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  1. No its very simple , Neo Nazis are Neo Nazis !
  2. A zealot is a zealot , religious or otherwise , they should not be anywhere near the corridors of power.
  3. Does that measurement make France a bigger net contributor than the UK....No !
  4. The points were made , you quoted them !!!
  5. It was stated that France was a bigger net contributor than the UK , that has been shown to be incorrect. Per Capita would make little difference as the French population is only about 1 million larger , nowhere near enough to leapfrog the UK. Per Capita would of course lift the likes of the Netherlands but that is irrelevent to the UK / France discussion.
  6. Some articles put the Netherlands 3rd and France 4th , its a tad confusing. Pretty clear though that Germany followed by the UK lead the pack.
  7. '' The lady doth protest too much "
  8. The majority of British people ( who bothered to vote ) asked to leave.
  9. Put the word ' some ' in front of English ( or more accurately British ) and your post will no longer be ignorant nonsense. It would however still be pointless as I could simply substitute 'European ' to the same effect.
  10. You come across as very bitter , why is that , is your country going to lose out somehow ?
  11. Did you actually read the Express article ?
  12. Not correct , Uk is a far bigger net contributor, even allowing for our rebate.Literally dozens of articles confirm this via a simple google search , data up to 2015/16.
  13. Its all hyperbole and sword rattling. If no deal is achieved we still leave and both sides lose .
  14. Excellent article the main points of which have been articulated many times by members on this forum. Of course they are usually just dismissed as the bitter rants of ' Thai bashers '.One hears so many grandiose ideas proposed by the authorities but the fundamentals of education , lateral thinking and languages , are never addressed. One might think that certain people dont actually want change in the country !
  15. Pretty much every developed country has social healthcare , try to ditch the dogma and grasp reality.