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  1. The top blue oblong is to login if already registered. Second oblong down is to register via qr code Third oblong to register without qr code.
  2. johng

    Hazy days in Pattaya

    + the pesticides fruit and vegetables, mangy soi dogs, crazy traffic,unkempt pavements,potholed roads,floods and mains voltage wiring exposed on every street to name just a few more "small" problems/hazards
  3. johng

    Smog in Pattaya

    Indoors with doors and windows open from about 7AM this morning.. during the day I open the windows and doors to let in the "fresh air" in the evening close the windows and doors to stop mosquitoes, cut down noise from the Soi Dog Singers and Mr no exhaust pipe + turn on aircon to cool the place down. Maybe tomorrow.
  4. johng

    train journey

    South Pattaya train station !!! don't know if they really do stop there or not. https://www.google.com/maps/@12.9084646,100.9011023,3a,16.2y,45.88h,87.6t/data=!3m9!1e1!3m7!1s4lnVLmIpp9ig9CZNdq33fA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!9m2!1b1!2i50
  5. johng

    Smog in Pattaya

    This morning Na-Jomtien @ 9.15 AM
  6. johng

    Hazy days in Pattaya

    Monitoring truck or just a "home-brew" school project ???
  7. johng

    Hazy days in Pattaya

    Ok it arrived a little bit worse for wear although it was wrapped well (no box) maybe someone sat on it ! but was easy to fix just by re screwing the plastic screws ( bit of luck) at 6pm yesterday ok shut the windows and doors and fire up the aircon...with just a normal came with the aircon filter no special HEPA filters. After a couple of hours and in the morning it does indeed use the PMS5003 particle sensor and what looks like a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor ( so easy Arduino and Raspberry pi project compatible) This mornings readings ( @ 9.15 AM ) no aircon
  8. johng

    train journey

    https://www.google.com/maps/place/Yanasangwararam/@12.8030635,100.9167568,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x3102924e740bc0ab:0xf59ad8443d99796c!8m2!3d12.8014021!4d100.9224969 or street view https://www.google.com/maps/@12.8020709,100.9224138,3a,32.4y,159.91h,88.88t/data=!3m9!1e1!3m7!1sGmi_tZgK-nh3T2tkWd3FWg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!9m2!1b1!2i30
  9. johng

    Khao Soy 2019??

    as mentioned above https://www.google.com/maps/@12.9202911,100.8797787,3a,58y,353.3h,100.91t/data=!3m9!1e1!3m7!1sxEwOh3d4jJ_6LPjwY8Ix3A!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!9m2!1b1!2i30 they are only open during the mornings and close once they sell out..sometimes on a slow day they will still be open about 1pm
  10. You don't need a drivers license to buy a bike or car and/or register it in your name..you would need a "certificate of residence" ,work permit or "yellow book" to register it in your name..just money to buy it.
  11. Yes a terrible role model for anyone..let alone impressionable youngsters.
  12. Yes I use mine every single day.
  13. johng

    Tiny leak

    The best way would be to "open the wall" and replace the broken joint....but you could try some 2 part epoxy putty it will set in the wet but not under pressure so turn the water off for a few hours to allow time for it to dry a bit.
  14. johng


    Unfortunately the "government" can't even organise an election..so probably private individuals/industry initiatives would be more viable.