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  1. theguyfromanotherforum

    Thailand - Not for me

    I did a road trip similar to yours with my then Australian wife just after we got married. It was awesome. Probably the best memory I will keep until the rest of my life.
  2. theguyfromanotherforum

    THAI Smile lifts standard of in-flight service

    I like all 3 of them
  3. theguyfromanotherforum

    Thai baby lie?

    More likely she doesn't need him as there will be 10 other suckers taking his place with bigger wallets. Why be with Cheap Charlie Falung
  4. sorry, but what I gather from this video is that "millennials" are not the whiny ones complaining about dual pricing unlike most TV posters
  5. theguyfromanotherforum

    Maryland woman kills three people and herself in warehouse gun rampage

    What's her skin color?
  6. Perhaps he was ronery after all....
  7. theguyfromanotherforum

    Thailand - Not for me

    I don't drink wine, but I noticed that many TV posters "whine" about the price of Wine. Just sissy drinks for me.... like Baileys for my coffee.
  8. theguyfromanotherforum

    Thailand - Not for me

  9. And how out Thai Visa Adonis looks like? We would like to see a pic of a hunsum man
  10. I am a real sucker for crooked teeth like this. I mean is there anything sexier on a woman? Oh, what I would do to that fatty.... why fix when it ain't broken.
  11. theguyfromanotherforum

    North Pattaya mall and hotel set to open

    Free aircon
  12. Yes, that was really a smart thing to say. Congratulations.
  13. I'm in Toronto right now and there are extremely good looking men and women working as bank tellers and other entry level positions. These are young people doing young people, entry level jobs. So, you know when they get a bit older and uglier they will be moved from these positions to back office. I guess you're are over 70 and haven't been back to your country in decades?
  14. Oops, someone put all their money in Tesla shares.