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  1. Acrimonious Divorce

    It seems your in for a long messy & expensive divorce-- and you may decided that suicide is the best & only way out….. Then all you need to do is talk her into it….....
  2. Silom

    Cloud 47 roof top bar now closed down-----
  3. Silom

    Thank's guys---sorry for delay in thanking--been traveling, I did check before I left & there was nothing so thought --maybe I should have wrapped this post up in a "I think my girlfriend is cheating on me- & where do I go in Silom thread"---then looked through the 120 page replies. . Thanks for your contribution Buick--I will take a look for the freelance boats in that area--the hotel I just checked into --the travel desk is asking 4,000 for 2 hours. I did see cloud 47 roof top on the net---liked the look of it because they call it a casual bar---the only other one I had been to was the Zoom bar when my wife had to go into the hospital near there. ; Again Thanks..............
  4. Silom

    Got some friends stopping over from Oz on the way to the UK-- they have booked a hotel in Silom for 5 days. So I will also book in there--I dont know the area much, (or BKK that well--been last 15 years in Issan) I can pick up some stuff from the net, roof top bars etc. I would like to take them on a river cruise-- are the private owned long boats in a special area, would like to take them up some of the klongs where people are still living, what would be an average 3-4 hours rate to pay.? I know PatPong is in the Silom area, been over 12 years since I have been there----but I believe the night market is quite good--and of course they will want to Gawk at the sites, but there has been so many stories about bars doing a rip off that I'm worried about stopping for a drink in any of them-- but recommendations if you have any please. Massage in that area--I mean he is really into good massage, he pays about $90 for his 45 min sports massage in Oz. Or anywhere that you think would be of interest that I could have missed on the webb. -------Wow 5 days in BKK...after years & years in Baan Nok. Thanks guys.
  5. 'Regency for Expats' medical insurance

    If your under 60---yes I really do recommend them--because then your not dumped--ever-- its true as with all Insurance companies over 65 they dont publish rates---so you can be priced out of it. But when you are with them --they do seem to take that extra step, I had a bad accident after being with them for just 3 weeks. Flown down from Issan to BKK for facial reconstruction. All insurance companies deem that you can not claim for the first six months, the girl at Brumangrad entered my card by mistake--they (BUPA) phoned the hospital and told them they would pay for everything as they deem it an accident not sickness. I haven't been their best client--seem to have a run of stuff happening the last few years---I watched them get ripped off by the hospitals, once they know you have a good cover. I wish they would bring out another policy that does not include the BKK/Brumangrad hospitals--would be a cheaper rate. Also wish that the government would get hospitals to give basic care policy to Ex-pats in their catchment area-- I am sure they would come out of it with a profit. Just basic--and if you want your own room etc--then you pay up more--but at least you know you will be accepted. Still as my Irish mother would say---If wishes were horses--beggar's would ride.
  6. I know how she feels-------For years I kept hearing my late wife's last dying choking words--then I decided to change my ring tone.... ......
  7. How do they get on with all the movies that are out this year---there must be about a 100 salutes in that Dunkirk one----do they cut it to pieces ??. ... I often wonder if Hitler would have been nicer to everyone if just once in a while someone had High-Fived him back?
  8. Yes they have done some long over due updates halloween--- but most of those are great for banks etc---but that's not usually where they float them-- normal traders etc wont pick up so much on security changes, like a thread etc. For some reason there seems to be so much resistance to any change in the $$ format...everything the same colour--& everything the same size, (which must be a nightmare for your blind population) --- even the UK is now changing to a plastic note
  9. It's really time America did something about the ease their money can be copied---all bank notes the same size--Bleach the one dollar and you have the genuine paper etc....I dont know for a high Tec country why they do not have plastic notes..
  10. 'Regency for Expats' medical insurance

    Oh it's just BUPA's policy......if you joined after 60 years---then they finish with you after 70 years---it was explained to me at the time---but that was way in the future--so nothing to worry about....then in the blink of an eye--I'm 70, ...They said they would do one more year if I needed, they have been quite good & I would recommend them to join (to anyone under 60)
  11. Thai wife false accusations. Trouble ahead?

    Yes --having great fun at the moment as my wife is going through ...."The Change"...da da dar... The air con goes on & off about 40 times a day....It's to hot....it's much to cold...(how can it ever be to cold in Issan) Where do you want to eat tonight ? You Pick it will be fine.......I pick it's not fine. Anyway if the OP is looking for Good T.V advice...(hows that for an oxymoron) Its never run away from your problems.........It's so much faster to drive..........
  12. 'Regency for Expats' medical insurance

    Not so much feed back is there--- My friend just joined , but he done little research...well like none. I have just been sacked by BUPA, so was looking around for another company, I'm 69. They are aggressively advertising this one--(like every time you go on YouTube...etc) no one else a member ????????????
  13. Is it worth coming back with all those hassels overhanging you....? There's other options with Vietnam etc going ahead. . I knew of someone in a similar situation who just changed last name (UK -by deed poll )--says if asked he would have told them---but apparently no one at entry asked. But of course I wouldn't advise anyone to do anything----that is not 100% honest in Thailand
  14. I am very pleased to announce that I am to be President Trumps new pre... . ....what ! ....gotta.....what ....right now ??????..................
  15. Transfer Fees 2017-18

    Cutting and pasting a joke----& didn't even see it------ can't win anything today........