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  1. You mean 71 "tourists" per minute, surely? Still feasible though 555
  2. I remember my Statistics lecturer saying at the first lecture, about 50 years ago: "Give me a set of figures and tell me what result you want, and I'll present them correctly, without cheating, to your desire"
  3. I bet his mom back in Switzerland is wondering what a ladyboy is?
  4. Where to watch F1 in Pattaya

    Don't choose a bar with a live band on!
  5. Check the axe for blood stains, considering his three friends went "missing"...
  6. Cigarettes, alcoholic drinks to cost more

    I too will start celebrating the good news this lunchtime!
  7. Source? What is the Excite Department? Do they get excited? Can we join in?
  8. I agree with the OP. In fact, I haven't had a bad experience at Jomtien IO for at least 3 or 4 years - what a pleasant change from, say, 10 years ago! And 90 Days online is working again! I'm in paradise!
  9. They look as stupid then as they do today!
  10. Perhaps they should do it in stages: tear down the neon signs, hanging wires and unsightly hoardings on one side of the street, then see where people congregate. If more are on the old, "bad side", forget stage 2! (And restore the "clean new side" to what it was!)
  11. The Khon Kaen "belles" should be freed immediately. They will do their wais and 50 hours of community service in a massage parlour.
  12. A warm welcome in Buri Ram

    I bet the quality tourists from Germany, Scandinavia and the UK are busy cancelling their stay in Pattaya and re-booking in Buriram!
  13. The fact is that if Thailand sent their own rescue teams (when they blamed the Americans for undue delays), the Yanks would have to rescue recover the rescuers!
  14. I'm sure dead old Isaac won't mind, but you know about these great, great, great... grandchildren who are too lazy to do something for themselves and just want to sponge off their famous ancestors' achievements...lol
  15. I've just checked about ten different definitions of "mafia" (Oxford, Collins, Merriam-Webster, dictionary.com etc) and not a single one puts it as "the one who influence politicians). Maybe your Google is from Fake News Dot Com?