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  1. lordblackader

    Decent quality garden/building tools

    There's a big place Google calls "Building Material Store หจก.ตันสุหัช" on Mae Jo Road outbound on the left hand side past Ruamchok and before the Outer Ring Road. https://goo.gl/maps/FjC3Vmzq3dv Sort of place Thai tradesmen go to and it has everything at a cheap price. HomePro is ok but these guys have a far better range of everything and better prices.
  2. lordblackader

    All Western all the time?

    So what are you trying to get at? You can have both in Chiang Mai - 10-15 minutes out of town in the right direction and you won't see a white face but you'll still easy access to western mod cons if that's what you mean by a "balance." I live ~20 kms out of the center of town, no farangs where I live but I'm still only a 10 minute drive away to western food, 2o minute drive from world class shopping.