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  1. Every ones giving advice no ones asking ...WHERE....WHAT ISLAND. ??
  2. Well that's creative ...JoMTB...... other thoughts ran along the lines of the --we dont know, but the TV is 2 way.....
  3. Working with Weinstein----- Channel 4 last night. It might be worth a look...if you are not already over your amazement that some older guys actually like to bang young girls----and even stranger tooooo, some young girls will come to the party ...if (they think) there is a small Hollywood film part involved. New TV record---1 million viewers on first showing.........(how do they count TV viewers ??) http://deadline.com/2018/02/working-with-weinstein-doc-secures-just-under-1m-viewers-with-new-revelations-and-interviews-1202297590/ International Breaking News News Channel 4 Harvey Weinstein Working with Weinstein
  4. Marcella -- new series started last night UK-TV 8 episodes http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5269594/
  5. I dont think that's correct halloween...(although they certainly can not tell if you just defaced the vote paper, when you have entered the booth.) The compulsory vote as I am sure you know is for a reason that has nothing to do with representation or with Democracy....Just with the amount of money each vote is worth. Yes, under federal electoral law, it is compulsory for all eligible Australian citizens to enrol and vote in federal elections, by-elections and referendums.14 Feb 2017 Voting within Australia – Frequently Asked Questions - Australian ... www.aec.gov.au/FAQs/Voting_Australia.htmView Similar Sites
  6. Angel taxi ?

    No Angel.... but 2nd choice maybe.......all women drivers..... http://www.namstaxipattaya.com/services https://www.facebook.com/ladydriversthailand/?ref=ts
  7. Your on a winner Jeffrey---the meds are always the most expensive part of (long term) treatment---yes its a good hospital, excellent doctors most who have worked overseas so can speak English well.
  8. I have been registered there for some years Jeffery-- but its never been free for me--(the heart hospital you mean?) Its not expensive, but I have to attend every 12---16 weeks for a check.EKG sometimes scan etc. I think even Thais have to pay for medication -& the doctor part isn't expensive. I am also registered in Udon Thani, been having Physiotherapy + heat treatment on shoulder there weekly, ----cost per session with the Physio 170 Baht
  9. So I am told PEE TEE...of course I have no personal knowledge of anything illegal ...but I am told 10,000 not the 70K that he paid...... once again I have no personal knowledge.......but you might want to check your PMs.........
  10. Have some more thoughts PEE TEE.....most of us that have lived here for some years are looking at that quote & saying....gosh you paid much to much for a retirement visa...............
  11. I dont know why your freind lost his residency--maybe you want to expand on that--- but it seems you (like me) have done that route, so its strange why you do not seem to understand why so many people (especially Irish) do not want to stand up and swear allegiance to the queen of England. Maybe when Oz drags itself into the 21st century they wont have this problem. I really dont know why this situation (with this guy) exist , but for those who feel its a smart move. Please reflect that they have taken a guy who was probably paying $3-400 a week tax, and replaced him with as family --solo mother 3 children who they will now have to pay about $5-600 a week
  12. Review of Bangkok’s awesome coin deposit machine excites million Thais Wow easily excited aren't they-- I have seen the same type of machines in large UK supermarkets for at least the last 10 years. (Sainsbury's etc) They sort your change out and issue a docket that can be used for goods, redeemed for cash or sent to one of the 10 or so Charity's they have listed on the machine.
  13. Did you not read the story apalink....he is British..... British Embassy/Support now there's an oxymoron for the day............
  14. If you are into house renovations....by amateurs...Last night Channel 4 UK The £1 Houses: Britain's Cheapest Street Liverpool City Council are selling off derelict houses - for just £1 each. The houses haven't been touched for 10 years, and the buyers must invest their own cash to renovate them, which is at least £40k. If the work is not completed within 12 months, the council can take the houses back, with no compensation. The Wavertree area is renowned locally for crime, drugs and anti-social behaviour. This was Shot over 2 years, but they do not say how many episodes there is...... Comes with Hard English subs, of course, .....it is Liverpool....la