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  1. Apparently so lol.
  2. KKD I like your posts but you are being pompous here , perhaps I was also so lets call it quits.
  3. Have a bit of dignity and put your political bias to one side , this story is outrageous enough , it doesn't need cheap shots or conspiracy theories.
  4. You seem to be the one with the fixation about ' rich people ' , I am condeming the system rather than the individual.
  5. Yes it does and I will be happy to be the executioner if you guarantee the following ; 1) Everybody convicted is guilty. 2) The murder rate doesn't actually increase on the grounds that one 'May as well be hung for a lamb as a sheep '. The second point is critical and explains why so many crimes that once provoked a Capital sentence , over time no longer did. If one was to be hung for , lets say , robbery or rape , then it made sense to remove the key witness , ie murder the victim.
  6. Sean you are missing the point by the proverbial mile. Nobody , anywhere , should get a get out of jail free card simply because they have wealth and influence. It happens worldwide of course , to varying degrees , and probably always will , that is no reason to accept it. Ordinary people have little power other than to express our scorn and disgust , it is the right and proper thing for this to continue.
  7. This is a perfectly understandable reaction but in practice would lead to huge amounts of rape victims also being murdered.
  8. The problem is that shutting down live streams on Facebook would simply encourage the maniacs to use Youtube , Twitter or another platform. There needs to be industry wide safeguards but likely opposition will come because of censorship / freedom of speech concerns. There are analogies to be made with the gun control issue , just as many would claim ' guns dont kill ' , nor does social media .
  9. Its awful but the internet makes us lazy and sloppy , so much for my grammar school education lol.
  10. And yet it is their opinion , not yours , splashed all over the
  11. Sorry , I didn't actually mean to include your post in my quote , my bad !
  12. Oh dont worry , I think plenty are boycotting you already. When the powers to be attack Human rights groups , it is a sure sign they are hiding the truth.
  13. Pure garbage ! Latest odds are 1/16 May, Corbyn 10/1 . Irrespective of media bias , your so called news is demonstrably fake.
  14. Its sad you dont recognise dignity though that explains your support for the orange clown. Trump isn't fit to tie Obamas shoe laces let alone govern the USA.
  15. Absolutely I would , Corbyn for example is a carbon copy of Michael Foot who was humiliated by the British electorate just 35 years ago. If we dont learn from the mistakes of the past we are destined to repeat them , its not difficult to grasp. If anything the Corbyn supporters are even more insane , they simply have to look across the water and see what a mess Hollande ( with very similar policies ) has made in France. Insane of course is an emotive phrase , but blinkered and ignorant ( of history ) are indeniably accurate descriptions of those who swing too far either left or right. Of course voters get exasperated sometimes with the mainstream ,which ls what the extremists thrive on. Sadly though there is seldom a quick and beneficial fix in politics , Trump is just the latest to prove the point.