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  1. May you live an interesting life !
  2. I find it astonishing that nominations to the Supreme court have become so utterly politicised. I take no sides in this , it seems both Democrats and Republicans resort to the same dirty tricks , blaming one more than the other would be just a childish display of bias. Nothing , seriously nothing , safeguards freedom more than an independent judiciary , politicians should have absolutely no say in selecting candidates. It is of course nearly impossible to find people who have no bias whatsoever but some have enough integrity to put personal views aside. These are the judges who should sit on the bench of the supreme court , not lackies who will toe a particular political line.
  3. Any stunt.....what like blocking Obama's nomination you mean ?
  4. So you feel Nixon was unfairly treated also ?
  5. Oh he will be long gone by then I assure you. Like his beloved Fuhrer , he lacks humility and the the grace to admit being wrong.
  6. Oh dear , lashing out with insults now , seems you are in your death throws , just like your messiah !
  7. No he is just sticking to his script . What price a young girls reputation when a few baht is up for grabs !
  8. My experience is that if an opinion is voiced repeatedly and in the strongest possible terms , there may be an ulterior motive. Have you not found this to be the case or do you think that everybody works by a set of rigid principles that must be defended to the death ?
  9. You are in no better position than anyone on this forum to guarantee anything , simply a display of bluster and bias !
  10. Sunni or Shiite , your post makes no sense without that clarification.
  11. A prediction ; No meeting will actually take place between Big Joke and the alleged rape victim. Only the generals explanation for the cancellation will be reported by the thai media. Any alternative explanations will be referred to the relevent authorities with a view to possible prosecution under the computer crimes legislation.
  12. Any of the murders would serve the purpose !
  13. Oh come on Crabie , you know full well that these things are cumulative . Been plenty of boat accidents and Chinese tourists drowning before the last major incident , but that became the tipping point.