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  1. This guy is a real nasty piece of work. Happy to screw absolutely anyone over, even his own family. Well he seems to have bitten off a bit more than he can chew this time, and I suspect he will have the next 20-30 years or so to reflect on that. Obviously the death penalty would be more than appropriate, though they seem to have stopped actually dishing it out in reality of late.
  2. Where next I wonder for Spicer. He has proven himself to have no conscience, next to no brains and almost no dignity. Used, abused and told to tell lies outside of his ability level, by his image crazy boss. Discarded for someone who can spin bullshit with a bigger and more convincing smile. Perhaps more people would have found him entertaining if he had worn the Easter Bunny suit while making his press announcements.
  3. And my family keep asking me why I don't want to come home.
  4. Please Donald, read the laws of the land and the Constitution at least once while you are in office, and they try to introduce legislation that complies. The courts are busy enough already without you unnecessarily adding to the workload with ill thought out, morally questionable, mean and racist rubbish that has no chance of passing.
  5. More turds in the water than sat at desks in Soi 9, and both were supposed to be cleaned up by Prayuth and gang. No surprise that remedial work hasn't happened, or that large sums of money haven't reached their designated place. Pattaya is a cesspit alright, but cleaning the water probably won't change that.
  6. I haven't always agreed with McCain on many issues, but I do respect him as a man of integrity and decency. He is everything Donald is not. I wish him the best of luck in fighting the cancer, which I am sure he will do aggressively and with dignity.
  7. Truer words never spoken. I don't claim to have the answer for Thailands education problems. Maybe the students are just inherently too stupid to learn anything meaningful. Kids and adults alike seem totally incapable of grasping even basic logic sometimes. Whatever, the dream for Thailand to become high tech is sadly a long, long way off.
  8. Dude, read the second last line, he isn't dead, though the term "simply shocking" seems entirely appropriate, given the nature of the incident.
  9. I think he has to consider this a very lucky escape. Lots of people have got a hard on for seeing him in trouble and/or deported. Only time will tell if this clown now pulls his horns in.
  10. One day I expect America will wake up to the fact that it is time to stop pumping billions of dollars into Insurance companies profits and move to a Universal Healthcare system. You have the most expensive health care system in the world, that just doesn't provide anything remotely close to the best care. Not by a very long way. America is so far down the list of countries in health care provision and its populations overall health it is a disgrace. And yet here it is being suggested that an extra 17 million lose cover within a year, just so Republicans can repeal Obamacare. How many of those 17 million will fall sick and die before a replacement system is in place? Healthcare is only super complicated when you allow the Insurance companies to make it so. Massive sums of money will be saved and the health of the nation improve once that fact is understood and acted upon. https://www.forbes.com/sites/danmunro/2014/06/16/u-s-healthcare-ranked-dead-last-compared-to-10-other-countries/#604df680576f
  11. If he had an ounce of decency, he would simply accept the verdict and the sentencing, as something positive and use it as a foundation upon which to improve matters. The very fact the trial is happening is good news, in that it shows that trafficking is no longer acceptable. Instead he harps on about reputation and image, which are in such a sorry state, there is little point defending them. he really doesn't have a strong grasp on reality.
  12. Excellent news. I hope this is widely read by the other pedos out there and they get the message to stay away from Thailand. It would have been better if he had got the sentence here, rather than a comfy US prison, but with 27 years, one hopes he will never get out to abuse young boys again. Scumbag.
  13. Does this then mean that any foreigner can now work without being arrested until January?
  14. Wow! The number of people at this meeting seems to go up by the day, which started off as a meeting just to get some dirt on Hilary. I wonder what WAS discussed, and how many different versions of what happened at that meeting we are going to hear? Assuming there isn't a collective and convenient loss of memory all round, of course.
  15. Donald is fixated on getting rid of Obamacare and seems ready to do anything to drag it down, even though 2 to 1 prefer it over the new bill. Thank God there are some in the Senate who actually care enough about the people, not to let the only healthcare option many have, be ripped away. The dollar has plummeted as the markets don't now believe Trump will get anything of significance through, so it seems Donald is actually dragging America down rather than Obamas bill.