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  1. Still crowded?

    Left Ao Nang Friday of Songkran. Over half the tourists had gone by the prior Monday and it was quite nice. Pic is from Thursday April 12th at The Last Fisherman Cafe on Ao Nang Beach at about noon.
  2. Belarusian prostitute has her day in Thai court

    Interesting and compelling facts in this adventure. 1. Does she have damaging information? Well, why did Russia send Nikolai Patrushev to Thailand. Every indication is that it was he who "tipped" the Thai police that resulted in the arrests. This guy is scary! If Russia saw fit to send him, they must suspect she has something damaging. From Wikipedia; Nikolai Platonovich Patrushev (Russian: Никола́й Плато́нович Па́трушев) (born 11 July 1951) is a Russian politician and security and intelligence officer. He served as Director of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), which is the main successor organization to the Soviet KGB (excluding foreign intelligence), from 1999 to 2008, and he has been Secretary of the Security Council of Russia since 2008.[1][2]. 2. The FBI tried to interview Vashukevich but was blocked by Thai authorities and, according to news reports, was told only only attorneys are allowed in Thai jails. Curious. But apparently they've taken it seriously enough to send field agents. Now the good part... The back stories. 1. Russia can't "eliminate" Vashukevich before they know if and where any tapes or videos are hidden. 2. Trump and all his controlled minions - that would be ambassadors and cabinet members - undoubtedly do NOT want Vashukevich going public. My guess is they are as concerned if not more so than the Russians. The FBI and maybe parts of the CIA DO want any info they can get. So you've probably got a some serious inter agency chess going on in the USA. Manifort is probably sending secret pleas to Derpaska to off the girl now! 3. So what would you do if you were the Thai authorities (take your pick of departments)? A. Pit the Americans versus the Russians in a brown envelope bidding war? B. Use her for leverage for more favorable trade status? C. keep her and "own" both Russia and the USA for a good long while. You could think of Vashukevich as a kind of living breathing pee pee tapes. I find this entire adventure to be more entertaining than the best spy novels. We live in interesting times.
  3. Yup. And the divide will likely intensify.
  4. The Navalny video shows her with Derepaska who was intimately involved with Manifort. It is very plausible that the woman does indeed have the goods. Why else would Russia send the second in command of the GRU to Thailand to "discuss security issues". The fact that she is still sitting in jail in Bangkok makes me think the local "authorities" are waiting for the largest brown envelope to proceed. Pay attention people, this is no joke. But I can't help but adding, "look Boris, is moose and squirrel". 555
  5. America is toast. The executive branch is a shitshow, the legistlative branch is hamstrung and the judicial branch is now way right of center. Oh... And the electorate are uneducated, uninformed parochial red necks. Its a failed democracy replaced by a hungry uncaring corporatocracy. Have a nice day America.
  6. Don't know about other areas, but I just did my 90 day online in Chiang Mai on a Sunday and the receipt was ready on Monday. CM Imm. is getting it down!
  7. I do. While the scooter entering and taking a wide line was at fault, it is to be expected here. I used to race. Race bikes do not have mirrors. It is incumbent on you to not hit the rider in front of you. The deceased trusted the merging rider would keep a tight line. Assumptions will kill you here.
  8. Nastya originally changed names when telling about Deripaska in her book. It was Navalny who later sussed it out and put out the video that implicated her. I don't think she thought she would be ever found out. Welcome to the small connected world of social media. It was after Navalny's video that Nikolai Patrushev shows up in Thailand and the group gets busted. Not even close to being coincidental. Attention shoppers.... Clean up on Isle nine. The only thing that may keep Nastya alive now is the same social media that got her in this mess. Putin is skating on thin ice in the popularity polls, never mind the vote. We live in interesting times.
  9. For those who haven't seen the YouTube video explaining how she fits into the Trump-Russia narrative, here's the link: https://youtu.be/RQZr2NgKPiU This video is on Russia's "Federal List of Extremist Materials" and so is illegal to view in Russia. It was made by Alexei Navalny who, being Putin's main political rival, has been imprisoned repeatedly. English subtitles are available.
  10. Bangkok haze only affects sensitive people: MOPH

    So did the ex minister of tourism go to work at MOPH? What a load of crap.
  11. Myanmar 6.0M Quake Felt in Chiang Mai

    1:26AM and I'm wondering, is this how I die? Let me set the scene. I live on the sixth floor of a seven floor condo building. Directly above my room is my rooftop pool. I'd joked to friends when I moved in that if there was an earthquake I might actually die from drowning. Last night I'd gone to bed at twelve and just felt off. Tossed around but could never get comfortable. I said <deleted> it it and got up and took a pill at one. Figured I had some bad food gurgling in my gut. So I'm sitting on the toilet, my head is sleep deprived foggy and its that total silence that you only get in the city in the deep night hours. Suddenly I start to feel like I'm getting dizzy. Then I notice my bath towel is swaying side to side. But wait! The bottom of the towel is stationary and its the towel bar and the floor under my feet that is moving side to side. I didn't worry about drowning but for the five or so seconds this went on I'm thinking that dropping in a collapsing building sitting in my bathroom is probably going to hurt. A lot! And its going to feel really strange with no visual reference. The Thai Meteorological Department listed it as a ten kilometer deep 5.9 quake from central Burma. The Grandpa Bob Department of Psychoneurosis was on lock down until closing at 3:00AM. Here's a photo of a piece of sculpture outside the CMU Contemporary Art Gallery that kind of emotes how it felt.
  12. What I'd like to see is the BB set up traffic stops on Doi Suthep and start pulling over the smoke belching song-thews and buses. They're passing up on some big money here.
  13. Actually yes. There are Chinese expats in Trash Hero. And Thai. And Korean and German and British and Russian and Malay and more.
  14. It has always been a problem with group rides that the inexperienced rider will try to keep up with faster riders often resulting in crashes. RIP.
  15. That's exactly what has happened in Chiang Mai. Trash Hero is NOT going to get the place clean. Its about developing an awareness of the issue and planting the seeds for change. They are also involved in local school presentations to teach the next generation a different ethic. I urge everyone on here to get involved and help.