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  1. My favourite place close to where I stay when in BKK is on the corner of 7/1 Sukhumvit. Can't remember the name but rates better than banks and if I take the time to get ny money all in $100 notes I get a better rate than other denominations. I know, it doesn't make sense but that's the way it is
  2. mine is absolutely full of visa exempt and extension stamps. Never had an issue. I just line up at the Thai entry line with my Thai partner and always just pass straight through. I like to keep money in my passport for emergencies or Songkran social club donations. Haha only joking, no need to donate anything. Funny how most passengers on the planes I arrive on are dressed in shorts, t-shirts and jandels. No self respecting Thai flys without some effort to look tidy and maybe its seen as a little disrespectful in many Thais and maybe the immigration officials put up a little show of their displeasure harassing those who disrespect Thai values. After numerous checkins over the years I can honestly say the airport officials treat me always with respect. I've been to numerous immigration offices for extension and always found immigration polite and helpful and always issued a new extension for 1900baht.
  3. I imagine the US was happy to be rid of him. Now they may be permanently rid of him as a loose cannon won't last long the the bkk Hilton.
  4. Firstly I apologize in advance for asking a question that I know will have been asked numerous times before. I did search but couldn't find the relevant info. What paperwork do I need to bring to Thailand to marry my Thai partner? I am presuming my birth certificate and proof I am not married. Can this proof be the divorce papers from my ex-farang bitch or do I need to get papers from Internal Affairs to show I am single? Cheers Al
  5. A long time ago I asked where the best place to buy prescription glasses. I was given a great site but have since lost it. Does anyone know any great cheap sites? Cheers Alan
  6. Hi thanks. I have since been told it has to be done at the embassy in BKK as copies of the embassy's signatures are held at the amphoe. I can believe this is possibly true in BKK but I can't see Mae Fah Luang amphoe having a copy of the signatures of the New Zealand embassy.
  7. Can I get my Single Certificate in New Zealand or am I bettor getting it in Thailand at my embassy?
  8. Surreal

    The banks are supported by paper gold and if everyone that has bought paper gold went to cash in at the same time the banks would collapse because they don't have the money to back up the paper gold they have sold. Fiat currency is running on borrowed time. The other thing is the monetary system we are using is not designed for the digital age and will show more shortcomings in the near future
  9. Surreal

    Crpto to banks is what Amazon is to bookshops and Netflix is to video stores. Alt currency is here to stay and us of the older generation just have problems getting our head around it. Bitcoin https://bitcoin.org/en/ will not survive imho, it is first generation crypto. Etherium https://www.ethereum.org/ is a 2nd gen coin and the platform many of the other coins and tokens are built on. Etherium is likely to survive because so many are reliant on it as a platform. Now we have 3rd gen coins/tokens arriving such as Pillar https://pillarproject.io/ and Veritasium http://veritas.veritaseum.com/ I finally bit the bullet last November, did my research and moved some money out of gold into crypto. Couldn't be happier, already cashed out the amount of my initial investment which is back in gold and now just watching the profits grow
  10. with only 20 baht in his pocket they did him no favours taking him to hospital where he will now have a security guard at his side until he comes up with funds to pay his hospital bill. Should have walked around him as no doubt he would have woke with as the morning noise level rose and stumbled back to his dwelling. Had my drink spiked once in Pattaya and woke up in hospital minus my shoes but still with my money which was enough to pay my bill.
  11. Lifeguards close Phuket beaches

    I've swum lots at these beaches and been told not to by lifeguards I've ignored. They are doing a good job but some of us can actually swim in big waves and know what to do if caught in a rip. There are many who don't and need the protection of these lifeguards. Alan S.B.S.L.S.C.
  12. Beer garden soi 7

    it was a cool bar in the day but never looks inviting these days. Another bar called Garden Bar on Soi 1 I think it is but another sleazy hole. Country Road at the end of Soi Cowboy is great bar with happy hour all day until 9pm. After 9 creep around the corner to a bar same place opens on the street. What out for the hottie that works there, she is as crazy as they come,
  13. Legal firms with Bitcoin experience ?

    Not based in Thailand but I've used this company when in Thailand in the past https://localbitcoins.com/
  14. Should change her name to Goodluck. There are plenty of Thais that still love what this woman and her brother did for them. I don't know if she was good or bad but I know better than to believe what is written by the media. I hope she lives a good life inshalla
  15. there are desks exactly the same as the farang desks. They are where the Asean line is also. Once I had to move over to the next desk as the official didn't have the correct stamp
  16. nobody ever told me either but for last 5 or so trips I've been using the Thai line. I dont think we are meant to and always waiting to get told i have to go the the back of the long farang queue but so far no problems. I also always use a flight that gets me in at 1am when airport is far quieter as is the traffic getting into town. When we travel to New Zealand I also bring her through the New Zealand passport line and never have an issue. We have a similar form to the Thai one entering and leaving New Zealand as i think does Australia and I really don't have a problem spending 5 minutes filling it out. There are a lot more questions on the NZ form than the Thai one.
  17. don't see the problem, they hand the form out on the plane where I fill it in then I line up in the Thai only queue with my Thai partner and through in no time
  18. Beware of Bangkok Bank

    Krungsri has always served me well and I can transfer money to it from out of Thailand. If you do online banking i agree with an earlier poster that your system has been compromised by spyware
  19. I'm a dog lover and have been around all sorts of dogs in all sorts of situations and have little fear of them but do respect the danger of pack mentality. I've spent a lot of time in Thailand in tourist type areas and places not many farang ever come. All the dogs are fine though many are timid. Only once on Koh Samui I was out late with nobody in sight and a pack turned on me. I had little choice as I don't run so well these days but to make myself as big as I could and I screamed at them as I charged at them for a couple of meters. Thank <deleted> they stopped advancing and followed at a distance for 30 or so meters before they got bored and <deleted> off back to their patch. One and only time anything anywhere like this has ever happened
  20. I'm after an exhaust system to take home with me in June for my CB650F. Nearly took one in November when I was last here. I can't find listings for and of the shops in BKK I was going to check out last time. Has Big Bike gone? They had some pretty good copies for a fraction of the price of original systems. Which shops in BKK would I be best to check out. Cheers
  21. where are the best bike shops in BKK

    Cheers, I'll check it out
  22. I've a friend returning to Thailand with an unpaid traffic fine for not carrying his license from 12 months ago. Will he be hassled at the airport?
  23. it is what it is mate. My Thai wife and I were walking down a soi and she spotted us and come running out to say hello. If that's not running into her please help me out with the proper definition