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  1. Couldn't you, please, stick to the topic? Enough to say about that, and History, without bringing in that medal 'stuff', which, by the way, IMO, 'commemorated', like the monument behind it, a fake 'revolution', which, still IMO, was a 'palace putsh' (another kind of 'coup') by old elites and a military cast following them, against the most 'social' King Siam ('Thailand' came later, in 1939, and was the 'invention' of a nationalist and, then, fascist dictator) has probably ever had. Dig for it, and you will understand how much the people you share the ideas of shoot themselves in the foot every time they refer to that event. But, I know, that's not the way it is described in the books the Thais are fed with...
  2. I agree with you (never thought that could happen, LOL), very sad, but very true! The true, factual, 'History' of Siam/Thailand is still to be written, but... Have you ever been speaking about Historical facts with Thais? Noticed how they start whispering and look around for others not to be able to overhear the conversation? Many Thais do know quite some 'things', they seem to be scared to speak about openly though, why would that be ...? (And please don't come up with military, coup, etc., this goes on deeper, and way back)
  3. Don't worry, they will build a new one, much 'nicer', in concrete, with 'modern' features, like so many 'historic' Wats and other buildings... As for the cave, which must go back many 100,000 of years before H.M. King Rama IV, in my view, it was already damaged, its 'authenticity' destroyed, by all the buildings and statues which were erected there and then, or is all that Buddhist clutter an obligatory part of every worthfull site and place in Thailand? Considering that this grotto has been there in all its original beauty ages(!) before the Lord Buddha was born, don't, can't his (supposed!) followers show respect for the works of nature, the way the Lord Buddha himself taught to? This building contractor might be a numbnut, but for sure the people who ordered the job, and supervised it, are imbeciles. But, IMO, the 'iconoclasts' were the ones 'transforming' the grotto during H.M. Rama IV's reign, and when that 'Thai historian' isn't conscious of that, well, he shouldn't be teaching History (nor archeology!), even in Thailand!
  4. What goes for alcohol IMHO goes also for many other stuff and things, like other kinds of drugs, tools, motorcys, cars/trucks, etc. which could harm other people, and yourself: it has a lot to do with common sense, sense of responsibility, being in control of yourself, foreseeing, caring and carefull, this all somewhere being part of a decent education, which is, alas, lacking so much in this country. But, hey, they can't keep them stupid to (ab)use them on one side, as 'the system' does so well, and, on the other side, expect them to be sensible, is it...? There are problems with alcohol, drugs, tools, vehicles everywhere, no doubt, but what we can see here, every day, is worse than in the average other third world country! Oops, did I say something wrong with that?
  5. 'Police launch campaign on social media with celebrities to discourage bribing': now that would be more, very, interesting, wouldn't it? LOL, not in a lifetime! I'm afraid they do know, but don't care a bit, long as they get their wages plus the black money every month...
  6. ...And because you are stuck into your biased 'tunnelview', what this suspected terrorist and criminal declares does not even make you a bit 'hitchy', was it only because of the overwhelming hypocrisy of what he dares to say? After that you will be writing about 'democracy' and evoluated stuff which probably did never pass through the mind of that Nattawut goon, and you'll go on fighting for the persons which chose to use such despicable characters in their selfish power strategy. Yes, I admit, I have a rash, caused by an allergy to fake guys like you, 'Father'!
  7. Don't you see it then 'Bluespunk'? Eric Loh expresses, though in a veiled way, a treath of violence, like it always goes with the UDD when things don't go exactly their way...
  8. 'This is why reconciliation will never occur. One side is full of vengeance.' So right about that 'greenchair', but IMO so wrong about the persons you consider responsible. Who are the people who were always imposing their views/ideas as the obligatory starting point for conversations, who were never open to any kind of compromise, the 'our way or the highway' people? Possibly the people whose undisputed leader said 'democracy is not my goal', and lives accordingly? 'Reconciliation' is hard to achieve, for couples and families, for communities and tribes, for political parties and countries. There are so many divergent, opposing elements, beteen all the groups and parties which should achieve it. BUT one thing I am sure of: there will not be any 'reconciliation' worth the name in Thailand as long as Thaksin and his Shins' clan have any kind of involvement in the political and public life of this country! I don't say other sides possibly involved in the process are in any way 'un-problematic', I say that side makes it simply impossible to achieve successfully.
