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  1. gomangosteen

    transport from Chanthaburi to Suvarnabhumi

    Another option is earlier bus from Chanthaburi bus station, using Cherdchai, timetable as below Ask to get off at King Kaew (King Kaeo) stop, by Homepro, short taxi from there to Suvarnabhumi, there's taxis by where the buses stop, just before the overbridge, save well over an hour rather than go to Ekamai There are minivan services Chan-Suvarnabhumi, but not recommended
  2. The two National Parks near us changed signage at the entranceways in 2013, stating the lower price was for "Thai ID Card Holders Only". And to make their point, my partner had to produce hers ... being near Cambo border we can't have those pesky Khmers in as locals can we? That should be clear enough and reduce the amount of times the ticket staff are confronted by a moaning foreigner claiming his driver's licence somehow makes him a local But of course "it's the principle" as stated in a thousand threads already on dual-pricing...
  3. Old and new, roading machinery And a new mixer, yet to be used, awaiting registration
  4. Hi Suggest you read through this thread https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/993692-best-area-to-live-in-chanthaburi/ Check any addresses on a real estate website carefully, often they refer to Chanthaburi province rather than city Answers will be the same, my response:
  5. ^ ummm, strange goings-on, today my photos appear One more, this rusted BMW blended well with the rusted gates and aged woodwork, Phlap, Chanthaburi
  6. ^problems with Tumblr tonight, or with this forum - put URL in and I see the photo, after 'submit' the url changes, and no pic ... really, I don't know, never had any problem before, simply won't display this pic link : http://68.media.tumblr.com/db9f58bd6931d4c8d6bb8256eab1b04b/tumblr_ovl406SFnC1r8w5s5o1_1280.jpg If I put same link in 'insert other media' it again defaults to this Oh well...
  7. gomangosteen

    Post Your Fav Pics Here

    View from Wat Khao Sukim on Wednesday 30 August, as a rain shower moves across the hills
  8. gomangosteen

    Best area to live in Chanthaburi ?

    6+ years of photos here, inspiration and motivation perhaps for someone to see what the province has to offer, as oldhippy says, not for everyone but we're very happy here; we moved here 2011 due to my partner's employment, intended it to be for two years but no plans to move again, great family area and have made good friends. Oldhippy - Khitchakut, nice area, I cycle out fairly near there often - a 50+km loop from home, Tha Mai, around Wat Khao Sukim, and we've visited your National Park and great waterfalls. Great lifestyle area. At times I have to 'phone a friend' the road signs often in Thai script only... fantastic cycling region
  9. gomangosteen

    Best area to live in Chanthaburi ?

    The public transport options from Chan city - if you are ok with buses - are good. The government bus service from the Chan city bus station (214 baht) takes 3 hours 15 minutes to the station near Suvarnabhumi and free 10 minutes shuttle bus from there to airport, also bus option from there direct to Don Mueang On Wednesday I returned from Singapore, taxi took 35 minutes from Suvarnabhumi to Ekamai bus station, Cherdchai bus (one leaves every hour, 180 baht) departed 12.30pm and I arrived at Noen Sung, 10 min from Chanthaburi 4.55pm, just a few minutes ahead of schedule, 3.5 hours. No VIP-style buses, but for a short trip like this it's ok for me. There are also minivan options but I prefer the bus. Even this time of year, bus was full, going Ekamai to Trat/Koh Chang, a few overseas tourists on board. Also good bus services from Chan heading north, we were in Sa Kaeo till 2011 and still head that way on occasion.
  10. gomangosteen

    Post Your Fav Pics Here

    August, rain season but between showers still good times at the beach, this is at Chao Lao beach (Chanthaburi, 30km from Chan city) yesterday, clear and warm for swimming
  11. gomangosteen

    Post Your Fav Pics Here

    Coffee Way, nice little cafe on Sukhumvit Rd at Noen Sung, Chanthaburi, between home and office
  12. gomangosteen

    Best area to live in Chanthaburi ?

    ^ have you spent much time in Chanthaburi? I find the city very unappealing, there about 4 hours today and always pleased to leave, messy layout, difficult to get across quickly - Saturday traffic on a wet day is a nightmare in what is just an oversize town. The recent (several times most years) floods highlight why living there can be an 'adventure' of sorts ... rainfall increases hugely from coast-inland, the city and towards Makham get a lot more than along the coast. Check any potential rental for a watermark!
  13. gomangosteen

    the wallabies

    South Africa can take third place with an away win v Argentina this weekend But, if Australia beat the All Blacks for the first time since 2015, they stand to gain either two or three rating points depending on the margin of victory, moving them above both South Africa and Ireland in the process. World Rugby rankings top 10 1 NEW ZEALAND 95.21 2 ENGLAND 90.14 3 IRELAND 85.39 4 SOUTH AFRICA 84.51 5 AUSTRALIA 84.21 6 SCOTLAND 82.47 7 WALES 81.73 8 FRANCE79.63 9 FIJI 79.48 10 ARGENTINA 79.15