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  1. johng

    Windows 10 grrrrr!

    It might help if you let everyone know where you are located But normally ( in Thailand) there is a "Tukcom" somewhere nearby.
  2. johng

    325w Solar Panels for 4,999 Baht!

    I made a cheap charger from this diagram..and use it to trickle charge 12v car/bike batteries note this one is rated at 1.5 amps my 40 watt panel in theory can supply 2.28 amps and I managed to draw 2.17 amps (35 watt bulb) through this charger.....(heatsink got hot) your panel can supply something like 18 amps so an uprated design would be needed.
  3. johng

    Parks for camping? ~ 5 hours from Pattaya

    Do they have aircon in the cabins ? how can you cool the tent ?...maybe a "naturist" park would be a bit cooler at least in the neither regions.
  4. johng

    Thai Gov’t monitoring online information

    Everyone needs those special "they live" spectacles..instead of the rose colored "happiness for all" junta spectacles.
  5. This "beach nourishment program" has been going on since 2016. 2016 photo 2018 photo
  6. johng

    Suzuki GSX-R 150

    150cc is ok (ish) for me ( 500cc would be nice but they are all big heavy and expensive) 120KPH on Thai roads is already scary enough for me...... yes I'm still a child (at heart) plus small bikes are easy to park, easy and cheap to maintain,cheap to insure and tax. cost less to buy,use less fuel, My real ride. 16,000 THB 3rd hand My virtual ride
  7. johng

    small stream coming out of Aircon

    Yes but that trickle should be outside the building...not down the wall onto the TV and parquet floor ! [emoji1]
  8. I think they did/do brake down but at least you can fix it with a paper clip,duct tape and a few spanners at the roadside [emoji106]
  9. johng

    Balancing act

    You can't (easily) legally add a sidecar to a bike...Tiger company made for a short while bikes with legal sidecars...they appear every now and then for sale in the classified adds. Maybe look at the Yamaha Tricity 3 wheeler. Or just get the local sidecar fabricator to make one to your liking...and drive around regardless (like the food vendors do) but be prepared for some hassle from Mr Policeman now and again including contributions to his retirement fund. I hear they handle quite badly...top speed? well if it where me not more than 50KPH !
  10. 7. But as always at auction it depends how much 2 or more poeple who just "have to have it" are willing to go.
  11. johng

    Street-racer crackdown nets 203 arrests

    Yes the girls can be lunatic drivers too..but there are much fewer of them.
  12. johng

    new hot water install...

    My old Joven (on the left) had no built in earth leakage detection and developed a leak at the flow sensor switch which was in exactly the correct spot to come in contact with 220AC and then run down the water input hose !...I had installed an separate 15ma earth leakage breaker,but luckily spotted the leak before inadvertently testing it out for real.
  13. johng

    new hot water install...

    The majority of water heaters I looked at recently had a built in earth leakage device...its easy to tell without taking the cover off if one is installed because there will be a button labeled "test" and some mechanism to reset the safety switch...however I still took the lid off in the shop to check and also see if the heating element was housed in a copper or plastic jacket...plastic being the norm now on the lower priced units I looked at,sales assistant said plastic ones more liable to split/leak...? ? still I went with a plastic one as it was a "good price"
  14. johng

    325w Solar Panels for 4,999 Baht!

    Amorn should have some chargers.