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  1. Has anyone recently transferred substantial funds (i.e. c. 100,000 pounds sterling) from the U.K. to a Thai bank ? Two colleagues of mine have done so but although the funds were safely received by the Thai bank's Head Office they are still waiting for transfer into their own account -- one for 3 weeks and one for 6 weeks. Presumably to check it is not drugs money or the like. This is causing extreme hardship and, in one case, could lead to the forfeiture of a very large sum through non-payment ofa local bill. Anyone with the same experience ?
  2. Bangkok Land Values

    Can someone advise on Bangkok land values. We may have to sell our house as it is in a bad state and we do not have the funds to repair. We may have to sell and buy anew. However the land itself is in a very quiet and desirable position in Bang Na. We bought in 2005 at a cost of 3.5 million baht. We would very much like to have an idea on how much values in this area have increased in the past 12 years. Any ideas ?
  3. So I wonder if this means that the drivers of motor-cycle taxis will now have to buy helmets for customers ? Because its the drivers who will get fined, not the helmet-less customer who will be virtually untraceable. None of the drivers I use have 'spare' helmets.