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  1. Wait for it... Wait for it....... Wait for it ............
  2. Who would have thought that reducing the available car parking space at a tourist trap would affect the number of people going there???
  3. What about embassies and consulates in other countries where they will only process a limited number of applications a day? Will they get the same orders from the boss? Maybe the signs at the from of those consulates need to be uploaded on Chinese social media.
  4. Chang_paarp

    Top 10 scams in Thailand

    Is this list any different to the ones published in the past? Or has a new and innovative scam bubbled to the surface.
  5. Don't let him in !! He might give some people ideas on how to win an election from opposition against a corrupt ingrained government !!
  6. How did he get in there when so few people were there? Usually that hall is rammed. As further proof the hall was empty, he got out alive!
  7. I suspect one of the younger generation has just graduated with a degree in surveying and is looking to start a new business, and has asked for a hand. He could resort to asking his brother and other relatives who held office in the area what became of the reports they commissioned that will probably have all this information (the geography does not change that quickly) and a heap of relatively educated suggestions to remedy the situation. Some of the suggestions will not prove popular with a number of the better connected in the area as they will involve complying with existing and new regulations. This might cost money they have worked hard to get.
  8. Whilst it is a great idea. This is not legislation to be introduced in the run up to an election. It is something you push through early in you elected term so the kerfuffle can quiet down before the next election. A simple lesson in democracy for those who struggle with the concept.
  9. Chang_paarp

    Flying defiantly off course

    Political interference? So the existing food and drink concessions get priority over the planning? Basically this is the crux of the problem, they have to get the project under way before they can make promises to the new(?) duty free concession, and putting the expansion in the North-East is a quicker, cheaper and easier option. (It will also appease those from Issan.)
  10. Chang_paarp

    Temple bell-ringing complaint leads to immigration probe

    That is a novel way of dealing with a noise complaint.
  11. Let me get this straight, I'm not always the brightest on these topics. The group who went around the country as "Sam Mitr" recruiting politicians from any previous party or group to their nebulous cause that was not a political party are now all joining a political party that supports the current incumbents. I am shocked !!! They appear to have avoided playing party politics when it was illegal and now are playing party politics. Do they have no morals??
  12. I am surprised the Korean found a Thai run bar that took credit cards.
  13. Grovelling to the embassy might be one thing but convincing the people who actually make the bookings and spend the money might take a little more effort and intelligence.
  14. Chang_paarp

    Wary NCPO steps in to ease land dispute

    Sending the military in in the lead up to the election is a well thought out strategy.
  15. Chang_paarp

    Thailand - only ‘remote’ chance of a tsunami

    Well that is an interesting way to collect scientific data. Have they looked at the soil profiles? The surrounding geography? The Andaman coast by its nature is prone to tsunamis in the event of a seismic event close by which is not unknown. Pontificating to calm government nerves is fine but the reality is if there is seismic event in the right place there is going to be a lot of water in places it is not usually found.