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  1. Wow! He did a good job of collecting everything, all while being on completely the wrong side of the road. Cant wait to hear the excuse.
  2. I tend to agree with you, though kicking either of those two out of the bed would be quite a tough call.
  3. Thailand performs better on graft-busting efforts

    Very little to be proud of there. The ranking is still lower than it was three years ago and to rank alongside Zambia and Colombia, is a pretty sad state of affairs. Given it was the top priority for the Junta to stamp out corruption, when they seized power, you have to give them a big fat fail.
  4. ITD denies rumours Premchai is absconding

    I think it highly unlikely he will ever go to prison. I am pretty sure he will hang around and organise a deal where he just pays a fine and gets a suspended sentence. Only in the absence of such a deal are we likely to see him skip town, but skip he almost certainly will if he feels in any danger. And as we have seen all too often, absconding from here does not seem to be too difficult.
  5. Shows how stupid they are then, because they should be.
  6. Yeah, Good Luck with that! A vast swarm of them have absolutely no concept of what that means. You're likely to have more success herding cats.
  7. I would like to know what exactly constitutes "entertainment." Does that mean, no singing, no dancing, no music etc? Tourists are going to have a fairly miserable time if so, and they cant even vote.
  8. Oh, so the timing IS just a coincidence then? Didn't notice him saying why he was going there mind. Additionally, if they are serious about repatriation, why are they not pushing Interpol with every ounce of their energy? Dont bother, we all know the answer.
  9. Elements of truth in both statements. Are the Shinawatras crooked? Duh? Are they politically persecuted. Obviously, Yes to that too. Are the Persecutors themselves squeaky clean? Obviously, No. All of them are as bad as each other. Its almost like watching Game of Thrones without the intelligence and cunning, though possibly more humour and definitely more stupidity. Will be almost as interesting as GoT 7 to see what comes next.
  10. Oh, I agree! They are all a bunch of total crooks and idiots and wiping them all out for a totally fresh start would be great. My point was Thaksin is just better at playing the game of politics and knows how to take the piss better than Prayut, while simultaneously being adored by the electorate.
  11. Now there is an understatement if ever I saw one. Prayut must be really pissed off that no matter what he does, Thaksin is always there, on the horizon, ready to take over again and that countless people take Thaksin more seriously than him.
  12. PM asks Thais to learn from past conflicts

    HANG ON! The laws preventing people from truly expressing themselves were introduced by Prayut and the NCPO, so what blatant hypocrisy to suggest that it isn't the case.
  13. They are at least 40-50 years behind the rest of the world, so no great surprise that they are late off the mark. And given it is 2561, it could be argued they are hundreds of years behind.
  14. Survey reveals little faith in Thai justice system

    Personally, I have absolutely no faith in the wrongly named justice system here. I visit many people in the prisons who have run foul of the system. I currently visit 9 English and American prisoners. One of them is guilty. Three of them got stitched up in a sting, two are doing time for when their girlfriend claimed the drugs found were theirs not hers, (and as we all now, Thais don't lie), while the other three are so innocent it is a total disgrace they were ever even charged. The whole damn lot of them from the cops, through the prosecutors to the lawyers and judges are just a total joke. There is no justice in Thailand.
  15. God help anyone unfortunate enough to get caught in the undoubted immigration queue nightmare. I foresee, Ah! Mr. Wong. Congratulations on being our 200,000th delayed customer today. Have a pineapple and an orchid, and try not to get robbed, cheated or run over during your stay.