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  1. This was nicely done and very informatve. ANy chance you can do one of the south end at Ban Chang? Please keep up the good work.
  2. Your post got me going and just did my FBAR online. They have made it pretty simple. Hardest part is double checking your own numbers and info. About 1 hour for me
  3. Be skeptical if you have a guy "check" the gas in a unit. Would not be unusual for him to drain out some of the gas without you knowing then charging some excessive price per kilo for the gas. Do a cleaning first about 500B per machine and an hour time in most cases. See how they run then. Then consider a gassing. Most decent services will do this
  4. Here is a supplier of chemicals. https://www.chemipan.com/i/en/a1/ I have bought from them and I had no issues with the one purchase. I looked at the site and they have various grades of alcohol available. Check it out. https://www.chemipan.com/home/index.php/635-สินค้า/646-สารเคมีทั่วไป/648-สารเคมีทั่วไป/1159/1159-เอทิล-แอลกอฮอล์-ethyl-alcohol-99p-เคมีภัณฑ์-สารเคมี.html Work the site and it will reveal some interesting finds.
  5. Lenny my man, now you have me in a state of confusion. I have been out of the area for a couple of months and I know from some of the drugs I have taken lately to get better has muddled my thinking so tell me, what is the Pizzamai place over on soi 42? Payoon Beach road? Its almost opposite the entry to that housing estate. Not Pizzamai? Did they move to the bypass road? IS there a second one? Please I implore you to set me straight. Thanks
  6. Have you checked in Foodland for their tortillas? Usually have 2 or 3 kinds available.
  7. Try this guy I hear good things but may be hard to find hime if you don't know the area Hickory Butcher http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/topic/66048-hickory-butcher-moved-but-still-the-best/
  8. Is this the road from Phoenix Golf to 331?
  9. This answer for me implies on the same soi as the new place. Is the Pizzamai on soi 42? Not up the road really. Up the road turn right on the bypass road and then right again at soi 42.
  10. I have been doing retirement 1 year extensions since 2005. At Pattaya then at Rayong. I have used the notarized income affidavit from the US Embassy every time. Thai Immigration has never asked me to prove the stated income on the affidavit in all these years. But they certainly have a right to ask for proof and I had better be prepared to show that proof or risk a problem.
  11. As of my last income letter last August the US Embassy folks do not require any proof of income by you to get the letter notarized. If you make a false claim you can be prosecuted by the US.
  12. The 1 year temporary is now a 2 year temporary allowing more time for the learner to get proficient (HAHA) Also I believe this year they will start requiring a certificate from a officially licensed driving school to get the license.
  13. my phone freaked out
  14. Londoner serve my need. I will have to try the McDonald's muffin at home
  15. This is the required label in Thailand I guess but it defines the distributor. If you can read Thai it may reveal who really makes them