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  1. This is very sad. Buddhism is the cornerstone of Thai life, and when outrageous corruption reaches so deep into its heart, it becomes very easy to understand why it is sadly, so rife throughout the entire society.
  2. Two days ago we get the cops telling the motorbike taxis to behave themselves, which they probably won't. Now it is the mafia on the beach behaving badly. Don't forget the street vendors, who aren't averse to getting aggressive when you don't buy their crap. I am not even going to start on the taxis.The amount of poor behaviour by those who make a living from tourism is really disgraceful. All the time those who actually do get caught get off with a wai and 500 Baht fine, expect to see a whole lot more from the whole sorry lot of them.
  3. The message might have been clear enough, but it is the understanding of said message and the likelihood of it being taken on board by the moto taxis, or should I say unlikelihood, that matters. Things like this have been happening for ages, so hoping that a message will stop further incidents, is to my mind, pretty optimistic. Throwing offenders in jail for a year or two might be a stronger message that gets a reaction.
  4. A number of inflammatory Posts have been removed.
  5. Oh Dearie me. I bet he wishes now that he hadn't decided to "help" the police. At the same time it makes you wonder, how as an unlicensed and unregistered taxi, he was able to operate right outside Soi9?
  6. darksidedog

    Thaksin wants to return home, says Chavalit

    I see nothing to stop him coming home anytime he wants. He has accommodation waiting for him, and three meals a day for two years, and I am pretty sure he will get a free pick up from the airport too!
  7. Maybe the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly are right and vapes are dangerous. After all, I have never had a cigarette explode and embed itself in my head!
  8. So he wants to stop Transnational crime? He would be better off focusing on stopping the domestic crime first, even though doing so might see him in trouble over a matter of some still unexplained watches and bling.
  9. darksidedog

    Moldovian arrested in crackdown on child porn website

    Good. Track back the credit card payments and jail every single one of the perverts buying this sick shit. I don't personally care where they get prosecuted, simply that they are.
  10. darksidedog

    Monk survives pit bull onslaught

    I have two dogs, and consider myself a responsible owner. The first thing the dogs learnt at the same time as not pissing in the house was not to bite. My dogs get out occasionally, but they are never a danger to anyone when they do. They might leave a doggy land mine, which isn't nice, but this happens extremely rarely. If you have a bunch of pit bulls, especially those who have never been trained to be a pet, keeping them secure is an absolute must. I take my hat off to the monk, for his forgiving attitude. The guy who owns those dogs needs to learn how to bloody well look after them and train them. This could very easily have been tragic.
  11. That seems a bit harsh, unless it can be shown he was traveling at excessive speed. Nothing could stop in the time available, and you have to say the accident was caused by the person riding the bike, who sadly has lost his life. His mate is one very lucky person though, that was literally a fraction of a second from a double tragedy.
  12. Good work. If Embassies do start sticking up travel warnings, I suspect we will see an urgent, though long overdue, resolution of the Life Savers situation down there. Beaches with strong currents, riptides and no lifeguards, is a recipe for multiple disasters. People should be warned when somewhere is a dangerous place to go. Especially if negligence is causing much of the danger.
  13. I note he didn't mention where the money was subsequently going to go. Sounds like the top brass could do quite well out of it, without having to put any more hours in at all.
  14. darksidedog

    Lane-changing offences nearing 100,000 after four days of camera work

    You sir, I suspect, have not seen as much poor driving here, as I and many other posters have. While for those who know how to drive, and to understand such subtleties as unbroken white lines, good driving is simple to understand. Given that drivers here tend to just go where they please, with things like traffic lights and road rules, or one way streets thought of as a guideline, and with enforcement of anything, previously, close to non existent, to get pulled up for this will be a serious shock to many local drivers. They will be like "What? Who did I kill?" The fact they didn't hit anyone, will in their minds justify the poor driving. They simply, do not know how to do it properly and safely to socially acceptable standards of the modern world. I hope the cops keep it up. Letting drivers know this is not allowed, might get them thinking about other aspects of their driving too. Possibly the one time you won't hear me "bitchin" about the cops getting some coin.
  15. darksidedog

    Are you one of Thailand’s ugly tourists?

    I think it should read stupid tourists rather than ugly, though I do agree that many seem to leave their cognitive powers at the airport. Having said that I have to confess to doing some dumb things when I was younger, which I wouldn't dream of doing today.