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  1. Removed an off-topic post. Let us please stop talking about car sales.
  2. "The World Health Organisation recommended that trans fats make up no more than 1% of a person's diet in 2003 and, in 2018, introduced a 6-step guide to eliminate industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from the global food supply." Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trans_fat?wprov=sfla1 Thailand does it in a single step.
  3. You've got a point. I stopped reading the OP after the first paragraph and answerd the question regarding the space requirement for a retirement extension. I see now that in the second paragraph he talks about a visa and a re-entry permit. A bit confusing. He can get the extension of stay at his local immigration office and, if he plans to to leave and re-enter Thailand before his new passport arrives, also a re-entry permit but as you say, this raises the question about how many empty pages the immigration of the country he goes to wants to see.
  4. I have never come across the term "name lock" before and have no idea what it might mean to the person who told you that you are on a "name lock". As you are already talking to a lawyer you may want to appoint him as your representative to appeal your "blacklist pending investigation" on your behalf.
  5. It could mean that, or it could mean that only on an entry attempt during the blacklist period you need to taken aside and asked some questions, ie be investigated.
  6. Have you already looked at the clause in the Immigration Act stated in the blacklist search result as the reason for your "blacklist pending investigation"?
  7. Thr blacklist is for the purpose of denying a foreigner's entry into Thailand, not his departure from the country.
  8. If the Royal Thai General System of Transcription (RTGS) was used for the transcription of Somchai it can refer to both a man (สมชาย) or a woman (สมใจ) but with different pronunciations
  9. I mentioned in an earlier post in this topic that I have been searching for the alleged law that requires foreigners to carry their passports with them at all times. Below is a summary of my research results. I have found no law stating that a foreigner must carry his passport with him at all times. I have found no law stipulating a penalty such as a fine or imprisonment or both for a foreigner who is not able to show his passport instantly when asked for it by a law enforcement officer. I have found a law, the Immigration Act, containing these clauses: "Section 58 : Any alien who has no lawful document for entering the Kingdom under Section 12 (1); or has no Residence Certificate under this Act; and also has no identification in accordance with the Law on Alien registration, is considered to have entered into the Kingdom in violation to this Act." "Section 81 : Any alien who stay in the Kingdom without permission or with permission expired or revoked shall be punished with imprisonment not exceeding two years or a fine not exceeding 20,000 Baht or both." I have found no law stating that a foreigner's permission to stay must be recorded in his passport, but I have observed that it is currently being done so by immigration officers. I have found no law stating what type of document a law enforcement officer may or must request a foreigner to show when it is considered necessary to verify whether the foreigner is in violation of Section 58 of the Immigration Act. I have found no law prohibiting law enforcement officers from requesting a foreigner to show his passport when it is considered necessary to verify whether the foreigner is in violation of Section 58 of the Immigration Act. I have found no law prohibiting law enforcement officers from detaining a foreigner who is unable to prove to the officer's satisfaction that he is not in violation of Section 58 of the Immigration Act.
  10. Is the alien identity certificate mentioned in the Alien Registration Act, which is compulsory only for immigrants, ie foreigners who are permanent residents, perhaps the so-called red book issued by the police station? The only image I could find for it is not sufficiently clear for me to decipher its title.
  11. Yes. Below is a link to a guide published by the government of one of the Swiss cantons in English: https://www.fr.ch/dsj/files/pdf89/ang_faq_canton-fribourg_lprost_conseils-et-orientation1.pdf
  12. According to a Swiss media report, a work permit was part of the employment package.
  13. Correct. Translated excerpt of an article in a Swiss newspaper: Source, in German language: https://www.bernerzeitung.ch/region/bern/thailaenderin-wegen-88fachen-menschenhandels-vor-gericht/story/25859287
  14. Maestro

    Working in Thailand

    No English translation of the Royal Decree on Managing the Work of Foreigners (No. 2) B.E. 2561 (2018) is available yet, but comments published by the law firm Tilleke & Gibbins mention the following regarding the changes you are referring to: