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  1. Considering on one side there is a bunch (hundred, thousands) of Islam extremists in the South(*), protected by 'most' of the muslim community, ...and 'sponsored' from (and trained?) abroad. Considering on another side that it seems as easy to adhere to ISIS as it is for a Thai housewife to become a debitcard from the bank. I conclude that Mr Prawit's 'possibility' is a veiled though evident forecast of the same kind as: there will be some rain in Thailand this month. (*) N.B.: while Thailand rejects double nationality ('enforcing' that rule in the same way as all other laws: not), why has it retracted from pursuing individuals in the South holding both Malaysian and Thai identification, 'jumping' over the border as it pleases them...?
  2. For sure there are laws for Courts to send such associal people to jail, but hey, this being Thailand, it won't happen, will it?
  3. The herald of the war against corruption associating himself with 'the new feodality' of corrupt gangs controling whole provinces, in the exact same way as Voldemore Thaksin, the well known Newin raptor's tribe from the central plains, and, top of all, the Khamnan Po gang, the masters of Chonbury, he himself sentenced for years in jail for corruption, before being for many more as a murder mastermind, never slept ONE night in a cell, but at home in his bed, for years, before being 'caught' in an arranged mediatized op, to stay in a VIP appartment at the local hospital for some time, the two sons, nepotistically appointed at high official positions now (again, as they were under the Shins already, the one as head of Chonburi's provincial admin., the other as mayor of Pattaya), but, hey, they surely knew nothing about thir father's whereabouts, not a bit more than the corruption cases they were accused of too. 'Power corrupts, total power totally', but don't worry Mr Prayuth, tha-yen-yen, it's some time already you have no face to save anymore, so no reason to get excited, just do what dictators do, you have shown already this is the traditional attire cut to your measures. Alas for the majority of silly people who were stupid enough to believe in you (as I did as a Farang), till you showed your real face (for me first with the KT murders). Pity for you, and him, you didn't find an arrangement with Thaksin in the end, you would have been the perfect diabolic duo to bleed Thailand to anemia for a generation (N.B.: did you keep the plot of prime land in the center of Yangon he offered you...?).
  4. Seems (ret.) Gen. Prayuth, acting PM, now politician, was viciously misinformed, thinking last year's records had to be broken. Seen under that morbid angle, it was a success indeed, 'dear uncle': at 418 dead on the spot (not counting all the ones dying later from their injuries), the figures are higher. Congratulations for your gratuitous hypocrisy, as there is no 'face' left for you to save. Having been for some time the 'least bad' solution to keep the country running (a bit) will, so it seems, remain your greatest 'success' ever, nothing to be proud of, IMHO.
  5. 418 dead on the spot, not counting the fatally injured who died later...
  6. The probability is indeed extremely low, but why did that ACM Jom feel the need to declare that to the media? In need of attention, feeling neglected? Not yet a member of the Junta or a Minister, is it? Poor chap. ...Just another decorated clown wanting his minute of media glitter? Sigh!
  7. Come on, when there would be the will and the means, what you propose would create the worst traffic cue in Thai History, with hundred of thousand impounded vehicles parked on the highways!
  8. Hmm, 7-7-7, is it? Rather 5-5-5, when not so dramatic! What a bunch!
  9. Veterinary hospital to care for headless cock

    Can't tell what they might be comparing with, though I have some idea, but: no Thai bashing!
  10. Veterinary hospital to care for headless cock

    Must be a huge market in this: can you imagine how many headless cocks there might be wandering around in Thailand? The other side of the medal being poor Thai citizens having to cue for weeks, months for a small surgical operation at State hospitals! Oh well, who cares about them anyway...
  11. Can't wait to see 'Big Joke' (he is one indeed) sell the rights to make a next insipid lakorn out of this! Just wonder whether he's going to share the rights with missy captain...? Anyway, when not waiting too long, she could even play herself in it. Oh, Thailand, when it's not a comedy, it is (as mostly, alas) a tragedy, but always in a 'played' (enscened?) way, ...as actors in front of the (always present) camera. Ah, but, wait, that is it: all of Thailand is like a bad soap opera (for the poor commoners, it's more like figuring in an early Chaplin still movie, but who cares about them...)!
  12. Some police officers want a new airco, ...some others a bodywarmer, question of taste, I'd say, ...'jokingly'.
  13. NACC Could Summon Prawit Over Watch Scandal

    Forget it, there won't even be a request, these NACC people don't want to compromit their own life prospectives and that of their offsprings forever, even when pursuing an ideal(?!), the power of reality cannot be ignored...
  14. NACC Could Summon Prawit Over Watch Scandal

    Could, would, should, won't, TiT...
  15. Don't incriminate the 'Thais', they are an invention of 'master-dictator' Phibun Songkram, to create an illusion of national cohesion to build up his total power, with bravery and courage as lollies to give to a diversified population kept at a level of knowledge below freezing point by the nobility cast before, already being replaced then by the new elite of chinese merchants which is, more than ever, dominating this country today. What is a Thai, outside of an individual holding an ID-card issued by a country called Thailand? Hush, don't say it too loud, as most of the flock has swallowed the bait, the hook and the line... Sad, really sad story.