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  1. Roughneck on a service rig, by far the nastiest job I ever had, later working on a real drilling rig seemed like a real improvement, Oh to have the back and energy of an 18 year old again
  2. kwonitoy

    Isp Options In Rural Areas

    http://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/617670-better-internet-at-last-bye-bye-ipstar/?hl=%2Bbye+%2Bbye+%2Bipstar#entry6103665 Try getting ahold of CAT for a wireless router like this, see above link I suffered with IPStar for 5 brutal years. Got this wireless modem with a dongle/antenna attachment installed for 10,000 baht and it cost me 700baht per month, I get 2-3MB download which seems liking lightning compared to the old piece of crap IPStar
  3. kwonitoy

    Hot Cold Water Mixer Tap And 8000W Instant Heater

    I've got three single handle mixers type fixtures in my condo, 2 6000watt for the sinks in the kitchen and bathroom and a 8000 watt for the shower. The sinks as rucus says can run cold to very hot with a real small adjustment, the shower doesn't get changed as much, just set it where it's comfortable and it stays there so it doesn't seem to be a problem. If I was to do it again I would use the two tap set up
  4. kwonitoy

    Kitchen Cabinet Maker

    Had a hole to fill that was oven sized Actually during the cool season in the winter I do a lot of cooking with the oven that I normally do outside in the BBQ.
  5. kwonitoy

    Kitchen Cabinet Maker

    I used DreamUp construction 7 years ago for my complete kitchen build. At the time they had an office at Gobal House in Udon Thani. I think they've moved over to HomePro now. Don't know if they're affiliated with either one or just pay for space. They came to the house, took measurments and did a computer generated picture of want I wanted. A crew came with tents and camped out in the yard for the week it took to install everything. More than happy with the job and still looks good 7 years on, total cost with oven and refrigerator was 150,000 baht.