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  1. johng

    On days or hours that alcohol can't be sold

    Hey that's an idea I might just try it.
  2. johng

    Auto Re-Spray Mitsu Triton

    Yes I'll ask as soon as I see her... here is the respray used to be black no dents but the clear coat had gone
  3. johng

    On days or hours that alcohol can't be sold

    Even the 7/11 opposite Ambassador (Ruskie cen-tun) stopped selling on the last "big Buddha day"
  4. I was watching "wheeler dealers" last night Jaguar XJC...was said to be notorious for cooking batteries...the factory made a battery cooler box with automatic cooling fan.
  5. johng

    On days or hours that alcohol can't be sold

    The seller of the alcohol can get a hefty fine...quite a few ignore the time limits but recently most shops stop selling on prohibited days...there seem to be a lot more undercover snitches willing to inform the authorities... [emoji30] [emoji90]
  6. On Friday this caused a very long traffic jam almost all the way back to the Wat Na-Jomtien traffic lights...took me 30 mins to get from Alangkarn to the Bahn amphur lights.
  7. Get a gas powered water heater and/or solar water helper which could even just be a big coil of black water hose put in the sun all day.
  8. johng

    Auto Re-Spray Mitsu Triton

    My next door neighbor recently had her truck totally resprayed for 18,000 baht. They did an impressive job...she said it was so cheap because she is friends with the paint shop owner...so I suppose it would normally be at least 25,000 baht.
  9. FT is the Fuel Tarrif...as a lot of electricity is produced using gas and oil the tariff raises and falls depending on oil price...though very delayed as the pre buy and have reserves...+ - government subsidies.
  10. The problem with glass is its heavy,breaks easily and is very dangerous once broken.
  11. johng

    E-cigarettes set to be legal in Thailand

    I hope they do a somtam and pla-ra smelling juice to really upset the "non smokers"
  12. He, he we used to do that too, after my parents put a lock on the phone dial to try stop us from ordering takeaways delivered to someone else. My father worked for BT and eventually (after some silly phone bills) had one of his colleagues monitor the line...we got the shock of our life's while tapping the phone and a very stern ladies voice bellowed down the line "stop doing that"
  13. johng

    Transfer of ownership farang to farang

    You might want to redact that a bit better Dave....but anyway its the same as I posted above there is no mention on the certificate about a "purpose"
  14. Believe it or not there is already a Pattaya train station....well in fact just a sign and strip of concrete..dont even know if the train actually stops there [emoji47]