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  1. That is what 90% of Thai dog owners say when their "not dog" causes an accident,barks all night,poops everywhere or bites someone.
  2. Time will tell, but I doubt anything more than the Naval regatta will happen..the market was a no go from the start as they cleared the area under the pretence that it was public land and was to be turned into a "Public Park" shame that the park that was there is already a white elephant "robotic parking garage" the marina was derelict before it even opened but is now semi used.
  3. Thai TV on Kodi?

    thanks working..but some buffering for me using the shortened links direct in VLC maybe because its the highest quality stream.
  4. The reason the boats and tractors are back on the road again is due to bad government policy in the first place...the boats where evicted from a perfectly suitable launch at Bali Hai pier...to make way for a navy shindig this November.
  5. Foundations for wooden decking

    I completely overlooked the cement fibreboard lookalike wood...wouldn't it crack/snap very easily without lots of support ?
  6. Used car transfer / registration?

    If the car is registered in Bangkok ie Bangkok plates then you'll either have to change names (registration) in Bangkok or go to the main DLT in Chonburi province..not the one near regents school and ask them to "move" the registration to Chonburi then you can change names and get given new number plates this will take at least two trips. Chonburi DLT Pattaya Banglamung DLT there are loads of "agents" milling around outside the DLT or go to one of the testing centers across the road displaying this sign to get some more prices 7500 seems a bit high to me...but maybe they can see a problem somewhere and have included that in the price they offered ???
  7. Foundations for wooden decking

    I would go for concrete slabs foundations make sure to keep the wood out of the wet ground and treat it to prevent rot and insect attack ....metal will likely last longer If galvanised or powder coated but cost more and harder to install.
  8. Thai TV on Kodi?

    Thanks will check it out.
  9. Receive Australia or UK Radio in Thailand

    If you have an Android device go to the playstore and search UK radio.
  10. Vinasat 2 and CTH

    According to lygsat CTH still broadcasting maybe out if date but... I cant check. https://www.lyngsat.com/packages/CTH.html
  11. Vinasat 2 and CTH

    If those CTH boxes where updating the transponder/ channel list over the air OTA then its quite possible that they could have sent a kill signal but more likely is the transponder settings changed and CTH didn't/haven't/wont update the OTA signal (didnt they go bust ? ) Manual tuning of the reciver maybe possible but very time consuming and if the box tries to OTA at next power up all setting might disappear again...always try to get a receiver with "blindscan" capabilities and ideally a way to connect to a PC so settings can be saved edited and easily restored...a lot of the boxes supplied by various providers seem to be reliant solely apon OTA , to lock the box to that particular provider ?
  12. Very difficult to secure a bunch of metal bar,tube,box section with just straps they are quite slippery,there should be a physical barrier front and back to stop the innermost sections (or any other one) sliding out ,or once one goes they can all go.
  13. Yes should have just run straight over the dog...no need to try and stop as it shouldn't have been let loose on the public highway in the first place. Of course the "not owner" of the dog will deny all responsibility but try to claim compensation for dead dog.
  14. Thai TV on Kodi?

    And another 3HD #EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="" tvg-name="" tvg-logo="" group-title="PSI IPTV",3 HD http://symc-cdn02.bkk01.violin.co.th:1935/liveedge/307947436081_300/playlist.m3u8
  15. Thai TV on Kodi?

    can you be a little bit more specific google says thaidreambox About 60,300 results (0.57 seconds)