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  1. Removed an off-topic post and the reply to it.
  2. The law allows two reasons for refusal: 1. Insufficient funds to cover expenses for the intended period of stay. 2. Suspicion of working illegally in Thailand.
  3. Aspaeutta, your post is very confusing. For what type of visa did you apply? What type of visa did you get?
  4. Oh, dear, France. I suggest that you explain to the consular section of your embassy politely that your local immigration office refuses to give you the necessary residence certificate unless you have stayed in the Kingdom of Thailand (make sure to use the correct expression "royaume de Thaïlande") longer than 90 days but that you need the certification of residence already now. And with "politely", I also mean that you should end your message with "Je vous prie, Messieurs, d'accepter l'expression de mes sentiments les plus distinguées". French diplomats go for that.
  5. I concur with the information given by Upnotover.
  6. With "address registration", the submission of what form do you mean?
  7. Are you saying that on the visa application form, in the space for "Purpose of visit", you wrote "retirement"?
  8. Removed a troll post. (He who calls another member a troll is himself a troll, ie posting a message that is irrelevant and off-topic, apt to disrupt the on-topic discussion)
  9. Ideally, the bride's parents should give their daughter a dowry of minimum 400k Baht with the condition that she put it in a fixed deposit account in her husband's name, for him to meet immigration's financial requirements for the one-year extensions of stay.
  10. Thank you for the link; it helped me find the published text.
  11. Correction: the new constitution has in fact been published in the Royal Gazette dated 6 April 2017 and I am now waiting for an English translation to become available on the Internet. A comparison of the Thai text of Section 39 of the draft constitution and the promulgated constitution shows that the text of this section has not been changed. The published translation of the draft constitution has it as follows:
  12. My apologies for my insensitive reply to your post. I misunderstood your post, but that's no excuse.
  13. Has anybody got a link to the Royal Gazette allegedly published on April 6 with the Thai text of the new constitution reportedly signed by the King on that date?