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  1. Sadly a typical case of 'target fixation', you will go on a bike ,exactly to the point you focus on! Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  2. Again a very emotive subject! What one is looking for ,is a spike in PSA levels, or a 'doubling' as the urologists say. Critical if there is a spike , is to find the cause , which can be a big inflammation of the gland or it could be the start of cancer. Yes biopsy does have risks and is bloody unpleasant ,unless you have a G/A! But critical again to catch this early. A very successful treatment is Cyberknife, google ,and go to their forum. Very informative. Every case is different, as is the result, every Dr or Urologist will 'push a barrow'!!! Generally if caught early ,therefore requiring lower dose radiation, Cyberknife will be better at retaining normal body function. However if high PSA and more than a T1 tumor, with a high Gleason score there can be issues with radiation damage to the urethra, causing a stricture. Sorry this is a ramble, but one needs to be informed. My PSA 12, T1 tumor , Gleason 8, which means very aggressive cancer. After Cyberknife my PSA now 0.9, have has issues with urethral stricture. But all body functions 100%. Chairman of my local prostate cancer support group ,had the DaVinci robotic procedure, poor guy has not had an erection since! Plus with surgery you do end up with a reduced length penis. One can only do research and be guided by gut feelings. Diet is critical, together with detox. But catch this early in its infancy, and one has every chance of retaining quality of life. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  3. Whilst a PSA test in itself is not conclusive. The fact of the matter is; with prostate cancer , there are no symptoms ,until it is way too late. So a PSA tracking up ,indicates there could well be an issue! Yes biopsy is not pleasant, and has risks. But they can be minimized, another option is an MRI, but this won't give a 'Gleason' score. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  4. I would as a prostate cancer sufferer ,and having had a PSA of 12 ,with a Gleason score of 8, indicating aggressive cancer, say PSA screening is absolutely critical. But also critical , is to detox the body and boost the immune system. Just doing 'watchful waiting' without immune support is wasting valuable time. Critical to catch this early,whilst in the 'capsule'. For sure the only way to check the cancer , and rate it's aggressiveness , is a biopsy. Sadly very few treatments ,leave men without unsavory side effects. Those interested 'Google Cyberknife'. Again caught early, without the need for large doses of radiation, this can leave the body functioning 100%. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  5. Apologies, on the 108 opposite the huge geriatric hospital. Or Google Dr Morgan CNX ph 0827668672. 053804405 Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  6. Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  7. Inguinal hernia repair, 10 x 15 cm mesh repair, non laparoscopic. Overnight stay , Chiang Mai RAM , about 60,000. No complications, but pretty sore for about 3 weeks! Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  8. Having had two 795 Ducati Monsters, now an MT 07. Yamaha more reliable, no cam belts to worry about. MT 07 way more comfortable. Yes Ducati may have more posing factor. Both fun bikes, Ducati will cost in servicing !!!! Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  9. Chiang Mai Plastics adjacent Woraroot market. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  10. A big shop on the corner of 1006 ,and superhighway 11 can help you. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect Coming from the city, its on the left.
  11. Advice appreciated! Re travel insurance for a 70 year old visiting U.K. AXA and Bupa seem to have an age cut off at about 69! Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  12. Amazing Thailand!!! Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  13. Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect
  14. Thoroughly recommend using A380 aircraft. 777 noisy and cramped. Be aware some UK car rental companies require Thai international driving license. Booked 1 series BMW 16 days, July 345 pds, they allow 70 year old driver. Note much cheaper if you are ok with a manual car! Sheridan LHR good rates and that's where you pick up the car. Many do not hire to over 65's. Malaysian offer great fares ex BKK ,then do the airport night stop. No need to go through immigration etc. About a 9 am dep the next day. Can be a minefield at this age, good that you are getting great advice. Pm me for more info. Cheers Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect q
  15. 053804405. Or. 0827668672. Cheers Sent from my iPad using Thaivisa Connect