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  1. I am not aware of any Thai government programme to help the homeless and the very poor. If there is such a programme, the government keeps very quiet about it (presumably so that farangs won't get some silly notion that there are poor and homeless people in this paradise)
  2. She probably had an "accident" while waiting in line for the security check at the airport?
  3. I wonder if robber Lane had the same "job" for the last 40 years?
  4. And confusion, when it's really important, as to which pedal is for braking! I've driven in over 30 countries in the world and I've never seen so many excuses like "I meant to press the brake pedal...."
  5. Confused over Thai girlfriend

    But remember, Thai girls see farangs as a huge car showroom filled with exotic machinery as well! I've known some who'd take a different model for a test ride several times a day!
  6. Confused over Thai girlfriend

    Good job this wasn't a 20-minute song, lol
  7. Confused over Thai girlfriend

    "has anyone experienced this??" No, Livinglife1, I am sure no one has ever experienced this before. Keep us all updated, and think about a book, or maybe even a movie? Good luck mate
  8. Hidden Assets Investigation

    Free sex presumably. I can't imagine either of you is enjoying your situation...
  9. Foreigner database to be ready in six months

    They had one look at Windows 7 and went straight back to Vista.
  10. They wanted him to enjoy one last bit of comfort in his business class seat. From here on only Porridge!
  11. Please do not call the unfortunate victim "diseased". It may be you or your mind that suffers from some sad disease.