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  1. ‘No huge compensation’ over gold mine closure

    Rather counter-sue the mining companies for huge compensation to (alas, partly) alleviate the damages, to people and nature, they have caused during the years they abused of their licenses.
  2. Yawn, always the same, biased, rhetoric from you, makes one wonder whether you believe in what you write, ...for yourself. Like what you write here about 'what drive competitiveness', alas, makes no sense at all in economical 'mechanisms', as an intelligent TV contributor, as you are IMO, should know. Why then, if not Shins' electoralist (back in the front row at the trough...) propaganda?
  3. Ah, you made me afraid, not the Chinese then, LOL
  4. Khun Eric, when the 'democratic content' of Thailand would rise, I rather think the 'competitiveness' will go down some notches, at least when it is true 'Democracy' you are thinking about, not the fake Thai puppetry used by, for instance, the selfish Shins' political formations, you are 'driving for'...
  5. ...Thanks to all the illegal, underpaid, slave-workers from Myanmar and Cambodia, maybe?
  6. 'Phuket police scandal stirs fears of bribe-taking nationwide' being exposed? Na-ah, fat chance, too many police big-brass, from all departments, sitting with all their weigh (and influence) on the lid of that Pandora's box for it not to be lifted, too much money (and face) to lose... I rather guess some guys in Phuket had 'forgotten' to send their share to the upper echelon, as it seems to be the way bribe (and blackmail, prostitution, drugs, etc.?) money collecting is organised.
  7. Stop turning around it, just say you want to incriminate this government, as you seem to have made the leitmotiv of your posts about...
  8. I don't 'assume' anything, be reassured about that, seen too much for that. When you are the good, clean, straight guy, you say, what I have no reason to doubt about, could you possibly, eventually, ask yourself whether, maybe, some not-too-smart 'friends' of yours, addicted to modern media, with no bad intention, probably, have put you into a position wherein 'other persons' have used, yes then abused, you, 'recuperating' your (sad, painfull) experience (...and your past with the Royal Marines as a topping), to bring you forward as a cog in a big propaganda machine they serve...? The e-mail address you gave me to correspond with you, is, well, 'disturbing', for me, in itself, the smell of it (or is it a creation from one of your 'friends'...? No doubt, at all, in my mind His late Majesty Bhumibol was a GREAT King. But I consider each individual should have (had) the exclusive right to decide about its personal way to commemorate Him, for himself. Quod non. IMHO, I'm not even so sure His late Majesty, as close as He was to the 'small people' in His Kingdom, would have really appreciated the official, well organised, and 'uniformed', hype following His passing... As great a King He was, what touched me deeply, as a non-Thai individual, was His ...MODESTY! ...Which is so desperately absent in all those ... clad in brass, covered with medals, military and official, hypocrites, you, interpret it as you want, ...became a willing victim of. I hope you feel a lot better already, and will soon be able to make long runs again, for bona fide humanitarian organisations, maybe, better?
  9. The video is just disgusting, really horrible! That's murder!!! Dr Yorn, you're a shame to all human beings, when you don't get the death penalty, the guards should make a pot to have you disposed of!
  10. Oh, my, a 'famous' Medical Doctor, with a fat job at the department of public health, that's quite up-up in the 'elite''s pyramid, mind you! For such people (doesn't need to be the Red Bull 'boss'), that security man is 'trash', nothing more than a soi dog, hits it, drags it along, doesn't stop, flees the scene, refuses a breathalyser...! Has he been arrested at once and jailed, forced at once to undergo a bloodtest...? Erm, ...NO, 'Police said they will charge Dr Yorn', nough said, that will be it, maybe 1/2 a million to the widow(?), a slap on the wrist, and Dr Yorn will go on with his elite doctors' life, just cursing CCTV cameras, and being more carefull where any around, complaining to the hi-so friends he socialises with about that moron of a guard who ran under the wheels of his car, even damaging it, can you imagine... TiT
  11. What about this one? What about the scam promoted by private Thai companies, created just for the sake of it, selling(!) 'teachers' (and 'students')' visa to aliens? Most of 'related to' immigration police officials, and more often 'promoted' by such officers locally 'on the field'...? Hmm? Not included in the fresh 'crackdown' on overstayers, will it, ...as they got their (renewable) 1 year, though totally undeserved! Also a 'gateway' for many resorts/hotels to get Farang staff without working permit, isn't it? Sorry for the, many, persons I know who are playing this game. Also for schools, official or private, making use of this hungry flock (giving awfull English teaching, by the way), same ultra-low wages, no work permit either, no social security, out of the stats! How many hundred of thousand of these 'shallow swimmers' would there be in Thailand...?
  12. What 'improvement' for Pete's sake? 56th out of 72 in 2016, 53rd out of 80 in 2017 (...still two months to go, what stats are these?)? Eight new 'contenders' and you score three places 'higher', wow, nearly winning the race then, is it, for the 'Thai pride'? What a bunch! ...Not only Thais teaching English, but also many of the foreigners allowed to do it (I've known a few, couldn't even speak their mother-tongue half decently, which was NOT English, about 'freezing point' in English, but found OK, by people below the level of a fresh Issan bar-girl to-be after one week of 'training'...), are all plain RUBBISH! ...In the Kingdom of the blind, one-eye is King...
  13. Thai media must really feel a high need of 'recognition', local and abroad, to blow up a story (is it?) like this one, ...about some 'alien' playing Thai tunes. Who cares the guy has been serving his country, ...and fallen 'in love' with another one (at least one lady of)? ...And going on with that 'leitmotiv' the NCPO has been ramming down Thai throats for one whole year! Was he all clad in black, or not? As, when not, it could have been the reason for his problems, in the Thais' rich imagination... Pfff, a 'Royal Marine' not even knowing he has to drink enough 'in action' not to become a lethal burdon for his mates, what a hero! When will Thais be left alone with their personal feelings and grief about the, great, King, Bhumibol indeed was? The whole, created, media 'hype' disgusts me!
  14. Why didn't you go to the local Samsung Service Center? Afraid to be charged the price of an ...original screen, or what? Main Road from Chaweng to Bophut traffic lights, about 1km. before the lights, left hand side. Very kind and helpfull, also in English.
  15. Guess the name 'A. Nonymous' will not be accepted, will it? Knowing that common Thais are, with evident reasons, fearfull of every contact with any kind of 'authority', I have no doubt a North-Korean percentage of answers in favour of the 'great General''s expectations will be the outcome... The more so the EEC (is there presently any such?), or a more credible controling instance, will not be asked to check the validity of this twisted organised plebiscite. But, worst of all, what I am afraid of, is that the man will, in his delusion, believe this is what the Thais think and want... Sigh!