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  1. get a sex working ladyboy if you want to find out what a real gold digger is like. She might even throw in a beating every now and then.
  2. Yeah and even after time the sex is a bonus but a lot less of importance, well maybe importance is rhe wrong word but if you stay true and committed to affection and respect and these stay strong over time the sex will be there when both or one are horny and if you love each other and are in it for the longterm you naturally are both happy to share wealth and belongings. It's called sharing a life together.
  3. yep you can bet there will be some stories along with the knockers here. OP must have been a lucky man elsewhere if he avoided gold diggers elsewhere in the world. I will let him in on a little secret. They are everywhere in the world cobber. Everywhere that has woman has gold diggers. The good news is everywhere in the world that has woman also have great babes who are genuine. The trick is finding the one that you can love and treat with respect and faithful love who will treat you in the same way. Not easy anywhere in the world finding that perfect girl and if the match isn't perfect you obviously know the alternatives. Don't be a sucker that thinks love like you want is an instant thing. Thai girls are very loving straight off and if you beleive after 5 minutes because she tells you she loves you forever which Thai girls are very good at signaling you are opening yourself up for crucifixtion and stop looking for true love in bars. There is a certain amount of truth in the saying "you can take the girl out of the bar but can't take the bar out of the girl." My Thai wife and I share everything and I mean everything and she never asks for anything without good reason and is quite happy to share all she has with me. She has as much as me and her family have only ever once asked for some money when we all shared mums emergency hospital bill. We are marred so we even share damilies as it should be.
  4. I answered you but forgot to add quote but aswell as my answer below a quick search found this from https://www.udonmap.com/udonthaniforum/prohibited-work-by-foreigners-in-thailand-t3372-30.html and I'm sure if you search you will find other similar stories Post by BKKSTAN » March 20, 2007, 11:43 am 2 individuals in Bangkok,1 swede and 1 Scot were arrested for painting their own house and the Scot for building his own wall,while I lived in Bangkok!The Scot was deported and the Swede warned and fined!The Scot ,I had met and had some small talk prior to his arrest,The Swede was a friend of a friend!
  5. I've a friend who owns a couple of hotels in Jomtien and it was a friend of his who got hauled over the coals for painting his house. It was awhile ago and under a different government but I guess somebody complained and the authorities paid him a visit. Can't remember if he was fined or just harrassed. As I said in my initial post i wouldn't worry about it and doubt it will be an issue unless somebody complains
  6. I've done both the ferry and road but seem to remember the road trip a little longer like closer to 5 hours but it was awhile ago and my memory isn't what it once was. The reason I traveled by road was the ferry to Phuket wasn't running, I thought it was because it was low season but it may have been weather related, again my memory fails me. I go to Ao Nang often but flying from BKK most times as cheap enough or occaisionally overnight train, sleeper 2nd class and bus from Surat Thani I think it is. She wants to do Railay aswell so personally I'd base myself at Ao Nang but I don't like Phuket that much so that's a personel thing.
  7. You are not even allowed to paint your own house. This is work a Thai could be employed to do. If nobody complains you should be sweet. I don't know if posting it on social media is the smartest move.
  8. I married my Thai partner who has NZ residency and has lived with me there for the last 4 years. We come to Thailand for about 3 months each year and I've always come on a visa exempt entry but only being able to get one thirty day extension always have had to fly out the country and return. Now we are married what is my best visa option? We haven't registered the marriage yet but have all the paperwork done when we visit her village in the north and will take it to the Mae Fai Luang amphoe and get it registered. Cheers.
  9. Do the ferries stop for the wet season? Maybe base some of your time in Phuket and some in Ao Nang which is closer to a lot of the islands
  10. total paranoia is total awareness. 5555. Boy after reading this thread I sure am going through the little valium I have left quickly
  11. they bite me and the itch lasts for the evening but that's all. Ny Thai partner lives in NZ with me and we have sandflies and man does she react to these and lasts about ten days,with swollen bites. Again for me the sandflies itch for the evening and then are gone. Eating marmite stops the sandflies' biting but never tried it for mossies.
  12. maybe, it melts the plastic on my sunglasses
  13. I'm going fom BKK to seim reap for two weeks. What us my Best option on a kiwi passport for my visa? I was thinking just getting one when I fly in if this is possible. I presume all I need is a passport photo. What currency will I need while there? At present I have baht and kiwi dollars. Also for my wife's adduction can anyone recommend a good hotel near pub street with slot machines? As I understand it there are no casinos in siem reap anymore which personally for me is a huge bonus.
  14. order online the Bushman brand spray, very similar to what the Australian military use and great stuff. Think I've just been through dengue, incredible fever for few days, scary bloodshot eyes but it might also just be this poison they put in the cocktails here in Siem Reap. 5555
  15. retoohs

