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  1. stargazer9999

    Need a Few Handyman

    Most of the people who do this kind of work want the big jobs and not little one day gigs. I agree asking neighbors can be a good start. Somebody always seems to know someone who can fix anything in this country. Whether they are competent or not is another matter. There is a Thai smartphone app called Fixzy you might want to try. It's not a great app and people may or may not respond but I did get one guy who did do a great bathtub plumbing repair job through that app. It's worth a try.
  2. stargazer9999

    Local agents in CM for medical insurance coverage

    A quick Google search shows almost nothing for "CNX Insure reviews" or "Able insurance reviews". I'm curious why there isn't anything out there. A search for "Regency Insurance reviews", "Aetna reviews" or others brings back lots of reviews; the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  3. stargazer9999

    Local agents in CM for medical insurance coverage

    I'm still looking for any local agents I can work with as i continue to explore the AA Insurance option. I came across this review today: Top 10 Health Insurance companies in Thailand: https://misterprakan.com/blog/article?blogid=35 If anyone has worked with any of the companies listed using a local insurance agent I like to hear your feedback whether it's good or bad. My car is insured with AXA but I don't know how their medical coverage is in Chiang Mai. I'm especially interested in any who's used their medical insurance with no big problems at CM Ram hospital. Thanks.
  4. stargazer9999

    Local agents in CM for medical insurance coverage

    Taking the advice of one of the users on this forum I contacted Peter at AA Insurance. He's been very helpful answering all my questions. We seem to have narrowed it down to LMG or Luma policies. My questions is has anyone in CM used either of these two companies and what has your experience been? I'm especially interested in anyone who has used their policy at CM Ram. Feel free to send me a PM. Thanks.
  5. stargazer9999

    Local agents in CM for medical insurance coverage

    "Unfortunately their office at Meechok Plaza closed about 2 or 3 years ago when someone working there misappropriated company funds." Peter sent me a bunch of information yesterday about various policies. A little confusing to sort out what is what from which company, etc... No clear organization in titles of the packages so you have to open 11 documents to see how they relate. I'll go through it all today. "Unfortunately their office at Meechok Plaza closed about 2 or 3 years ago when someone working there misappropriated company funds." When I asked about the CM office closing he said people had problems with where the location was. He made no mention about the above sentence so that concerns me a little. At the end of the day I just want reliable insurance. But if he mislead me in our first phone conversation it I find it troublesome. Thanks.
  6. stargazer9999

    Local agents in CM for medical insurance coverage

    I talked to Peter today and just sent him my name and age. He's supposed to provide some medical insurance estimates soon. Thanks for your recommendation.
  7. stargazer9999

    Local agents in CM for medical insurance coverage

    I will call Peter and make introductions. Is there anyone else in CM whose worked with Peter or aainsure.net who can also recommend them? "elektrified", they have no local office that one can visit? I was hoping to find a company with an office here in CM. Positive testimonials from other local CM residents would also help. Thanks.
  8. I'm thinking of switching agents and am looking for anyone with positive experiences working with local CM agents. I'm curious if anyone's had good or bad experiences working with anyone in CM. The one time I had an emergency question for my agent last year I couldn't reach him for 3 days. I need someone easy to reach for information when needed and who can tell me if my present policy is the best for me or if there's a better choice. I realize there's an Insurance Forum and I already posted a question there but this is a CM specific question. I want to work with someone who has an office here in CM.
  9. What's the best alternative to BUPA?
  10. I started using HCI four years ago and can continue with them this year or switch to a new policy. My policy is up for renewal this month. They're not too expensive but the policy has a $2000 deductible. I've never made a claim yet but it's good to know I'm 100% covered if I ever had a big problem exceeding the $2000 deductible. I'm 60 years old with no major medical problems. My agent suggested I consider switching to Regency insurance this year. They have an office in Bangkok unlike HCI. They are more expensive but they have no deductible on claims. Apparently, the yearly price I was quoted includes a 40% discount but if my claims exceed 120% of my yearly payment I would lose the 40% discount the following year. Interesting game. I suppose many people don't make claims as they approach the 120% limit unless they have no choice. I'm wondering if anyone who reads this forum has any experience with either of these two companies? Also, can anyone recommend a better choice that I don't know about. I think I don't want to use BUPA. There preexisting conditions form looks overwhelming whereby HCI and Regency don't require you to list preexisting conditions. I don't even have any major preexisting conditions but I don't want to deal with their form unless there's a compelling reason to do so. Thanks.
  11. stargazer9999

