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  1. Wouldn't give him the same "high" as the real thing. Start with castration, followed by a lengthy booking at the Bangkok Hilton...
  2. Let them try this in Russia and they'll soon enjoy a very long holiday on a Siberian beach. They are vermin, and there are ways to get rid of vermin!
  3. How about a tazer gun followed by a small procedure with a Stanley knife?
  4. How come they didn't have such problems translating the documents for the jet-setting monk? American English and UK English are 99.999% similar!
  5. Maybe Thailand should build hotels without balconies? Just a thought....
  6. I salute you colinneil! I've been in a similar situation and in 35 years I claimed benefit exactly 2 weeks!
  7. This man should be banned from driving until driverless cars are legitimately available!
  8. Even North Korea? There they seem to be executed before your lawyer can utter the word Appeal. If they have defence lawyers that is, I'm not sure
  9. I'm really glad that not all TV readers jump to conclusions out of boredom, jealousy and got knows what else. Well said animatic!
  10. I pre-ordered my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in March 2016 and received it 0n 29 March. Prior to that I had a Galaxy S4. I have two Samsung laptops, a Samsung TV, Samsung A/C, even a damn Samsung fridge (inherited). I have never had a problem with any of them. I wish Samsung would make cars, motorbikes, coffee machines, trainers, deodorants, razors.... Get a picture? On one occasion that I visited Samsung repair centre in Pattaya (before they moved from Sukhumvit Road to North Pattaya Road), their service was excellent and super-fast. Oh, and I am not getting anything from Samsung for this posting!
  11. He thought if Hamilton can qualify in the rain, so can he. Maybe the idiot thought he was safer because he had more wheels? But, seriously, I doubt he learned a lesson...
  12. Not all the time.... just until they die