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  1. You would like to think that after killing one person drink driving, and escaping jail time, that the person would learn a lesson. She obviously hasn't. There is every likelihood that she will go drinking and do it again. People who are a danger to society, need to be stopped. Hence the song and dance over her getting bail again.
  2. Also a problem is the time it takes to come to trial, which can be much longer than the maximum sentence. A few years back 7 Thai lads having a party were raided and 2 yabba found. After 48 days at court 6 pleaded guilty and were given time served. The 7th, who was the only one to pass a urine test, pleaded not guilty. He was remanded back to jail for a further 9 months before he was subsequently found not guilty and released. He did not want a criminal record for something he hadn't done, but many will take plead guilty just to get out quicker, which is really appalling.
  3. Thailand in the world headlines for human trafficking again, though I am sure the authorities will try to suggest it was foreigners running it. You just gotta love Thai girls though, eh? Dropping their knickers all over the world.
  4. No point reinstating legislation to bring a trial under the jurisdiction of a military court until you have actually arrested someone.
  5. No major surprises in that decision. It should now become harder for Trump to push this, given that the initial order was for 90 days, in which to evaluate the situation and bring forward a new screening programme for visa issue to those countries. Well that was way more than 90 days ago, so surely they should have a new plan now, making the need for this measure redundant anyway.
  6. He is just tired from all the winning! All that remains to be seen is how many rats jump off the ship, before it goes down.
  7. They were blatantly taking the piss in their advertising and selling the pans at a crazily inflated price, while pretending it was a bargain. Fairly standard procedure for the TV marketing of this nature. Anyone watching these shows where a super expensive product is available "only today" at what appears to be a huge knockdown price, should try to remember that a fool and his money are swiftly parted.
  8. He is entitled to standard compensation at the rate of 500 Baht a day, which for just over 5 years is just over 900,000. He can make an application for a higher amount, but it will take years to get anywhere. Right now, I suspect that is the last thing on his mind, and he just wants to get on with his life. Good luck to him.
  9. You would think this would be a pretty desirable job, but thus far all the favourite choices seem to want nothing to do with it. Mind you, given the circumstances in which the position became vacant, who can blame them?
  10. Someone needs to explain to Donald that NATO members don't each get a definitive bill. None of them "owe" anything. With an agreement that members will spend 2% of GDP by 2024 in place, that is the start and finish to it. Talking like this is only going to piss your allies off and prove once again that the wrong man is in the job.
  11. And so sadly, another person has discovered that trying to swim, fully clothed (which most of them do, even during the day), whilst drunk, is dangerous. RIP to the young man, but this was totally avoidable, if anyone in the group had possessed the slightest level of common sense.
  12. Yes! Damn right I did. He thought it was fine to do it to my son, so I let him know how it felt. It was quite funny actually. He kept saying "you can't do this." But it turned out that actually, I could. I explained exactly what I would do if I ever had to come back again, and he swore he would never touch my son again, and he didn't.
  13. To be fair, I have only had to visit my sons school once, which was when his teacher took some hair clippers and cut chunks out of my sons hair. After I visited him and returned the compliment, along with a relatively small amount of violence, the practice mysteriously stopped. The teacher was a quicker learner than many of his pupils it seemed.
  14. If my kid came home from school with marks like that, getting sacked would be the least of the teachers worries. Paying his hospital bills and finding somewhere new to live would be far higher up the list.
  15. If Obamacare was such a disaster, I would like someone to explain to me, why it is so popular. 23-24 Million people losing their healthcare to me sounds like a disaster.