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  1. The council could try to clean up the trash, that would reduce the issues with roaches and rats.
  2. Chang_paarp

    Teerachai steps down as privy councillor

    I wonder who will be the replacement? I am sure it will be announced in due time.
  3. The British Foreign Office published this data in one of its annual reports. A rehash is a topic in this week's news. Sent from my SM-A910F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  4. Chang_paarp

    Pattaya pub raided, alleged drug abusers arrested

    It is a simple model. Erode the customer base of the business and it will soon close. The problem goes away. Sent from my SM-A910F using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  5. This will be watched carefully by at least one of the neighbours, hoping it is more of a model than the recent election on the southern border.
  6. It is just a piece of legislation. It is something that can be changed, amended or deleted by any future government. It is not as if it is written into the constitution.
  7. Look they are awake and pointing!!!
  8. Chang_paarp

    Could be a long wait for fugitive ex-monk

    Looks like the German response to "Don't you know who I am?" was along the lines of "No. Who? Where is the paperwork?" Which caused a lot of angst amongst the travelling party. I still like the response to being informed that the process takes a minimum of 2 months was "Can you do it in 3 days?" Didn't they take any notice of the professional diplomats? Mind you I suspect they did not even ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or any of its staff what the process was.
  9. These folk have no idea how a proper legal system with the ability to appeal a judgement actually works. I like that the Thai mob asked for the process to be accelerated to 3 day after being informed that reality is closer to 2 months. Then they expect the German authorities to comply to their request complete with ministerial announcements. These actions will only be used as supporting material for the asylum application. This bloke will still be in Germany when the election happens.
  10. Anyone got some roach spray? There seems to be an infestation.
  11. Why do they make these public pronouncements? They should keep quiet and save themselves the embarrassment/ loss of face.
  12. Chang_paarp

    Naklua fails test as ecotourism destination

    Naklua applied for accreditation as an ecotourism destination? Do they even understand what that is? At a rating of 36% and an overall C, I think the judges were being very generous. I thought a C was a pass . How did they get that high grade?
  13. So the Cambodian government caved into the Thai thugs.
  14. The yellow plates designate they are legally allowed to carry passengers for profit. All taxis, (motorcycle and car) and buses are supposed to registered to carry passengers, this is designated by the issuing of yellow plates, what this announcement is doing is making Grab and similar organisations a legit service.
  15. Don't invite any US citizens, they might get the wrong idea and be very offended.