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  1. 90 days report after going home ?

    Just another question on this subject. I'm leaving the country on the day my 90 day report is due, do I need to report( it falls on a Saturday anyway) before I go? My guess is not, but just to be sure though. Be back in a month..
  2. Windows 10 automatic update

    Also, as I did , go to manage internet connections and make the IP you are using a metered connection. Windows will not automatically update over on this type of connection.
  3. Television satisfaction?

    Been using ilikeHD+ for 18 months now, very happy with the service and quality ( improved greatly since I first joined). Many packages to choose from 100 Baht up, I'm paying 500Baht a month for a choice of as many sports, news, movies , docos, channels you could possibly want, from UK, Aus, USA ( Thai channels are free). Good quality 720 mainly, very little buffering these days, really great service, reply within minutes, app available for android, I have on my phone and android box. I used it while on holiday in Aus as well. But for other than live tv you can't beat Kodi.
  4. Letters or not ?

    Regarding the 800,000 for 3 months, is that 3 full calander months or 90 days, Like is possible to from the middle of month to middle of another month