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  1. stargazer9999

    Best magazine stands in CM

    I'm trying to find newsstands I don't know of in Chiang Mai that may feature unusual Thai magazines and/or foreign ones. Rimping seems to have the best selection of foreign magazines. Are there others? As far as Thai magazines go I'm trying to find ones that have magazines other than Spicy, Gossip, and the usual fare you see everywhere. There's one in the Tesco/Lotus Superhighway that's not bad but I'm looking for alternatives.
  2. I'm trying to get a very hot electric shower in CM without placing a special order. There are many brands with 3500-6000 watt units available at the local appliance stores. They are probably not hot enough and I would prefer a unit that is at least 8000 watts. Years ago I found an Camarcio shower at Big C that was 9000 watts and it has been great and extremely hot but it's time for a new one. I saw 8000 watt units from Germany ("Stiebel Eltron") and Italy ("MEX") at Power Buy and Home Pro today. They might do the trick. There may be a lower wattage unit that's extremely hot because of some superior design but it seems that higher wattage=hotter water usually. Any ideas on this are greatly appreciated.
  3. stargazer9999

    Replacement airbags for an older Toyota car

    I went to the local Toyota dealer yesterday and they said that if the airbag light isn't blinking it means they're still okay. I hope that's true. I also found an online article about airbags that said unlike the older technology used in the 1990's the newer airbags are built to last for the life time of the car and don't need to be replaced. I also hope that's true.
  4. stargazer9999

    Replacement airbags for an older Toyota car

    Again, the car is 18 years old. I hope I'm okay and just worrying too much. I'm rather be safe than sorry. It's scary enough trying to survive on the Thai roads without having to worry about whether your air bags will work if needed.
  5. stargazer9999

    Replacement airbags for an older Toyota car

    Thanks transam for your helpful comments. The airbag indicator light does indeed go on when I start the engine so I guess that's slightly reassuring. I'm guessing that's checking the electrical circuit connections and not the integrity of the airbag itself. It sounds like you know a lot more about this than I do. I would just like peace of mind knowing that the bags would work in an emergency. I'll check again with Toyota and ask them what exactly that light means. If there's someone in Chiang Mai where I live who replaces airbags after accidents I'd sure like to talk to them. They should be able to evaluate and older car to see if it's safe.
  6. stargazer9999

    Replacement airbags for an older Toyota car

    The Toyota dealer assured me they would not work anymore in an accident. I'd love to have them tested/evaluated for safety if that was possible rather than replace them. The car is 18 years young.
  7. I have an older Toyota car which I wish to keep using but the airbags are past their expiration date. The sun visor has a warning to check them after 10 years. The service department at the Toyota dealer near Robinson Airport Plaza was very helpful but they couldn't replace them there or tell me anywhere to do it. Pro Auto in Hang Dong was helpful but couldn't help either. I'd hate to have to get a new car simply because the airbags are too old and can't be replaced.
  8. stargazer9999

    Quiet and durable fan

    I should have mentioned that I generally use my Hatari fans for many hours on end with the rotate left/right button turned on. So that's probably a lot of wear and tear and may not be what most people put them through. I will say that any other brand of fan I've used besides Hatari seems to last longer before having noise problems. I think it's a 'you get what you pay for' issue.
  9. stargazer9999

    Quiet and durable fan

    If you're looking for a quiet fan I would recommend you buy anything but the Hatrai fans. They're usually sold at the lowest price at Tesco/Lotus and many other stores. They also tend to get noisy quickly especially the left to right movement controller. The only good news is that they can be repaired for about 300 baht at most corner repair shops and it will run quietly again. I keep swearing I won't buy another one then somehow end up with another beast but at least I now know how easy it is to keep them running quietly when they 'do their Harari thing'.