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  1. Running at night? So are they going to fix the footpaths or the roads to make the course safe to traverse?
  2. Oh my!! Look who has crawled out from under a rock in an effort to get close to the trough again.
  3. As the powers that be have cancelled all of Yinluck's Thai passports, what would the Dept Foreign Affairs officially know about her travels? They would not get any information based on use of her Thai passports and the country(/ies) that have issued her a passport would not share that information.
  4. Has anyone but Uncle Too actually seen this master plan? Is it a public document or a state secret?
  5. Bangkok haze only affects sensitive people: MOPH

    Wonder if the MOPH officials would change their tune if their offices were open to the air?
  6. Thailand to announce itself free of IUU fishing

    Thailand also announces to the world that it is a democracy. I suspect the world will have the same response to both pronouncements.
  7. So in spite of holding a number of events for diplomats foreign governments do not understand Thai position. Funny all the pronouncements after said events were along the line that the diplomats "understand". Maybe they understand, but not the message the Junta was pushing.
  8. That is providing they stay away from Thailand and the various agencies keep the current standard of alert and action for their potential extradition.
  9. The man espousing human rights yesterday is today asking other countries to ignore the lack of sais rights today.
  10. I see Uncle Too is brushing up on his comedy routine.
  11. Thung Yai black leopard ‘shot eight times’

    Maybe someone with more knowledge on firearms and hunting than me can enlighten me. The wild cat was shot 8 times. How much time is needed to reload what looked to a bolt action rifle to achieve this? Was this a waste of ammunition or poor shooting? What chances the animal was drugged so it could not escape? 8 wounds. Wouldn't that make the hide useless as a trophy? How about the carcass for eating?
  12. Money made on the SET is (or was) tax free believe it or not. It seems they treat it as a windfall like some countries treat wins on the lottery or from gambling, which is appropriate for the SET. It is a great way to launder money. This is why Thaksin did not pay any tax on the sale of AIS to the Singaporeans. We know how that has panned out. Now if our policeman had inside information that would be a very different proposition. (Maybe)
  13. Navy shoots their big guns

    Give them a break, after paying all the admirals and the parking for the aircraft carrier, that is all they can afford. I'm surprised they had the budget for ammunition, but hey, I suppose it is a once a year special event.
  14. Dongtan Beach smoking ban called success

    Phot op. ................ Check Picture in paper .....Check Signs up ................Check Time to find something new to crack down on. Did someone say dart boards?
  15. How do the "ignorant foreign" tourists, and informed Thai tourists get to these places if not with the assistance of Thai tourist operators? Maybe, just maybe the emphasis is on the wrong part of the equation.