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  1. 95 vs E20 fuel consumption question

    http://www.stuff.co.nz/motoring/news/9266802/Ethanol-More-or-less-power A topic that can be debated ad infinitum ...
  2. Bike insurance whats good company?

    My FZ09 has been insured (central BKK) with Viriyah since I bought it new for cash in May 2014. First-class cover; THB 10,000 excess. No claims. Premium gone down a bit each year and last time around was 17,000 something. Today they ring me and say "your bike insurance runs out end May. Your bike will be 3 years old. We won't give you full coverage now only third-class". No real idea why. The girl kept banging on about the bike being more than 3 years old and that "there are many claims with the FZ". Maybe, but not by me. Anyway no point debating with the messenger. I'd have more luck teaching a chicken to play the piano. I simply said that it didn't make me very happy and I'd advise people considering first-class insurance to look at options other than Viriyah.
  3. New PCX 150 - Prices gone crazy?

    I just happened to ask price of PCX today at a Honda dealer in Phrakhanong. THB 96,000 for the standard one and THB 102,000 for one that's been dipped in orange coloured accessories.
  4. Thai word for head gasket?

    It's "brah-gen far soop" for a head gasket. ปะเก็นฝาสูบ in Thai. brah-gen is a gasket. Google the Thai phrase and you'll get pics you can show the mechanic.
  5. Best small car for around 2 million baht

    ^ I stand corrected. I'll get my coat ... "The Mercedes-Benz plant Kecskemét is part of the compact-car production network within the global Mercedes-Benz Cars production compound. In addition to Kecskemét, the compact-car network includes the lead plant in Rastatt (Germany) and BBAC in Beijing (China), where the GLA compact SUV is produced for the Chinese market. Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz Cars uses the Finnish contract manufacturer Valmet Automotive to produce additional A-Class models. The Mercedes-Benz plant in Kecskemét flexibly produces three of the five models of the current compact car generation (B-Class, CLA, and CLA Shooting Brake) on a single assembly line. The CLA and the CLA Shooting Brake are exclusively produced for the global market." https://www.daimler.com/career/job-search/locations/detail-pages/location-detail-page-5058.html
  6. Best small car for around 2 million baht

    Actually, the imported version was made in Hungary (thanks to Googun I can state confidently at MB's Kecskemét plant). I looked at a CLA just before they started manufacturing it here, and the dealer was trying to tell me that it was worth the extra 300K because it was made in Germany. When I said that it was made in Hungary, they changed tack and said it was, "but to German standards".
  7. Piaggio Medley 150 scooter

    Cheers - thanks for the input.
  8. Any fellow TV biker own (or has owned) one of these? I'm debating whether to replace my 4-y-o PCX with one after a quick scoot around the car park in front of the Vespa/Piaggio dealer. Very comfy, nice handling thanks to 16" front wheel, ABS and discs front n back. It also has more room under the seat than the PCX (can fit a Shoei Neotec with plenty of room to spare. Negatives for me are that I think PCX looks better, is definitely a bit swifter off the mark, and allows for a feet forward ride. Plus the Piaggio is THB 125,000. But still quite tempted ... http://www.piaggio.com/medley/en_EN/models/medley-s/medley-s-150/
  9. Best small car for around 2 million baht

    ^ Meant to say that I've heard some radio ads with a 4-year interest free offer on the Audi TT. But I suspect the list price will be pushing 4M.
  10. Best small car for around 2 million baht

    @Dagnabbit - I think Autowerks on New Phetchburi Road have both BRZ and WRX in their showroom since they're now an official Subaru dealer. If you don't mind dumping 2M+ on something new then BRZ might be a good choice. For me, it's the best looking of the various models discussed in this thread and it should tune up nicely. However I don't know if the looks extend to the interior ... I looked at one a year or so ago and the interior was dismal. You can see why it's a 25K USD car in the US (same with the WRX). I bought a 2nd hand Scirocco a year or so ago (1.2M / 3 y o). Had Autowerks do the basic remap and I think it's now around 240hp/330nm (stock is 210/280, I think). It's certainly quite quick. It's also really solidly built. But you don't want 2nd hand, which is fair enough, so ...
  11. 500KM Yamaha MT-09 Review

