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  1. The only people impressed by the amassed collection uniforms with suitable bling is others from the same department. They have not got with the the rest of the world (their customers) that this does not inspire confidence.
  2. This might mean the cops would have to issue fines on the spot like most of the rest of the world. Heaven forbid they actually have to be seen to be professional and trained to do their job in a manner that would meet international standards of the mid 20th century.
  3. I suppose the concept of remote automatic weather collection data has not occurred to these folk? It is existing technology in use across the world.
  4. Chang_paarp

    Minister explains comment on poll observers

    Elections and democracy night not be new to Thailand, however. the concepts seem to have been a largish blind spot in the current government's view of the world. Given the recent history of elections and politics in general in Thailand some supervision by experienced adults might be an idea.
  5. So, in the past the EC would invite outsiders to observe the elections, but, this time the outsiders have to apply. No political interference happening here.
  6. More reasons the decision to splinter the PT into a series of smaller parties makes sense.
  7. Chang_paarp

    Govt keen to develop provinces in upper northeast

    My pork barrelling alarm just went off !!
  8. I have to congratulate the gentleman. That is some impressive parking.
  9. Thailand is safe IF you stay in the airport. Even that might not be the case given the way the immigration police treat some visitors.
  10. I'm guessing that new maps and lessons how to use them will not fix this. I would further suggest that even if the government went the extra mile and got them GPS units and trained them how to use them this also would fall short of the result the fishing folk are hoping for.
  11. Booze involved? No mention in the article but consistent with the actions that led to the accident.
  12. Chang_paarp

    Jomtien or Nakula Beach?

    Would not swim in either as the water is full of rubbish. If you want to get wet go to a swimming pool, they are usually cleaner and there are less touts annoying you.
  13. Chang_paarp

    How to get to Don muang airport

    Bell bus go to Don Muang. They are at the Pattaya north bus terminal, you can book online or go to the terminal, they can pick you up from hotels. It all depends what time your flight is as to whether it is gong to work for you. Click here for more information including routes and fares. Woops just checked the site and found this; Don Muang Airport – Pattaya(Click for details) (Temporary Not in Service) Maybe they are expecting floods to affect the access. Edit for update
  14. Chang_paarp

    Pinball machines , arcade games

    A good Elvia machine can set you back over $7000Au in oz. (30THB/AUD). Then there is the challenge of shipping (see Raro), service is not that much of a challenge as there is at least one former pinball machine tech in Pattaya that I know, parts and rubbers may be a problem.
  15. Chang_paarp

    baht bus

    Thank you Peter a great resource, the main challenge is knowing which route the driver is going to take, unfortunately it is liable to change at any given intersection including a few not listed on the map.