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  1. I resorted to having a friend hand carry a small tub of Plumbers Putty in from the USA. I gave up looking here as all the Thai's pointed to the silicone seal method and I even tried making some from modeler's clay and oil but not so good.
  2. I agree. My international speed has been very erratic for at least the last week. Also experience many connection time out errors mostly related to DNS. My local speed test in Thailand is always in the high 90's download and in the mid 30's upload but trying selected servers out of Thailand and the speeds are are over the place
  3. Same you need a new renewed passport no more page adding takes about 2 weeks
  4. Thanks guys I knew it was an easy answer.
  5. Ok all, I am sure there is a perfect answer on this. A favorite topic of discussion at the local eating and water hole always comes around to doing the 90 day address report in person and the time window you can make a report. I say the window is up to 15 days before the due date and up to 7 days after the due date. And of course there are always differing opinions of 7 and 7 and other numbers. Can an expert here quote the exact rule here and point to a Immigration rule that spells this out and when any changes occurred to that rule? I need to have the exact answer when I get in to this discussion again
  6. Drove very slow past this area and cannot see the place. Is it near the Sakura sushi place? Or Nina's?
  7. I have several of these installed around my house area. SOme are 3 years old now and a few I just installed. My electrician had trouble with the first ones but now "has experience". I order direct from Safe T Cut. They are not a perfect swap out for an original duplex outlet so some degree of fitting is needed to change out but if a new install no problem. http://www.safe-t-cut.com/en/products/rcd-plug-gfci-other.html
  8. same here I will just get enough points to keep the system active on a monthly basis and see how long they keep operating if they get this server issue cleared up the system works pretty good
  9. Shut me down right in the middle of watching a movie,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh well back to my torrents I guess
  10. This is the current message posted on the screens of the HDPrime web pages: Latest News (03 June 2017) The situation with our network in Europe is proving to be more complicated than we anticipated, it may take us until 15/06 to have all sorted out properly. We will extend user TV packages to make up for lost time when this is back to normal. Additionally, we are sorry to announce our facebook page has been shut down, please contact us by email for any assistance. As we are all hands on deck to work out the Europe streaming issues, e-mail responses may be delayed by several hours. Lastly, our credit card payment facility is currently unavailable, we expect this to be back online in a week. Please use TrueMoney from any 7-11 shop, or contact us for alternative payment options.
  11. Can you please enlighten me what the other 2 providers are? Links or something. Thanks as I am not thrilled with HDPrime
  12. I switched from IlikeHD to the new, improved HDPrime and the first week or so it worked quite well. All the live TV channels seemed to work much better than the Ilike site. A few days ago the live TV channels stopped working or buffer constantly. An email to them and reply says their supplier in the UK is having issues and it may be 3 to 5 days to sort it out. Has been 3 days already and the TV channels are really horrible now. The movies and series part is still up and working ok
  13. I guess I will suggest if the OP is new at this game to get the needed tools and then find a tiled wall somewhere that he can make a few practice holes first or buy a couple cheap tiles and drill those first and actually see what it takes to break the glaze and penetrate the tile.
  14. Rumor has it that Camel Bar and Pub has a new owner? Anyone confirm that?
  15. I stumbled on this Youtube which is a better viewing of the current work on the Ban Chang Entry/Exit construction work. I wish I could understand Thai.