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  1. lordblackader

    Problem With Grab Taxi

    Contact them via Twitter or email and explain the situation. Easy people to work with who are happy to help and I know from experience - I've dealt with them directly before.
  2. lordblackader

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    I've never understood the appeal of River Market - the only people who seem to recommend it are older expats who can't stomach normal Thai food. There's nothing wrong with the quality of the food - nice meat/ seafood etc but it's dumbed down Thai food for foreigners who can't handle spice. It lacks the spices and richness you usually get in Thai food and you pay 2-3x more than you'd pay elsewhere.
  3. lordblackader

    Driving Chiang Mai to Hua Hin

    Kan Air went out of business last year. There's some talk that AirAsia might start flying the route but nothing concrete yet. Can't talk about the drive past Bangkok but the road is fine to that point - if anything it's boring. There is a fair bit a road work though the further south you get. I always split it in two but you could do the Bangkok leg in about 8 hours and Hua Hin would be another 3-4 hours after that.
  4. I normally wouldn't recommend the site for anything else but I buy all my Blackmores vitamins via Lazada and save in bulk buys - sometimes 200-300 baht per bottle cheaper than your average pharmacy.
  5. lordblackader

    VIDEO: Foreigners attacked by ladyboys in Phuket

    Thai's of all types aren't exactly known for measured responses to provocation and the part missing from this video is what set it off to begin with. It's a 100% certainty that something did, probably drunk tourists verbally abusing the kathoeys as they walked past. Not saying the response is correct - but anyone who has been here for any period of time knows not to verbally abuse Thai people.
  6. lordblackader

    VIDEO: New Mercedes-Benz taxis hit Bangkok streets

    I wonder if they'll have working meters?
  7. lordblackader

    E-Cigarettes / Thai Customs Question

    Wow - can't use Grab to find Promenada and now you're trying to illegally import e-cigs from the states. You never cease to amaze. Here's a protip - don't break the law, don't get into trouble.
  8. lordblackader

    Military urges Motosai to register with app - any app

    "unpleasant manifistations up." Seriously, could it get even worse than it is now?
  9. lordblackader

    Best Men’s Barber in Chiang Mai?

    Did you find it on Grab or did you need help again with basic directions?
  10. lordblackader

    Freelance consulting

    Not the only company offering the service, but definitely the way to do it legally.
  11. Well, being able to spell Promenada properly would be a start A map is irrelevant - you type "Promenada" into the app, it gives you "Promenada," you tap "Promenada" and magic - you've told it where you are going. It's not rocket science and it's certainly not the app. And for the record - I've been back and forward from Promenada plenty of times using Grab with ZERO issues. Maybe I'm a secret rocket scientist?
  12. 1. you can contact them to add a specific condo - I know, I had them add mine. 2. if you can't get Grab to find Promenada the problem isn't the app
  13. lordblackader

    Some questions about Lampang

    There's no "NCA terminal" as such, there's the Lampang Bus Station which is literally a quick Google search away. As for far away, far away from what? What are you going to Lampang for? If you're going for the weekend walking street, it's a little far but you can hail a horse - and no, I'm not joking, Lampang is the last place in Thailand with horse and cart taxis. Central Plaza, however, is walking distance on the highway.
  14. lordblackader

    The MOST INSANE Street Food in Thailand!

    You know, ignoring the inane posts from Dan Cheeseman, one of the things I Iove about Thaivisa is that you don't post shitty vlogs from foreigners who think they've discovered something amazing in Thailand despite the fact for all of us living here it's normal. Please, please thaivisa, don't make it habit na krap :)