  9. In what capacity? Well what about that of being one of the UDD firebrands inciting arson and murder, on stage next to Jatuporn, Weng and Thida, in 2010, during the 'remote-controled' red-shirts' bloody insurrection and violent occupation of Bkk! Stuff like that gives real 'cred' to criminals like him, you know, well, among other thugs that is. And the possibility the Courtcase with charges of terrorism against that evil bunch he is part of, could get started some day soon, certainly 'energises' him...
  10. I don't know which propaganda works you read, but '58 people shot in the back', 'from the postmortems', are you sure that's what happened at that Wat? Which are your credible sources to write such stuff, may I ask?
  11. Dear Pridilives, do you have a problem to understand that when shots were fired from the Wat, automatically, immediately, the Wat seized to be a 'safe zone' (that it had been declared to be previously, indeed)? Why don't you blame the lunatic armed red-shirts for using their weapons from the temple grounds while being among their un-armed red-shirt comrades...? And, please, can you keep the propaganda blah-blah for the ones sharing your 'views'? 'Good honest people' = me/we/us = those who vote for PTP/UDD/Shins/Thaksin = (fairly, honestly?) elected goverment (which can do anything it wants?), against: you and people believe like you (bad!!!) just be history + very bad army steal power and money for itself (the guys you'd vote for wouldn't do that...). BUT, you just forgot a tiny little detail, well sort of: the about 60% of the Thai population, which probably don't think like me, and for sure wouldn't vote for the Shins' machine (including all the ones from N., N-E and E., when they would have an individual freedom of choice, what they don't)... Now to the 'technical bits', you write '3,000 7.62mm high velocity sniper bullet' (you meant 'rounds', never mind), well, for your info, all 7.62NATO rounds are considered high-speed (N.B.: 7.62 x 51, the previous 'standard' NATO caliber, now only in heavy machineguns, like the Browning .30 from the RTA, replaced by the 5.56, now in a 3rd evolution), I'm an old guy, that's what we used in the 70s (though nothing ado with standard ammo), like in my FN LAR Sniper, but bloody absolete by now, replaced by much more powerfull and accurate stuff, does the RTA really still use it? As you know that much, how many Sig Sauer SSG-3000 sniper rifles does the Thai military have in dotation? How many, no doubt, trained sniper teams (real snipers always go in pairs: the spotter and the shooter) does the RTA have. How many of were engaged into action (rotation) during the length of the 2010 violent red insurrection? You know, though the 7.62mm caliber is the same, the casing, and the bullet used in AK-47s (7.62 x 39), some red-shirt guards openly carried (and used?) are quite different, and identifiable, also in the wounds they inflict (no ballistic course here), oh, and there's a(n old)(good) sniper rifle in the caliber too, the Dragounov, maybe(?) some sniper-from-abroad-on-'vacation'-in-Bkk (from Cambodia?) loved to shoot...? So, outside of 3,000 (standard) 7.62NATO rounds having, according to your intel, been spent in Bkk, do you have details about the numbers of persons having been, confirmed, hit with THAT specific ammunition during the violent uprise, NOT of the 7.62 x 39 ('Russian') caliber? But maybe I could have saved myself a lot of time asking you whether it is true, or not, that most casualties of the 2010 violent occupation were, according to the reporting, and propaganda, at the time, caused by 'high speed' (blah-blah, we agree on that now?)... 5.56NATO ammunition (5.56 x 45), like used in REGULAR (no blah-blah 'sniper') M16 and Tavor light army rifles standard in the RTA, ...and seen carried (and used?) by red-shirt guards, especially the M16, the few Tavor stolen from soldiers rather a trophy... You consider as 'normal' ammunition, 100,000 of it you write (probably including some 12Gauge slugs and 9 x 19 ...NATO pistol and light machinegun ammo). OK, you seem to be Thai, to have quite some intel about the matter, then, now, 'shoot': give us some true, undisputable FACTS, like about the persons who died, and what proved(!) to have killed them! Give us 'the real thing'!
