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  1. I believe you made all that up !
  2. That would be excellent if the prosecusions were chronological and were performed without fear or favour , some chance !
  3. The obvious response to your theory is that perhaps they are becoming more stupid every year ! More likely though there are ever increasing numbers of vehicles on the road , hence a larger volume of bad drivers and consequently of accidents.
  4. That is really upsetting both because of the appalling injuries suffered by the security guard and the almost certain knowledge that the doctor will not fully pay for his actions. The next time I read somebody complaining about Thailand being criticised , that if we dont love everything about the country we should pack our bags , I will refer them to this thread. The appalling , probably drunken driving , the attitude of the doctor , the fact that his 'status ' will protect him , are systematic of the cancer in Thai society. This is a case that nobody should keep quiet about , we all should shout from the roof tops that this behaviour cannot continue. Those who do not condemn such acts , shrug it off as TIT , are perhaps those who should pack their bags. Sorry for the rant but this man is someones son , brother or husband , he should not just be dismissed as another victim of the status quo !
  5. Thai Embassy warns about tourist scams in Turkey

    The scam is as old as the hills and as widespread , I nearly got caught out in Athens ( not muslim dear bigots ) in the seventies and London ( Soho ) was just as bad. In these internet savvy days , with information at ones fingertips , anybody who falls for this ruse is a bloody fool and gets what they deserve. Same goes for Bangkok , the gem , tuk tuk and Patpong sex show scams have been going on for 40 years or more , gotta be pretty green to get caught out by them. Its the computer phishing and email scams that concern me , some of those crooks are really clever and come up with new schemes regularly.
  6. Thai Embassy warns about tourist scams in Turkey

    Sure they did !
  7. These vans terrify me , trapped and burnt alive is an awful way to go.
  8. PM Prayut leaves door open for military-backed party

    Yeh but he doesn't care about the 'peasants' and he gets to wear his shiny new jackboots at parties !
  9. Police very eager to issue fines?

    Largely because they are targeted !
  10. You are either taking far too little or far too much medication !
  11. But the 64 million dollar question is ; Would the mine have been closed if it were owned by an influential Thai individual or conglomerate ?
  12. I suppose if I were a supporter of the imbecile currently in charge , I might be tempted to hide my embarassment by spewing out similar nonsense. Pointless though really because only those also in denial would not just laugh it off as the ramblings of a fool.
  13. How to live for 4000 baht a month. Not inc rents.

    Also forgot his monthly Troll Association fees !
  14. Tourists .... pfffft!

    Seriously , of all the things on earth that might upset me , having my photo taken is pretty low on the list.