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  1. Probably the main use of it is for people that are not old enough to qualify for the retirement visa. Also it allows you unlimited reentrys, handy if you do a lot of traveling for business or pleasure.
  2. You do not have to leave the country every year, you simply go to immigration and apply for a one year extension before the admitted until date on the entry stamp, cost 1900 baht. You can stay continually in Thailand for five years if you wish. You do not need a reentry stamp if you leave the country, when you return you automatically get another 12 months.
  3. logres212

    Kodi - Best/Easiest way to get Thai TV stations

    A very good APK I've used for quite awhile is' Live NetTV '. It has Thai channels plus many other countries, Australia, US, GB, Canada, etc.
  4. logres212

    Counterfeit SD flash memory cards

    I bought 3 Kingston 64gb cards on Lazada, all fake only about 8gb available. Purchased 64gb SanDisk fulfilled by Lazada no problems. So I think that's the way to go. Certainly give those memory sticks , 1TB & 2TB, I've seen for sale a big miss obviously fake.
  5. logres212

    Hypothetical Situation...

    Same here, if the $Aus gets down below 23 Bhat and camps there which looks highly probable at the moment, that'll be it for a lot of Aussie's relying mainly on the pension.
  6. Exactly, there's more gambling on pool games than darts, that would probably include loser paying for beers....
  7. When you apply for the pension you will need proof of address in Australia, if you're travelling around Australia you will need a drivers license which will require proof of address anyway. So a license could be used partly as proof of address, Medicare card, also if buying a van, rego will need an address, so this could be used as proof also. Once the two year qualifying period is up you can return the next day to Thailand to live permanently or wherever. After 6 weeks your pension will be adjusted, unless you tell them before you leave you are living permanently overseas then it will be adjusted the day you leave. Check website for all details.
  8. As I've seen done in other places in Thailand, they should just invest in some witches hats and place them across the driveway on market days. It seems to work where I've seen it done.
  9. Try the Thai consultant in Hobart Tasmania. That's where l got my non O visa my son also, and we were living in Melbourne at the time. All done through the post, very quick service about 4 days turn around using express courier. Very friendly and helpful staff, spoke to them on the phone, and they advertise they're cheapest in Australia. Check out their website.
  10. In Australia if a conviction is 10 years or more ago and the time served is 30 months or less, the conviction is considered "spent" and is sealed and can only be viewed by applying to a Australian court. So a conviction wouldn't be visible on looking at a normal data base by immigration or police.( there are some exceptions) Check Aus. Government website for full info.
  11. Sorry this is correct, I should have said to be completely accurate a conviction becomes what's known as spent, and becomes sealed and is not visible on a normal data base but can be seen with an application to a court. So it's true to say convictions are not completely wiped but certainly are not visible to immigration or police in other countries.
  12. In Australia criminal convictions are wiped from your record after 10 years if the sentence was 30 months or less. Not sure about US.