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  1. The poor woman (motorcyclist) must have used up about 6 of her 9 lives! I hope she still has 3 left...
  2. As long as we can limit the Songkran death harvest to around 450 next year, we'll be doing just fine. An increase of about 30 deaths can be considered statistically insignificant.
  3. Thai masseur accused of raping tourist

    You mean they would never let a Thai man give them a full body massage. I know a lot of Thai women who gladly let a farang man give them a full body works.
  4. But is your wife going to wait for you for even for 5 years?
  5. Re-enactment please! How can we be sure that those titties belonged to this girl?
  6. More police deployed for Songkran

    Making sure that horses aren't high on ya-ba.
  7. Can you buy these invisible helmets in Thailand?
  8. I want to have my daughter's car crushed in korat.

    To the OP: And get a friend (if you have one) post a video of your funeral...
  9. If she were a farang, the police would say "suicide" (no attempt to brake)
  10. This is considered a serious motoring offence in practically all countries in the world. Thailand should impose a hefty fine (in the range of 20-25,000 baht) for a first offence, and a year's suspension for any subsequent violation. No exceptions!
  11. Five minutes of fame in the life of an idiot...
  12. The comment was about German cars, not the Benz. Many German cars are made in China. And, by the way, Thailand assembles only some Benz models, most of the top end models are still made in Germany
  13. I hear you, but..... a lot of German cars are made in China these days... so what is your point?
  14. Sadly, and worryingly, this is becoming an everyday reality. Sometimes it will end in big tragedy!