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  1. Which part of you're signing up for a full time Thai language course and hence having to put in the hours do you not get? An ED visa isn't a free pass for you to stay in Thailand for as long as you want and travel. The government requires a minimum amount of study. There is a non-Thai course with ED visa in Chiang Mai that will allow you to do so, however, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention it here. Lets just say it doesn't involve learning a language and the requirements of turning up are minimal.
  2. Well I'll be - who could ever have guessed.
  3. So let me get this right- you "really" want to learn Thai but aren't prepared to do the hours or comply with the legal requirements of attending class. Good luck with that.
  4. lordblackader

    27 rats caught on Pattaya Beach

    Shh.... This is Thailand ?
  5. lordblackader

    Biggest Tops Market Location?

    Apples and oranges - Central Supermarket is way more upmarket. Great range of cheese though ?
  6. lordblackader

    Biggest Tops Market Location?

    Not a Tops - it's a Central Supermarket. Same owner, different lineup.
  7. lordblackader

    Watching Netflix on old TV

    That's odd because I have one that works. Sure, the output of Netflix (via Chromecast) isn't great due to the down play to the lower screen resolution on the old TV but it 100% works.
  8. lordblackader

    Watching Netflix on old TV

    The question is whether the old TV has a HDMI port or not. If yes a Chromecast is ideal. If not you can still use a Chromecast but you'll need a HDMI to composite cable connect box - they're about 150 baht.
  9. lordblackader

    Calls to restrict foreign property purchases in Bangkok

    How do you recreate the property crash of 1997... hmmm... let me think...
  10. lordblackader

    Interrogation at Don meung airport

    All you need is a Thai to vouch for you - I'd call it a guarantor but that's not quite correct.
  11. The war on illicit bird feeding - no longer Chiang Mai only.
  12. Chiang Mai is across the board cheaper - particularly beer when you go out. Those grumbling about expensive street food in Chiang Mai need to get out of the center of town which is tourist trap. I can get a meal from a street food vendor in CM for 20-25 baht, same as in markets. The same probably goes for Bangkok as well.
  13. Non-Imm B (BOI) - 90 days on entry extended out to 2 years upon obtaining a work permit.
  14. lordblackader

    Border run from CM.

    Mae Sai is closer than Mae Sot. Your other alternative is the Chiang Khong, Chiang Rai crossing into Laos. You can any of them in a day but it's a long day.
  15. lordblackader

    Immigration Moving Back To Airport

    The new building is at the SAME location that the old building was. It's on the left hand side just before you turn off to the airport.