  12. 'So who did by far the greater amount of killing then?' Well, JAG, I, as an honest person cannot give you a clear answer on the question. But let me try my best, restricting myself to the deadly casualties here then. I put some time into it, as I want you and me to be clear about this. One needs at first to divide those who lost their life. First of all: how many soldiers/officers died, how many red-shirts, whereof how many armed ones ( IMO a lit molotov cocktail, a machete, a bamboo spear, etc. are weapons), how many non-red-shirt unarmed Thai persons, how many of the same from another nationality. There were some accidental deaths. Well, accident, considering the mayhem it was there, is someone falling under a truck or being hit by a car, or making a bad fall still 'an accident'. In the sense that, when the violent mob of red-shirts would not have occupied part of the center of the capital, this would all not have happened. Then it was no accident, and the red-shirts, their leaders, ...and their 'master', are responsible for that. By the way, allow me to say, when it would not have been because Thaksin, his money, and his (and the Shins') power, nothing of this would have happened, and all those people would still be alive and well (outside of other, real, accidents since). But back on track. You have the reporters and photographers, the ones 'specialised' in war-reporting (it was a war-zone there no doubt), who put their life on the table for a 'good shot' (I mean picture), hot interview (not in an arsoned place), who are a special category of people, living for 'the kick', the adrenaline in it. They're part of a same 'congregation', worldwide, they know the risks. But who killed the (happily) few? There I'm rather 50/50, not intended from the-scared-little-recruit-with-his-M16 side (what does with low visibility someone wielding, aiming a large black 'thing'- a camera- around, some big, lethal weapon, no?). Then you have the 'passers-by', the people from outside town, or from the city, who came 'to have a look', you know how Thais are, and, mostly due to pure sillyness (like not paying attention to the soldiers, well propagated, warnings), found themselves at the wrong place in the wrong time. Were they shot by soldiers, by armed red-guards, or by men-in-black, hard to say, the more so most used the same kind of rifles and ammo (5.56NATO). Was it in an area declared 'life fire zone' (clearly marked!) by the army, the highest probability is: killed by army fire. Was it close to the main red thugs' fortification/'podium, say 50/50, though more probably armed red-guards. Did the killing happen in a 'normal' (well, as far there was anything normal in central Bkk at the time) urban zone, I'd split it in 1/3s: army, armed red-guards, men-in-black ('usefull shots' to impress the media, especially the international ones, and create more mayhem). So, dear JAG, IMO there is, outside of propaganda talk, gullible persons' personal'(?!?) 'opinion'(?!?), flaming idealists' diatribes, there is a lot to think, and to say about all those human beings, who should not have died, was it not that... (I'd like to write about a certain Seh Daeng too, yes the Maj Gen, as he played a very important role in this whole bloody story, especially the lethal part of it, till, he himself was killed, 'eliminated', by ... Another time, maybe)
  13. So, 'Artisi' is not a 'good honest person', but you are one 'Pridilives'? What 'safe zone' could there have been in the Wat (indeed in opposition with what have been previously declared), after armed red-shirts fled to it, went hiding among unarmed fellow red-shirts, after shots were fired at the soldiers from the Wat? Soldiers should not have returned fire, is it? And please don't use the word 'sniper' when you don't know the meaning of it. Were there army snipers on the BTS ramp? Maybe, just a few then, and they would not have shot un-armed persons, they shoot better than that. Were there soldiers with some magnifying scope or other accuracy increasing aiming device on their, normal, light army rifles? Yes, quite some I'd think. But probably most soldiers there just had their regular M16 or Tavor. What should they have done? Let those armed red-shirts shoot, injure, kill them, and later go on spreading blood over Bkk and elsewhere, like they proved to do before? Because those low-life cowards were using un-armed co-red-shirts as human shields? Ever heard about 'collateral damage'? Well, that's what the persons injured or killed at the Wat became, NOT by the choice of the soldiers, but because of how their 'brothers' armed red-shirts abused them, to protect their own skin, while going on shooting like madmen! These armed red-shirt-'guards' were responsible for all the inhumane suffering at the Wat. And the whole story, from the start in 2009, including this sad event, was integral part of the strategy from'the master', for his own profit, to recuperate money and get back in power, pure madness it was from that 'man'!
  14. When killing people, and inciting people to, is humour for you, it explains a thing or two about your(?) opinions. Anyway, the game is all about denying, avoiding, bending, etc., hmm, isn't it, well, sorry, not for me... The occupation of Government House AND of the airports by the PAD I do consider as breaking the Law , and should indeed be sanctioned by the Court! But putting these as you do on a same level as criminal (terrorist) acts, like the ones perpetrated by red-shirts (and men-in-black?), defending the 'leaders' à-la Jatuporn who incited to crime, is quite a bit of a stretch, wouldn't (even) you say?