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  1. Simple Usufruct Lease

    Please can anyone give me a steer on an approximate cost for a lawyer to draw up a simple usufruct lease? Also, if I am allowed to ask this, is there a recommended lawyer ( The lady I used in the past, Sumalee, difficult to contact now, not taking much new business) I m just looking for a ballpark figure.....are we looking at 5K, or 10K.....or more? Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know of any pub or bar anywhere in Chiang Mai which will be showing tonights Ireland v Scotland game, other than UN Irish which gets too packed and rowdy. Kick off is 9.15pm so problem is second half of Rugby will clash with first half of 10pm Premiership Football. Sadly its not on True this year, so relying on any Rugby loving pub owners
  3. Peter Vella -House White - 5 litre Box

    Ah yes. Yet another example of the kind of inaccurate information so frequently seen on this site! ust went to a small Rimping and a big Makro and both stacked from floor to ceiling with all manner of different wine boxes!
  4. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    Maybe another Pizza place? Just whats needed. Theres only three other pizza places within 100 metres of this venue!
  5. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    It might have helped if the decor had been chosen by someone other than a blind person! Green tiles, yellow tiles, blue tiles, all kind of next to each other made the place look terrible before you even sat down! Next please!! Wonder who ll be the next through the revolving ( failing) door?
  6. Some very good photos, amazing how technologically advanced the new breed of cameras are..... it is simply astonishing what you can achieve even ( like me and I admit it) with limited understanding of aperture settings etc, but thats to take nothing away from dedicated photographers!
  7. Mystery Disappearance

    Next door neighbours operating very unusually in a very quiet domestic environment!
  8. Mystery Disappearance

    I live in a fairly high end Moo Bahn about 12 kilometres out of the city. About 3 months ago, the house opposite mine was rented by a somewhat unusual tenant(s)....unusual for a Moo Bahn, that is. This was a group of 3 or 4 young Spanish guys, perfectly pleasant, always said hello, didnt seem to be having a crazy dissolute life or anything like that, quite quiet in fact. Each had a motor cycle, no car in sight, seemed to keep the house fine and tidy. However. Heres where it gets curious. Every night round about 10pm, they all went out, returning in the early hours, maybe around 5am, but not looking like they were out partying, went out , came home, no "girls" in tow or anything like that. I know when they went out and came home not through nosiness, but beccause the collective noise of their honda clicks all leaving together then returning home together would wake us up. I have no idea what they were up to, none of my business, but it just seemed unusual and not quite normal. Then it gets even more curious. Last Sunday Morning, about 5am, we were woken by the bikes, and a car this time, leaving this time, not arriving home as before. When they left, the doors to the house were left wide open, the gate was left wide open, and according to Moo Bahn security ( who have alerted the owner), the house is full of things like laptops, wide screen TVs, etc etc, all belonging to them. It looks like they ve "done a runner", as the saying goes, but I m, yes, a bit nosy, but intrigued to know what they might have been up to, and why they ve suddenly disappeared leaving their possessions behind. You hear stories about things like "boiler rooms", and people running unlicensed language schools online without work permits.... but for me, thats all they are, rumours. All very intriguing, and yes, no need to call me a "nosy bugger"......I guess I am, because whatevers gone on has gone on right next door to where I live my peaceful and quiet life! Anyone want to throw anything into this mix?! Thoughts?
  9. Wing 41pass

    Turning into a farce now. You used to have to have a good reason for needing the Wing 41 pass. Now it seems anyone and everyone can get one, hence, massive queues, and mostly you need to go there three times, once to get the forms, again to register and hand them in, then again to pick up the passes next year! Think this will be my last time of bothering, so thats one less in the queues next year!
  10. Tour guide

    Very strong recommendation for an independent tour guide called "Timmy" she has a website, www.chiangmaidestination.com and I have recommended her to friends a number of times and all have been happy. If you "PM" me, I will pass on her email address.
  11. No. It seems Nat West is the correspondent bank for Bangkok Bank, not HSBC, and no, I didnt and never would, make my transfer in Baht, I made it in UK pounds as I always do. I have requested refund of the £35 due to their failure to notify me, but I m not holding my breath!
  12. I found out yesterday by a roundabout method having transferred a relatively small amount online by ebanking ( normal HSBC charge £4) and suddenly being hit with charges of over £40 ( on a £400 transfer!) that as of a couple of weeks ago, Bangkok Bank "no longer has a banking relationship" with HSBC, so now, if you transfer money from HSBC to Bangkok Bank it goes through "an intermediary bank", in this case Nat West, who then charge £35 for their "service". Thus, my fees for transferring £400 came to £4 plus £35 plus Bangkok Bank receivers fee of 200 baht.....a total of £44 for transferring £400 !! Normally, I dont transfer small amounts, normally transfer only 4 times a year, so now will return to that.....suppose £40 out of several thousand doesnt seem so bad! Anyway, "a word to the wise" as the saying goes. The thing that annoyed me most was that I spoke to "fairly senior" people in both banks yesterday about this mysterious £35 charge, and neither bank could tell me what it was. I finally found out from a friend here who had the same experience a couple of weeks ago whos detective skills are obviously better than mine.
  13. Laptop Repair Guy?

    Hi, For years have used the guy "Nik" who comes out to your home to clean up/ fix laptops. Many on here have used him. Sadly I seem to have gremlins again, but Nik hasnt been answering his phone the last couple of days. Can anyone recommend someone reliable, who speaks decent English, who can provide a similar service? I d prefer it not to be one of those stalls in Pantip Plaza if possible, never sure about them....they always seem to have totally disorganised places and like to deal with someone on a one to one if possible. Thanks, any suggestions gratefully received!
  14. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    Called by yesterday. First visit. Food OK, but the decor of the place is so vulgar.....nothing in there matches.....tiles in conflicting colours and patterns everywhere.....very nice retro American ads on the wall, but surrounded by silly little ornaments of animals etc.....I know its "the food that counts" but the whole place decoratively just bad taste. Maybe the owner did it on purpose? Who knows? Made me feel sea sick !!!!!
  15. Zoe Complex.

    Thanks, Kiwi, I ll take that as a compliment. I would be delighted if the Zoe s...hole and neighbouring bars are happy that I dont go there.