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  1. Why the constant need to attack Thailand when they're begging for money? Absolutely nothing wrong with the condition of Thai roads, they're actually very, very good, better than many western countries. The Somchai's driving on them are another matter but that's beside the point.
  2. PM urges Thais to wear period costumes for outings

    Phibun will be turning in his grave.
  3. Oh no - corrupt politicians better be on the watch out! 555+
  4. Such an amazing prediction -who would have guessed it would be hot in March! :)
  5. They're taking evidence at the scene - if they're trying to get semen samples they'll probably end up with thousands given it's Pattaya 555
  6. 65 people will die on Thai roads today, but OMG OMG OMG Chinese tourist sits on Buddha statue.
  7. I wonder if anyone watching the speech thought to point out the irony in him saying this?
  8. There are a number of BOI-approved companies now offering to employ farangs on their books in return for a Non-Im B + Work Permit, the usual pitch is that you work for them but you continue working for whatever it was you were doing before and either pay a percent of what you earn to them or set fees. Because of Thaivisa's rules I won't name them. What I wanted to know is that once having obtained the work permit, how strict are work permits in regards to doing multiple jobs. For example, a freelancer who is working mostly for overseas companies but picks up a side gig (not full time) in Thailand for example. Specifically, one online as opposed to physically working in a location different to the Work Permit sponsor. I do know that work permits are tied to a specific job but likewise a number of these offerings tend to offer broad definitions on their work permits. From what I've heard is that the biggest consideration by Immigration/ Dept of Labor etc in terms of working legally is that you have a work permit to start with and are declaring money earned/ paying tax. Thoughts welcome.
  9. False advertising - I followed the LINE link to read a story about a 100 year old Rooster and was sadly disappointed Congrats BTW :)
  10. Self order kiosks at McDonalds

    Which one? I've always wanted to try one.
  11. Thailand to declare IUU-free Thailand

    I'm sure the virtual slaves on the boats will be very happy to know this.
  12. Getting a Thai drivers license is one of the few things in Thailand that is actually highly efficient. Instead of wasting their time on this, maybe the British Embassy could lend a hand on improving immigration procedures instead.
  13. TM30 on file which your accommodation provider should have lodged with immigration within 24 hours of you checking in - with a note that longer term stay places often ask the farang to lodge the paperwork instead.
  14. Lost Dog (Siberian Husky)

  15. Can do better than that - fly directly into Chiang Mai via Singapore or KL. The reports always seem to come from Bangkok, I don't remember ever reading about anyone being hassled at CNX - I certainly never have been over the years, previously on a mix of tourist visa as well.