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  1. This is international news elsewhere in the world, so why isn't it in the National news section, instead of consigned to the CR narrow news? Seems like it is a big enough story, so what's the issue? Given the daily feed of "non-news" trivia that is put in National news, seems all the more bizarre.......
  2. Not only soft drinks, how about one's daily water supply? What the article doesn't mention is that the Nam Pong flows into Ubon Ratana reservoir, which is the main source of domestic water for Khon Kaen city and surrounding areas. Then the Nam Pong flows downstream, where its waters are abstracted for agriculture, factories (including soft drinks and lao khao producers) and flows into the Nam Chi, used by 5 provinces downstream to Ubon Ratchatani, and thence into the Mekong. All these rivers and the reservoir are a major source of fish for Isaan, both wild and cultured. When in 1992, the sugar cane factory at Nam Pong released tonnes of molasses into the river and wiped out the fish population all the way down to Ubon, there was a justifiable outcry and demands for compensation for losses. But when the pollution is chronic and slowly kills aquatic life and harms human health, as in the case of widespread use of dangerous pesticides, then there is silence borne from public ignorance and official inaction. The old metaphor of the frog in the slowly boiling pot springs to mind.
  3. plachon

    Thais start waking up on reducing plastic bags

    You could use biodegradable trash bags in your condo, and use reusable cloth bags for shopping, while reducing your consumption of single-use plastic items, thus reducing your plastic footprint no end.....
  4. plachon

    Thais start waking up on reducing plastic bags

    Reminds me of the time, many years ago (94?), when first dating my wife on a trip to Kanchanaburi. We were driving along on a motorcy in the countryside, when I saw in my mirror my Mrs toss an empty water bottle into the verge. I immediately turned around and drove back to the spot where it fell. I pointed at it and said if you want to go any further with me, you pick it up, put in in your bag and dispose of it properly in a bin when we get to a town. She was a bit gob-smacked, throwing litter away being second nature, but complied (I explained my reasoning later and a light bulb went on in her head!) and our relationship got stronger, as we married about the following year. She isn't the best in the world at remembering plastic bags when she goes shopping, but the 5 p tax introduced in UK helped her no end, as she hates wasting money! If only Thailand would bring in a similar tax, bag usage may go down as much as the 85 % it did in UK post-tax.
  5. Somebody should have warned Trumpy before he engaged in rumpy-pumpy and a golden shower thrown in with a Russian hooker or two.
  6. plachon

    Vietnam Visa Info

    To answer my own question, it seems that British citizens can still travel to Vietnam for up to 15 days without a visa and get entry up to mid-2021, as noted by this Foreign Travel guidance by UK govt: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/vietnam/entry-requirements
  7. It's called globalisation and trade liberalisation...... "Are we witnessing the gradual evacuation of certain parts of the world?" - Yes, as years of failed globalisation and development policies, natural resources rape on a massive scale and futile wars perpetuated by the Anglo-American pact come back to haunt the West. The entrance of China and other fast-growing economies into the development mix, is only exacerbating the problems. "Will most of Africa be trees and animals by the middle of the century?" No - probably not, because the sheer rate of population growth, deforestation and general ecological destruction in Africa will ensure it remains heavily populated with resource-hungry people and wildlife scarce into the future, with the exception of a few heavily protected parks for rich tourists.
  8. plachon

    Vietnam Visa Info

    Anybody know if the visa exemption policy for up to 15 days stay for UK and other EU nationals is likely to be extended past 30 June 2018, or is it likely to revert to ordinary tourist visas, irrespective of length of stay once more?
  9. Oh, I don't know. Given the current penchant for commodifying everything in Thailand, that includes turning that magnificent piece of historic real estate and raintrees into another hi-so shopping mall and matchwood respectively, I could see Queen Vicky being profitably repositioned near the new Embassy shoebox on Sathorn and charging barren women 100 B a shot to rub her crotch, as was once the custom when she sat proudly out front on Chidlom. She could become the new Erawan Shrine for infertile couples across Asia - tourists could be double-charged for a furtive rub, as is the quaint custom elsewhere in LOS.
  10. No, more likely something he learned from superstitious parents or relatives, and then reinforced further at the temple and various other animist traditions and ceremonies that are part and parcel of Thai and Isaan cultural life. But don't think that superstitions are confined to "third world" (NB: an outdated and inappropriate term) countries alone. They are very much in evidence in everyday life here in UK and the West in general. People avidly reading horoscopes, not walking under ladders or touching wood when they need reassurance or crossing themselves is no less irrational or superstitious than a lot of the things that are superstitions in Thailand. And ignorance is alive and kicking in every Western nation - Brexit and Trump as president is living proof of that truism. In fact, Idiocracy (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idiocracy) has come to the US 500 years sooner than Mike Judge imagined. The Simpsons creators were mighty prescient about how quickly mass ignorance would speed the decline in America, however. So don't imagine for one second that Thailand has some sort of monopoly on ignorance and superstition, but look more critically at your own homeland, wherever it happens to be.
  11. Weren't these the women that the Khon Kaen cops queued up to have selfies taken with? I guess they are just mimicking the sense of gravitas around the crime from law enforcement officials and how (not) to behave correctly in public spaces and govt buildings.