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  1. Thanks Gregster.....I see it was only released 5 days ago......& I did miss it......so much going on
  2. Knock at the door came out 14th of May was put on the internet (by one site) 15th May 2018. Keep telling everyone the site---they are taking on members now....go ask.
  3. Yes great series Will27---although there are complaints (in the UK) about the amount of times Nicola Walker is being used in the TV program drama's. Good actress though. -------------------------- I also like true crime so I caught up with the last episode of "Catching a Killer"...Chan4 (they dont put many out as some last for over a year before being concluded) ----This one was called ---"A knock at the door." Don't want to post spoilers on it---- but this was one of most saddest crime programs I have watched in some time.
  4. both site names just above your post Andrew................SSSSsssshhhhhhh
  5. tvchaosuk.com has them all faraday...I will try to get some more invites until then http://www.magnetdl.com/t/the-detectives-inside-the-major-crimes-team/
  6. About Magnate links-- I have used them instead of torrents for some time , because they tell us they are safer from viruses/faster then torrents...etc, in fact I was reading an article that TPB, (that has always run magnet links next to the torrent) might just move away from torrents altogether in favour of them. Its the little picture of a magnet next to the torrent. What I didn't know until a few months ago --is that they kept everything that was turned into a Magnet link onto their own site---its a treasure chess for stuff you can not find anywhere else.
  7. Or you can join the one site that downloads everything that is on the UK TV --that includes the news in Welsh etc.....just everything and goes back into the 60s for their programs. Covers the UK 100% just minutes after its been broadcast. Including all radio programs....sit and listen to Billy cottons band show.......if your as old as me.
  8. Thanks will27---there are 2 covering that.....just lately a series "The Detectives: Inside the Major Crimes Team" has an episode just on that murder
  9. Gosh......what a amazing revelation........
  10. sanuk711

    Fewer Posts on ThaiVisa These Days?

    I think your right on that--- have a friend who cant sign in until he admits he has done something wrong..... he had one of the highest % of (agree) reputation post I have seen on here.....he still logs on occasion, to check the TV page..... but he isn't allowed to post.......& that mod has long gone.....madness.
  11. Hi dukeandduke.......thanks for that, I know what you mean by the chip count--but I think the prize money might have moved on a bit though, according to the guys running the commentary the winner doesn't usually get under 8-10 million loser 2-3 million. Interesting watching it, (as a guy who wouldn't even buy a Lotto ticket) they do seem to develop a 6th sense ...(sometimes) and a pay off as far back as 560th in that last report..... A NEW JERSEY man who just became this year’s World Series of Poker champion and pocketed more than $8.1 million says he’s “really happy” with how he played but he’s “pretty tired of poker at this point.” https://www.news.com.au/sport/more-sports/world-series-of-poker-rookie-scott-blumstein-last-man-standing-and-81-million-champion/news-story/f96e8c850b797a65f9f2224ec884580a And back a bit...... In the 2005 Main Event, US$52,818,610 in prize money was distributed among 560 players, with US$7.5 million as the first prize. The 2006 Main Event, won by Jamie Gold, is the largest single poker tournament by prize pool or by entrant numbers in history; Gold pocketed US$12 million for his victory. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Series_of_Poker
  12. sanuk711

    Permanent resident visa

    You do not want to go the marriage visa route for some reason ...??
  13. I have been watching the WSOP---World series of Poker, I dont play but its fascinating the way some people can read others body language, you have guys turn up in oversized dark glasses hoods pulled up wont talk just grunt, other's very gregarious --pots in the middle of $100,K or more and sometimes they will stare at the guy for 3-4 minutes, say yes/no and usually get it right. Of course you know all the cards as the tiny cameras pick them up when dealt, & the screen is showing what the odds at the side are as the lay down the extra cards (Texas hold'em) The commentator going through the Players Bio is amazing, some guys in their late 30s/40s will have a career winnings in the $30 million or so---. More than some tennis players, & a little better than climbing into a UFC cage--- and this is their declared earnings, they must attend a lot of "private functions" The program are 4 hour sessions for 4 days then the final...(which of course is the most exciting to watch) but if your just into finals---you can go back and pick up 2017/16 easy enough
  14. Jack Irish Jack Irish is back--(Guy Pearce) in TV series not movies-----6 episodes First last night. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4905554/?ref_=ttep_ep_tt
  15. You go to her place every day......and sit there all day, and nothing is said between you both ??