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  1. Yes too many people nature will eventually find a way to equal the balance....why all the hoo ha about C02 but nothing about population controll ?
  2. Excel is still very widely used Perhaps you confuse it with lotus 1-2-3 ?
  3. I think Kodi will still need Thai fonts installing (though maybe on latest versions they are pre installed ? ? ) Somewhere there will be a setting to change the Unicode encodings try UTF-8 or TIS-620
  4. They don't have to go that far to "change history" just a install a small bronze plaque in Bangkok.
  5. A new word "Hubiness" to be fully returned in 50 years..not long to wait.
  6. They probably want to know if you want the mandatory minimum government required insurance "por ror bor" or if you also require additional insurance too You can have both the first is mandatory the second is voluntary. A bit like third party fire and theft VS first class fully comprehensive insurance.
  7. If you take it to a testing station with the cog wheel as shown in khunBENQ's post they can do everything for you, you just have to leave the blue book with them for a few days costs 200-300 baht extra for them to do all the running around.
  8. The one I had experience with wasn't so good ...there used to be lots of them all along that road...a few of them must have been ok and maybe still trade ? Another place I know of is at Na-Jomtien on Sukhumvit heading towards Sattahip just before the Alangkarn theater Cheap and cheerful, real wood but towards the lower end of quality.
  9. All the shops along Theprasit road gone ?
  10. Just eat with the supplied hand full of chili's and pickled ginger should kill off most stuff.
  11. I saw in TOPS supermarket (Pattaya) they had a genital deodorant spray in the "men care" section !
  12. The new film "hub" of South East Asia. Bigger than Hollywood and Bollywood combined.[emoji15]