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  1. As long as you are attending an accredited (recognized) establishment you shouldn't have any problems.
  2. A better question is, What do you want to study? Choosing a degree just because it is recognized internationally does not necessarily lead to a good career.
  3. Your wife will need to get a 10 year B-2 tourist visa that allows for stays up to 6 months at a time.
  4. What was that lizard's name? Barry, Hillary or Triple D? LoL I purposely added the comment about it being "my" unsupported opinion so nobody would assume that I was stating that is was a fact.
  5. The problem is, most of the replies are not about the agreement. Triple D has made a habit of trying to undo anything that was done during the previous administration and it is more than obvious that he made a knee-jerk decision to pull out of the agreement without considering the consequences or without having a real plan. He needs to get out of that "this is my corporation to bankrupt" train of thought. Was the Iran Nuclear Agreement good? No, but it did slow down the "obvious" advance of the Iran nuclear program. Iran will most likely start to enrichen more uranium. I say "more" because I don't think they truly stopped (my unsupported opinion).
  6. Has Triple D's promise to recover the "lost" coal mine jobs in the Appalachians come into fruition? NO and those jobs are lost FOREVER. There are cleaner and much safer sources of energy. The coal industry is dead and the people who believed his soap box antics got snookered! And to make matters worse, blue color workers are still losing their jobs because companies are moving their production plants offshore in order to increase their profit margins. Thailand is gaining the factory that was closed in Kansas. Why didn't Triple D, the economic genius (but only when it comes to bankrupting businesses), save those 800 jobs? Triple D himself uses offshore plants/factories to increase his own profit margin. Has Triple D's kept his promise to work instead of wasting time on the golf course? BWAHAHAHA! Triple D has been using the OFFICE of the President of the USA as a source to increase his wallet by pushing official state dinners/meetings to venues that he owns. The lower of unemployment was started during the Barry administration so Triple D's administration had very little to do with this decrease. The lack of migrant work force is going to drive up the cost of fruits, vegetables, shellfish and other industries that relied in these seasonal workers. The LEGAL migrant workers are having issues getting their visas processed in a timely fashion and 'MURICANS would whine on the interwebs instead of working a seasonal job. When you do not have a job, something is better than NOTHING! Oh yeah, Mexico is still laughing about that wall.
  7. Boston absolutely destroyed the Cavs and King Whiner! I watched the game on nbastream.tv.
  8. Triple D (Draft Dodging Don) has empowered people to come out of the shadows and show their true colors by making absurd comments, like the aforementioned, or by committing atrocious acts without fearing repercussion. Eventually the WH backtrack and make a half-hearted insincere apology about this incident in hopes of calming the masses who are appalled by the idiocracy that continuously clouds the judgement of this administration. It seems as though this administration is trying to accelerate its eventual implosion.
  9. Actually, that was a rhetorical questions because I already know the answer!!
  10. MunkyBoogar

    windows 7

    Drivers are not an issue for Win7. I am running a DIY desktop with an Asus P9X79 Deluxe MB, 6-core Sandy Bridge-E CPU, dual GTX1070 Ti GPU that were upgraded from 660 Ti and 32Gb of RAM without any driver issues. I will most likely run Win7 until it is no longer supported. The 2-in-1 laptop that I use for travel runs Win10 and it took many hours of tweaking to get it to run the way that I like (Cortana disabled, disabled Edge browser, reporting back to Microsoft has been disabled, disabled all automatic controls, and pretty much checked everything in the settings menu). A lot of people rave about Bitlocker. Always save your important files on an external drive or in the cloud because you will lose the files when Bitlocker crashes. Oh yeah, I am very familiar with Win10. I have had to administer it in an enterprise environment with 7,000 computers so I have seen more than a few issues that have convinced me to NOT upgrade my desktop. The newest OS isn't always the best OS.
  11. MunkyBoogar


    Don't know if it is still open but you can try George & Dragon. Look them up on FB.
  12. Maybe you can identify it with this link.
  13. Pin is not needed if the card is swiped. Name on Japanese CC is written in Romaji (Roman letters). I have never seen a Thai shop check for the signature on the back of a credit card. More than likely the shop attendant was smart enough to realize that the thieves were not Japanese. On a side note. I can understand how a Japanese person would lose their card at the ATM. In Japan the ATM beeps and will not dispense the money until you recover your card.
  14. MunkyBoogar

    So much to eat at the Pattaya Seafood Festival

    After getting a serious case of bubbleguts a couple years ago I shy away from a lot of seafood in the Thailand. Oh yeah, Tokyo relies on Tsukiji market while the rest of Japan relies on the markets that are closest to them. The only time people from all over Japan go bonkers for Tsukiji is during the annual "first" tuna auction at the beginning of the year.
  15. The child having Thai passport/citizenship is what's causing the problem.