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  1. A secret meeting of top cops involving themselves in this case is cause for concern. Big money involved and they want some.
  2. Oziex1

    Man admits he broke into 30 Amazon coffee shops

    In Phuket on some of the main strips surprising, and in the hotel just nescafe.
  3. Oziex1

    Man admits he broke into 30 Amazon coffee shops

    Well in some places in Thailand it defies belief that the cafes don't open till after 9am, I could break into one myself.
  4. Just came back from Phuket with Thai Air, their method of dealing with the disabled is to park them and their wheelchair in a small container box that is on a scissor lift, this is lifted and aligned to an entrance opposite the entrance the able bodied passengers are coming in. Staff then wheel the passenger to their seat fold and remove the wheelchair.
  5. "Thailand, where up is down and black is white." And not to forget. Where women are men.
  6. At the end of the day I don't know why I or the rest of us here get worked up over this guy, we know what he is. Just a propaganda tool for the Junta and it's as popular in Thailand as anywhere else to go after the creepy and evil foreigners, so the Government can show their there to protect you.
  7. He won't lose face as the outcome of the interview will be adjusted to be what he and his KT masters require. Facts will not be allowed to interfere with their grubby propaganda.
  8. Photo op, propaganda exercise. Would like to see him come up against the realities of Lawyers and the English press.
  9. I would like to see him burn, many mention luxury in prison for him. We can be thankful we have a civilised society and if that means humane treatment for the worst type of people then sobeit. I'd still like to stick a red hot poker up him, cold end first so he can't pull it out.
  10. Is this a meeting to discuss methods of gaining more wealth corruptly?
  11. Yep, so what to do with the 100billion. A fleet of 2nd hand Cessnas that can sit rotting on the ground.
  12. I would believe the immigration officials in western countries would look twice at any individuals transiting via Thailand, given the countries a seething cesspit of corruption and Ill doings.
  13. The headline causes me concern, Fast track and vehicles not a good combo in Thailand.