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  1. When I moved into my house last year there were some DTAC Bills, I passed them on to the owner. They still kept arriving so I took them to the shop explained whoever it is doesn't live there now, they still keep coming. There I believe are a couple of Lawyers letters I think, in Thai but look Official not sure there connected.
  2. We applied for UK Visitor Visa for my G.F a few weeks ago and were successful. i did everything myself, no agent, I must of wrote rewrote the Sponsors Letter, numerous times, I compiled a folder with probably more info than needed. Thanks for all the info and advice everyone, saved me thousands of baht.
  3. B***** predictive text !
  4. I got the bus on Thursday Ekamai to Pattaya, three and a half hours, the Bus Stewardess said we stop for for 20 minutes at the Filling Station, it was less than 20 minutes from Pattaya, but invariably we had too wait to round up the stranglers so it was longer than 20 minutes. i have done this journey recently, 2 hours non stop but in general two and a half hours. This was the first time I have seen a Stewardess on the bus, she was telling everyone too put their seat belts on, 5000 baht fine she said if you get caught.
  5. Thanks, my Girlfriend spoke to the neighbours and they would be willing to pay the Bills at 7/11.
  6. I rent a house in Pattaya and pay bills directly too PWA and PEA via 7/11, I am going away for a couple of months. I believe it is too late to set a Direct Debit up. Can I 'load'my Accounts up with money to put me in Credit before leaving ?
  7. The carts were there long before the cars, generations of families have been cooking on the streets, it's the traffic that needs sorting, motorists using side streets as 'rat runs'
  8. The Western Countires created the situation by encouraging the removal of Gadaffi and Hussain and encouraging Tunisia to do the same so should the same countries be responsible for taking the refugees ? The non intervention in Syria, too late now has made the situation even worse. More effort should have be made in the countries where the refugees come from to try Rehabilitate them there but unfortunately the refugees have heard all the stories of how good life is elsewhere. There isn't a solution, some will say send them back but the political correct will say let them all in, it's a 'no win' situation.
  9. I got a CAT Card the other week in Pattaya topped it up with a 100 baht as it was only for emergencies, 1.5 baht per minute for a U.K. Landline Call, lasts for a year.
  10. I am looking at a kinder garden school for my 2 year old son preferably within walking distance of 3rd Road/Soi Arunotai, I don't have transport. i would like him too go there a couple of days a week as there are no kids in the neighbourhood for him to play with.
  11. When I wanted the internet in my house True Move wanted a year upfront, only Thais can get pay monthly, contracts, possibly they have been 'stung' by Farangs doing a 'runner' ? Since moving in 5 months I get DTAC Bills for the previous renter, I have informed DTAC but they still keep coming.
  12. The problem in Thailand is if they introduced and implemented laws like helmets to be worn or your bike is confiscated, no riding in the back of pick ups, no kids under the age of 18 allowed to drive scooters, no multiple riders on scooters it's always the same reply, how can people get too work or kids get too school ? Its farcical too see the Police stopping Scooter Riders one day, fining them and next day ignoring them. Childs Safety seats are very expensive, the average Thai couldn't afford one. In the U.K. Seat Belts came into Law in1983, front seat belt wearing regulations for drivers and passengers (both adult and children) came into force. In 1989, wearing rear seat belts became compulsory for children under 14. Seat belts were fitted in cars around 1973/74 so it was a gradual thing, will it happen in Thailand, only if the Police strictly enforce it and if they follow the line of helmet wearing they won't.
  13. The title of the post was Amazing Jomtien Immigration, I didn't find it amazing,, it was standing room only so over and above the 25 waiting for a Re Entry Permit there were others waiting and they weren't amazed either or should I say amused. Who ever designed the building didn't do much research, it should have been twice the size.
  14. 25 people in front of me at 3.30pm, 1 IO dealing with the Re Entry Permits 5 minutes for each one, 2 hours and 5minutes in total. The place closes at 4,30 so they couldn'tt have fitted them all in before then not unless they were going to stay open longer.
  15. Thanks Joe but do I need a proof of Income letter every year, my income won't change.