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  1. When Is It Time To Leave?

    How can it help breathing in one of the filthiest areas in the city? To the OP. I used love bangkok when I was just visiting 15 years ago. At that time I was stupid and thought the city will be like Singapore or Taipei in 15 years. No, this is one filthy city with no rules. What does it matter if you live in Ekkamai condo, but when you go out it's a filthy unsafe world? I have always lived in big cities and can't imagine living in the village, however, Bangkok is plain unsafe and dirty. The only redeeming value are its people.
  2. And if you choose option B, you will be also getting laid by Thai women that are only interested in the payment at the end of the session. May as well stay in UK and jerk off to porn as I honestly don't see any point in shagging hookers at your age.
  3. It's funny to read how many filthy old men who post here complain about grown Thai women having the mind of a child (many posts and threads throughout the years are made about it on Thai Visa), yet when it comes to sex with a 15 year old, suddenly she is fully developed, willing and ready. The hypocrisy is disgusting, but not surprising.
  4. Would a good girl do that?

    Jesus wept? How old are you? Serious question. Thai Visa post surely can't get more dumb than this. Also, did you ever have a girlfriend before Thailand?
  5. They take take the worst from Western culture and keep the worst from Thai culture. My ex, who was a fine individual and did it her own way getting Canadian citizenship (without the help of any foreign mug) and really hated Thailand with passion told me this when we broke up "I'll always be Thai"
  6. Bass Player Wanted

    Hey I'm a legit Bass (uni degree and all) player and I agree. Hell, even our teachers has a saying when we were tuning up "good enough for jazz"
  7. Well, all I can say that uk is pretty backwards if that's the case. You see....in Canada I make an "election" to change my primary residence to a rental and do the same when I move back. This letter that I send to revenue agency guarantees that I will have to pay no capital gain tax when I move back into my primary residence.
  8. Would a good girl do that?

    Yeah....you can keep this stick on the heels
  9. Help me decide about long stay location

    Been to both hotels when I was burning my SPG points. Rather disappointing experience. Dumped my SPG gold for Hilton platinum and have been enjoying great views and nice rooms for 30% less.
  10. Op hasn't been back......Thai friendly freelancers are keeping his imagination alive.... Come with me And you'll be In a world of pure imagination Take a look And you'll see Into your imagination We'll begin With a spin Traveling in The world of my creation What we'll see Will defy Explanation
  11. All right.... I'm gonna do that sharpish
  12. You pay tax during the years you rented it out. Of course, you will pay no tax if you don't sell it.
  13. I think your post is wasted on me because i was actually agreeing with you and mocking the other guy.
  14. This. Seriously..... you don't pay capital gains on rental property, hahaha and lol. same in Canada and I assume same in Australia or NZ.