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  1. I've shown pictures of that face to an uncle and an aunt, both (...quite old, but) respected 'shrinks', to get their 'on first sight' superficial impression about the personality behind it. Allow me not to go into details, their comments were simply frightening. Going a lot further than my 'gutt feeling', but not that healthy for me in the present local climate to epilogate about. In a nutshell, simply, a potentially dangerous person with a huge ego and deep perturbations...
  2. Who else not having just quark between the ears...?
  3. bangrak

    Prayut prayers ‘spare’ Thailand from Pabuk

    When 'uncle To' would REALLY believe the BS he's telling here is true, he would already be even more certifiable, and dangerous, than what I was afraid he could ever become!
  4. ...And you gave them a few 1,000 bills as reward, did you, or didn't you, erm...?
  5. '...Thai honesty and police helpfullness...': LOL! There can, still, be, a few, nice things which can be written about some Thais and even a couple of BiBs, but, please, generalising that is making it laughable and totally incredible exaggeration for anyone having an even quite limited experience in the country!
  6. bangrak

    Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    You must be right, as 'education' has never been a criterium lil' Poo was never exposed to being judged about... (Even leaving some 'foreign degree' issued by an unknow (venal?) uni where the fact she is, hum, 'less than fluent' in english while, possibly, eventually, having 'written' her endwork in that language, but never mind, there must be many thousands of other 'hi-so' Thais in a same situation...)
  7. bangrak

    Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    The only possible explanation for your 'existence' on TV is, no doubt, also 'politically motivated', and alas so IMO!
  8. bangrak

    Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    ...And how were they 'elected', when not in a ...corrupt way? So where d'you stand with your 'at least', hmm?
  9. bangrak

    Yingluck gets ready to make her move

    Yingluck ready to make her move': ah, yes? Where is she 'moving' to this time? Again over a border at night, hidden behind the frontseats of a Toyota, driven by a Pol Col? LOL! (What happened to that guy in fact?) As for her cambodian passport, she must have quite some other ones, like 'brother N°1' Thaksin. All from nice 1st World democratic countries, like Cambodia, Myanmar, Montenegro, Costa Rica, ? Zimbabwe? Would make James Bond jalous, LOL! Bunch of filthy rats!
  10. bangrak

    Election no later than March, Wissanu assures

    I remember the 'reborn' Pol Capt (etc, etc) Chalerm to have declared, a while before 2014, that he would take his own life when a certain something didn't happen within a certain delay. In the end, that certain something did not happen, but the drunk lunatic (run-away sentenced criminal, 'saved' by the statue of limitation) is, obviously still alive, leading 'His Master's Voice''s PTP campaign... I would like Dep PM Wissanu to take the same oath, to commit suicide when there is no general election before March 25th, 2019(!), and show that, though being another scum, he has some sense of honour, cut of better wood than Mr Earmedicine, and honours his promise. LOL, will never happen of course. Who would on a public market buy ANYTHING from a guy with that, erm, 'face-value', even very cheap? What a team of cartoon characters is calling itself(!) a government! At least Chalerm doesn't look like a dangerous liar...
  11. And never heard about LEASING either at the EC...!