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  1. Phuket is vastly overdeveloped but it is a big Island and still has some nice spots , I would take it any time rather than an Isaan dustbowl village. Frankly a lot of members ( not all ) talk nonsense about the island and I suspect would love to live there if they could afford it. Not having a dig at you in any way , just a general reflection on what I consider to be an unfair stereotype.
  2. Well the pimps are pretty much all Thai as are the majority of clients.Oh and Farang authorities come down hard on those involved, regardless of how connected the accused might be.
  3. If I made such a remark concerning Thais , or indeed any other race of people , I would deserve to be roundly shouted down. The only people who think this girl tarnishes all Farangs are ignorant bigots.
  4. Just a further example of ' face ' from your wife , only peasants use public transport lol.
  5. What a truly laughable post , utterly ridiculous , you ever been north of Bangkok ?
  6. Yes because otherwise everybody would be jumping with joy at the suspension of democracy and forced military rule.
  7. Myself and 2 friends nearly got wiped out on Sukhumvit this way , lucky to escape with a glancing blow. 2 cars had stopped but a pick up just rushed up on the outside lane , ignorant , thoughtless , selfish scum !
  8. So anybody with an opposing view must hate Thailand !!! You certainly have a higher opinion of yourself than I do of the King Power retail site in question.
  9. Or choose a civilised destination !
  10. Farang numbers are dropping rapidly , crime is not , why is that ?
  11. Usual absurd response ! Just because I dont walk around wearing rose tinted glasses does not mean I should ignore the obvious problems facing Thailand currently. The most glaring being a concerted government effort to maintain an outdated system at any cost, truth and justice not required. You talk of people voting with their feet but this has happened to an alarming degree with more enlightened western visitors, has it made Thailand a better place ?
  12. She was out of line but at least apologised , more than Trump or his fan club ever do.
  13. Ignorant and plain incorrect .
  14. You are wrong , how many examples would you like ?
  15. You are entitled to your opinion , if you think all Muslims are terrorists then good for you , I salute your inteligence.