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  1. ToS2014

    90 day report Chonburi Immigration

    I was in and out in less than 10 min. Took me longer to ride my 2 wheeler from the dark side to get my new 'parole' date. I'm thinking of moving closer to Soi 5.
  2. ToS2014

    US Vets: Plan "B" or not?

    Great points! Just to add, some larger hospitals in Thailand now accept both Tricare and the FMP insurance. If outpatient and not seen under VA compensated disabilities, you still must pay up front costs and then seek reimbursement via the normal procedures. If covered by the VA, they direct bill even for outpatient visits/'script refills. The easiest way is to ask your local hospital.
  3. ToS2014

    Apply for US social security

    and you cannot use Part B here, but you can still pay for it.
  4. Is this to replace the permanent teeth whitening? Sorry had to share
  5. I hear ya, but that's how the world works...in most cases. Do your job well and eventually you get promoted to riding a desk.
  6. The headline should read ....FBI....document(s) and not Republican documents. The Republicans are contemplating on releasing the memo; they don't 'own' it, rather the PEOPLE do. In my humble opinion the FBI document was decidedly against the Republicans and thus authored by "....toxic waste..." individuals who have stepped way over "....norms, ....laws...." etc.
  7. Thankfully I've never been. But of course I do recognise your satire.
  8. ToS2014

    What the heck

    With such trade deficits, a weak dollar does bode well for the US in international trade. Just 'hurts' us expats when the US economy actually grows without the Fed issuing QE I, II, & III. But I may also be way off the mark as I am not an expert like others are. Another part of the problem with the trade deficits were terrible trade deals. We shall see.
  9. I would like to see the list of approvals vs those "....rejected either at the embassy or after arrival. Etc., etc., etc." My point is that IF I were to bring my Thai spouse to America it would be vastly different (not even a close comparison) to how I am treated here and how she would be treated by the US gov't. I'm not complaining on how I am treated here, just attempting to imply to all those who believe America treats illegals/DACA/DREAMers/ etc... with such disdain, well, in my view they are treated very well; too well in my humble opinion. But, of course, there are those that feel America should treat them well given all their hardships in their journey to the sweet milk uncle sugar serves up. Shoot in reality I don't know why the EU and USA isn't overpopulated to the point of collapse with undocumented individuals, (illegals is such a harsh word to describe those so worthy of benefits abroad), residing within their respective state borders.
  10. So no wall equates to open borders. Hmmm, what passport do those travelers hold; ahh wait, no passports required. What state is it called then? Why then are American's required to hold passports and travel legally to the EU and get a stamp, or Thailand and report to their parole officer.....err immigration every 90 days? Why not just run, jump, or swim to your next vacation/work spot? Paying taxes, heck no. The state has 'enough money' to support illegals to free schooling, nice roads and other public services. Shoot, why not just sneak into Iran, (or pick your state that you are not from), and run a business and send all your money back home? I do agree that shutting down ANY government over illegals is utter nonsense. Thus the deal is build a wall, end a lottery visa program and chain migration. Since I reside legally in Thailand, I DO NOT have the right to bring my entire family here. Why is it so 'wrong' for America to do the same? My family can come and visit, but they must abide by Thai immigration rules.
  11. ToS2014

    Phuket Poll: Do you believe in Bitcoin?

    Very true. Have you ever had a dollar bill in your pocket, (you referenced the US FED)? Have you ever had a bitcoin in your pocket? What is the exchange rate of a bitcoin to other state monetary systems?
  12. ToS2014

    Which Thai Mobile Phone Company do you prefer?

    When I first arrived I was pointed to AIS. After a year of phone and internet issues I swapped over to 3BB. 3BB I had to pre-pay for a year. I then moved to True. I pay around 1K per month for 30MB download and nearly all I can do on my phone (calling and data). I've never had any of the issues that I had with AIS and 3BB w True, so I've stuck with them for 2 years now. If the original poster is looking for 'short time' phone/internet support I really wouldn't worry about which.
  13. ToS2014

    Leaving Thailand quickly

    If you have a trusted partner and want to sell the car and bike, I am in the market for them. I have both a Thai and US bank account and I can either pay the trusted partner or you via wire transfer. PM me the details of the auto's and prices if you want to sell them. Best of luck on your health concerns.
  14. I thought it was. Seemingly everywhere I go someone is panhandling it to me. It's good in chicken soup too!
  15. it's not pirated, only original copy, or so they say