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  1. Windshield Replacement Cost

    I decided to use the local shop here in Ban Chang for the new windshield. No fuss , no worries. Cheers for the input Happy New Year
  2. Windshield Replacement Cost

    Thanks. I stopped by this shop yesterday based on a local friend's suggestion. He quoted me a price of just over 4,000 baht for a OEM windshield. I was happy that this is so low. I will also check with the larger company down Suk towards Rayong called Thai Car Glass for their price. So thanks for that. BTB, If I have road damage to the car I would expect the insurance to cover what the policy covers and what I pay for minus any deductibles. I have paid them for 12 years now so why should I not check with them to see what is covered? I will not use the insurance if the cost is so small though as I do not wish to increase the premiums for a frivolous claim. No, I do not expect to use the insurance for "normal wear and tear".
  3. Windshield Replacement Cost

    I own a 2005 Isuzu D Max pickup. I bought new way back in 2005. Truck has been a good vehicle and now it's time for a new windshield. It has several small spots where I have taken stone hits that caused small pits but no cracks or starred spots. So the question is how do I approach getting a new windshield using my insurance? I have been with Viriyah all these years and never submitted any type of claim. Will they pay for a new windshield? If not does anyone know how much places charge for this as I have never had a windshield done here only in the USA years ago? I have not stopped anywhere to ask as of yet. I see a local chain called Thai Car Glass? Maybe today I will drive there and ask but if anyone on TVF can give some feedback it will be helpful. Thanks
  4. PC version of Line app

    I would uninstall the Line app on the PC and re-install again. You will not lose anything as it is just a slave to the phone app.
  5. Hey Pib can you recommend any specific seller on Ebay for the product key purchases? There are so many on there hard to choose.
  6. isuzu webpage

    I use Google Chrome and the site opens in English for me. http://isuzu-tis.com/
  7. Electric Gate Opener

    Many Gate Openers offer a battery backup system for those power outage issues.
  8. Weller Solder Station in BKK?

    Hakko Products Thailand https://srt.co.th/hakko_product.php?mainid=1&subidlv1=1
  9. Buying Ibuprofen in Thailand

    I use Soproxen. Very good price as my Nsaid of choice. But since my surgery and difficulty swallowing any pills I need a liquid substitute
  10. TRICARE for LIFE

    Please see this from the JUSMAGTHAI website: http://www.jusmagthai.com/medical.html I have had direct billing to Tricare for inpatient procedures pre-arranged prior to the procedures. It is done on a case by case basis only at about 6 hospitals in Thailand that will deal with Tricare and the nurses at Jusmag. All Out patient care is out of pocket and file a claim with Tricare for reimbursement.
  11. Expat Health Insurance

    Serpent, if you are retired military and have Tricare / Medicare in the USA then your Tricare will cover you here in Thailand. Get in touch with the RAO at the JUSMAGTHAI compound in Bangkok for more info. Also depending where in Thailand you are there are several VFW posts that have folks that can steer you where you need to go for using Tricare. I have had two operations here in Thailand in the last 2 years and both covered by Tricare. There of course are some hoops to jump through but not bad. Start here: http://www.jusmagthai.com/rao.html http://www.jusmagthai.com/medical.html
  12. UPS Batteries

    Be careful that the dimensions of the higher amp batteries may be too big for the UPS case.
  13. HDprime closed down again?

    Yes, I just updated Chrome to V 62. and logged in to PrimeHD and got the error about Flash. Followed the instructions on HD and now HD is working again with Chrome V62.
  14. Limited US Consular Outreach visits

    It would seem that two Outreach visits to Pattaya would cover anyone for the income letter. One time in June does not cover the 6 month expiration date. The ACS folks need to re-think this decision as a lot of folks travel further than just Pattaya.
  15. New roof advice

    See this SCG link for an example of the plastic eave fillers. SCG has many different ones. These are marketed by SCG but I bought some from my local building supply for about 200 baht per box of 10. You need to know the curvature of your roof tile in order to get the correct ones as they have many different ones. http://www.scgbuildingmaterials.com/th/products/SCG-Eaves-Filler-Unit-for-Excella-Classic-Roof-Til/8852439002719