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  1. Oceanbat

    How much do you pay your nanny?

    18k + food. Live in Sunday’s off OB Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  2. Oceanbat

    Shirtless Farangs

    Sounds like a lot of old men on this forum with a curmudgeonly disposition. You all really should find some sort of hobby in retirement that isn’t trying to elevate your own social station in life by denigrating others. OB Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  3. I do wonder why this information isn't on the screen in front of the officer when they scan the passport.... OB Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. I think as long as you are living in another country and considered a tax resident of that country there is no issue. The only tax due would be the tax on an interest earned on your accounts here. Taxpayers are classified into “resident” and “non-resident”. “Resident” means any person residing in Thailand for a period or periods aggregating more than 180 days in any tax (calendar) year. A resident of Thailand is liable to pay tax on income from sources in Thailand as well as on the portion of income from foreign sources that is brought into Thailand. A non-resident is, however, subject to tax only on income from sources in Thailand Based on the above definition if you are spending <180 days in Thailand you are a non-resident and only should be taxed on income earned in Thailand. OB
  5. Oceanbat

    Reporting motorcyclists on pavement

    I'd love to report the motorcyclists on the footpath if i had any confidence they would actually follow through and do something about it. They are bloody dangerous and ride like they are on an open road. Alas, i doubt they will, so will continue my death stares as they throttle by me and my children at pace. OB
  6. I had the same thing while i was going back and forth from Thailand to Singapore for a while. I get the impression though, now the Thai authorities are not interested in anything that might make living and working in Thailand any easier for foreigners. The model is already there, it's just whether the motivation is to replicate it. OB
  7. I think there would only be resistance to any sort of modernization or digitization of the immigration functions given the considerable lower manpower required to administer. Not to mention the reduced opportunity to make a little extra. In my view immigration is nothing but a rather large jobs program. OB
  8. The vast bulk of expats are Japanese i thought. OB
  9. Oceanbat

    Bangkok street food ban

    Not to mention the incredible amount of environmental damage they do. I see colleagues walking in EVERY morning with at least 3 plastic bags carrying their breakfast and assorted fruit and coffee. The vendors themselves position themselves next to or across from drain and just pour their crap straight down it. Something had to be done about it and most Thai people i speak with agree on this. Thai's behaviour will have to change if they don't want to live in a polluted rubbish dump and leave one for their children. It appears it's mostly foreigners who don't actually live and work in Bangkok that are the most upset. OB
  10. My passport was water damaged once when i was caught in a rainstorm to the point you could not make out the photo. Interestingly i went through Thai immigration going back to australia then entered and exited australia the back to Thailand without issue. If the passport is machine readable your photo will appear on the IO screen anyway, The immigration guys in Australia and Thailand just told me to get a new one ASAP. OB
  11. Shouldn't immigration know you are back when you pass through immigration? OB
  12. I'm a bit cynical and think if they wanted to streamline immigration they would have done it by now. For mine it's just one big employment scheme paying people to push piles of paper around which they don't even require. EG if my visa information is supposedly updated into the computer system why does the immigration officer need to scan my passport for the visa date, and why the need to stamp it at all? OB
  13. Seems like some loose ends were just tied off. OB Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  14. This is an anecdote so I'm sure other people may have different experiences. Had a friend who had no issues getting a permit and 2 hand guns in hua hin. He had to prove to the police he had something to protect. I.e. Wealthy with property etc. then he was only able to purchase the handguns he applied for the permit for. He was actually a resident of hk with a house in hua hin. OB Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app