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  1. Hold on wasnt it Thaksin who launched the first Thai satellite ?
  2. Splitter for satellite

    Don't forget another length of RG6 Coax cable 2 x F connector and some self amalgamation tape to seal F connector at LNB from water damage.
  3. These days with everyone having a smartphone its almost impossible to stop photography I was told no photos in Pantip Plaza years ago with a 35mm film camera ...at the golden stupa on sukhumvit 99 I sneaked a quick snap while the security guard was otherwise occupied in 1996.
  4. Splitter for satellite

    It can be done but....there are horizontal and vertical polarization and 11 /12 ghz frequency switching (and maybe C band if its a big black dish) Short answer get a (more) multi output LNB then each receiver can control H/V and 11/12 ghz independently via a separate coax feed cable. At the moment your 2 recievers are competing to control H/V and frequency one will always loose.
  5. Higher numbers are better
  6. stop feeding street dogs

    Sometimes dogs will eat feaces then go and give their owners or anyone else a nice lick
  7. Thought it was one night in Bangkok ? makes a hard man humble Not much between despair and ecstasy.
  8. Those plastic chairs go brittle after a while of UV exposure and not very sturdy to start with. Looks to me like the bloke who gave the first chair breaker a kick for knocking the bin over later on got some cosmic payback !
  9. the first one was best.. I saw it happen to a very fat foreigner at one of those all you can eat BBQ's he rolled around like a turtle on its back couldn't get up by himself..I know its cruel but I laughed my self to tears as did everyone else who saw it...sorry no video.
  10. No don't think so...just a very badly written article. she is scared the drug addicts would take the money she earned from selling nuts and use it to buy Ya Ba
  11. Hey I guessed right there he is again in the black t shirt I liked their first album Smile Buffalo พ.ศ. 2538 they had a hit with "too good" track number 6. ดีเกินไป
  12. Don't know if their still going or not but there was a Thai rock/pop group called Smile Buffalo maybe Chet is a member ?
  13. New Honda Rebel 300 & 500

    Must be a "win" motorcycle taxi !
  14. Muse Pass: Enter 63 Museums Nationwide For 299 Baht

    Why shove it ? "It’s a steal, as a single adult museum entry can cost over 100 baht, and more at museums with dual pricing for foreigners. What do foreigners pay for the 299 baht pass? Answer: 299 baht." It seems like a fair deal to me same price even for those not so scrupulous double charging places.
  15. Rice rains on PM Prayut (VDO clip)

    seems the rice diagnosed the problem correctly.