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  1. Opening a bank account on a Tourist Visa in 2018

    I believe before opening a Thai Bank Account you have to have a Residents Letter from Immigration now. A colleague lost his Bangkok Bank Card, his replacement was no longer a Visa Card but some othe company which the majority of shops including BIg C, Tesco and Lazada don’t accept.
  2. The UV(?) light bug zapper with fan

    The fan is too keep the electronics cool, I disconnected one because of the noise of the fan and it started to overheat. The noise of the fan is enough too scare the mossies away, it killed other insects but not mossies. i bought 2, waste of space, stick with plug ins, both of mine back in the boxes in the cupboard.
  3. When the neighbours dog bit my sone we took him there, course of 4 vaccinations required as a precautionary measure against Rabies. We went back for the second one a few days later, no vaccine, we were recommended to go too Nakula. The second one had be done a certain time after the first one, unfortunately we had to go to Bangkok to sort his Mothers UK Visa out, missed that. As a result he had too start the course again. On the other hand he was admitted to the City Hospital last week, Chest Infection, couldn’t fault the service from the day he was admitted to the day he was discharged after spending 2 nights there.
  4. Bottled water makers welcome cap seal ban

    Ok thanks for clarifying my post.
  5. Bottled water makers welcome cap seal ban

    What’s to stop an unscrupulous person refilling the bottle with tap water and reselling it ?
  6. So no throwing water from trucks on Beach Road, Second Road, Soi Bukhao, 3rd Road, Pattaya Klang, Pattaya Thai, Sukhumvit etc in Pattaya then, who is going to enforce that, all main roads ?
  7. For me the biggest culprits are the Farangs in Pattaya from my experience, they wouldn’t go throwing ice cold some times dirty water over complete strangers in there home country or in the faces of scooter riders. Likewise they wouldn’t ride a scooter and drink and drive there either but because the locals do it here they think they can get away with it then moan and groan about getting pulled by the Police and fined.
  8. They bring new laws out by the bucket load but never enforce them. I can never see the logic of people apart from businesses buying a pick up and cramming the family etc in the back of them in the hot climate here, is it because they are cheap to buy ?
  9. I received my State Pension last year, I had 47 years Contributions. If you have more than the minimum of 35 years required to receive the Full State Pension you receive more. If you ‘opted out’ for any length of time that reduces it. A colleague of mine never ‘opted out’ similar Number of Contributions to me receives £50 a week more than me, from memory I ‘opted out’ for 10 years.
  10. Slightly off topic, if you are Non Resident you are not entitled to the annual increases on your UK State Pension. i have been researching and can’t find the criteria for Non Residency, I have my own property in the UK, in receipt of the State Pension plus a Private Pension. I am classed as resident for income tax but not for free NHS treatment but can’t find what the residency status is to receive the annual increases on my State Pension. To receive the Winter Fuel Allowance you only have to be in the UK for a certain date, about a week in September..
  11. Signs to be erected at ignored Pattaya bus stops

    I thought they were going to stop Baht buses running on Soi Bukhao ? One of if not the busiest 2 Lane Soi in Pattaya,, no side walks, when one stops the traffic all backs up, there are no bus stops and some times pedestrians have to walk in the middle of the road to get passed them when they stop. The Council need to decide to wether too enforce it or make it access only for delivery, Baht buses and scooter taxis and people who work on the Soi. it used as a rat run mostly by scooters to avoid either 3rd Road or Second Road.
  12. My G.F. as I said had no assets in Thailand or money in the Bank, I wrote in my Sponsors Letter that I supported her in Thailand and would be in the UK. No one was more surprised than me after hearing all the scaremongering about a Visa being refused. This is an extract from my Sponsors Letter which I edited on numerous occasions. The reasons that can be given for guaranteeing someone will not overstay in the U.K.is that they own property/land and be in employment in their home country, x has neither. The main reason X will return to Thailand is she has no funds as can be seen on the Application Form. I fund X and our son for everything and under no circumstances would I fund her to stay illegally in the U.K.she has no family or friends in the U.K. either who could fund her.
  13. Immigration lawyer for what ? I applied and got a Visitors Visa for my Thai G.F. last year. Completed the Application Form, Sponsors Letter, proof of relationship, where we would be staying in the UK and proof that I could support her whilst she was in the U.K. She doesn’t work, own property, car, land but in the Sponsors letter I put other reasons why she would return to Thailand. Appointment VFS at Trendy, you are not allowed in to the Waiting Area with her, they checked her papers at the Counter, fingerprinted. Passport returned in 2 weeks, Visa included. One tip don’t tell lies or the Visa will be refused and possibly any subsequent applications.
  14. They want take a look at Soi Arunotai 4, Pattaya next to the the 7/11, vendors cooking and selling food, a couple of metres away 3/4 garbage bins surrounded by stuff people have dumped, mattresses etc. The area is rat infested, I have witnessed a few when walking past, no one cleans the area yet they appear to be more concerned about a few cigarette butts on the Beach. This is a predominately Thai area so as usual nought is done about it. On another point I thought selling alcohol and food was illegal on Pattaya Beach, I was at the Beach and both were openly being sold ?
  15. Kindergarten in Central Pattaya

    I have searched the forums but can’t find the upto date info I am looking for. Our son who will be 3 in May was refused entry into Arunotai School because he can’t talk. He is too old for pre school there. He fully understands instructors in Thai and English but just won’t speak. Whilst I am not a Doctor he is not autistic, the fact is we don’t live around other kids so he has only ever had me and his Mother. Does anyone know of a Kindergarten in Central Pattaya, we don’t have transport to enable him to mix with other kids and hopefully start to talk, we are only currently interested in him speaking Thai and not in a position financially to send him to an expensive private school.