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  1. EL159

    Sunday lunch Chiangmai

    Papa Rock just going through big changes. Nicky, the chef, has left, so "his" sunday lunches no longer available. I ve heard that "Papa Rock" as such is no more, and that the owners are changing the name and looking for a new chef.
  2. EL159

    My experiences with Thai Police

    The OP must either be very unlucky or very suspicious. I ve been in Chiang Mai 13 years ( and yes, in answer to another poster I do get around quite a bit!). Apart from the frequent checks you get in different towns if you travel during Songkran, I would estimate that I ve been stopped no more than five times in thirteen years. I drive confidently but safe, I drive politely despite provocation from crap drivers, an I live a normal healthy life. The OP had to effectively bail his pal out of jail at 7am. These days thats the classic drink driving scenario. I guess if you live that kind of life youre kind of asking for it! Not the OP I know, but I also havent had any of my friends banged up because I keep good law abiding friends!
  3. We had a firm of Air Con Servicers recently. The job takes an hour or so, so we left them to work. A couple of days after they had left, my partner noticed that a bottle of her perfume, Chanel as it happens, about half full, had disappeared. It could only have been them. In future, no worker on the inside will be left unsupervised.
  4. EL159

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    Here we go, right on cue, the "lovers" of this "chain" rush to his defence! "Best foreign restaurants in Thailand"? Youre having a laugh!
  5. EL159

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    Apparently the owner of "this chain" has a habit of threatening people who dont say great things about his places! Be careful!
  6. EL159

    Disappointing Night at The River Market

    Have given The River Market a few chances ( people visiting seem to want to go there). For me, and usually my visitors, the food is very average but dramatically over priced. Caters for tourists mainly I guess, if you live here, you can get far better far cheaper, and dont get me wrong, I dont mind paying good money for good quality, but this place is just bang average at best.
  7. EL159

    Pigeon feeding Tha Phae gate

    Weird sight yesterday at Thapae Gate.....A Chinese couple in full wedding outfits ( him in suit and dicky bow, her in full flowing long white wedding dress) were having their "pre wedding" photos done, leaning against the old brick wall in the square. In the foreground was the photographer and a Thai chap who was deliberately throwing down bird food right in front of the bride & groom, so that all the pigeons gathered there to be included as part of the wedding photos! Romantic wedding photos including hundreds of "rats with wings" !!! How charming and cute.....not!
  8. Next weekend, am taking the train to Lampang from Chiang Mai, returning the next day. I know the station has quite a big car park at the front, but does anybody know if its OK to park my car, leave it overnight, pick it up on my return the next day....in much the same way you can at the airport. This will be my first ever rail journey in Thailand, and anxious to do the right thing, and not get my car clamped or towed away! Thanks for any advice on this.
  9. EL159

    Pigeon feeding Tha Phae gate

    Cant understand the fascination for Chinese tourists feeding these filthy disease ridden health hazard birds. Are there no live birds in China for them to be so excited by this activity?
  10. EL159

    RIP Cloudhopper

    Is this the gentleman who flies/ flew a microlyte, often over my area near Hangdong, then made top quality videos of the Chiang Mai area generally? Or someone completely different?
  11. EL159

    5 Litre Wine Boxes.....Gone!

    Monday AM. The "new" replacement Montclair wine boxes have been spotted in a Big C. Previously 950 for 5 litres. Now 1000 for 3 litres. Approximately 60% price increase.
  12. EL159

    Tiger Kingdom in Town is it still closed?

    It closed because the couple running it ( husband & wife) had an acrimonius break up of their relationship. More than that I dont know, but that small snippet is fact.
  13. As predicted on here a while ago ( and which I was sceptical about) 5 litre wine boxes have virtually disappeared. Theres a few here & there, but most of the usual locations ( eg Makro) have none at all. Worryingly, Makro now has 2 litre bottles of the same "fruit wine" for 750 baht, making what was preiously 950 for 5 litres now close to 2000 for 5 litres. Anyone got any news? Will the boxes return but at a vastly increased price? Seems like everything we do that provides "pleasure" ( arguably!) being removed!
  14. EL159

    Simple Usufruct Lease

    Please can anyone give me a steer on an approximate cost for a lawyer to draw up a simple usufruct lease? Also, if I am allowed to ask this, is there a recommended lawyer ( The lady I used in the past, Sumalee, difficult to contact now, not taking much new business) I m just looking for a ballpark figure.....are we looking at 5K, or 10K.....or more? Thanks.
  15. Does anyone know of any pub or bar anywhere in Chiang Mai which will be showing tonights Ireland v Scotland game, other than UN Irish which gets too packed and rowdy. Kick off is 9.15pm so problem is second half of Rugby will clash with first half of 10pm Premiership Football. Sadly its not on True this year, so relying on any Rugby loving pub owners