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  1. You might be able to sneak in a mention here maybe Dave. If not I'll say I remember fondly seeing Lam,Mary, Snowman ? and Sek Loso live at the Blues Factory.
  2. After extensive restoration...mine look like this [emoji14] [emoji3]
  3. johng

    Car insurance renewal for financed car

    I think the finance company may require a first class or fully comprehensive insurance policy but you should be able to choose which company provides the policy...why not ask the forum sponsor AA insurance for a quote.
  4. It could be soap powder residue so try hot water and soap with a soft(ish) nail/scrubbing brush... if not colour it in with a black felt tip pen
  5. So they have repealed the strange laws that say an owner of a "projected species" tree (teak ,rosewood etc) can't cut their own tree down let alone saw it up and sell it ?
  6. I assumed the same about whether military tanks are legal to drive on the road and the one about a vehicle with no windshield being illegal but no lights all ok ! !
  7. You could get some Wifi dimmers and control the lights from your armchair.
  8. Maybe because the law says (at least used to) that if the road is blocked by other traffic motorcycles can use the pavement ?
  9. johng

    Best Motorcycle Dealers for Used Big Bikes?

    There is a Kawasaki "big bike" dealer on (southbound) Sukhumvit road just north of the South Pattaya junction.
  10. I wonder if he came home and exclaimed "Ohh my Buddha"
  11. johng

    Water tank suction?

    All still there just where you left them
  12. johng

    Changing the shower head and cord.

    @DrTuner is correct teflon tape will not seal the joint.