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  1. Maybe the entire article went over your head.
  2. It gets boring to read statements like yours sometimes. A lot of people don't want to buy poor quality real estate which they don't even own. Some would rather still have it in their own country and reap the benefits of full ownership while enjoying the benefits of the first world country should they decide to ever go back.
  3. theguyfromanotherforum

    Running Shoes - Jomtien / Pattaya

    What is trash to you? Asics are often on sale at the big malls starting at around 2000b. This is the only brand I trust with my feet.
  4. theguyfromanotherforum

    Filipina Flight Attendant Breastfeeds Passenger’s Baby During Flight

    Surely there were some Japanese women on board that could have offered to breastfeed the baby!
  5. theguyfromanotherforum

    Edible Pizza

    I ate pizza in Japan. The one where you sit in the restaurant and make your own. I forgot the name. This is nowhere the same like Pizza in Japan. Did I say it's revolting Wouldn't pay 1 baht for it. I am surprised a man of your hiso statue is calling this Pizza decent. Now I do buy some crap at Yamazaki from time to time, like their ham sandwiches and those coconut flavored muffins and apple pies at their sister store Saint Etoile, but that pizza man
  6. theguyfromanotherforum

    LOS alternative

    Canada. One you apply for a settlement visa you can stay forever and get a free healthcare to boot.
  7. theguyfromanotherforum

    Best Shop for PS4 Pro and Accessories in Bangkok

    I am a PlayStation fan to this day, but I don't understand why would you want to pay a premium for this already obsolete system. Regular PS4 is fine or if you are into 4k Xbox 1 X
  8. theguyfromanotherforum

    Edible Pizza

    That Yamazaki pizza is revolting. I would actually rather eat Pizza Company. That's how revolting it is.
  9. theguyfromanotherforum

    Patpong ping pong

    Did you try Penthouse Letters?
  10. theguyfromanotherforum

    Hospital in Bangkok under fire as injured woman dies

    Aha.... that's what they say
  11. theguyfromanotherforum

    Thailand restaurant review

    7/11 and Santa Fe the close 2nd
  12. theguyfromanotherforum

    Am I glad I didnt miss this DISCOUNT

    Yes, near my wife's house in BKK there is a market about 3 days a week. Everything is so much cheaper even compared to Big C including a better quality coconut which I can often get at 20 baht each. The problem with this arrangement is when I need to buy milk for example, I can't be arsed to make a separate trip to the market, so everything gets bought at Tops/Villa/Gourmet... where ever I'm shopping at. The heat and distances are sometimes brutal.
  13. theguyfromanotherforum

    "Jeb, Jeb, Jeb, Jeb" when gently probing her ...

    My ex had a stage one cancer there. She told me she had checkups at Thai hospitals before and they never found anything. She went to Bumrungrad and they were able to diagnose, cut it and treat it.
  14. theguyfromanotherforum

    Am I glad I didnt miss this DISCOUNT

    Is this a legit olive oil?
  15. theguyfromanotherforum

    Nvidia Shield (2017)

    This thing is now on sale for 139Us/179Cad. What kind of games does this thing support?