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  1. He was probably picking up on the fact that most of the Whining comes from the UK ex-pats...............Come on TKD.....where you from.......
  2. Of course he would Steve.....without even leaving his Keyboard ..... I think Its Alt--Ctr-Y to deliver the death blow.......
  3. Q/ How many high security prisoners does it take to change a light bulb.... . .......one to fake the orgasms..... one to find the G-spot...one to ask "Is it in yet"?....etc ....etc
  4. Its gone........... sorry to the others that wrote---didn't come back onto TV till late. -------------------------- Just watched the film Dunkirk. There was not one person seen to be smoking. Political correctness in charge..........
  5. Oh you are on it--newatthis... yes plenty of free leeching anyway... find some real gems programs..also I like doing some of their crosswords quizzes etc
  6. Guys I have just the 1 invite to that site--(UK TV) if you want, have to give away as when they issue them its just a 7 day thing-- if anyone wants, it also has to be sent from me by e-mail.....any mail is fine, just PM me
  7. Well that's it then Dave....your be a shoo in when they start, just leave the name of the bar your at and I am sure the Chines engineers who know absolutely nothing will beat their way to you.......
  8. China's rail system---wikipedia---Certain mixed use freight and passenger rail lines, that can be upgraded for train speeds of 250 km/h, with current passenger service of at least 200 km/h , are also considered high-speed rail. If anyone does not consider 200--250 Klms high speed, then OK..maybe you need to get a rocket....I dont know where you come from but certainly not from riding the rail systems of the UK or USA Who is building this project Who has built the biggest HS-rail system in the world in their own country then built so many other systems all around the world-Africa/Turkey etc. And what bar fly's are telling us this can never be done---(once again) yer I wonder who to go with on this one. . Of course its going to take freight as well--all I day I hope, & so do all the people in Issan hope. We watch Daily as hundreds of 18 wheel truck trailers make their way up the highways to try to keep up with a land locked country that is growing at speed--& takes so much of Thailand's exports. If that rail system can cut that road traffic down by just half--driving will be wonderful.
  9. Killer baht bus driver captured at border

    If they were handing out 500 Baht fines....I dont think he would be fleeing the country...
  10. Hollywood have been quick to cash in on the announcement that Jerusalem will become Israel's new capital. . Return of the rabbi will begin filming soon...................
  11. Utapao: The new terminal, the old immigration

    Yes Jacko....and all the planes that were leaving were full of bombs....1/ If you really want to do an honest comparison--Take any country in Asia--and give a Secondary Airport that is great to land at. A shortage of manpower when more than a few planes arrive--sure that can happen at the main airports--will & can U-Tapao handle great numbers---yes of course it will--it was the only "Bangkok" airport operating at one time---2/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U-Tapao_International_Airport 1/---In 1965 the US government gained the assent of the Thai government to allow US to upgrade the airfield and use it to support combat operations in Vietnam. 2/ With the temporary closure of Suvarnabhumi Airport and Don Mueang Airport in late November 2008 because they had been occupied by anti-government protestors, U-Tapao became for a time Thailand's main supplementary international gateway.
  12. Utapao: The new terminal, the old immigration

    You would like to Compare Utapoa with Hong Kong--not some of the many like sized secondary Airports in Asia........OK Were you in Asia 19 years ago when Chek Lap Kok opened --I was living HK then, I thought they did a great job in moving it--but teething problems, yer they went on for quite some months and had the usual whining & complaining........Oh maybe you were around then......
  13. Yes I got the same treatment...but I think a little lost in translation.. Him-: Do you have anything in your bags that I should know about.... Me-: No nothing that you should know about... Him-: OK have good stay..............
  14. Jerusalem Score Update: . Moses 1 Muhammad 0
  15. Siam Legal--used to have a blog on here where people would asked them questions... all English speaking--- and their site deals with usufruct and wills I should imagine that they would be quite pricey, but dont know--I have never used them, & I always thought that making a will here was way over priced. https://www.siam-legal.com/