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  1. The order came from a-high, all military and police have to get this hair cut.
  2. Asean navies focus on marine environment

    Given that the visiting fleet is parked in Pattaya bay it is appropriate that they discuss marine pollution. I hope they have measures on the various vessels to ensure there is no fouling due to plastic waste in the water.
  3. Given that it is still the rainy season, maybe the powers that be should have invested some effort in ensuring the drains were clear rather than removing "undesirables" from Beach Rd. Talk about a loss of face on an international stage.
  4. Surely this belongs in the joke section not the news section.
  5. I think you mean; "Make the cops do their job." I will add; "without fear or favour." I'm not holding my breathe.
  6. New Cabinet line-up ‘sent for royal endorsement’

    Oh look yet another education minister. What number is that over the last few years? Average tenure must be about 6 months.
  7. So the officials Thaied. This is a cultural phenomenon.
  8. Consistency is not a factor of Thai reporting but in this case I think the electricity authority had a couple of goes to get the message across and it still did not add up. Are they (not) saying that the earth to the local transformer was not up to specification?
  9. Good luck with that. Hope you have deep pockets and a taste for prison food.
  10. From the above mentioned web site. The web site has little English and no other non-Thai languages I could see, so the Chinese and Russians might have a challenge. They might also want to update the list of certified companies.
  11. As said above, an interesting discussion. It misses the pint that if Yinluck applies for political asylum she can show a pattern of persecution of her and the members of her government. It is the pattern of persecution rather than the single event that will get her asylum, that, and the continued actions of the current government. The more they pursue their agenda the more they give food to the application.
  12. Yingluck not in UK as political refugee

    This statement would approach credible if the response from the UK FO was published, otherwise it is just noise.
  13. She was long gone at that stage.
  14. What could go wrong?
  15. Prayut warns some areas must be sacrificed to floods

    Er does he mean Bangkok? It would not do to have flooding in the capital.