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  1. Hush, Khun Eric, do you realise you are criticising the 'pretorian guard' from your dear Mr T? Beware, such sparks of honesty might cost you your job some day...
  2. Allow it to rust for ten years more... And hope they don't forget to first remove all the poisonous stuff the Chinese will have built their junk with...
  3. Morsi was not a great choice for sure, makes Thaksin look like an angel... But at which point does an army become the legitimity to intervene in internal, civilian, political matters? A BIG question! There is little doubt the German army should have taken Hitler and his bunch of lunatics 'out' when they started to rise... And IMO so the Turkish army should have done with 'Adolf' Erdogan when he became a danger for his nation (and for a large part of the civilised world)...
  4. 'The country's military need long-term supervision' is what I first read, but my brains are not working 100% anymore, and I must have had a small lapse forgetting where I was, though what I thought was written surely made a lot of sense, well, at least for people coming from first world countries...
  5. 'Filming' mafia mobbers doing their dirty 'jobs' is a very unhealthy activity about everywhere on the planet. The sad thing about 'banana' countries is that the members of police/army forces are the worst mafiosi around there (under the authority, and protection, of their uniform). This is no excuse for Thailand though to go on and on again with such despicable scenes, or then, at least, please do stop pretending to be, any bit of, a 'modern country'! Play your games, take the money, save your face, it's your country you're sinking to the bottom after all, just not do 'as if'! Why do you need lying about it anyway, everybody knows!
  6. The RTM already, for some years now, has a training school for submarine crews, ...without any submarine to train or serve on, but, hey, there's an aircraft carrier too, without any STOL plane left in service... The same story coming back, now underwater... Well, at least 'a bit' under the surface... The good side being that, whether some crew after having learned about the diving instructions, might have missed the course about re-surfacing (or some healthy sailors might prefer to sleep with the portholes opened...?) the probabilty of losing the submarine will be tiny, as over about 95% of the surface covered by the seas in Thailand waters, is so shallow even when at the bottom, the snorkle and some parts of the subs' structure will be visible at the surface... Or will there be another budget to dig some deep training 'pond' in some place, where the fishermen will not object? Thailand, the land of ... (fill that in for yourselves)
  7. The most sad thing being: you don't even need to have a 'junta' to have the RTA, RTM, RTAF, etc. spending loads of taxpayers' money in damn silly, unusable, 'toys', as the exact same happened under e-ve-ry, so-called 'democratically elected', government before! Then buying 'toys for the boys' to keep them quiet, now the boys get straight to Santa by themselves... Ah, when at least they would purchase decent equipment, even stuff they don't need, but no, it's all a bit about face, ...and a lot about commissions! At the 'basic' 30% rate, that's $131-mln, but maybe 'big brother' China upped it to 40%? ...Or mega-combinations, with railways, tanks, Dawei, who knows what? Selling out Thailand under a false flag of nationalistic pride? Could that be the 'rich making' hidden agenda of the leading 'big brass'...?
  8. Thank you RTP, you guys are, really, doing a fantastic job! Telling the press, us, ...and the 'Lao' (-very much Thai?) drugs' mafia, you're launching a fresh 'major operation' against them! When they were not expecting you too, now they're warned for sure, and have really no possible excuse left to be caught red-handed... Oh, my, the BiBs are, really, baking them even more brown than their uniforms! Dumb, dumber, the dumbest? All for a few moments of 'celebrity'(?) in front of the media? Is that it? All of it? Or had the 'baddies' been warned anyway by 'participating' 'big brass', brown or green well in time? And than, there's that guy, pretending to be busy eradicating corruption in Thailand... Better just let him write, silly, songs, ...but lead a country in crisis(!), hmm, I beg to defer... IMHO, the brains of retired 'big brass', RTA, RTP and associates, are much too tired after a long profitable career, and should better concentrate only on managing their ill-acquired wealth out of their resorts in natural forests...
  9. This 'clinic, as the possible other one(s) involved, is/are most totally right and are not responsible for anything! As we all know the semen collection capsules, the refrigerated container and the liquid nitrogen coolant are all for sale in every Chinese shop on the corner of each Soi... One of the sides of Thainess I hate the most: the 'it's not me, it's ...' factor (and it mostly works too, with the right contacts and influence...)!
  10. Erm, 'visits to her former constituants and supporters in Bangkok and other provinces', wouldn't that be kind of a political activity, but she is banned, isn't she...?!
  11. According to you it seems Bestlin and its subsidiaries are 'the nice guys' in this story, is it? Not to say the BMTA officials' reactions (or the lack of) have left an impression of fortitude, far from it (the 'commissions' paid in a deal of this size must be huge...)! But, allow me, IMO, to see a clear intent of defrauding the BMTA (the taxpayers) on the Bestlin & consorts side. So clear, the shadow-puppetry show with the ship, briefly, very briefly, too briefly, transitting in Malaysia, gives me the 'feeling' the Bestlin guys felt oh so safe nobody would stick its nose into their dirty game. To see it as pitch black as it, alas, often goes here, one might suspect that some people at the Customs Dpt. were maybe 'forgotten' when Santa Bestlin dealt the coocky boxes around (when not I guess we would never have heard about any wrong doing)... Though this does not make Bestlin &Co. honest and clean people, is it? Nor should it be an excuse for the BMTA to go on NOT doing its job in a decent and correct way. But what can the taxpayers, and many other public transportation users do against the 'mandarins' from BMTA...?
  12. It seems the previous posters don't care the tiniest bit about the fraudulent acts the contracted company (and its subsidiaries) are suspected to have committed, nor about the consequences of their despicable attitude! For their creature's comfort (do they make regular use of such busses?) or that of passengers in general? What a laugh! I hope the Customs Dpt goes on with its actions, as it seems the BMT has been tip-toeing a lot, in very indecisive way, who knows, because of some of the, very popular, donut boxes, or so, while the contract in itself could already (since the end of december) have been declared nil and void, but... It's a quite simple story though (well, for a Thai story...): BMT wants to buy NGV busses, through an open(?) tender company 'x' is selected to deliver the busses for a U/P of $$$, in the contract such busses are said to be assembled in Malaysia, mainly for better quality, and favourable duty inside ASEAN. The first batch of busses are delivered by a cargo ship, coming from the PR China, which has briefly, made a Malaysian port, where the busses on board of it(!) were unloaded, and at once shipped again. At the port of arrival in Thailand, the busses were presented with forged documents, claiming they had been assembled in Malaysia to avoid the, much higher, duties which would have been levied when the busses would have been not only produced (in the PR China, what was never put into doubt by any side), but also assembled outside ASEAN countries, for which preferential rates apply. What's all the hassle about? Well, that the cost, for the seller, of busses produced, and, assembled in PR China is much lower, and it 'seems' he attempted to make extra profit on importing 'finished' busses from the PR China, while pretending they were, like stipulated in the contract, 'built in Malaysia', while claimining preferential duties for ASEAN products. And, for the previous posters: the quality is worse, the security is less, the lifespan is shorter, etc., etc. But it doesn't matter to you, is it? Greed and corruption in Thailand, blah-blah-blah, but, now that, for once, an abuse(!) is documented, and pursued by some authorities, they should close an eye on it, seriously!? Allow me to call you a bunch of selfish (when you would really be using such busses...?) HYPOCRITES!
  13. What about a next regulation: no more than 2 persons on a motorbike...?