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  1. Wat Charg Yai is 200m off the main highway Chanthaburi to Trat, near Namtok Phliu National Park Great place to wander under the trees, peaceful and quiet escape, surrounded by statues representative of different aspects of Buddhism Monks live in the rooms under some of the statues, as per photo two Allow an hour or two to walk the grounds
  2. 7 July 2017 7.15am, road between our place and Tha Mai, that's the entrance to Tesco-Lotus to the left. No other option for us, had to get to the other side...this is worse than the 2012 floods here. Cleared by last night.
  3. New addition to our local fitness park, T-Rex won't be doing many weights with those little arms Tha Mai, Chanthaburi, 2 July 2017
  4. JohnJay - who's the fool here? Not considered any of this pre-marriage? Someone of your obvious superior intellect ... gets their jollies humiliating their spouse. You must be so proud of where you've ended in life... Assuming it's a two or three generations gap age-wise between the two of you, try the same on people of her age in your home country I wouldn't expect any of the eight you've named to have any relevance to a 20 year old in 2017
  5. Khung Krabaen Non-Hunting area on the Chanthaburi coast, conservation reserve on north side of Paknam Khaem Nu bridge. The road follows the coast through the trees, over a short steep hill and a slower incline to the southern end of Chao Lao beach There is a public campground, tent areas plus bungalows available to rent This second photo not mine, a drone pic gives a good perspective of the road through the trees. To the right the bridge and fishing village at Paknam Khaem Nu; over the hill to the left is the southern end of Chao Lao beach
  6. The man has been arrested in Huay Thap Than, Sisaket province, and is being transported back to Chanthaburi Provincial Court (as reported Channel 7 News)
  7. Garden under attack
  8. Hi, we haven't been back recently, but have only seen the 4WD taxi pickups on KS, no private vehicles at all, roads were a mess, a car would not cope. The taxis were, as you'd expect, very expensive for the short distances involved on an island only about 7km long
  9. Khung Krabaen environmental area, estuary on Chanthaburi coast approx 3.5 x 2.5km, this is first time we have seen a tide low enough to uncover the mudflats
  10. Local colour, Tha Mai, Chanthaburi, May 2017
  11. Pork and rice, 35b, Chanthaburi No complaints from me
  12. Moored on the Chanthaburi River at Samet Ngam, the WWII British navy minesweeper HMS Minstrel, later HTMS Phosamton, appears to have taken on water and settled on the riverbed. Restoration has been abandoned, this was a project funded by our previous government in 2011, not a priority for the current administration
  13. School holidays and we're at Chao Lao beach at breakfast time
  14. Our local Tha Mai school gets a repaint during the school holidays
  15. Rest area at Paknam Khaem Nu, Chanthaburi coast, between Laem Sing and Chao Lao