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  1. Hi, it's still me, I cannot edit this, I added...his girl. I am frightened of getting bitten, is there a Vet or someone, who could attend him, I am willing to pay. A reasonable fee.
  2. Theresa May. MAYBE,? After my winning the vote to lead this government , I of-course have the task of pressing the trigger, to begin the exit from Europe. So, as I see the many problems caused by this poorly explained And planned referendum, ( the most important change to our life, since the end of the Second World War.) I propose putting to my government, a vote, to re-run this referendum, in order to get a proper mandate from our people. As now they are much more understanding of the consequences, of exit or stay. With just a minimal win, of only 75% of our population, with the very big threat of break-up of the U.K. Not alone Europe, most of the voters, regret the way they voted, I wish to see the people's mandate carried, either way, only then as your Prime Minister, Will I be happy to lead this country forward. Whether in or out. I do not wish to be the for-runner of the break-up of the U.K. Caused by a poorly run "stay" brigade, and a strongly run "out" brigade. Let us now have your decision. I ask all to vote. Yes all. L Written by her.? No, not Theresa, just me, an old fart, now 70, in the autumn of my life, but Very concerned for the future of my 3 Grand children, they have now, cheap food, in plenty, life's luxuries , in plenty, all protected by a combined Union My youth was different, dad worked hard, but little food available, luxuries were Orange juice, armed borders, no travel. Countries fighting each other. If you want us "OUT" then let's vote out, by a true majority. This way our new Prime Minister, can get on doing the normal job, not spend all her time on splitting up Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. If your with me, share, if not bothered, .........O Dear.
  3. Hi, this is my first reply after reading any story, I have gone through similar, but not married. My advice is. Give-up. If you go ahead, and pay it off, first it takes 4-6 weeks for the blue book to be sent to your wife, the owner, they will not put it in your name. Then her family will advise her NO. If you try to get her to transfer or sell it to you. Even if she did, you as a farang cannot own a car, unless you have a residence here. I take it, you will not, since she gets the house. They would not let you use a hotels address. I am lucky, I still stay here for 6 months of the year, with my family, fairly happy, as she promised yes, she will transfer, but now it's paid for, I am happy to leave it in her name. And still enjoy her, the family, the house, and of course the car.
  4. Lesbill

    Korat bus station to Don Muang airport - Advice Please

    Hi, I use the standard vip bus, (about 180 bht) it stops. At Rangsit, and Don Muang On route to Mochit, just tell the bus boy/girl.
  5. Hi, JohnnyHK, nice you have an interest in my quiery.? I talked it over with my wife, she has promised to change into my name, When the little book is received, about 3/4 weeks, after finance is finished. I beleave her, we have been together now for 10 years, Living in the new home I bought for us and her two sibs, she looks after me very well, looks after the house, I know when I Bought it and furnished it, 4 aircoms etc etc, over 2 mil Bht risky I know, but had 10 fairly happy years, saved me that much on Hotels restuarants etc. As I said before, I spend 2X90 days here (in the winter.) with the odd visit, in between, now on my 56 Entry into LOS. Yes have a bit of experience. I eat, and cook Thai food, I am now 70, have family in UK, and Mexico. But my Love of Thailand, keeps me happy. The few downs I have living in Khorat, is lack of decent restuarants, when we need a treat, But cook every night at home, hate Western food. Also miss having friends around for dinner, etc, don't have any UK pals in The area. Where are you based, as a lot of the comments made, appear to be from the usual old Thai-lady bashes, who run all relationships Down, would love to meet a likewise Farang. Cheers.
  6. You cannot get finance, if Farang , unless you work/live here. That's why. After 5 years paying, her promise of yes will change Name, gets a little thin,
  7. Thank you, (the cruncher). That's what I have been trying to find out.. So shall have to wait for title book, keep fingers crossed, and Hope she will change it. Mmmmmm. Great site though. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks for reply, at pres, with one payment to go, it is owned by Toyota finance co. On completion, they will enter my wife in the book as owner No. 2. I want my name as owner No.2. Instead of No.3. More easy to sell with few owners. Last year I wanted to drive to Malaysia, but must own car outright, in your name. This is one reason, other mmmmm trust. House, everything in her name, A little bit of security if....... PS, I am not legally married, just the Buddah party, but 10 years on. I spend 6 months here, and same in UK with my grandkids etc. Thanks again.
  9. It in my name, Toyota finance say ring Bangkok, been trying for days, anyone Changed to their name, ? Before the little ok is sent to her, which would be in Her name. Of-course. I feel if this happens, she will not change it to me.
  10. Lesbill

    Schweppes Tonic

    Hi, had same prob, in Khorat, finally found some new sized cans in the Mall, here. In packs of six. How else can you drink your Gin. (Medicine) fed-up of hearing, " no have"
  11. Lesbill

    cheap hotel in korat?

    Hi, I live 10 km South of Khorat, there's. A new resort name Tokio, I km from me, rate about 350' it's new and plush, a little quiet, but on the baht taxi run, 8 Bht to the Mall, about every hour. If you mean in the city, they are 600 to 900 Bht Why not rent a room in city, my pal got one for 2k a month, a couple of years ago. It was only a short walk from the Mall I live on rungnirun. 8 nr Saranari university. I am British by the way, retired, and spend the winters here, and summers in UK. Hope this helps. Les