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  1. Yes wide angle lens (attachment) Tukcom still seems to be thriving..the old "bo bay" market next door to Friendship has been demolished and a new hotel is under construction.
  2. some from Center Condo South Pattaya Road
  3. SORN

    There is no SORN....if you dont pay the road tax,they will want the years you haven't paid to be paid before updating the blue book and giving you a new tax disc...the penalty for back payment is miniscule,paid at the time you make the back payment.
  4. NSR 150RR ....Help Needed....

    150cc 2 stroke manuals parts and service for NSR and others. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1XIFy-iDDDfcDI0UXZrakNLaGc
  5. NSR 150RR ....Help Needed....

    The bike should still rev to the (near) red line even without the "power valve" being operational, Its purpose is to try and even out the delivery of power from the engine (power band) without it most power is produced in a narrow rev range (normally at the high end)
  6. shouldn't have shoved a metal spike up the muffler and hit with large hammer then to the original poster maybe the clutch is slipping if you ( or someone) put the "wrong" oil in the transmission it can be too slippery. oil needs to be API SG.. no higher than G or JASO MA SAE 40
  7. She isn't his daughter but his sister.
  8. Better (by the smallest margin) to lay flat on the floor.
  9. No jumping doesn't help one bit....proved by "the Mythbusters"
  10. Maybe they didn't need any of the Thai language documents ? I dont know but find it hard to believe they would have just excepted her passports. Also I forgot to mention that I also submitted copies of my parents council tax and phone bill even though it specifically says not to in the guidelines document. The only documents signed where offer of accommodation,support letter and the actual visa application.
  11. My wife just got her 3rd UK visa. 6th October I submitted a letter of sponsorship with copies of my passport/visa pages and copies of my bank statements. A letter offering accommodation during the trip from my parents. Copies of marriage certificate,house book,chanote,ID card,copy of letter from wifes employer stating salary her old and new passports..as we need to be in the UK by the 15th I paid the extra 8549 baht for "Priority" service got an SMS on the 9th October to come collect passport. crikey that was quick !! All documents I submitted where copies and none in Thai where translated to English. the staff at VFS did ask some questions but there was no questioning from the Embassy.
  12. You realise of course that both political sides gave voting "incentives" one side consistently wins elections the other side loses then calls for a coup.
  13. Parking Bali Hai

    The "Park" no trees no grass !
  14. I went to my nearest 7/11 yesterday evening and asked about paying road tax and insurance......the man from 7 (Del Monte)...he say yes !
  15. In the video still image...I see a "lucky" lottery number....355