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  1. Immigration closed today???

    Nobody have answered my question. If you don't know the answer don't write anything :)
  2. Are the immigration offices closed today 5th oct?
  3. Mae Sai border runs?

    Thanks, I have been reading that you must have a multiple visa to do it at Mae Sai ? That's why I asked
  4. Is it possible to do border runs without a visa and get 30 new days at Mae Sai?
  5. Premier Leauge

    ?????????? so nobody knows where I can subscribe or what it cost ?
  6. Premier Leauge

    Have you tried to stream it to google chrome-cast from your phone? 80-90% of the time it doesn't work. It's ok on my phone when it's work. And it's not my internet connection. I stream a lot of other stuff and stream Netflix everyday.
  7. Premier Leauge

    I have mobdro and it's not good
  8. Premier Leauge

    Where can I subscribe to watch the English Premier Leauge in my home. I prefer streaming so I can stream it to my Google Chrome on my TV. And is there a website in English from the company that I like to subscribe from?
  9. Multiple non O for Thai wife

    How much are the financials in those other places?
  10. Hi, I'm asking for a friend. Can you still apply for a multiple non O visa for Thai wife in Savanakhet? And what do you need to show them if it's yes? And is there another place to get that visa here in S.E Asia?
  11. Can you apply even if there is 4-5 months left on the old extension? And without leaving the country?
  12. If you have a 1 year extension for Thai wife and divorce her. Can you just go to the immigration office and change your extension to a 1 year extension for 50+ if you have the money? Or do you need to start again with a non O visa first?
  13. How much cost a WP for 3--6 or 12 months?