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  1. Yes after the warranty period you can do whatever you want...the manufacturer takes no responsibility ..just service it at the recommended (or sooner) intervals until it goes "kaput" Even then to "recondition" the engine is not too expensive...or just transplant another engine and carry on driving (not sure if there is actually a "carry on driving" film )
  2. johng

    Nitrogen vs compressed air

    Ok maybe they leak the 20% oxygen slightly faster. 5psi per day I think is not normal. 100% nitrogen is used in racing because of its pressure stability at higher temperatures which racing tyres have to endure.
  3. johng

    Nitrogen vs compressed air

    There's no benefit unless you're driving a F1,Nascar or Le Mans race car. Normal air we that we all breath and is pumped into tyres is 78% nitrogen already.
  4. johng

    Ikea recalls bikes over safety issues

    Instead of drive belt could of just used the very reliable metal chain.. PS IKea please implement a modern day online payment service...its no good requiring your customers to physically go to your store (in Bangkok) to pay for stuff ordered online...how much business have you lost through this antiquated requirement ?
  5. Ok I bow to your superior wisdom, [emoji106] I thought it might have been an old report slip too but wasnt sure.
  6. johng

    Cops Want Pro-Election Activists Jailed

    They staged a coup to thwart elections...then continually lied about holding elections again year after year..but yes lock "em up" those lying coupster dinosaurs..the true seditionists.
  7. Did you apply for an extension of stay after returning or did you have a re entry permit ? Maybe a photo of the "folded paper" would help answer the riddle.
  8. johng

    Cops Want Pro-Election Activists Jailed

    After (the good spanking) she could be Thailands second female prime minister..if I had a vote she would get mine.
  9. johng


    It appears to be an add-on package ( with Ip-phone number ) choice of free calls within Thailand from 06-00 till 18-00 hours outside those hours 1 baht per minute calls to mobiles an extra 1 baht per minute calls to 3bb,AWN and TUC an extra 1.25 baht per minute except if its in local area then its 2 baht per call extra numbers are 200 baht per billing cycle ( monthly) or choose ToT 3g 3GB (cellular phone)( suspect only 3 Gigabytes data per month) and 100 free call minutes per month for as long as you subscribe.
  10. the certificate I got from Jomtien immigration does not state a purpose...just confirms the visa details and address,there is no expiry date stated either just a date of issue.
  11. In the video someone says about turning off the breaker...but it probably triped out itself and light went out.
  12. if you go just after expiry you'll get almost an extra year free. you could have gotten away with 1 original and 1 copy of the residence certificate. you need copies of the old licences too I seem to remember , take the original licenses and original passport too ..just in case.
  13. We can only hope they want to meet him so as to give him a "very stern talking to" and that there are protesters waving pinocchio placards where ever he goes.
  14. johng

    Transfer of title for motorcycle

    Yes easiest to use an agent I'll post my collection of files for you here too Vehicle transfer2.rar in case your feeling masochistic and want to do it yourself !!!!