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  1. Siam declares war!

    'Siam declares war!', on Germany (Prussia then, I thought...) and Austria-Hungary, ...and a good 20 years later it was 'Thailand* declares war!' ...on the other side: France and the United Kingdom then, when Phibunsongkhram was the fascist dictator in power who wanted to please the Nippon empire he admired so much! History as it is taught in Thailand is made of isolated pictures, some short clips at the best, never the 'whole movie'... I remember one of my nephews talking so proudly about a 'great victory' of the Siamese against the armies of a neighbouring country he had been learning about at school, but it was obvioulsy not part of the curriculum to tell the kids that a short while later those neighbours came back, smashed the Siamese armies, burned down their capital city, and occupied a large part of the country... I didn't have the heart to shatter the kid's proud (nationalistic) dreams, why would I have also, as I wouldn't have been standing next to him to protect him for the reactions from his brainwashed school surrounding, nor the, many, next times plain BS would be hammered inside his young head... Sigh! * Another 'incoherence', ...to speak about the Thai revolution, when it is that same dictator who decided of the name change from Siam to Thailand ...in 1936 (or was it 1937?), so some years after that 'palace putsch' (fomented by disgrunted elites, with the help of some ultra-nationalist officers, against a Monarch who had too many social ideas menacing their power) which has, by all means then, wrongly been called: 'the Thai revolution', with very obvious reasons though...
  2. Mickey Mouse museum opens in Lamphun

    No doubt all the items are originals officially released by Walt Disney corporation, and Mr Naren was duly authorised by them to use Mickey Mouse... In the land of fake and copy, why am I not sure... And as Mr Naren in the last paragraph makes clear he intends to make/is making money with this 'museum', I wouldn't be surprised when he might become some unpleasant writing from some attorney working for WD in Thailand... Guess Mickey Mouse would have known that, but Mr Naren didn't, or didn't care. As sad it might be for the simple minded man, US companies don't joke with that kind of stuff, and right they are IMO.
  3. 'United Lawyers for Rights and Liberty', erm, yes, who are you, who do you represent, etc.? Are you maybe a more recent alternative to that, shortlived, association of lawyers (sponsored by ..., the usual suspect) which, a few years ago, did the slight mistake to come across the official association of the members of the bar...? Why didn't you tell a bit more about that ULRB you are the general-secretary of, M. Winyat Chatmontree...? How long does it exist, how many, members of the bar, members does it count, what are their names...? What are the registered form and statutes of this association, who presides it, the leading committee, a.s.o.? All classified, or non-existant?
  4. Prawit believes Yingluck had help to flee

    30 million red shirts? And having a clue of what de-mo-cra-tic means? I don't know what you're on, but strong stuff for sure... I know you're not a member of TV that long a time, but please! Don't you realise it doesn't at all contribute to the red shirts' ca(u)se to write that kind of ...?
  5. Prawit believes Yingluck had help to flee

    Same lack of brain activity while speaking as the big chief when he speaks about same justice for all... Or... really laughing in the face of the Thai population. Are Thais, really, brave in fact, or rather very stupid? To accept sheepishly to be lead by such a bunch...
  6. Justice is for all, rich or poor, says Prayut

    'Trust me'... Many, millions, did. Why would they still do?
  7. Justice is for all, rich or poor, says Prayut

    Not to fall in the trap of some 'poll', I'd like to have the figures of the national electricity consumption (non-industrial, exclude high voltage) on Friday evenings (also from the other evenings of the week), I'd bet my best hat it is the lowest of low... When so, why would that be then?
  8. Justice is for all, rich or poor, says Prayut

    The 'communication' by this 'government' is a permanent catastrophy, every time I see there's a new release, especially by the top of the bunch, I hold my head, as I know already they should better have 'put a sock in it'! Wouldn't that be a good 'visual' for the ones who disagree with such sillyness: carrying socks on stakes with a poster saying: put this in your mouth, and maybe alternated with others saying: Thailand being ruled by stupidity, does not proof Thais are stupid.
  9. Much older, and the reason why lead piping was, very, very, slowly replaced (costs money, you know, who cares about 'people'), in 1st world countries where there was a 'running water' network, after it was established that the consumption of lead particles absorbed while drinking (or cooking with) that water caused a disease, with irreversible consequences, named: saturnism. A huge and long fight it was to come to that point, with 'the usual suspects' (money, money) able to brake it off for many years...
  10. 'Funny', or rather, very, sad, IMO, such a topic does not attract more interest from TV readers, while some quite vain stuff does create storms here... Difference of values, I guess...
  11. 'As fairly as' which, alas, is still very far from 'fair' compared to rulings in 1st world countries in such dramatic environmental court cases..., and, your 'as fairly as other Thai citizens' could make one believe the (so-called) 'Thais' consider the members of Hill Tribes as some of their own, what is quite far from the truth of facts, alas again...
  12. 36 million? Is this a joke? ...Divided among 151 plaintiffs, all the other villagers who were scared off from complaining are not sick and get 'nada'... And what about the huge damage caused to the environment? Or did the Thai instances responsible for the environment not consider this as a just cause and didn't file any complaint...? Bah, don't worry, this is about Karens and their kids being affected by saturnism, they're not really Thais anyway, want some more go-ood water from the river to drink boys and girls...?
  13. They should have added that it had nothing to do with growing ultra-nationalism among lecturers, staff nor administrators. To make sure this 'toning down' is not misinterpreted...
  14. Did they already have the idea to poll the Chinese tourists about which chinese language they speak: mandarin, cantonese, che-che, ..., or establish the geographical origin of those beloved quality tourists...? Oh, but this is not about the tourists, this is about (a?) Thai institution(s) taking sreps to get closer to 'big brother' China, with its imperialistic and neo-colonialistic policies, then mandarin it must be! Could it be to prepare the 'never colonised brave' Thai to understand well 'his master's voice''s wishes and orders in a near future, to achieve a smooth transition, which didn't work out well in Tibet, to chinese domination(*), maybe...? On another side, I can't remember Thai officials and staff, from Parliament or elsewhere, ever to have been encouraged in such a way to learn english... No doubt it shows a lot about the way of thinking of Thai officialdom. (*) Not taking into consideration that Thailand is already most totally dominated by persons of Thai nationality, ...but of chinese origins, and living according to chinese principles and tradition among their own circles of influence...
  15. Mr Titipol, your name makes me think you are Thai, but this can't be when you write something like: 'Thaksin founded the Shinawatra dynasty...'. Even the worst informed Thai knows the concept of 'Shinawatra dynasty' goes way back, a pair of generations, to the grand'parents and parents of Thaksin's father and of his uncle Damapong, who materialised it with son/nephew Thaksin as the first stone. I really don't understand where the ideas of the ones deciding to publish your kind of stuff might be! A shame it is!