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  1. Had a pack of dogs turn on me one night on Koh Samui. Luckily I've owned several large dogs and worked with greyhounds so stood extra tall and with the loudest voice I could muster appeared aggressive leaving the dogs unsure and enough time to put a safe distance between me and the mutts
  2. hictching might be considered illegal because you could pay a Thai to take you. By hitchhiking you are taking a job away from a Thai
  3. and of course do not forgot there has been a guide written for hitchhiking the galaxy.
  4. as said in earlier post "freedom camping" in cheap vans is the latest budget travel option or at least in the countries where the vans can be hired cheaply. Young women would be foolish to hitch alone and probably also with a partner. A couple of relevant links from my home country https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/95346417/Swedish-murders-Clothing-found-near-murder-site-sparks-renewed-interest-in-case http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/9226190/Hitchhikers-murder-sparks-coroners-warning
  5. why would he lose his money? Has something changed with the banking?
  6. yep, here in New Zealand we have an issue with "freedom camping" which was just camping when I was young and not totally over controlled because of tourists not willing to pay to camp so they take a dump in a toilet etc. but rather they would park for the night and just leave their rubbish and human waste on the side of the road. I'm with you, over budget traveling though I'm still on a budget. If you have $40 in your pocket you are only ever going to do one overnight bus trip when you could have flown for $40, budget traveling wears pretty thin quickly at 60 on those things. Gotta have a hotel room bigger than 20sm these days also, couldn't do the backpacker way nomore. Thailand doesnt need growth in anymore budget tourism but I fear the trends of the world will filter that way as farang bring hitching, freedom camping or whatever they think is frugal elsewhere with them to Thailand. I'm surprised nobody is renting budget campervans yet. Could you imagine the chaos? You should see the accidents close to the international airport near where I live as unskilled drivers rent and wreck vans within minutes. Imagine really bad farang drivers in vans on a holiday weekend like songkran with all those intoxicated Thais on the road. It is already chaos. One thing I must say about hitching, if you can get rides its a great way to meet the locals. I hitched from Sydney to Darwin when young, it took 3 months and stayed with plenty of people I met along the way. I knew when I got to Darwin the only way I was ever leaving that place was in a plane. Good thing Java was close.
  7. I'm 60 years old and still sometimes hitch if it is the most convenient way. My Thai wife has no such cultural problems hitching with me in NZ. Would I hitch in LOS? No, I value my safety to much for that, my camera is probably worth more than 5 times the annual income of a Thai taxi driver. It may be the only thing of value I travel with but it is enough to create the possibility of a big problem. People have gone missing for far less. As for those hitching in Thailand, do it at your own peril, you are gambling with your life and probably too stupid or ignorant to realise. If anyone see's them at it again tell them Cambodia is a real easy country to hitch around. Bye-bye.