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  1. Normal day on the roads,nothing to indicate "weaving". In the interests of road safety education,the authorities should look at whatever education or training is used to make Thais park with their front wheels "straight". Perhaps this could also be used to have more relevant issues addressed and adhered to.
  2. OP might like to ask CORTANA about DEFAULT PROGRAMS,here he can also check on file types and default applications to open them. These can be changed by drop down menu selection.
  3. The op stated he was using gmail,also using 2 pcs so POP could be an issue Please see post 29
  4. I had not noticed where he has been given any worthwhile help so far
  5. Check your gmail settings that you have POP enabled
  6. A quick look and both Chrome and Firefox have problems
  7. Wow Honest assessment. IMO Pinning the cause squarely on the reckless van drivers change of lane and sudden stop in front of the truck.
  8. I think the cameras start snapping at 120kph. Same as posted warning signs near cameras on Bangkok Outer ring road
  9. Thanks for this great tip.too easy
  10. Following doctors advice to remove dressing on the day after the biopsy on my forehead,I found that the sutures had 'let go" .On returning to doctor was advised that she would not try to suture again and to leave the wound open, I enquired of her about using steri strips and she looked perplexed and repeated to leave the wound open. To date I have not been able to locate the strips in BKK,so if any member can help with a supplier or generous enough to mail me a couple of strips I would be forever grateful. PM me if you are able to help. Many thanks
  11. That was rule by majority not democracy
  12. A Thai friend of mine was advised at a check point that his number plate was too big, 100thb please
  13. Departing from DMK. Can anyone shed some light on how/where to get re-entry permit there
  14. Flying Qantas domestic in Australia with an upgradeable ticket I was seated in economy when a member of the cabin crew spoke with another passenger(friend)sitting across the aisle from me advising that she must move as the aircraft was not safely balanced.I mentioned that I had an upgradeable ticket and was told that seating allocation was done by ground staff and could not be changed once on board. 5555 Favourite upgrades, PER MEL 5pm flight seats 1A,B,C and D