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  1. Pattaya to become marine leisure hub of Asia

    Thailand kidding itself again. Before you can get super-yachts coming, you need to have somewhere for them to moor, and Pattaya has absolutely zero places for them to do so. I don't see people who can afford really nice boats taking them places where the water is quite frankly, shit.
  2. If they have someone they can blame they wont really care. My only surprise is that a pair of Burmese haven't been fitted up with it already.
  3. Really? Thai people are capable of unbelievable levels of aggression very swiftly, with minimal, if any provocation. Maybe they should visit Nong Plalai prison and see how many of their countrymen are in jail for exactly this sort of behaviour before making such dumb comments.
  4. The US market is saturated so they want to export shootings and murders to the rest of the world. There are way too many guns out there in the wrong hands already thanks!
  5. While they be at least partially correct about Trump barking like a dog, as he is barking mad, that would leave us with the situation where the gibbering of Kim and the NK propaganda can be likened to that of a crazed baboon. Regardless, both of them are unstable and neithers rants are taken seriously.
  6. That would seem to prove the adage that where there is muck there is money. I take my hat off to the honesty of these two and hope they get a good reward.
  7. I agree that the driver is responsible for the safety of what they are carrying, but many would assume that the people who tie down loads all day, every day, knew what they were doing, and in this case the driver clearly did exactly that. As the woman had no idea how to do it and placed her trust in them, they should share at least some part of the blame. And if you didn't read that the shop was not responsible, go back and read the headline.
  8. The shop had the good sense to cough up some cash to the cops pretty quickly it would seem. They tied the pipe down, so tough to see how they have no responsibility.
  9. The crazy Yingluck scenario few people want

    The whole thing is a complete fiasco from start to finish. Given that none of them can be trusted I tend to view the whole thing as a kind of mafia soap opera, with truly amazing twists to the plot every week.
  10. I would like to think that bars and restaurants would treat us all like royalty, given that there are so few of us left!
  11. ‘Report all corruption,’ says Phuket Governor

    To collect all of the complaints of corruption in Phuket alone would need enough staff to wipe unemployment out nationwide. Sadly, reporting it will do little, as the people responsible for stopping corruption are the very people behind it, making money from it and protecting their co-conspirators.It will be interesting to see how long the queues are though to file the complaints.
  12. Greed is clearly a more important consideration than safety, as these people have shown us once again. They obviously knew the wind was blowing before they took the fellas money, when they should have stopped operating until conditions improved. Accidents with Parasailing will happen again here. Very fortunate only minor injuries this time.
  13. Bunch of bullshit. East Asian figures are up because close to a million Cambodians and Burmese went home to get the right papers for work and every one is recorded as a visitor when they come back. As for the numbers on revenue, educated guess at best and more likely pure fabrication, plucked out of thin air. We all know the major tourist areas are begging for customers. I have never seen so many bars and restaurants closed. Real tourist numbers and revenue are way down, everyone knows it, and lying or manipulating numbers isn't going to change it.
  14. 70 grams of ice? Well, she is going to be a wrinkled old crone when she finally gets out of prison then. That is 50 years minimum straight off the bat.