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  1. Damn those ' European Socialists ' who think that childrens lives are more important than the right to own weapons of mass destruction....damn them !
  2. Exactly the same freedoms as the USA but without the annual cull of school children.
  3. Premchai defers his meeting with police to March 5

    All so predictable...
  4. Experts rank Trump as worst president in history

    Its relative, simply put Trump has made Obama look a lot better.
  5. Yes something does , shame that Trump and most of Congress are shit scared of the NRA.
  6. More pertinently the organisers didn't pay up when asked !
  7. Im sorry but this is the kind of post I would expect from an apologist , its not true.The average western tourist or expat (Farang if you like ) tends to appreciate the environment and abhors the tons of litter seen all over Thailand. The Thais themselves are by some degree the worst offenders and by way of ignorance ( they simply haven't had much overseas exposure until recently ) and sheer numbers , the Chinese will present a big problem as well. There may well be certain littering Farangs but a comparison with Western tourist spots shows who the major culprits are.
  8. Well as the economy is booming and the PM is so popular I am amazed he has not yet set an election date , clearly he would win easily...
  9. Trump had affair with Playboy model - New Yorker report

    You seem to be under the illusion that the evangelists are NOT raving hypocrites , perhaps an unwise assumption !
  10. Yes whats the world coming to when a lying , adulterous, hypocritical , president is held to account.
  11. You make some good points ! Although there are some very brave local organisations speaking out the international NGO's seem happy just to drive around in a new Lexus and not rock the boat. As for the aid giving Western governments , especially the USA , I have long suspected that they just want the old tyrant to keep quiet and are happy buying him off. Hun Sen , both figuratively and literally , knows where too many bodies are buried.
  12. So was it just a single punch or was he stomped on ?