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  1. Removed a troll post and the reply to it.
  2. On my Nexus 5x, the display looks the same as on your screen. Screen size: 5.2 inches, resolution 1080 x 1920 pixels. I believe the design is being revised and I am asking the Tech Doctor to advise if this is indeed so.
  3. Clause 2.20 of the following: Police Order 327/2557 (2014) Immigration Bureau order 138/2557 (2014)
  4. In a roundabout way it does and if it is acceptable to the immigration office that is all that matters. The blue house registration book shows the OP's wife as a resident of the residence, the marriage certificate and the mandatory presence of the wife at the immigration office for OP's application for the extension of stay for an interview by the immigration officer and the wife's confirmation during the interview that the OP lives with her at the address indicated on the application form is the proof needed by immigration to connect the OP to that address.
  5. No foreigner staying at a guest house, including a foreigner who owns 100% of the shares of the juristic person that owns the guest house, can claim the guest house as his permanent address. You have a temporary permission to stay in Thailand and therefore any place you stay in Thailand is your temporary address, not your permanent address. The manager of the guest house, which may be you, must notify your arrival at the guest house with the form TM.30 to immigration or, if available, make this notification online. If for any transaction you have with immigration, eg notification of staying in Thailand longer than 90 days or application for extension of stay, the immigration officer requires evidence of the TM.30 notifying your arrival has been submitted, a copy of the immigrations receipt or acknowledgement of the online submission of the notification issued to the the guest house will suffice.
  6. Blue house registration book:
  7. If you change from visa entries to annual extensions of stay for the reason of retirement your wife can get her own annual extensions on the basis of being your wife.
  8. It is with a hotel where the manager has the duty to submit the TM.30 under the Immigration Act. A condominium building is not a hotel.
  9. The Juristic Person Manager (JPM) has no responsibility under the Immigration Act to submit the TM.30, but there have been one or two posts indicating that an immigration office accepted the TM.30 submitted by the JPM, accompanied with documents as the immigration office may have required. One example:
  10. mmail2you, for a rented apartment section 4 of the Immigration Act defines the House-master as the chief possessor of the residence in his capacity as tenant. Section 38 makes it the duty of the house-master, owner or possessor to submit the notification of the arrival of a foreigner at the residence (TM.30) Most immigration offices accept the notification from the tenant, who is the house-master and possessor as per section 38 rolled into one, or the owner as per section 38. When the tenant submits the TM.30, many immigration offices want also copies of the house registration book and ID card of the owner, signed by the owner. When neither the tenant (house-master/possessor) nor the owner as per section 38 submit the notification in time, some immigration offices fine both the tenant and the owner 800 Baht each and collect both fines from the tenant when he applies for an extension of stay or submits a notification of staying in Thailand longer than 90 days.
  11. ...and the measurements that have been mentioned in the replies are in inches and the OP apparently understood it that way. Whereas the application form asks for 4x6 cm photos, for glueing in the apposite space at the top right corner, the photos of the applicant for the marriage extension together with his/her spouse sometimes required by some immigration offices as part of the evidence that the couple are in fact living together have no specific size mandated by any official rule, which gives individual immigration offices freedom to accept photos of any reasonable size or to specify a particular size.
  12. Johnny Hallyday – Rester Vivant 2016 tour now showing on TV5MONDE
  13. The milk float, it was called in England. A great invention, that was.
  14. You can apply for a non-immigrant visa category O, non-O visa for short, to visit your child of Thai nationality. The best place to apply is a Thai consulate or the consular section of the Thai embassy in you country of residence. The minimum requirement is a copy of the child's birth certificate, but you should check with your local consulate what other documents, if any, they require.