No, next trip in February is costing $2370.96 all up, ex Brisbane. Flight 820.10 Accommodation (26 nights) 714.89 Spending money 814.07 Airtrain to BNE Intn’l Airport 21.90
  10. ^ yes I’m serious. $1064.62 AUD per month to be exact. Yes own my own home.
  11. I think that’s expensive. I live comfortably in OZ on 27k a month. Major city, excellent infrastructure etc. That includes two cars and travel to Thailand 3 times a year, staying a month at a time. Admittedly your 45k is for two people, but your holidays are on top of that? Yeah expensive I reckon.
  12. aircooledflat4

    Lady advice?!

    Instant dismissal right there
  13. Set up a portable karaoke on the street and belt out some tunes together. Dress up like Devo. Invite others passing by to join in. Organise a scavenger hunt around the old town.... eg, find the biggest Durian and bring it back to the hotel later to compare. Record how many times the door goes ding dong at 7/11 in a 2 minute period.... see who can take the most photos of people wearing elephant pants etc.. Go swimming in the moat.
  14. aircooledflat4

    Is life in Ubon boring?

    I tried Ubon for 3 months and was underwhelmed. I tried to like it, but it feels to me at some point this town has had the stuffing knocked out it, and it hasn’t recovered. Difficult to walk anywhere, the place is strictly designed for cars. A distinct lack of green space, gardens and recreational places for families or exercise, even just places to sit and relax. The Mun River is the jewel of the crown but is terribly underdeveloped, under-utilised and neglected. A simple boardwalk or cycling track along the river bank would transform this city and give it some much needed vibrancy. Sadly everyone just stays in their cars. You don’t see pedestrians in Ubon, the infrastructure is rundown and the footpaths can swallow you whole. There’s no local bus service, only taxis and songtaews. Difficult to get a taxi after dark. The old town is all Chinese and I was surprised how little food options there are there. The place should be buzzing with hot pot and bbq, but after dark it all shuts down behind their metal shutters. On the plus side the Chinese seem to have managed to rid the streets of all dogs. In places like Warim however they are an ever present menace. The central park in town is in a constant state of neglect and disrepair, as is the outdoor gym equipment which is rusted and dangerous. The moat surrounding the park is a sad looking remnant of better days. The street food beside the main park in town is not particularly inviting and the night markets are dull. Like a lot of towns in Thailand, Ubon is completely overrun with traffic. There’s very few places to go to get away from the noise. It’s a town with big potential, but it feels like people have given up. There’s a distinct lack of cultural activities, street music and street art, apart from Loi Krathong and the Candle Festival. The museum and library are under-utilised and devoid of patrons. I went to the museum and I was the only person there. I get the feeling Ubonites prefer to go to Central Plaza which is sad. I gave it a go there, but for me beach towns offer a better alternative.