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  1. Thanks, fingers crossed.
  2. I start on Friday with MRI and CT Scans, they put dots on my pelvis to guide the machine. Radiograghy starts on the 26th, 5 treatments over 2 weeks.
  3. I had a gf a few years ago whilst living/working in Malta who had breast cancer, removal was recommended, she said no, it would be like losing one of my sisters, she went through various treatments, chemo being one not sure about Radiotherapy When I met her she was fine and swore that she was also helped by taking herbal remedies bought from a shop run by an Australian. After about 9 months she started having problems again and was diagnosed with Liver Cancer. She sent me straight too the shop for herbal tablets. She was given Chemo but past away after 6 weeks, not pleasant too see a very attractive woman go this way, she was a happy go lucky lovely lady. I take Pomi-T an antioxidant, it is supposed to reduce your PSA Level, mine was over 7 3 years ago, never been above 3 since, so it might have done. The upshot, I will be starting Radiotherapy in a few weeks on the PACE Trial run by the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, my treatment will be done locally. The trial involves Radiotherapy which normally requires HRT before Radiotherapy begins.This Trial which has been running for 3 years involves higher doses of radiation over shorter periods, without HRT over one week and the other over 4 weeks. Your selected by randomisation. I have been randomised for the 1 week one although speaking too one of the team yesterday they are going to do it every other day due to the high doses of radiation I will be receiving, so gingers crossed. Herbal stuff might work but for me you need too be taking it all your life from a very young age which might build up your immune system.
  4. Yingluck ‘has left Dubai for London’

    How did she manage to board a flight too the U.K. with out a Visa ?
  5. UK visit visa - warnings

    I had heard all the stories about passing through Heathrow Immigration, we arrived, went too Immigration, only question do you have the travel intenery, yes showed him it, he read it, ok enjoy your stay, only took a couple minutes too get through.
  6. Thanks, good read, the reason for considering Radiotherapy was as I said in an earlier post there could still be cancer cells in the vicinity of the prostate after removal. Whilst Radiotherapy does affect the surrounding organs it will hopefully eradicate any cancer cells outwith my prostate.
  7. TBH Brachytherapy wasn't siscusssed, Radioligist said it wasn't suitable for me, me being cynical I was 'diverted' towards the trial.
  8. I had a long discussion with the surgical fella, he was in his sixties so had plenty of years experience, he said nothing positive about having the prostate removed. I thought problem solved if you remove it nope he said there can be tumours not visible to the human eye or a scan still there. The Pace trial is sterotactic/cyber knifing, 2 different types, 1 over a period of a week the other over 4 weeks, you are selected by randomisation. I was going for surgery now Radiotherapy but every day I wake up thinking am I doing the right thing. i am fit and healthy, PSA level was just over 7 at diagnosis but has since dropped below 3. Only one of the 10 Biopsy samples was 7 but they said it could have been there before but it wasn't picked in a previous sample. I would like a treatment which is not going to dehabilitate me but unfortunately no can or is prepared to tell me which way to go, my choice, There are loads of Clinics on the net telling you all the success stories but obviously don't mention the ones which are not so successful.
  9. No TV Signal

    I thought I had sorted the problem but TV come on then went off. I called the company who installed the Dish, they sent a Technician out, he changed the receiver on the zdish, he said it had been struck by lightening. He then said I needed a new box, I produced the guarantee, he then called the office and he followed instructions over the phone to reset the system. I went out left him as it was reloading. On my return my G.F. said he had too change the box, no charge. Total cost 400 baht Labour, 300 baht for Satellite Receiver, all good now, thanks for all the info.
  10. Fixed the TV only Prostate problem to sort, cheeky b******
  11. No TV Signal

    Only 1 hdmi port on TV, ok now, pressed a few buttons here and there.
  12. That was my option but the Radiotherapist said my Cancer wasn't deemed aggressive enough for Brachytherapy.
  13. No TV Signal

    Done all that thanks, unfortunately I don't have any details of the installer.
  14. I have been recommended to have treatment for my Prostate Cancer after 3 years of being on Active Surveillance in the UK, I am 65. My last Biopsy indicated one of the samples was Gleason 7, (3+4) I have had 2 Consultations, one for removal and one for Radiotherapy. Currently I have opted for Radiotherapy, a Clinical trial called PACE at my local hospital overseen by the Royal Marsden in London. I asked the Surgical Consultant if he would recommend removal or radiotherapy, his reply was he didn't want recommend anything as I could come back to him (also he said he had no knowledge of Radiotherapy) and make a complaint if things went 'wrong' I asked the Specilist Nurse, she said they won't recommend as both treatments have similar success rates. Has anyone had Prostate treatment and what one ? TBH I don't think anyone can recommend a specific treatment as people have different reactions to them but just experiences of some one who has had any form of treatment.