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  1. Thank you. In future, please use English only.
  2. Removed on abusive post and one incomprehensible post and the reply to the latter.
  3. In my opinion, my guess, if I were foolish enough to advance any, would be as good or as bad as everybody else's guess. Are scare-mongering speculations of this nature of help to anybody?
  4. What does "waan jai" mean in the context of your post? Google Translate guesses that it is Hindi but gives no meaningful English translation.
  5. Maestro

    Pink card park access

    Although the pink ID card, printed all in Thai Language, distinctly identifies its holder as a foreigner, it is nice to see that some national park officials collect the lower entrance fee valid for Thai nationals from foreigners who present this card, in violation of official rules and regulations.
  6. What does SD mean in the context of your post?
  7. More precisely: The permission to stay you received upon entry into Thailand with your non-B visa allows you to apply for a work permit with another employer and to work for this new employer after receiving your work permit.
  8. Removed off-topic posts and the replies to them.
  9. That's a good point. At the moment, immigration has published no information about any possible future policy of required evidence of income in cases where the applicant is unable to obtain a so-called "embassy letter" from his country's embassy. I have seen a couple of posts that TransferWise transfers to an account of Bangkok Bank in Thailand are shown with the code for an incoming foreign remittance, and other posts saying that transfers to banks other than Bangkok bank show these transfers as a domestic transfer within Thailand. Whether this matters at all will obviously depend on the details of any new immigration policy that may or may not be announced and implemented. (For those affected, the suspense must be hard to bear)
  10. As you have no work permit, you are currently working illegally in Thailand.
  11. Removed an off-topic post. This topic is specifically about TransferWise , so let us please not post about any of the myriad of other ways of transferring money to Thailand. Thank you.
  12. Maestro

    How good is WAZE

    I installed WAZE after reading this topic and Aside from Android Auto, Waze and Google Maps, I have Sygic on my phone.
  13. @Bill Miller What immigration office do you use?
  14. Removed an off-topic post and the replies to it.