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  1. Calm down Gentlemen. I think what the otherwise as you say, lying git, was really saying is that they have had plenty of time to put the fix in on operations and the election, which will of course be totally rigged, will go ahead, now that they are positive of winning.
  2. That was about the only privilege they had. I can see there will be much unhappiness about this decision, and it would not surprise me in the slightest if it kicks off in more than a few prisons.
  3. I have been listening to Big Jokes boasting, so I didn't think there were any of them left! He said he had caught pretty much all of them, and he wouldn't lie to us now would he?
  4. I dont think anyone was ever in any doubt that he was behind it. Due to their dependence on oil though, many countries have been trying to find a way to look the other way, or mutter vaguely about some action needing to be taken, but without actually being brave enough to do anything. Despite being caught, he will get clean away with it, and they will all let him.
  5. darksidedog

    Politics by numbers

    So, a third of all the seats are NCPO appointees (read Prayut puppets), meaning this will not be a return to true democracy, and the junta are not going to have to cheat all that much, only needing a quarter of the actual elected seats to vote with them to remain in control.
  6. darksidedog

    542 foreigners arrested in latest weekly crackdown

    Big Joke is probably avoiding us, given 3 weeks ago, he said there were only 500 left and this is the second time since that more than 500 were picked up and reported. Adding to the fact that he said he had nicked 99,500, but now it seems the number is actually only 4,773, a slight miscalculation it would seem.
  7. Burmese workers in the area will probably be feeling concerned, because Thai people couldn't possibly do this could they? I hope they do catch whoever it was quickly, and put him behind bars where he belongs.
  8. darksidedog

    Brexit Secretary Raab resigns thrusting May's government into turmoil

    What a complete debacle. While I don't think it is going to be possible to find any deal that everyone is happy with, it certainly seems as though the one on the table right now is not going to fly. The no deal Brexit is looking ever more likely.
  9. Because the official figures from TAT are probably untrue and the real picture on tourism is seriously grim. High season is supposedly starting, but everywhere seems pretty empty.
  10. Very sad, but at least it seems he went on his own terms.
  11. I thought I had made it fairly apparent in my post that I expect politicians to tell lies, or twist facts. I cannot think of a politician in recent times who is as pure as the driven snow. However, the extent of the lies from Mr. Trump far exceeds anything I have ever witnessed before. He has to know that much of what he is saying is absolute fabrication, often totally without any substantiation whatsoever. This is abnormal, and to my mind utterly unacceptable. The only person I have ever met who could compete, politicians included, was a guy in England many years ago, who was known to all and sundry as "Barry the bullshitter."
  12. Unfortunately, peddling lies, is what he does. While you expect politicians to be less than fully frank with the truth, never before has a leader of a major country had such an appalling record of spreading blatantly false information. The birther issue is but one in a list of falsehoods that beggars belief in its extent.
  13. You have to love the stupidity of it all. A photo seen by just a few becomes viral because the cops, trying to suppress such indignity, publicise it and it gets viewed by millions. And by publishing the photo, while asking for help, they become guilty of the same crime they accuse her and others of, sharing obscenity.
  14. All the time he doesn't come right out and say NO, he won't be a candidate, everyone is going to assume that he has every intention of being so. One day perhaps Thai politicians will learn to be open and honest, traits that would actually make them more appealing. Nah, not gonna happen.
  15. Further proof that the country is insane. Corporal punishment in school is illegal, yet we hear of it happening continuously. Teachers are given a degree of respect that they mostly do not justify in the slightest and it is high time that EVERY single one of them hitting a child faces jail. When every time it happens, the cops arrive, arrest and jail the perpetrator, the frequency of such incidents will drop rapidly.