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  1. Has anyone recently done a Thai Will?

    Could you PM with details for your wife to draw up a Thai Will for me please.
  2. Many years ago Spain, Greece etc had a high amount of accidents the majority were scooters/motor bikes likewise in Thailand I believe ? both countries economies improved wages grew which enableb people to buy cars therefore reducing the amount of scooters/motor bikes on the road therefore reducing the amount of fatalities. Unfortunately the salaries here are not going to increase that much to enable people to purchase 4 wheels. i have driven long term in Malta and Italy believe me the standard of driving is similar to that in Thailand albeit they didn’t have the problem of DUI.
  3. As soon as they say they are going to enforce traffic laws there is always outcrys iof it will stop the kids getting to school, the poor people going too work etc. Its farcical for one day the Police too stop and fine people for not wearing crash hats then completely ignore it the following day.
  4. The Police normally have road blocks set up on Market Days in Pattaya stopping and fining people for not wearing helmets. The following days it’s back to normal, unless the Police are prepared to stop every one and anyone not wearing a seatbelt, sitting in the back of a pick up and not wearing helmets nought is going to change. it always goes back to the poor people, kids can’t get too school etc so in general the laws are ignored. If a political party stood and had a manifesto which said they would enforce all the traffic laws they would never be elected.
  5. Suggestions for Xmas lunch on the dark side?

    In the UK they use the excuse and it’s valid they have too pay double time for the staff but even some times that doesn’t justify the inflated prices, 3/4 times more than you would pay for a Sunday Lunch. Thailand Staff will not get double time, veg same price so that only leaves the price of Turkey to inflate the prices ?
  6. Tm-30 fine

    My Thai G.F. had to complete a Landing Card this year prior to entering the UK, all Non EU citizens have too.
  7. Tm-30 fine

    Why complete an Arrival Card, do they actually input the info, they have no way of checking you are actually staying at that address.pThe I.O. doesn’t when passing through Immigration, is there a big office where people sit all day and inputting the Info of thousands of Arrival Cards ? For me complete one when you arrive at your Hotel, if you are staying in rented accommodation the owner to provided the Form, all to be forwarded to Immigration ?
  8. Tm-30 fine

    The only reporting my G.F did was at Border Contol at Heathrow, she was staying at my house. The address was not on her Visa and they never asked where she was staying. It might have been entered on a central Data Base from the information she provided on her application but they don’t physically check she was staying there.
  9. Tm-30 fine

    I am on a ‘Retirement Visa’ living in a rented house, my owner lives abroad. i never stay longer than 90 Days at a time so no reporting required. My owner is unaware that I leave Thailand every couple of months. For me the TM28 is for change of address, I did one when I moved in last year. Therefore should the owner be filing a TM30 every time I return albeit as I said she isn’t aware when I leave and return ?
  10. Tm-30 fine

    I have colleagues who come here for 6 week trips every few month, they obtain their Visa in the UK. One owns a Condo, he never needs to go Jomtien as he is never staying longer than 90 Days and doesn’t do a TM30 so how could he be fined ? So in effect if you never have go to Jomtien you won’t be fined. If you plead ignorance they say it’s the law but surely some form of literature should be handed out on arrival at the airport or by the Carrier ? How many people research the laws of a popular Tourist destination before deciding too travel there. I bet that if potential tourists did for Thailand they would be looking elsewhere due the archaic laws. My Thai G.F. was in the UK for 3 months this year on a Visitor Visa, we arrived at Heathrow, very friendly I.O. fella, few questions then that was it. We left 3 months later, no visits too any Immigration Offices, 90 Day Report etc, just an email a few weeks before the expiry date of her Visa reminding her it was due too expire. i have the impression that foreigners are a ‘cash cow’ for Immigration.
  11. Tm-30 fine

    When I had the ‘run in’ with Immigration earlier on in the year they wanted to fine me 3500 baht eventually letting me off. They told me the owner would be fined 1600 Baht when she went to Immigration, She went the following day and I was unaware what appertained, she does not own multiple properties, she only has my place. She was probably unaware of TM28/30 scenario till I contacted her.
  12. Tm-30 fine

    To me as I have said before the owner of my house should submit a TM 30, if they do that why do I have to submit a TM28 as Immigration already have the info from the owner ? If every resident with a long term visa went to Jomtien to complete a TM28 the queue would stretch to Beach Road.
  13. Tm-30 fine

    When I was there earlier on in the year the people dealing with me all woman were not wearing I.O uniforms, no idea who they were. There was an armed Policeman outside the office which was upstairs at the time albeit he was asleep initially then woke up walked into the office shouting not at me but to some staff.
  14. Tm-30 fine

    Can one of the Expat Organisations not approach Immigration at Jomtien and clarify the position on TM28/30 reporting and also enquire why it is only Jomtien enforcing this.
  15. Tm-30 fine

    Nothing in there too say when you leave Thailand return too the same address about completing a TM28/30 which currently Jomtien are doing. One of my colleagues who has stayed in the same Condo with his GF and child for years was asked to sign a form by the owner the other day on his return to Thailand ?