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  1. jamie2009

    Septic Tank Emptying Pattaya

    Thanks for the info, will call on Monday.
  2. jamie2009

    Septic Tank Emptying Pattaya

    Anyone have a phone number for a company to empty my Septic Tank in Pattaya
  3. The Utilities Company’s are foreign owned in that self same country, one of the owners of an of an Energy supplier is the French Government who along the Chinese are building a Nuclear Power Station and will be charging three times the current rate per unit. The Railways are no different, the majority of the Franchises are owned by foreign governments.
  4. jamie2009

    Dengue claims first victim in Bangkok this year

    A very informative and interesting post, I have a colleague who had it and he developed the rash, worst thing he has ever had. Fortunately not that I am a Doctor yours was mild, think there are 4 different strains. How can you avoid without spraying yourself with Deet all the time, I have tried all the Natural Remedies and others but they were a waste of time
  5. jamie2009

    Dengue claims first victim in Bangkok this year

    As far as I am aware there is no Vaccination for Dengue Fever, several have been tried but not proven to be successful.
  6. The UK might be different from the States, in an earlier post I said she applied, she had no job, no income, house, land etc. I explained and showed evidence that I would be paying for the trip and providing financial income in the UK, she was accepted, maybe I got lucky. We will be applying next year, circumstances won’t have changed so hopefully she can get another 6 month Tourist Visa. The biggest issue is to tell the truth on an application, one lie and it’s rejected and I believe she can never apply again.
  7. After considering a few Visa Companies and seeking sdvice from Thai Visa members we applied for 6 month Visitor Visa to the UK for my Thai GF She had no money in the bank, no job, no land no house etc, I wrote a Sponsors Letter stating I would support her in the UK, I said the main reasons she would return to Thailand was we had been in a relationship for 3 years plus, living together and if she did not return to Thailand I would with draw all the financial support. The Visa was granted, posters rightly so stated on here you provide all the info for Agents so why not do it yourself. Plenty of translation companies available for the documents etc.it just takes time.
  8. Making me out a liar then, no way did I provoke the dog, I was walking at a leisurely pace minding my own business and as I said come from behind me. I have seen it in the past being aggressive with people passing by and they weren’t provoking it either.
  9. Maybe people’s opinions would change if they got bitten by one. I have been walking into Soi Bukhao using the same route for over 18 months. I see the same Soi dogs every time, never bother me. Thursday one of them bit me on the leg, broke the skin, never seen it coming as it came from behind me, I was more focused on a truck which was passing close too me. City Hospital, Pattaya, 1 Tetanus and the first of 4 Post Rabies Vaccinators, the last one will have to be in the UK as I will not be here. Couldnt fault the service after booking in straight too the Emergency Room, sorted in 20 minutes. For me round all the Soi dogs up, take them too a local compound at the same publicising if the dog is not claimed in 2 weeks it will be put down. I love dogs not their fault what goes on but what benefits do Soi dogs bring too the community.
  10. jamie2009

    Pattaya cleans out illegal dump

    As mentioned in a previous topic they should have a trip down Arunotai 4 behind the 7/11, shocking and rat infested
  11. jamie2009

    What on earth happened to Nana Plaza?

    Bars here in Pattaya have tried it, empties straight away, same as the Karaoke Bars as soon as they start singing Thai songs Farangs drink up and leave. Walk along Soi Bukhao, Bars playing western music have customers, Bars playing Thai music empty.
  12. jamie2009

    What on earth happened to Nana Plaza?

    Thai Bar Owners dont seem to realise by playing Thai music, rock or Issan very loud they won’t attract Farang customers. Another point is in general it’s an older tourist who come too Thailand and whilst they like music they like background western music so you can have a conversation.
  13. Send him up too Soi Arunotai 4 behind the 7/11, it’s worse plus it’s rat infested, loads scurrying about on an evening. i can’t understand why the owner of the 7/11 doesn’t report it as surely the shop could become infested with rats if it isn’t already.
  14. jamie2009

    The UV(?) light bug zapper with fan

    The fan is too keep the electronics cool, I disconnected one because of the noise of the fan and it started to overheat. The noise of the fan is enough too scare the mossies away, it killed other insects but not mossies. i bought 2, waste of space, stick with plug ins, both of mine back in the boxes in the cupboard.
  15. When the neighbours dog bit my sone we took him there, course of 4 vaccinations required as a precautionary measure against Rabies. We went back for the second one a few days later, no vaccine, we were recommended to go too Nakula. The second one had be done a certain time after the first one, unfortunately we had to go to Bangkok to sort his Mothers UK Visa out, missed that. As a result he had too start the course again. On the other hand he was admitted to the City Hospital last week, Chest Infection, couldn’t fault the service from the day he was admitted to the day he was discharged after spending 2 nights there.