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  1. 'When you lay with a dog, you catch its fleas'?
  2. Now, this I consider to be a very wise move by 'the authorities': to send the police to do what they are known to do best: cover-ups... LOL
  3. Please, give us your figures (don't forget to add the money arriving in Issan with Federal Express, as it's a consequence of 'tourism' too).
  4. Could you please leave the only decent politician of the present generation with some stature out of your anti-everything (except Shins and reddies) rants?
  5. Reading the title was quite enough for me: when the man only has four questions, and needs others to give him the answers to, it does indeed explain a lot about the situation in the country. The size of the bikini and the hip movements of an 18 years young singer he seems to have an answer about though... Oh my!
  6. Maybe the Thai military are attempting to insure their Chinese subs for civil liability with Allianz, LOL!
  7. I'm afraid something has been 'lost in translation', as I would be surprised the decent experts from Allianz would call 'stability' to be 'sound', as there's the old French saying (the Rotschilds and so...): 'qui n'avance pas recule' (who's not moving forward is losing ground), which, actually, and alas, fits very well for Thailand...
  8. I beg you pardon!? Three lil' Chinese, with three-hunderd-forthy-seven-THOUSAND- SIM-cards?! Hello! (And the lame reaction from NBTC, going to check whether the SIM cards were 'properly registered', or not! What can you do with the bits of plastic with the tiny golden strip, when they're not registered, use them as mosaic to decorate your shower wall, or what?)
  9. No link with the number of operating immigration counters, nor with the speed the border controls are done (more and more 'trainees', and 'youngsters' too, bloody slow, and needing confirmation for every bit from someone more senior, ...where are all the older ones from yore gone too, retired, an 'inactive post', or what?), is it?
  10. Samui, Pha Ngan, Tao the same... What are these TAT people good at, expect costing the taxpayers a fortune...?
  11. I would, very, very, much like TAT to give its definition of 'a tourist'! Does an individual need to pass through the immigration border control, or is it enough to transit over a Thai international airport to become part of the count? 'In my days' (in Europe)(I'm retired now), the accent was more about how many nights/days 'a tourist' was spending on our soil, and, even more so how much he/she was spending during that stay... Here it seems to be all about abstract numbers, I guess because TAT is 'evaluated' (is it? ever? how?) based on quantitative aspects only, which, probably, are the ones determining their 'budget', the big money they get and richly spend, to themselves (and, allow me, to plain lousy marketing and advertising campaigns). As if those 'hi-so' 'mandarins' don't care the least little bit about the size and quality of 'the fish' getting caught in a net they visibly are too opinionated, ...dumb and proud to make attractive. Kick the whole bunch out, outside of 'small hands' not too lame to do the job, and hire some high-level international tourism experts... Won't work, I know, as those experts won't be Thai, and could not, oh my, give instructions to, hire/fire, proud Thais! I still succeed somewhere in keeping up high ideals for this country and its, small(!), people I love, but, hey, in the end, they get what they deserve, sad but true. I can't roll up my sleeves and do the job for them, actually, I would not even be allowed to... P.S.: what goes for TAT, goes for THAI (even worse there), IMO
  12. ...Because the ones selling the stuff pay good money for (kind of) a 'license' to do so. Do I need to write to you the colour of the uniform of the guys collecting...? A hint: it's a dirty colour.
  13. This is a crying shame! What an horrible crime! Can you imagine? Disloyal competition! Stealing hard earned (black)(bribe) money from the police and other officials! 'Normally' (in Thailand) they are the ones taking care of providing all the fake documents (some) people need... It also seems (erm?) that the BiBs are main providers of illegal guns, powders, tablets, girls (eventually underaged), etc., etc. Guess the rates of the 'un-official' fines they charge for not wearing a helmet or (so-called) 'speeding' and more are going to climb when they lose other 'market shares'... After all, someone has to pay for the mia noi, the 'n'th house, the Merc, the gambling, and the rest, isn't it?
  14. For sure not, watching all the efforts, from day one, to keep him out of it...
  15. I just read 'somewhere else' that it is not clear how he got another passport (he recently used in Singapore, and probably in Thailand)... What a charade!