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  1. Time for the honest taxi driver story to be run again.
  2. OK, send Big Joke over to have a word with this writer, who is clearly trying to spread confusion amongst Thai people.
  3. Not much hope in sight for Thai's and democracy.
  4. The price of those delicacies just went up.
  5. Polls can be engineered to get the desired outcome, but if this truly reflects the Thai societies belief, then all I can say is. Primitives.
  6. Yeah, but not in a country where justice is a game where HiSo's can be sentenced to death or life and are then granted bail, or in other words they are free. The death sentence will be used for the convenience of the authorities in a country where corruption is the law.
  7. And in tomorrows news Big Joke reconciles the Isralies and the Palestinians, has a lunch break then rolls back global warming.
  8. Yes he is rich, he is also from the wrong side of politics.
  9. They will jail them all but can or will they bring the Shins back, I don't think so.
  10. Checking a few HiSo private collections might prove to be fruitful.
  11. These thieves are the worst or are they? The disinterest by the government and the well off, creates the destitute.
  12. Did someone in the RTP let on that there may be a chance the French Interpol folk may speak the same language as the Thai cops. Could the Interpol guys get a donation to their Christmas party fund and leave the RTP posse with nothing. Cest la vie
  13. Oziex1

    Sodium cyanide stocks impounded

    Not for the ethnic cleansing of Rohingas I hope.
  14. So in who's pocket does the seized money end up in? Another watch any one.
  15. This guy is Prayut's role model.