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  1. Plan to cede police powers to agencies

    I disagree. The police would then be able to concentrate on more important work, like catching bridge players, for example.
  2. I'm getting confused with all this undertaking and overtaking? My dictionary says that undertaking is "a formal pledge or promise", or "the management of funerals"?
  3. He found "true love", but maybe Ebola will find him???
  4. I need to print 100 pages!

    Maybe he doesn't have a GF?
  5. It looks like you're going to be worrying for a good 20 years more (going by your parents' age). Alternatively you stop worrying, accept reality, and enjoy those 20 plus years, and possibly a lot more!
  6. The fat <deleted> will say she needed money for another Big Mac. Scum of the earth!
  7. Plus Special Forces, SAS, Green Berets, SEALS, commandos... If Thailand doesn't have them yet, train them next week so that they'll be "productive" in February!
  8. I thought that it was something that keeps your beer chilled?
  9. Well done Gerald! There are too many farangs, both tourists and expats, who seem to enjoy putting down the country and it's people, yet continue to return year after year. The comments made by Stacey Liddle and her mother should be sufficient ground to prevent them from further visits.
  10. Hey mum, I'm famous now!
  11. Thai govt asks retailers to slash prices

    From tomorrow onward, maybe, perhaps, who cares...
  12. He's lucky he's got a million of baht to play the game of hearts, many people don't. So he should just shut up and stop whining like a little kid that he is (and I thought all pig farmers were men!)
  13. At least they don't get ladyboy stillettos embedded in their skulls...
  14. Easy! Open the door Sesame!
  15. Sorry! This item does not ship to Thailand

    Not a book than, don't need a cheese-grater. I could do some damage to myself.