    Spending Money

    I was writing a detailed reply but it crashed so here is my short answer. My Thai wife and I do 10 weeks a year here. We bring 4-500000baht. We party hard both with farang and family, visit the dentist and can often leave 100000 in the bank if we don't go too often to the local karaoke bars in the far north with her brother and his friends. Those nights always cost us a fortune.
  16. you have forgotton what it is like to be young. Bulletproof and risk takers pusgung eaxh other beyond the realms of safe bebaviour. Im not defending them, totally reckless behaviour but the youngs brains are wired differently and rather than being ctnical of friends rash behaviour they will challenge themselves to show their balls are bigger. Its not just people, its all fors of animals and a lot of it is hardwired into young heads full of testosterone. Only the old when theyve lost the high testosterone levels and buy their woman instesd of winning them with courage and feats of daring craziness do tgs kessibs ztart ri cganve life patterns. The young will always behave like the animals we are no matter how much we as humans try to seperate ourselves from animals
  17. my thai wife and i were at Nana BTS the other day. There were two indian looking dudes. One come and asked my wife to take his phito ob his phone. At the time i thought it was s shitty backfround for a photo. A few minutes later we noticed her gold bracelet was gone. I taljed to BTS security avout viewing securiry foitage. So nuch of a hassle with going to the cops and making repirts we let it go
  18. my thai wife and i were at Nana BTS the other day. There were two indian looking dudes. One come and asked my wife to take his phito ob his phone. At the time i thought it was s shitty backfround for a photo. A few minutes later we noticed her gold bracelet was gone. I taljed to BTS security avout viewing securiry foitage. So nuch of a hassle with going to the cops and making repirts we let it go
  19. just sometimes the lessons in life arent learnt in time and it is youthful ignorance rather than stupididity that brings the young undone. Im guessing from your comnent you werent the youthful type who learnt the way most youth learn by pushing the boundaries and learning from consequences what was too far. You must have had a boring youth or maybe a way over protected one where you didnt learn your own lezsins but just beleived everyrhing your elders told you was true without question. You wouldnt hapoen to ve religious woukd you?
  20. F1 racing is reasonably safe these days with all the safety gear. Moto GP is more comparable to this incident though they at least have everyone riding in the same direction, full leathers and airbags and armor in their leathers plus the learnt skills of how to slide. I ride a bike both here and in NZ and it has taken many years to learn how to ride defensively. Do I ride fast with my mates? Yes but defensively. Do we race on the roads? No not now we have matured. Biggest risk for us in New Zealand is we have tight twisty mountain roads like the north of Thailand and many tourists in rental cars with very poor driving skills who often come around blind bends on the wrong side of the road. Sometimes years of experience still isn't enough and great riders are left with no options. Young and inexperienced as these guys are or were they have little chance of reacting in a,way to avoid or minimize an accident with the unexpected. We have a government organization called ACC which is partly financed through vehicle registration. The fee on bikes is very high. My car is $110 or so a year to register, my bike $600. The difference is the ACC fee. ACC pay all accident medical costs ( not just vehicle, all accidents). They run free courses for bike riders to teach them the skills they need to help them stay alive. They have courses for learners, intermediate killed, advanced skilled and older returning riders. Something every government should look at. Even so when kids are racing at high speeds on public roads they are playing Russian roulette and many are always going to end up trashed. My sister-in-law was a dive instructor on Koh Phengan. She was riding home one day and stopped to make a right turn to let an oncoming vehicle pass. Indicator was on and she was stationary in the middle of the road. When clear she proceeded to turn right. A drunk 14yo at high speed from behind passed her on the outside as she turned. He was very drunk and from witness accounts barely in control. She was in a coma for several weeks before life support was removed. He spent a period in hospital but recovered. These are the kids that are out racing. Young, drunk and unskilled. They need keeping off the road and dealt severely with when they behave criminally on the roads. He wasn't even prosecuted, mafia son and accident was recorded as 50/50% fault. Change will never come with the courts and police not dealing harshly with these kids and without teaching them the skills they need. This young girl had a huge future in her life as one of the higher qualified divers,anywhere and there are so many similar sad stories. The young guy on the bike, who knows, he probably races around in a super car now still unskilled and protected by his family status. just wanted to add the young girl wasn't wearing a helmet, only a fool would ride without a quality helmet. Her dive company bought all staff quality helmets after this accident. They wore them for,a few months then stupidity set in and they went back to no helmets or the stupid plastic ones mist here wear.
  21. part of growing up. Sad but it happens all around the world
  22. retoohs

    money questions

    from previous questions I've been told USD are best for Cambodia. At the moment I have Thai baht and NZD. Should I buy US currency here in Thailand before I come of change some New Zealand currency once I get there? My partner and I are going for the first time and have no idea how much we will need. Will my Thai or NZ ATM card work in Cambodia? cheers
  23. retoohs

    money and visa for siem reap

    Am I best to change Kiwi dollars into USD in BKK or will I get the same rate in Seim Reap? Cheers