    Ducati make fine-looking bikes, that's for sure. I see at the moment there's a promotion of 25,000 discount for the Monster, plus the 2-years maintenance free, so that makes it 454,000 compared to the MT-09 now at 409,000. You're probably right about re-sale value too. The 2-year free maintenance is good to have but does it include all parts? Unless you ride the bike a lot, then 'maintenance' for 2 years is likely to be only fluid and filter changes (although I'm sure they're really expensive anyway at Ducati!). However parts for MT-09 are also expensive as they're mostly imported. You mention 'city bike' so are you looking for something mainly to ride around BKK? If that's the case, maybe also check out Street Triple R (or CB650F). I will say though that the MT-09 is a good city bike. Upright riding position, narrow, fairly light (190kg vs 220 odd for the Z800) and it also has some space under the seat (where I keep a cable helmet lock). Don't know about the Monster, but if it's like the Hypermotard then you can forget putting anything under the seat.
  12. 500KM Yamaha MT-09 Review

    Sorry for the delayed response. I sent it to a guy in the US (Google vcyclenut), if only because a couple of years back there wasn't anywhere to get it re-flashed in Thailand. His flash is US$ 200 though of course shipping adds to that (and anything that comes back via a courier like DHL will get hit with customs duties etc - USPS however, in my experience, almost always comes through without attracting any customs attention). On the popping - you could try pulling off the air injection system and installing block off plates. Not expensive, and pretty simple to do. I'd suggest considering this before going to the time and expense of a) buying/installing a PC and then trying to find a good Dyno outfit to make the maps.
  13. 500KM Yamaha MT-09 Review

    @RedQualia - you mentioned different turn-in feeling relating to front forks ... if it's still an issue, have you checked to make sure that the pre-load is identical on each fork? The rebound damping is only RH fork so that could also generate a difference in feel. There's not much you can do with the stock front (at least on a budget) other than put in stiffer springs and heavier fork oil. The stock 09 fork springs in the 2015 models were pretty soft and I don't know if they changed in later models. I put in 20% stiffer Ohlins springs and some heavier fork oil. Worked for me as a 95KG solo rider. Changing the rear shock for a basic Ohlins also made a big difference. (As an aside I know a guy here with a 2015 09 who kept rear shock but just swapped the spring for a HyperPro progressive one; he says it made all the difference and he's quite an experienced Italian rider so ...) Throttle - it is snatchy in A thanks to it being Fly By Wire not a cable. The original 2015 bikes were pretty hard to ride smoothly in A at lower RPM. A factory issued re-flash ironed a lot of that out. I then had my ECU re-flashed so the bike default starts in A mode (amongst other things) and frankly I'd be happy if the bike only had one mode. A.
  14. Stupid tollway tags

    Yesterday was one of those occasions when the tag suddenly didn't work for whatever reason (at the toll booth getting onto the elevated highway at MegaBangNa and then at the huge toll plaza you get to just after that one when coming into BKK - actually, whenever I've had problems it's often been at those booths). First it told me there was no money on the card, when there was 900-odd baht left, and then the system said it couldn't find the card. The point of this story is that I went and asked in one of the tollway offices if there was a problem with the card. They said it was working fine BUT that next month (Oct) the intention is to link both EasyPass and MPass so you can use the same card for both. While they're trying to set this up, having MPass and EasyPass next to each other may confuse the system etc etc. However I'd been through 6 gates before that on the journey with no problems. Don't ask me how you're supposed to link two existing accounts, and maybe it will never happen, but it would be great if it does as it will be one tag for all ...
  15. Stupid tollway tags

    You don't have to hold them out of the window at a certain angle. In fact the expressway people specifically say not to do that. You're supposed to fix them to the inside of the windscreen, in no small measure because the tags have to be oriented a certain way to work. I've got both Mpass / EasyPass and very rarely have problems. I say very rarely 'cos there are odd occasions when it doesn't work properly. Earlier this year it happened a couple of time so I took the tag to an expressway office. They changed it for a new one and it worked fine - apparently there's a battery inside it and if the battery is dying the tag won't always work. That particular tag was 5 years old. Maybe keep the hammer and some more breakable items in your car to ease the frustration next time you're stuck in a rush hour expressway toll booth queue ...