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  1. I sincerely hope the CCTV was working and these people are found quickly and very severely punished. That is a truly horrific thing to do to someone. I am not going to suggest that anywhere in the world is perfect, but the number of extremely violent incidents here seems to be increasing alarmingly.
  2. Confiscate the unexplained 91 Million immediately. Use article 44 if needed. Then move on to the next high level politician and do the same thing. The countries finances will be in good shape in no time.
  3. Yeah, well the FBI tried that and offered shitloads of money per arrest. Thais went nuts and arrested people on totally spurious grounds to collect the rewards, not to mention deliberately sending kids out as bait, with the FBIs knowledge. The three FBI agents running that debacle all got recalled and are facing very lengthy jail terms at home. Along with the entire Women and Children's Protection division, that used to be at Banglamung, (Pattaya) cop shop that all got fired too. FBI should stay the hell away from foreign law enforcement. Especially since they don't truly understand the concept of abiding by the law themselves.
  4. Oh No, Please don't! That's just too funny. I can see the headline next week, "Unusual rise in heart attacks for Pattaya Police."
  5. But that is because you have principles. Here, if the fine issuer is getting a percentage, I can see them actually being over zealous in the matter. I agree the whole thing is ridiculous though.
  6. The only thing that headline is missing are the words "actually being admitted." at the end of the sentence. Everyone knows it is simply the way things are, but God forbid, it should ever be acknowledged. Thailand's precious image could suffer.
  7. I'm sure it will take long enough for those concerned to calculate how much they can afford to pay to keep on riding the gravy train. Expect a couple of scapegoats but then it will be business as usual, the way it always is here.
  8. Guard Run Over By Doctor Wakes From Coma

    I bet the good doctor who ran him down is breathing a sigh of relief. I hope he makes a full recovery and that the doctor gets the bill for the whole damn lot plus a fat chunk of compensation on top. I still want the doc to see jail time cos what he did was horrific.
  9. Even though I am a smoker, I do not disagree with a smoking ban on the beaches, but I agree with many of the respondents in the poll, that the penalties of up to 100,000 Baht fine and/or a year in jail are totally disproportionate to the offence.
  10. Keeping nuclear weapons out of the hands of lunatics will always get my vote.
  11. I'm all for no alcohol sales near schools and I agree with their assessment on drink driving, but I am going to dissent, as I am sure many farang will, on the issue of no grog on Buddha days. There are just too many of them. If you are Buddhist, by all means refrain on holy days, but enforcing it on others, especially tourists, isn't nice.
  12. U.S. Navy crew grounded after pilot draws penis in the sky

    I can imagine people looking up into the sky and saying "What a prick?"
  13. I was hoping he was going to pick up the power drill on his desk and put it through the forehead of the people ranting. Mind you the intelligence level of the conversation suggested a lobotomy had probably already been performed.
  14. I had thought there were some active brain cells in the Supreme Court, but clearly I was wrong. When you have a man with a vehicle with the same licence plate number, from a different province, admitting he did it AND paying compensation to the family, I would have thought that was reasonably good evidence to work with. Absolute idiots and another very poor day for the joke that pretends to be justice in this country.
  15. I suspect the song and dance is because it is Tobacco (and probably untaxed tobacco at that),and we all know how the Thai Tobacco Monopoly tries to stamp out anyone infringing on their profits.