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  1. Does this mean that the crooks running the country right now, wont be able to run?
  2. darksidedog

    PM Prayut vows to get rid of informal debts

    So he is not getting rid of the debt then, just restructuring the payments. They still owe the money, so other than being a vote grabbing headline, I see little truth in it.
  3. I applaud any effort to stop the carnage, but 50%, just like that? Seriously ambitious number. I dont see the good citizens around here suddenly waking up, because Lord knows, they haven't ever done so before. I don't see the cops suddenly enforcing laws everywhere either, so not quite sure how they are going to achieve it.
  4. Given Pheu Thai have won every election in the last god knows how long, trying to ban them might just be the spark that blows the place up. I think even Prayut would think long and hard before doing something so inflammatory.
  5. Ye Gods! Just when I thought the depth of stupidity couldn't be plumbed any deeper. If the kids follow it through to the letter, there will be no Thai people in a couple of generations.
  6. As soon as they see the state of the water at Pattaya Beach, they will probably be back pretty damn quick.
  7. Could be said for the whole country actually. The ability to think ahead, seems strangely lacking.
  8. That isn't what the economists out there reckon, who are saying it will cost 400,000 American jobs. https://qz.com/1297697/trumps-steel-tariffs-will-cost-the-us-400000-jobs-says-economists-now/
  9. I suspect the anti fraud department have been looking at the wrong people. Which was of course the right people. Can't have more of our leaders buddies exposed as grafting now can we? Bling Bling Prawit was enough.
  10. Fights in the playground at school happen absolutely everywhere and normally the outcome is no worse than a bloody nose, or some wounded pride. The police don't prosecute any of them, unless weapons are involved, which does not seem to be the case here.Tragic that the outcome here should be so awful. I understand the anger of the parents, but is ruining the other boys life going to help? I am sure he didn't mean for the lad to get killed, or even hurt badly, so even a manslaughter charge would be hard to win. RIP "Go." I hope your parents can find peace in time.
  11. A flame post has been removed and the poster suspended. Please get your facts correct before you accuse other members of things they didn't do. There is also too much bickering going on here. Stop it now or face the consequences. Thank you!
  12. It is her actions prior to the disaster that are in question. Unsafe boat, going out in any weather to make money with no regard for safety for the passengers. No crew training, crew abandoning the ship while people still aboard, shitty life jackets etc, the list goes on. I don't know or care if she was in charge in reality, as she is on paper, so she took the money and cut corners when the going was good, now she can take the punishment. Oh, and renouncing testimony to a Thai court? Good luck with that. Someone needs to pay and right now, it looks like it will be her.
  13. Shouldn't he be too busy handing back borrowed watches? Someone is obviously working on their Public Relations right now. Happy enough to see people who have been ripped off getting justice though, I have to admit.
  14. I see the Thai Visa Puritans, who have never done anything stupid or wrong in their lives have been busy sharpening their knives. I will send you a personal message with all of the information and contact details of the relevant people at IDC. However, if the charges are dropped, there is a possibility that you will be allowed to go on your way, assuming you have kept your visa up to date. It is not my job to judge those who make mistakes, so I wish you the best of luck. If you are scheduled for deportation, you may be stuck in a local police station for some days prior to going to IDC. If you provide details to IDC and arrange travel in advance of arriving, you should be in and out in about a week. Any further information you need or questions you have regarding the process, feel free to message me. Edit: Thanks Ubonjoe for removing the troll posts from the puritan well wishers.
  15. Well, he did spit out a fairly vehement denial, so possibly not a regular swallow-er. Does seem he might need to swallow his words though.