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  1. And joy of joys, it seems that an arrest warrant has actually been issued by the court just now. http://www.bangkokpost.com/news/general/1240407/arrest-warrant-issued-for-red-bull-heir
  2. I bet the cops were gutted. When he took off and carried on for 70KM, they were probably convinced he had a huge stash of something illegal in the truck.
  3. The prosecutor has issued the paperwork, so the Arrest Warrant will be produced. The big question is whether it will be served. The Government are none too popular right now and know that Thai people are pretty pissed off about this case. IF, they cancel the passport(which they should), his avoiding justice days are done. If they don't bring him home, I suspect public anger will boil over.
  4. At long last the scumbag is finally going to have an arrest warrant issued. Shame it took 5 bloody years. Now the next phase of the farce will commence, when they try to actually serve it on him. A man is dead because of him, so cancel his passport, issue the summons to Interpol, whatever is needed. Get this low life back here to face justice without ANY further delays.
  5. 50 X 13.5 Billion is 675 Billion. Mr. Prawit is telling lies. The loss was extensive, but only around a quarter of that and largely due to a serious fall in rice prices globally. http://www.benarnews.org/english/news/thai/rice-price-12152016141035.html Regardless, seeing the pair of them squabbling over who did what is quite pathetic.
  6. Come on Thaksin. Prayut is going to have egg on his face if he hasn't got the money for the sub the country absolutely has to have!
  7. i have no problem giving some money to unfortunate people who are genuinely broke. I would not consider giving any to someone wanting holiday funds.
  8. I hope he stung them for a goodly sum for their really poor performance.
  9. When the very people responsible for stopping and preventing this disgusting behaviour, are the very ones organising and participating in it, bringing it to an end is going to be a very difficult problem. Shame on you Thailand. This is really sick. Other countries have pedos, but rings there are not run by the authorities.
  10. An arrest warrant will be sought and they are using the extradition word. I suspect in reality nothing will actually happen and he will continue to make a mockery of Justice. I will believe they are serious when I see the scum bag in handcuffs.
  11. Other stuff? I assume you are talking about some kind of perversion here then? Thai people could not possibly be guilty of sedition. That would require balls.
  12. I hope you appreciate that my like of your post could leave me open to serious jeopardy, but as you had already liked mine, I guessed we were probably considered fellow conspirators already anyway.
  13. Even though Red Bull is to my taste buds, better than any of the others, if I thought that switching to another brand would help, I would consider it. But it won't. The family are minted and their global business makes the local market almost insignificant. You can only hope that public anger will force the issue to come to court at some point. Also probably futile, but some hope is better than none.
  14. I thought under Article 44 he couldn't be prosecuted?
  15. I wasn't surprised to hear that Thailand isn't getting top scores on media freedom, but I was when I read that Myanmar has a better ranking. It seems one nation comes out of the darkness, just as another one slides into it.