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  1. I fail to see how spraying water on the pavements will remove PM2.5 particulate matter from the air, but if it gets the boys in green out on the streets and showing how much use they are to society and who runs the show, who am I to complain about the logic of Army Region 1? Perhaps the next step will be, like with the Chao Phraya floods solution, will be to install a line of giant fans heading towards the Gulf of Siam and just blow the smog out to sea.......
  2. Have you ever been to America? They already have them. When I went to the US, I mistook the first 3 schools I saw for prisons. No wonder the kids are all so <deleted> up over there, when they are virtually incarcerated in penal institutions for much of their childhood. And then they wonder why a few of them turn into shooters and decide the best solution is to just arm the teachers......it all makes perfect sense:
  3. Trump said his administration would emphasize background checks and mental health in an effort to make schools safer. "We're going to be very strong on background checks, we're doing very strong background checks, very strong emphasis on the mental health," Trump said. If he's true to his word, that would at least rule Trump himself out from being able to own a gun, so that's something at least. Sociopathic narcissists would definitely fail at the background checks.
  4. What type of snake is this ?

    Too late for that. It's spine looks broken it at least 2 places and it will not be keeping vermin at bay any longer. I used to have this urge to bash snakes that came near our house many years ago, but gradually learned they do more good than harm and are a vital part of the local ecosystem. So unless it is in the house and directly threatening me, my reaction is to let them go with a verbal warning these days....
  5. The right to free speech, peaceful protest, breathe clean air and the right of children to grow up in a healthy environment. This will test Prayuth's new found commitment to promoting human rights.
  6. I suspect that what he forgot to mention that these only apply to human rights with "Thai characteristics".... a pick n'mix "Thai niyom human rights" if you will. Freedom of speech, rights to gather peacefully and electoral democracy will be three of the immediate exclusions, no doubt.
  7. Dear me. You are living in cloud cuckoo land if you think that a/ most people in Isaan with liver disease are taking "legitimate prescription medications" and b/ those same people would be reading this this Forum and would form an opinion that prevented them from getting correct and safe treatment as a result of what they read here. When was the last time you saw an Isaan sao baan drinking lao khao and tucking into a large plate of dtam makhung lao with extra lashings of raw pla daek while reading Thaivisa and thinking "Hhhmmmm, I better not take any of that out-of-date triclabendazole my cousin who raises cattle gave me, cos this farang says it might screw up my rotten liver even more than it already is"? Get real dude!
  8. An opinion is not a lie, as you seem to believe, but pure and simply an opinion. No I am not a medical expert, nor I doubt is anyone else offering their opinion on this thread. Can you categorically state that self-medication of a mixture of anti-parasitical drugs (some of which may not be licenced in Western countries or may be cheap rip-off drugs) by Isaan villagers is not having any impact on their livers, or possible other organs besides? Especially when taken repeatedly over many years on people with already serious liver damage by flukes and alcohol? This is a forum and anyone is allowed to state their opinion on a range of topics, without ad hominem attacks on their honesty. Next time I'll report you to the moderators, if you call me a liar again.
  9. Should also not forget the black panther star of Cat People: Hopefully, karma will be reasserted and PK will find himself tied up against that tree for a pride of panthers to get their revenge when his time comes, even if he eludes the Thai justice system. Certainly no shortage of flesh to satiate their hunger......
  10. If used repeatedly and in heavy doses on an already alcohol and fluke damaged liver, then I don't think it is going to do your liver any favours. Whether it is directly the cause of cancer, I have no idea, but I think it is a complex of factors that is adding to the high rates of liver cancer, not a single isolated cause, like the original article suggests. So pla ra + lao khao + mebendazole (or other similar anti-parasite drug) = raised risk of liver cancer, seems a more likely scenario to me.
  11. I hear what you are saying and agree with most of it, up to a point, but believe there is good evidence available, from medical studies, that directly links consumption of raw fermented fish with elevated rates of liver cancer. Which explains why Isaan has the highest rates of liver cancer in the world. However, having seen quite a few men, some of them in-laws, die of liver cancer or disease in their 50s and 60s in Isaan, I would also surmise that it is the high rates of lao khao consumption and use of strong, over the counter, anti-parasite drugs used that also contribute to the destruction of their livers, and not just the somtam.
  12. There's mindless scrawl on walls and then there's a whole spectrum of graffiti up to high-end art that makes poignant and timeless cultural and political statements, some of which can stop the viewer in their tracks with its societal reflection. What Thailand needs right now is a thousand Banksy's....that would certainly give the junta a few colly-wobbles in the night. For now, the crying black panther is a good start....
  13. If only they knew how! Beyond the half-hearted, occasional red shirt-yellow shirt follow-my-leader pseudo-revolts that is......
  14. Is that bottom photo a past portrait of this fine upstanding gentleman and conservationist in his more handsome days? Anyone who is involved in shooting a black panther in a National Park deserves the widest condemnation possible, given their rarity. If they are a member of the national elite, then it should be even greater. Given the international reaction to the shooting of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe by a wealthy US dentist, one would hope that this case attracts equal attention. However, this being Thailand and given the way that money tends to talk loudly, one suspects that this case will quietly melt away from the public eye quickly, unless there is a coordinated international and national uproar. I believe this guy is the owner of Chateau de Loei vineyard, so perhaps boycotting the vineyard and its produce could be a useful first step for anyone who is disgusted by this guy's sense of entitlement and attitude towards wildlife conservation. I'm sure others have other practical suggestions for showing disapproval, even in the event he gets to walk away from justice.
  15. Cash-strapped Foreign Office puts Bangkok embassy up for sale

    Queen Victoria will be turning on her plinth, as well as her grave, when she learns of this news. I guess the Embassy will be operating out of a 4 room condo unit in future, as everything is outsourced and austerity post-Brexit Little Britain bites to the bone of its past hope and glory mythology.