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  1. As opposed to the 'righties ' who show their maturity by driving into and murdering folk !
  2. Yep in London his visit is the talk of the town , knocked the royal wedding off the front pages !
  3. Leaving aside the legality , didn't Trump promise to drain the swamp ?
  4. Its a big fat nuffink burger....trust me !
  5. Nothing to see , its just a big fat nothing burger with a side helping of fake news. Once Merika has built its wall , made gun ownership compulsory and restricted voting rights to those with an IQ below 90 , Trumpy baby will rule forever !
  6. Leaving aside this particular case , is it not a good thing for enquiries to be far reaching. One only has to consider the Chilcot report , after 7 years of investigation nobody was taken to task because such action was outside the original remit (lol ). Unless an enquiry has a broad focus it becomes a whitewash , utterly pointless.
  7. So its just certain areas of the swamp that you would like drained ?
  8. Yes I believe the pokers are being heated as we speak !
  9. Yes the Chinese hold all the aces and will influence Kim far more than the US will. Peking will be happy for Trump to get the twitter glory , they know who the real winners will be.
  10. The North Korean official news site and a withering statement from its foreign affairs spokesman is not credible to you ?
  11. Your example works well for hotel occupancy but is flawed when considering the overall logistical impact of large scale tourism. The obvious example is overcrowding at the airport , one Western passenger ( staying 20 days ) is more manageable than 2 or 3 Chinese passengers accounting for the same time period. TAT itself recognises a further problem , short term visitors tend to visit the same areas and attractions ( Bangkok chiefly but also Phuket , Chiang Mai ) wheras longer term visitors move further afield. Consequently the later group distribute their spending over a larger area and cause less over crowding and environmental pressure.
  12. Thanks for that , it very much confirms what I thought. In short the average Western tourist stays twice as long as his Chinese counterpart and spends overall 50 % more.
  13. It would be useful to have these numbers cross referenced with length of stay. My experience is that the average European would stay 2 -3 weeks on vacation , if the average Chinese tourist stays as long then obviously they are more valuable.
  14. I will ( excluding air fare ) spend approx £3000 on a months trip , £5000 on my last 2 month stay . The average 4 -7 day Chinese zero tour guy will be spending a fraction of that and they constitute a large percentage of the increased footfall. In addition the repeat /long term visitors have often previously done the ' tourist trail ' and do not contribute to the mayhem now apparent at certain beaches and sites.
  15. The daily spend may be similar but the average Western tourist certainly stays far longer so will undoubtably spend more.