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  1. Agreed, as an ex CPF shareholder saw profits spent on Russian pig farms and processing plants nothing for shareholders, no capital gains and miniscule dividends
  2. Re portability, contact centrelink international dept they will advise you exactly where you stand regarding portability 0018006114136
  3. Recently returned to Australia for minor skin cancer treatment(May 2017) paid a visit to Centrelink advising a new address,no problem but as you have been os for a while you are listed as a non resident and so no concession card if you intend to return os. Medicare in same office ,advised them also of new address they mailed a new card to me. Initial excision had to be redone and involved plastic surgery x 3 and 7 weeks of radiation in a public hospital. All done free of charge over a 7 month period.
  4. From my experience Thai dermatologists don't have a clue about farang skin issues,first off, cut the commercial creams and lotions and as previously mentioned Aloe Vera is a good option as is olive oil and if you can find it macadamia nut cream.
  5. Driver’s licence health rules to become stricter

    I have had many eye tests done by qualified opticians in Australia yet none of them picked up my depth perception problems,the DLT test caught me out,failed 3 times. In real life I only have 2 problems with this, one with this device and two ,when hanging clothes on clothes lines'tend to have depth perception problems here. So on my 4th attempt at the DLT I timed the candidate ahead of me and used this method to pass the test
  6. AIS billing for unwanted sms promotions

    AIS turn off promotion SMS *137 call
  7. Normally,since the advent of electric driving motors and counterbalance weights, lifts/elevators have had multiple hoisting cables installed,not so much for fear of breaking as the fear of losing traction between the driving motor,braking system and the hoisting ropes, without this traction an over loaded car would slide to the bottom uncontolled,probably with doors open as the passengers entering increased the overloading
  8. Mystery Emails

    Maybe you upgraded a phone without logging off on your old one
  9. Mystery Emails

    Have you been logging out of your google account,often a pop up asks if you want to logout on other/all devices
  10. This concept was displayed in France during the 1980s. The tubes were located indoor and were capable of controlling the descent speed of multiple evacuees ( think strings of sausage). They readily adapted to body shape and were safe for pregnant women to use. I guess that the transit space for multiple tubes required at the lower levels would make the system extremely cumbersome
  11. Yes I provided photo and did not get a receipt for the 1100thb. Not knowing the actual fee required I handed over 2000 thb as I was unsure of the current fee. on earlier searches I saw that fees ranged from 1900 to 900thb.
  12. Yesterday found the re-entry permit office to be located behind Passport Control. Must advise IO that you require a permit. You will be directed to the office. Single entry permit 1100 thb
  13. My True fibre 30/10 drops to 5/3 at 8 pm every night,all returns to normal after rebooting the Humax gateway
  14. During the last big flood in Bangkok the gated estate I was living in had about 80cm of flooding,the residents bought pumps to try to evacuate the water,which did keep the level a little below level of flooding in the main soi. After the water subsided a team went around the estate looking for any damage, but a surprise to most of the investigating team many houses backing onto the local klong had the estate perimeter wall demolished to provide them with a waterfront picnic area. Now that I am in a new estate I would like some direction as to who to chase re any breaches in our solid perimeter boundary wall.
  15. My TGF went to sleep behind the wheel during her 6th driving lesson on Rama II. No problems...end of story and driving lessons