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  1. NextStationBangkok

    Elections will be held on Feb 24, Thai govt maintains

    So, it is officially 2024 ? Hope no more new changes in announcement ?
  2. Swastika is symbol of Ganesh in India. It is just normal holy thing in Asia....
  3. If no money, why not walk for free of cost ?
  4. NextStationBangkok

    German Man Stabbed In Neck Near BTS Mo Chit

    So, very soon TAT will start distributing anti-stab vests to men, and anti-rape under-wears for women who are coming to visit Thailand ?
  5. NextStationBangkok

    All Luxury Watches Returned To 'Friend,' Prawit Says

    Please check the socks, it might be inside now.
  6. NextStationBangkok

    Thai soldier fights for life after being attacked by seniors

    I feel like another just normal day, and nothing happened in Thailand.
  7. Very bad. Not even worth watching. My bandwidth wasted. No enough to sell TAXI fight tickets. They should sell tickets to fight in front of Central World for extra Income. So that they can switch on meters for the passengers.
  8. I thought buffaloes are dying for 'Mony'.... Sorry members for my bad comment.
  9. Once you have billions, this kind of hallucinations can come from frustration. So Elon, you came to the cave for the same reason ?
  10. NextStationBangkok

    Public warned against paying for 'romantic' gifts

    Normally it should be other-way around. Seems like French immigrants have started their scam here after their British counterpart.
  11. So, the Nurse was handling 3 cases at the same time. I was wondering, why all once in 3 months husbands comes from Netherlands ?
  12. NextStationBangkok

    THAI apologises for flying cockroach?

    Air-hostess are not scared of my snake.
  13. "You my Flend, nevelle mind... OK You. " This is nice of Thais.