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  1. I noticed today Leo,Chang and Singha drinking water maybe a way to sidestep these silly advertising laws.
  2. According to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy "Vogon poetry is, of course, the third worst in the universe" Maybe Thailand can now claim to be number 1 in the new hub of poetry.
  3. There are loads of "tailors" shops in the sois around the Tukcom parking garage. I have seen computer controlled embroidery booths at most of the big supermarkets ,they can do customer design
  4. What you really need to do is find the source of the dampness and stop it,applying sealers won't be effective at best it will just push the problem to somewhere not sealed then the paint will flake off in that location.
  5. I had the same thought , seeing as they don't seem to use damp proof courses or membranes and just rely on some "waterproofing chemicals" mixed into the render....most then tile the wall thinking problems solved but all that happens is the damp creeps up the wall...rising damp ?
  6. Water will find its way through the render and tiles.. One way to be sure of no leaks would be to use some of the 2 part epoxy roof sealer to line (tank) the wet room/bathroom, not sure if it can be tiled over though.
  7. A whole month of effort and everyone agrees with it ? Surely a miracle has occurred !
  8. The meter at main gate of the school my stepdaughter attends Jomtien Beach Apartment corridor
  9. Pattaya , Phattaya Jomtien, Chomtien Sukumvvit,Sukumwitt Puket ,Phuket Don meung, swampy Potato,Po-tarrto tomato ,tom-artoo lets call the whole thing off !
  10. Yes I often bark back at the mangy mongrels ,it dosent really seem to phase them much but the watching "not my dog" owners seem to find it highly amusing.