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  1. While you are unlikely to be shot by police, whether you can have confidence in the Thai police is another matter altogether.
  2. He's doing well as you would expect from someone of his status, if there is truly no other unaccounted income then he is one in a million and must have been hard to find. How about details of a few more nobs. This really is the honest taxi driver story for the Hiso wealthy.
  3. No worries, he can continue to not campaign as he has for months.
  4. Theyre nearly there and ready to put it in a Thai context? So not really there at all, old boats will stay in service for longer one would think.
  5. Basically he was caught red handed, not that it will necessarily lead to a conviction and even if sentenced to prison, he may never get around to doing time. A Black Leopard may have to stand in for him.
  6. As we noted earlier, this was rushed through by the law makers, to help the general populace, no of course not. To allow the usual elites to cash in of course. I also noticed all the stoners getting exited about it, has there been any indication that smoking the good stuff will become legal?
  7. Looks like he will do a stretch, but hey at least he saved face.
  8. How many honest taxi drivers returning money to neutralise a murder story?
  9. Thanks for that I will increase my tips from now on.
  10. A shocking incident. Don't let me down TV people come on out with it "500Bht and a wai and all is forgiven" or "a month in the orange robes he will be free" Cynical I may be, but not far from the truth.
  11. Even as an experienced motorcyclist dealing with the chaotic traffic in Phuket is challenging to say the least. I just can't get used to vehicles coming out of side streets without giving way, sometimes they have no choice as the sois are so narrow visibility is limited until they are onto the main drag. Vehicles coming from the other side of main roads in a slight diagonal as they look to make a right turn. It goes on, the amount of information to process on the main roads is more than this old timer cares to deal with, and as for riding at high speed forget that.
  12. So where do they go when they have it all, they will want more than all of it, how can they rest?
  13. So why on earth did they bother in the first place, nobody with wealth acquired it honestly.