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  1. just bob

    Bringing food into thailand

    You could end up in a drafty Thai jail. The Cod will be taken from you and probably put into one of the many shelters where she will get counseling and placement into an adoptive dinner table.
  2. just bob

    Generic Cialis Coming?

    The patent on Cialis expires next month, September 27 2018. Thailand has been bound by this patent and the prices are stupidly high. Does anyone know when and who will be selling the generic known as Tadilafil? And yes, I know you can buy it mail order from out of country for far less but I also know that is illegal to do so in Thailand. Thanks.
  3. If we just had a submarine we could torpedo it. Job done.
  4. just bob

    Saturday Night on Nimmanhamin===LAME!

    I've been living on Soi 9 for a couple of years now. Most of the quirky little shops that made this area unique are pretty much gone. Bars and clubs closing right and left; Mirror, Lizm, Beer Republic, Wanz, Infusion. In their place... hotels. And even more planned. Eventually they will start to fail too as there won't be any reason to see the area anymore. The failure rate on businesses is crazy. The rents are way too high and the tourist season is way too short. TIT.
  5. just bob

    Donating my body to medical research when I die

    I'm the OP's same age, in Chiang Mai. I just got my laminated donator card, complete with mug shot, with numbers to call for pick-up. This is with the Chiang Mai University Department of Anatomy at Maharaj Hospital on Suthep Road. They have a form to fill out, two witness signatures, include a pp photo. The office is through the back entry to the anatomy building, floor just above street level, first office door on your right as you enter. Everything and all signs are in Thai so it takes some effort to find. They will not take your body if you are HIV positive, have an infectious disease or die in a messy accident. They pick up within 200 kilometers. I'm grateful that some student may learn something from what's left of me and in turn may alleviate another's suffering and thrilled that some cute student will get to see me naked one last time. 555.
  6. Anyone here know if you can do the walk-in service in Chiang Mai?
  7. just bob


    Fascino, or the shop next door. I bought it there once. Pricey. Now i buy online from https://www.alldaychemist.com/. Generric from Cipla in India, called Tiova. Same same.
  8. Like it says, in CM. Thanks.
  9. Just some thoughts to chew on... 1. Chiang Mai used to be popular as a hub for hill tribe trekking. Not anymore. 2. Mae Hong Son used to have a bunch of daily flights; Thai Airways, Bangkok Airways, etc. Not any more. Why? I think those people go to Sapa, Cambodge or Laos now. 3. The east side out to Mae On is already turning into an overdeveloped mess of ticky-tacky tract homes. 4. The smoke and air (lack of) quality continues to worsen. Now Chiang Mai is a nightmare from February to mid May. Word gets around. I expect to see CM go the way of Mae Hong Song eventually. 5. I'd guess another couple of hundred POS smoke belching stinking useless song-thews will ply the route to the new airport creating another tunnel of their carcinogenic farts along the corridor. 6. The 1317 is already overcapacity at morning and afternoon rush hours. I doubt it can handle the new subdivisions already going in. End of rant. Resume normal life...
  10. What a coincidence... Just in time for the midterm elections. The "chicken in every pot" line is so damn trite. The fact that it keeps working is a testament to the ignorance and stupidity of the voters.
  11. I smelled that before I saw it. Very sad to see such a beautiful natural place destroyed. I also noted that the tidal currents pull that crap all along the beach towards town so everyone along the beach is bathing in it. Judging by the amount of development upstream I would guess next season will be their last. If some enterprising uni students run e-coli tests there the economic fallout will be extreme. Ao Nang businesses have a choice. Either get together to form a sanitation district and fix it themselves - since the government is incapable - or slowly go bankrupt.