    Siam TV vs. Power Buy for future service on appliances

    I guess it's easier to just buy things in the "ignorance is bliss" way mentioned above. I prefer a more scientific approach and actually enjoy researching the best choice. I also have the luxury of time to do so which some people don't have. If I got something that had problems later on and the service department was horrible (like mentioned in some posts above) I'd feel like an idiot. It might stress me out and make me have a heart attack which required me to wear a pacemaker. Where can I good pacemaker in CM? Who has the best price? Do they have a good service department?? Or maybe there's no need to worry about that...
  12. stargazer9999

    Siam TV vs. Power Buy for future service on appliances

    SPORTS UPDATE! I spent Saturday and Sunday running around to all the local places doing research on fridges. I'm looking for something around 12-14 cubic feet with a price between 12k-15k. There are many choices but I'm not sure which brands are reliable and which ones to avoid. I didn't go to Siam TV so I saved some money because I didn't need to do a follow up blood pressure exam at CM Ram. I did go to these places: Saha Panich Power Buy (moat) Tesco/Lotus (near airport) Macro (Hang Dong) Home Pro (near driver's licence hell) Big C (near driver's licence hell) Global (down the highway from Home Pro over the river) I must admit I'm a bit burn out with looking at fridges. There was a lot of overlap with what makes/models they had and the prices were generally about the same. Some places had "specials". That might be that they're just trying to get rid of something that didn't sell but I'm not sure. Saha Panich - Sales staff gave up after a few minutes of my ignoring them. Then when I had questions they were helpful. Thought I found a Samsung model I was going to get (had fridge on top, freezer below) but it got mixed reviews. Some petty issue like it wasn't cold or something. Power Buy - Staff were aggressive yet useless. They didn't know any of the correct answers to my questions. One model had 3 sections and I asked if the middle on was a fridge or a freezer. They said freezer confidently. It didn't look like a freezer. I read the documentation inside and it ends up it's a fridge. Tesco/Lotus - Not as many choices as I had hoped for. Not sure I want to buy from them anyways. Macro - Almost nothing to choose from on 2nd floor. Maybe five models? Home Pro - Lots of choices. Not sure about their service dept. Staff were attentive but certainly not as annoying as the Siam TV aggressive sales routine. Not sure about service. Big C - Many choices. Staff left me alone except when I requested a tape measure. Saw a large LG for the "nice price" but I have to look at reviews today. Anyway use their service dept.? Global - A few choices but I don't think I want to buy from them. Not sure why. They're okay for ceramic tiles and such. So my big question is what brands should I avoid and which ones do people like. Any feedback on this will be quite helpful. The brands I saw were: Electrolux LG Panasonic Samsung Whirlpool Mitsubishi Siemans Toshiba Hitachi I'm in no rush to purchase so it's great to do plodding research and get TV feedback first. Thanks.
  13. I've bought appliances from Siam TV before and the service used to be decent but I think it's gotten harder to get quick service in recent years. I could get an A/C cleaned or repaired by Siam in a day or two before. Not anymore. And I abhor their aggressive sales staff. I was considering buying a fridge from Power Buy on the Northwest corner of the moat instead. Has anyone had any experience with them for servicing a fridge, A/C, or whatever? I don't want to buy from Tesco/Lotus or Macro. If anyone has a better place to buy from near the Old City please let me know. I'm not worrying about buying the fridge so much as getting quick maintenance in the future if/when needed.
  14. stargazer9999

    Beer Leo on tap in CM

    As lovely as the setting is at Tesco/Lotus and Big C which both serve draft Leo beer in the late afternoon I'm trying to find other establishments in CM that have it. It's seems that it's not very common to find it on tap here.
  15. stargazer9999


    Bagel House is okay in a pinch. I thought they were better at their original location near Wat Chedi Luang. Not sure why the recipe went South. The bakery in Pai if it's the one with the Muslim owners does very decent baked goods. A little pricey but worth it. That one is just past the BKK bank on the left traveling down the main night bazaar street from the red light intersection. Or across from the only place there that seems to sell the BKK Post. I don't agree with Shoeless Joe in that a good bakery in Pai cannot qualify as being in the CM area. It might be worth a getaway to Pai just to check out for some folks. I'm happy to travel 3 hours in any direction from the moat to get something worth tasting that I can't find locally here. I often drive to Mai Tang for lunch just to get great Moo Dang. Most bagels in Thailand look like bagels but taste anything but. And I just confirmed with Google Maps that the drive to Pai to get the decent bagels in shorter than the one the one to NYC (depending on traffic). Most people don't have ovens in Thailand but homemade bagels are very easy to make and taste great using any NY Style Bagel recipe. The Pai bakery might sell chocolate tea pots but I haven't seen them yet. Pai is a 'melting' pot of different cultures. Years ago The Bagel Cafe had the best ones in CM. The owner has since moved on to more adventurous dining fare which is also excellent.