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  1. I got the impression Thais don't have much facial hair, I saw my GF relation 'plucking' hairs from her husbands neck/face.
  2. I picked it up from my daughter when she was a 5 years old, went to the Doctor, nothing you can do clears up on its own he said. A bit uncomfortable for a few days, mouth ulcers, itchy feet and hands but cleared up.
  3. Travel Insurance companies in the Uk insist you have been Resident in your home country for 6 months so if you return for only 1 month they won't renew a policy or cover you if you have an Annual Policy.
  4. i will be travelling to the UK with my GF and our 2 year old son in couple of weeks staying for 12 weeks. i am a UK Resident so I don't need Travel Insurance to cover Medical costs but I will be taking a Policy out for my GF, will I need Travel Insurance for our son, he has a UK Passport?
  5. I don't have a garden !
  6. If I die in Thailand I have no intention of being shipped home, I have no property/car here etc. just enough in the Bank for every day living. What is the cost of a basic cremation and how would I arrange for it too be paid ? Could I write into my UK Will my wishes stating my daughter would transfer the money to my GF too pay for it from my estate ?.
  7. Only 3 numbers too remember so as soon as you leave they write down, not difficult
  8. Very easy for who ever had the card even only to do the transaction to note the CVC.
  9. If you your card is a Visa Card issued by your Bank you are covered. Visa takes the hit not the Bank.
  10. Apple Store in Central Festival and Tukcom, I bought my IPad Pro 12.9 in Central Festival, I believe they have a Service Centre.
  11. Can anyone recommend a Dentist in Pattaya to replace a broken crown ?
  12. Jomtien were going to fine me 4500 baht for not doing a TM28 for not reporting within 24 hours after moving from a rented Condo to a rented house, after much debate, 2/3 hours they let me off.
  13. Your Visa is valid for 6 months from the date you said you were planning on travelling, you don't book travel arrangements till you receive the Visa, they could say no and you lose the fares.
  14. We went down this road the other week, no check of passports when you leave the UK and I can't see the Thai Authorities telling the Brits how many arrived, they probably don't have a system to distinguish nationalities.
  15. The figure could be the number who applied for a Visa in the UK. How do they actually know how many come as the majority fly via another country as there are no direct flights apart from Heathrow.