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  1. Ahh The back-pedalling begins.
  2. Chang_paarp

    PM Prayut vows to get rid of informal debts

    I think every PM for the last decade or two has made the same promise with the same success. Lets hope article 44 works like a magic wand.
  3. Does anyone else think Kun Prayut is looking like a "revered" or haunted tree? Hint, think the tree in Nakua near the Seafood market or the one that used to be at the end of Walking St.
  4. Careful what you wish for it might come true. This is like the Yes Minister warning from the bureaucracy not calling an enquiry unless you know the outcome, unfortunately many a politician has been burnt ignoring this advise.
  5. If he manages that he might actually be qualified to become an elected PM.
  6. The gardens are a snapshot of Pattaya in all its glory. Everything started with great fanfare, the project went over time and over budget. The long term result is a mess due to a total lack of maintenance and planning. A true snapshot of Pattaya and Thailand as a whole.
  7. Floods in some parts, and low dams in others. Still don't understand why Thailand persists with the idea that cloud seeding actually works. Most of the rest of the world discredited it as a valid method for promoting rain.
  8. In breaking news the SET has banned any jokes ( big or small ) from coming near the premises.
  9. I am guessing that this high profile request came from the an area where a lot of Cambodians currently are domiciled trying to earn an income.
  10. Echoes of the past. People who are now being erased from Thai history made similar promises. Someone better explain that they need to use competent traffic consultants, probably foreign, and listen to them. This will take us well past the next election date as currently proposed.
  11. Try 120 bottles at 30B. That was one of the things that upset the punters, they did not build a wall of empties.
  12. How about doing enough prior to the event to ensure the vessel was safe and the crew adequately trained in using the internationally accredited safety gear.
  13. While it is a good intention, have the circumstances for these people changed? how long before they are in debt again?
  14. Chang_paarp

    Casual Wear Banned For Government House Reporters

    Some very fragile egos on display here. It would be nice to see the reporters dress in a professional manner, it is not like they have to do physical work apart from developing sharp elbows in the press scrum (Hint: they are better disguised by long sleeve shirts).