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  1. Myanmar 6.0M Quake Felt in Chiang Mai

    1:26AM and I'm wondering, is this how I die? Let me set the scene. I live on the sixth floor of a seven floor condo building. Directly above my room is my rooftop pool. I'd joked to friends when I moved in that if there was an earthquake I might actually die from drowning. Last night I'd gone to bed at twelve and just felt off. Tossed around but could never get comfortable. I said <deleted> it it and got up and took a pill at one. Figured I had some bad food gurgling in my gut. So I'm sitting on the toilet, my head is sleep deprived foggy and its that total silence that you only get in the city in the deep night hours. Suddenly I start to feel like I'm getting dizzy. Then I notice my bath towel is swaying side to side. But wait! The bottom of the towel is stationary and its the towel bar and the floor under my feet that is moving side to side. I didn't worry about drowning but for the five or so seconds this went on I'm thinking that dropping in a collapsing building sitting in my bathroom is probably going to hurt. A lot! And its going to feel really strange with no visual reference. The Thai Meteorological Department listed it as a ten kilometer deep 5.9 quake from central Burma. The Grandpa Bob Department of Psychoneurosis was on lock down until closing at 3:00AM. Here's a photo of a piece of sculpture outside the CMU Contemporary Art Gallery that kind of emotes how it felt.
  2. What I'd like to see is the BB set up traffic stops on Doi Suthep and start pulling over the smoke belching song-thews and buses. They're passing up on some big money here.
  3. Actually yes. There are Chinese expats in Trash Hero. And Thai. And Korean and German and British and Russian and Malay and more.
  4. It has always been a problem with group rides that the inexperienced rider will try to keep up with faster riders often resulting in crashes. RIP.
  5. That's exactly what has happened in Chiang Mai. Trash Hero is NOT going to get the place clean. Its about developing an awareness of the issue and planting the seeds for change. They are also involved in local school presentations to teach the next generation a different ethic. I urge everyone on here to get involved and help.
  6. "Officials at Ao Phang Nga National Park, a top destination in the southern part of Thailand have prepared several facilities for tourists. They have installed pontoons in the sea to mark where boats can and cannot moor. Park officials said they have also set aside areas where people can swim and tie up canoes. These measures are also designed ensure the safety of tourists. Officials on Friday placed 200 metres of pontoons for mooring longtail boats and canoes." Oh <deleted> hell! Did they really have to string all these dumb-ass barriers in one of the most pristine natural areas left in Ao Nang? Why don't they just pave the whole place now and get it over with quickly. They can't even keep the rubbish and stink off their streets. What a complete cock up that place is.
  7. Yamaha Aerox 155cc Launch

    You are all missing one important difference. The Aerox has 14" wheels. This makes a world of difference in stability, handling and grip. Yes I'm an old man but that is me in my avatar and I ain't dead yet. But I will grant that the Max is the better, softer riding long distance option.
  8. Funny... I've driven it during construction and found the new surface to have much more grip. I figured it would be safer. So there is loose gravel in spots. No different than looking out for dirt and oil spills on other roads. I am really amazed at how the clueless tourists on rental scooters don't all crash all over town.
  9. Gotta admit I like my egg McMuffin but the problem with McDs and all the other chains is the homogenization of the world's cultures. What was once a unique and pristine place is now no different than some downtown strip mall in any other country. When it stops being different and interesting it stops being desirable.
  10. Trip to Nan

    Watching the dragon boats practicing on the river in Nan is a treat. Bo Klua Resort is a nice place. The 1256 is a joyous roller coaster ride.
  11. From the article; " They are also able to breed and reproduce without a mate. " Kind of brings new meaning to the old saying, "go <deleted> yourself".
  12. PM warns US of poll interference

    Its a pretty sad day when you can't even raise a tweet from Trump. China will eventually take care of this moron.
  13. https://www.google.com/maps/@18.6919864,98.8089107,3a,75y,182.65h,90t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sn8h1zoHgrUNdU0QDrUO0Tg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz2RsIYqLlE
  15. I applaud the DMCR for taking some action on cleaning up the environment. But the logic is absurd. Are they going to ban eating on the beach because people leave their picnic trash? And 100,000 baht fines? Really? Who comes up with this shit? The problem is a culture of litterers. Until the powers that be can engineer some social programming to instill a respect for the environment - along with placing a whole lot more trash cans AND emptying them regularly - no amount of fines, even $3000+ US dollars is going to save this place. Things won't change until litterers are properly scorned socially as the scumbags they are. I smoke. I like smoking at the beach. I always pack out my butts, along with usually a half dozen of some other shit-for-brains ass-wipe's butts. Its a start DMCR. Now go after the agencies allowing sewage to flow to the beaches.