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  1. The upper class in the UK now comprises Russian emigres and Middle Eastern emigres. Prince Edward was purchased by a Kazakhstan Oligarch. The British are now just servants of the wealthy refugees and escapees who own the British whisky and porridge supply and all the housing. The British parliament is a mockery of democracy fit only for the entertainment industry. British politicians will sell their souls to any bidder for five pounds.
  2. UK is heading for fourth world in a barbed wire canoe.
  3. Those posters who are accusing the Thai government of manipulating its currency to higher values than they expect are wrong. They evidently don't understand why currencies are manipulated. Currency manipulation usually works the other way when the currency is artificially held at lower values than justified by the balance of payments in order to boost exports and inhibit imports. In recent history, the only government to hold its currency above free market values was the British government. They were defeated by George Soros who made ~ 1.4 billion dollars from speculating on the GBP and the British government lost GBP 27 billion trying to support an over-valued GBP before they were forced to devalue as other speculators started to follow George Soros betting against the GBP. https://priceonomics.com/the-trade-of-the-century-when-george-soros-broke/
  4. The British are crying as their GBP once 70 Baht is now 43, ~40% down. Likewise A$ is about ~20% down. The downward trajectory of the British economy and the GBP will make eventual parity between the GBP and the THB a possibility. In the 1990s and before the 1997 Asia economic crisis it was about 40 THB per GBP and 19+ THB per AUD and 25 THB per USD. What is reality? Cheer up lads. Rice porridge is still cheap, even when paying in cheap GBP.
  5. Advocate

    I want to have my daughter's car crushed in korat.

    The psychiatrist at your local hospital can help. God save the President of England, Britain, Wales, Scotland, Shetland, Northern Ireland, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey, and the UK.