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  1. LOL, when in exchange the UK makes the Thai driving license valid on its soil... Well, LOL, but not funny for the many British citizens (and their families) who will lose their limbs, or lives, in accidents caused by these, erm, second grade drivers!
  2. What? What? We bought your useless heavy tanks, we bought your obsolete submarines, we plan to buy... (hush, it's a secret) from you, and we must read about 'growing tensions' with you? What should we do? Give you the sovereignty over our country, like Tibet and others, now, at once? Can't we wait for our dictator to give you that just before he retires? Ha, you Chinese have no patience!
  3. 'Premchai differs...', 'differs', sounds so elegant, much more than is allowed by police and justice to play in full the 'two speed system' Thailand is reknown for in the advantage of wealthy and influential persons, that while the small people and have-nots get the full weigh of the heavy system on their tiny back...
  4. The last I heard about him, he was on an 'inspection trip' in Burma, didn't see anything about him since that, is he back, on Thai soil, or not...? Not the Nation nor the other paper seem to be in a hurry to investigate and let us know....
  5. 'There are no worse blinds than the ones who don't want to see'...?
  6. 'Mr Prayuth' and 'reforms', in one sentence, I can't have it anymore, a waste of time to read any further! He had all the chances, even extended powers, for four years already and did little or nothing that matters. A bit like so many Thais not having access to other TV channels simply switching the tele off on Friday evening... Hey, let's have EGAT check how much the power consumption is down in Thailand while 'he''s on the screen...
  7. As long as the PM of Thailand must be a (confirmed) elected MP, chosen by the majority of the other (confirmed) elected MPs, assembled in Parliament for that goal, the ascension of Mr Prayuth to the alternative throne of dictator can still be stopped. Why don't all (erm, plus-minus...) 'democratic' forces focus, together, on that, that this long existing principial rule doesn't get changed...?
  8. Suthep is like a swollen can of Heinz beans, its expiry date long gone, and the content of most probably highly toxic. Addicted to politics, because of the power, and money, it provided him (...and his family!) over so many years. Not even realising that, after having, indeed, been the one (by the lack of an alternative person of stature and/or eliminating possible competition?) holding the DP together as a main political party for quite long, before he, himself, with his nepotism, paternalism, corruption, ... (you name it, he did it all, without blinking) from an asset has become a liability for the party. IMHO, it would be good for the future of the DP ideology to come up with new(er), honest(!) faces. But it will take the party 10 to 20 years to create a solid new base of followers (providing they succeed in resisting the pressure of ST family members and pawns to grab 'the lagacy'...). As for ST's idea (is it, really, as I haven't heard him say so, ...and even then) to participate in a party with generals-no-more-now-politicians to maintain (further organise?) the present incury and'cleptocracy' by a gerontocratic clan of green/brown/yellow sad clowns, well, I'm in favour of it, as an opportunity to clean the slate in one go! As when Prayuth, Prawit and their aeropage go down the drain together with Suthep's Darvishes, Prayuth & Co. won't have one toe left to stand on to show any legitimacy in their throw at the PM seat, and, the old guard of DP profiteers will be wiped out at the same time. 'Win-win' for the people, and Thailand! Would I be overly optimistic? ...As nothing is what it seems in the LoS.
  9. I wanted to give you a 'like', till I read your last sentence. That fixation on 'the old elite'(*) some suffer of is pathetic, as it is as obvious as the nose in the middle of the face it is 'the new elite' that of the (Thai-)chinese which is running the game all over Thailand. Leave the old nobility to its land, real estate and insurances, wherin it does still have power. But don't deny, hide, deflect, even unvoluntarily, the huge responsibility carried by that category of 'raptors', please! (*) It's like hearing the propaganda from 'former' communist leaders Drs Weng and Thida, having in more recent History imposed the red colour for the UDD shirts, as a conditio si nequa non to Thaksin to agree joining his (then) new, cough, cough, 'democratic', movement...
  10. ST being more dirty than TS...? Your opinion. Mine being they are both utterly dirty scumbags, each in its own way. And when I would be forced(!) to carry the sins of one of both, I'd definitely choose ST, TS's would make it impossible to me ever to find any rest or sleep. That's my opinion.
  11. Damn right you are, Suthep clearly promised to stay out of politics, ...as Thaksin has also done several times already, but read the news about his(!) PT circus! One simply cannot trust any of those 'old crocodiles' of politics, ...but it seems large swats of the Thai population still drink their words as if it was gospel. Doesn't that say a lot about the Thais, ...and the success of the des-education they are exposed to?
  12. Maybe, like with other 'incidents' in different fields, the MoT/TAT took care of it, for the topic not to reach non (local) Thais... The general policy to hide (or in case already published: downplay and minimalise) news items considered 'bad for image' and/or 'bad for tourism' has been common practice for quite long a time already. My Thai wife has told me about so many such items which I had never read about in the english language press/media...
  13. Are you saying he's earning money with the Shins, that they're paying him a salary or so (though that's not what it's called for attorneys...), or something else, the opposite maybe? As for 'most honest and fair' and 'most trustworthy', that is your opinion, and is as such to be respected, but not necessarily shared.
  14. Hmm, good news, Bata's going to be busy with affordable, fashionable, QUALITY shoes, again, is it? That would be something! May I doubt it will happen? To me, they're far too deep into selling trash for much to high prices, how could that be reversed in a 180° total U-turn? Explain it to the average blood sucking shareholder...
  15. Khun Eric, I don't know whether Robblock is able to prove it. But can you show your ... Thaksin (what is he to you in the end, paying some salary to you?) didn't, via some of the many hidden sideways so typical for him, hasn't made such donations? Aren't you 'speculating' he didn't, as part of the Shins' propaganda machine?