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  1. theguyfromanotherforum

    PHOTOS: Pattaya Bikini Beach Race 2018

    I never knew they sold so many hamburgers in McDonald's.
  2. Why didn't she scream and make a noise at the airport?
  3. theguyfromanotherforum

    Do you really like living in Thailand?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you just say rich Thais don't like to work? Is your girlfriend the same? She will expect you to be the "leader" if you know what I mean. You should google the word because that's what better off Thai women will use instead of support. I had a pretty well off Thai woman in Canada. She still expected me to be the "leader". She dumped me and I'm sour grapes, but I noticed that her husband now is some failed real estate agent and surprise, surprise.... she is a real estate agent too. Sorry, but I am in no business getting someone a job. Good riddance, after all, I guess. Anyhoo.... I completely understand the rest of your post. I am originally your poorer neighbor from the east of Italy with the same mentality. Bangkok is a joke, but there is something that keeps me here..... the mess....the hypocrisy..... the life. I like the noise unlike the boring, suicidal life in Canada. You being from Italy, you don't have to go back to Canada, but I do. You're lucky.
  4. No biggie, the toiled probably overflowed.
  5. theguyfromanotherforum

    SURVEY: The Royal Wedding -- did you watch or not?

    No. And I don't have a life.
  6. theguyfromanotherforum

    Coach carrying Taiwan tourists engulfed in flames on expressway

    Wow. Safety first
  7. theguyfromanotherforum

    NE live in village monthly

    Blah, blah, blah..... non lazy, respectful people don't ask for money.
  8. theguyfromanotherforum

    Pursuing the Digital Nomad Lifestyle

    yes. #meetoo However, the reality is quite different. I'd venture to guess most digital nomads are living of their parents allowance while getting paid $100-$200 a moth with their youtube and blogging experiments. There's one very young guy in Hua Hin... I think he is a video game tester and makes well over 100,000k ($US) a year, however, this is a job he brought from United States.... not something he found while dicking around Thailand. I have also set up my business in Canada and brought it over. I did it for a few years while still paying tax back home and stopped....as there are "trust" issues once you cross over to a third world country. I'm not saying what I did.... it's with computers but it's not programming. Anyhoo.... good luck. Like with everything, if you suck at work you won't succeed. 90% of people suck at their work.
  9. theguyfromanotherforum

    Private comprehensive medical insurance for thai

    And how do you get insurance after the fact?
  10. theguyfromanotherforum

    Racist dual pricing for massages now?

    This is why I live in Bangkok. In 4 years none of this stuff ever happened to me.
  11. theguyfromanotherforum

    can i use a us currency passport in karon Bay ?

    Wow.... I just googled this. The card is a major ripoff - 5.5% forex fee, inactivity fee, reload fee..... bthere is a $20 withrawl fee. I'd take my money and run. Thing is, card terminals in Thailand can be very picky, so I am not sure if this card would work.
  12. theguyfromanotherforum

    Thai personal trainer or expert for stubborn Thai wife

    Seems like you got a pet. Keep improving her and she'll find another owner.