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  1. Siam Legal International

    I use Siam Legal a few times a year for real estate/land office related issues and they give good service to me for that. However, THB 38700 for some help with visa stuff? I doubt I'd pay for that but if you decide to use them I'm sure they would a good job.
  2. I like to whine about everything around me as much as the next man since I obviously know best, but does anyone seriously really care that much about these sun loungers being there or not? I don't go to the beach much but when I do I always rent a chair & umbrella and sit down and order something to drink. I've never felt there was anything wrong about it. On the contrary I wouldn't even bother going to the beach if I couldn't pay for some shade since I don't want to look like a raisin when I'm old(er).
  3. A friend of mine was hit by a van in Pattaya and spent several days in a coma. Rest assured his phone and wallet were nowhere to be found when he came around. But this isn't a Thailand specific problem. For example when James Gandolfini (of The Sopranos on HBO. Etc.) passed away in Italy a healthcare worker stole his Rolex.
  4. I blame Harold. He didn't keep his wov of "till death do us part".
  5. With the exception of minibuses, taxis, motorbikes, pickups, trucks and SUVs I'd say the majority of vehicles I encounter on Thai roads are driven at world class standards. Judging by the speeds people drive at they must all think they lead very important lives since they need to get where they are going before anyone else.
  6. I am the first to agree you should have ample funds saved or a good private health insurance when living abroad. BUT in this case he apparently did have Thai Social Security which covered healthcare. Most likely he had tried to get his leg problem treated with oral antibiotics from his local hospital but despite a long course of treatment it had gotten worse rather than better. I think it is very unfair to judge him based on this. On the opposite it seems he did have some cover, did try to get his problem sorted, and at the most might have waited too long for the antibiotics to work before seeking another opinion. That is a mistake or simply bad luck which can happen to any of us. Rich or poor. Rest in peace and my condolences to his family and friends.
  7. First of all, I don't care how many hookers Pattaya has, it can have one hooker or one million hookers, it's still not nor will it ever be a world class resort. I don't even think it is a decent resort. It might be acceptable to people who are unable to afford going somewhere decent, but that's about it. If you think Pattaya is world class then there is just no way you've ever been to a proper quality resort. Unless of course by world class you simply mean: a lot of pussy.
  8. A great friend of mine just saw this story and called me. He was also there at the bungalow and saw him having breakfast. He heard him munching on a full English breakfast, scrambled eggs, extra beans. My friend has never committed murder and then escaped into hiding so I asked him why he thought he'd be eating out in open in front of other foreigners. He said he didn't know but that it was him DEFO. He also said all white people look the same.
  9. Unless I see a crime scene recreation photo where they go all in I'm not going to believe it. "Look at the camera and push the chips all in just like you did when you stole the money."
  10. Looks like the guy I once saw when I was walking into the breakfast room at Fraser Suites on Sukhumvit 11. As I was walking in he was walking out with a plastic bag full of food from the buffet and said "thank you" to the entrance staff who had just arrived, which is probably the reason he had managed to get in at all. They stopped him and asked for his room number, he replied "oh I can't remember." After a short discussion they let him leave but asked him not to come back.
  11. Yea I'd have to agree with you. Other than the combination of the car model and the color screaming a bit of attention craving in itself I don't think it's a very flashy car. Even up in Ubon Ratchathani there are Porsche Panameras and Cayennes driving around. If you see one, especially in a neutral color ie white/black then I doubt you'd go "my god that's too flashy and dangerous to drive in Ubon."
  12. British man assassinated in gangland hit in Pattaya

    I get where you're coming from but from you don't get a hit put on you just for not having a gambling license. That would make no sense at all.
  13. British man assassinated in gangland hit in Pattaya

    For a large number of reasons it is likely he was involved in boiler room activity. Some of those reasons being that the police have confirmed that albeit unofficially; that he was apparently arrested last year for running an illegal call centre; that his IT company lists as its services exactly the kind of VoIP services etc. that boiler rooms use; that he has strong connections to Costa Del Crime; that his Facebook idolizes the Wolf of Wallstreet. The list goes on. I have worked with online gambling legally for 15 years and we don't use any of those services his IT company uses. Also in the online gambling industry people don't shoot each other.
  14. There's also a 20 year card for 1 million THB called "Elite Superiority Extension". The only difference I can see between that and the 20 year "Elite Ultimate Privilege" card for 2 million is that the former doesn't include free airport transfers + free annual health checkup. 1 million baht is quite a lot to pay to get "free" airport transfers added. I am on the 500k / 5 year "Elite Easy Access" card but if the 1 million / 20 year card had been available when I got mine (it wasn't) then I would've gotten that one instead.
  15. Please note that you can buy a condo in your own name (no need for a Thai company) or even buy half of it in your name and half in your wife's name. I own a condo 50/50 with my wife in Bangkok and it was extremely easy to sort out at the land office. There are no restrictions for foreigners to own condos in Thailand, as long as the total sqm in the building you buy in isn't more than 49% foreign owned. My condo is in a good building in early Sukhumvit with a lot of foreigners living in it. I thought it might be close to 49% foreign owned but I took a look at the numbers and only 13% were in fact non-Thai. So I doubt that's a problem which is likely to present itself. What is the reason you want to use a Thai company to own the condos?