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  1. Laptop Repair Guy?

    Hi, For years have used the guy "Nik" who comes out to your home to clean up/ fix laptops. Many on here have used him. Sadly I seem to have gremlins again, but Nik hasnt been answering his phone the last couple of days. Can anyone recommend someone reliable, who speaks decent English, who can provide a similar service? I d prefer it not to be one of those stalls in Pantip Plaza if possible, never sure about them....they always seem to have totally disorganised places and like to deal with someone on a one to one if possible. Thanks, any suggestions gratefully received!
  2. Arizona Joe's Restaurant, in Kad Farang

    Called by yesterday. First visit. Food OK, but the decor of the place is so vulgar.....nothing in there matches.....tiles in conflicting colours and patterns everywhere.....very nice retro American ads on the wall, but surrounded by silly little ornaments of animals etc.....I know its "the food that counts" but the whole place decoratively just bad taste. Maybe the owner did it on purpose? Who knows? Made me feel sea sick !!!!!
  3. Zoe Complex.

    Thanks, Kiwi, I ll take that as a compliment. I would be delighted if the Zoe s...hole and neighbouring bars are happy that I dont go there.
  4. Zoe Complex.

    As it happens, I m not, I watch my sport mostly in the comfort of my home HD on Truevisions, but if push comes to shove, I d rather spend three hours in the UNIrish than five minutes in the god forsaken s...hole known as Zoe!
  5. Zoe Complex.

    "The grumpy old farangs glued to their football" are there because its a SPORTS PUB, not a bloody discotheque!
  6. Zoe Complex.

    Very strong rumour that the Zoe Bar complex and all the other bars on that plot have been served notice to quit. The whole area sold for redevelopment. The only uncertaity is when, three different versions of when, its either "one month", "Christmas", or "April next year". Personally, I ve got no problem with the continued existence of Zoe as long as they relocate to the middle of nowhere 15 kilometres from the City and take all their customers with them!
  7. Sorry, but I just get constantly annoyed by all the people on here who run the following two totally contradictory lines: 1. "Truevisions? Rip off, rubbbish, not worth the money....blah, blah, blah" 2. " I m trying to watch football on this ( illegal) android box thingy and boo hoo, it doesnt work very well..." You pay your money, you take your choice, but stop whingeing when the cheap option doesnt work very well!!
  8. Well done, idman, advertising that the place in question uses an illegal method to play his sports coverage! Not a great idea. So called android boxes provide illegal coverage!
  9. Agreed! Mad Dog otherwise known as "Dead Mens Shoes", youre only entitled to a seat if the previous occupant died recently! They look at you like the locals looked at the American guys in "American Werewolf In London"......oooh, ahhrr....youre not from round here are you?!
  10. The problems simple. Youre all cheapskates trying to get something for next to nothing then ironically whingeing when its not perfect. The reality is, like it or not, and dont have a go at me, the ONLY legitimate provider of Premiership Football, which they pay a fortune for, are the much maligned True Visions. Everything else is surreptitious illegal streaming, so if thats what you want, dont whinge when it doesnt work. Me? I pay the price to True and get perfect HD coverage all the time. "You get what you pay for" as the old adage says!
  11. Sigh......are you just being provocative or deliberately obtuse? Let me spell it out ( again). When you come onto the Samoeng Road from my Moo Bahn, you can see about 150 metres in both directions due to bends in the road. If some idiot is driving a big bike at 100 miles an hour he will be on top of you in less than 10 seconds. OK? Got it now?
  12. Yesterday, Sunday, I witnessed by far the scariest thing I have ever seen on Thai roads, and I ve been here 12 years and I ve seen some stuff. I live at Moo Bahn Sansaran, Nongkwai, the start of the "Samoeng Loop" road. As you will all know, the Samoeng road is a fairly narrow two way road, with turns on and off the road every few metres, with shops, restaurants, bars, villages, hotels, resorts, etc etc etc. On a daily basis people constantly turning on and off the road at very regular intervals, people just going about their daily business, including me. At about 2pm I had to pop down to the 7/11 just past the traffic lights as you start up the Samoeng Road, and in the little parking area outside the 7/11, there must have been about 20 or so "big bikes", all youngish Thai riders in their leathers etc. There was obviously some kind of "meeting/ day out" taking place. Suddenly, as I stood in front of the 7/11, I heard a noise I have only heard before when attending motor racing tracks, the huge roar of big bikes going at Formula 1 type speeds, and as I stood there, astonished, four bikes flew past the 7/11 and up the Samoeng Road travelling at, I kid you not, well in excess of 100 MPH. As they went by, you didnt see them as such, they went by in a blur. Now, bear in mind this is an extremely busy domestic road. My Moo Bahn entrance is about 700 metres past the 7/11. Had I pulled out onto the road at exactly the same time as these people, they would, at those speeds have been on top of me in less than 10 seconds! Before anyone thinks I m exaggerating, I promise you I m not. At the speeds these bikes were travelling, on the road they were using, I simply find it hard to believe that some accident catastrophe wouldnt have taken place soon after what I saw. I know this "big bike" thing has recently become fashionable for youngish ( affluent?) Thais.....just another way to kill yourself, I guess.....but is it now happening all around Chiang Mai? This was just mental. And by the way, yes, they could have been part of the "foreigner biker fraternity", but I genuinely dont think they were. I know quite a number of those guys, and simply dont believe that they would take the kind of "death wish risk" that these idiots were taking yesterday. Of course, it goes without saying, no cops anywhere to be seen.
  13. Head of Songtaew Co-op Chats/Shouts to Citylife

    Pim, Have you thought why outfits like Uber are growing in popularity? Its because they DONT rip you off, like Songtaews do, its because they are in fact air conditioned which songtaews ARENT, its because their drivers are invariably friendly and helpful, which songtaew drivers mostly ARENT, its because Uber have an app WHICH WORKS which songtaews DONT, its because with Uber the price is agreed in advance and not challenged at destination, like a lot of songtaews DO. Songtaews are a blight on the landscape of Chiang Mai, they are more trouble than they are worth, they are old, inefficient, polluters of the environment. THATS the type of article we would all like to read.
  14. Head of Songtaew Co-op Chats/Shouts to Citylife

    Pim, sorry, you are looking at this only through your eyes, rose coloured presumably, this guy gets away with almost everything he says, almost without challenge. No questions about pollution. No challenge about the assertion that many songtaews are "air conditioned" , how can they be air conditioned, they are open not closed vehicles, No challenge about the assertion that Uber etc are " illegal".....this gangster mafia bloke gets to make a biased public statement, was your intern paid a fee in exchange for all this free and biased publicity?!!!!!
  15. Looking for someone who can install guttering in a few places where the rain is worst.....its not the whole house as we already have it in quite a few places, just need some extra pieces fitted. Does anyone have any contacts or phone numbers to recommend, please?