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  1. Your opinion is doesn't matter, children with a Thai parent, who btw already held Thai passports, do not need to do what you suggest.
  2. Acenase, If you don't already know, up until very recently it wasn't so difficult to live here permanently even if you weren't over 50, married or working. One year visas were easily obtained at consulates abroad, ED visas were less restrictive, double entry tourist visas were available at many nearby consulates and you could even get a triple entry in Bali. If you lived near the border with a neigbouring country you could could go in and out indefinitely every 15, 30 or 90 days depending on your nationality. I know many guys who aren't retired, married or working that have been here for years, who up until recently didn't have visa issues, but gradually things have changed. You need to understand that if someone has been here for 10 or 15 years not easy to pick up and leave when the immigration policy becomes more restrictive. That said Cambodia and Vietnam are awash with former expats who used to live in Thailand.
  3. I also have a Non O multiple and recently lightly marked boxes in my passport because I have many previous pages that are only 1/2 or 3/4 full. Did a border run a few weeks ago on the day my visa expired to activate another 90 day entry and politely asked the border IO if he could please stamp within the box. He was not happy with this request, quite rude in fact and to make a long story short things escalated from there. Happily Myanmar immigration didn't have an issue with stamping in the boxes I had marked out and in fact stamped me in and out in one of the pages at the front of the passport that wasn't full.
  4. I've mentioned it before as well, no proof of financials needed at Ho Chi Minh for a Non O (marriage) multi. Visa cost is $200 U.S.
  5. Reading comprehension issues? British passport holders receive 15 days visa exempt entry to Vietnam.
  6. You definitely have the correct laid-back demeanor for living in SEA. Like another poster mentioned, Vientiane isn't the worst place to spend an extra night. Good excuse to visit the neighbouring countries whilst obtaining a Thai visa is the way I approach it and usually spend a few extra days there.
  7. Ubonjoe recommended to fly to Udon Thani. I realize this is your first trip to Vientiane, but you are probably paying close to 8000 baht just for the return flight from BKK to VTE and if the plane is slightly delayed you won't make it in time to the consulate and according to your post have booked the return segment the next day.
  8. The one who is confused is you! Doesn't matter what time you apply, next day pickup in Savannakhet.
  9. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I don't understand why you keep pushing the idea of taking the bus to Mukdahan from Bangkok? Flights are not expensive, can choose no hassle fly and ride service, and last year my flights were cheaper than the cost of a premium bus ticket.
  10. If you are looking at crossing into Myanmar at Mae Sai there are manned police check stops along the route. Chance of you encountering a problem is low, but they do stop buses and ask for travel documents. The best way is driving yourself by car or motorbike, I have never been asked to show my passport when riding my bike or driving my car.
  11. Can get a Non O based on marriage with no funds in Ho Chi Minh. The price is $200 U.S and unless they have changed policy, they only accept payment in U.S dollars.
  12. Maybe, but if you don't want or can't jump through the hoops for a yearly extension, CR is ideally situated for 90 day exits. I know a few guys like me in CR who opt for this visa and you can go almost 17 months before you need to go back for another one.
  13. I always cross over and back on the the actual day my visa expires. In your case, on October 24th, but obviously you will need to re-enter before the border closes, depending on which crossing you will use.
  14. CM immigration is where I extended (for 60 days) my last Non O multi entry from Savannakhet after it expired last year. Please tell us what happened when you went to extend for 60 days?
  15. On the date or even a day or two before your visa expires, do a border crossing that will give you another 90 days. Before the 90 day entry expires, visit immigration and extend for another 60 days to visit your wife at a cost of 1900 baht.