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  1. Just arrived home

    Gavin, what type of "report" to immigration are you talking about?
  2. The 60-day extension to visit family is still available under the currently valid Police Order.
  3. I keep being logged out!

    The first thing to try is to delete all cookies in your browser.
  4. The French text says nothing about the notification of arrival of a foreigner at the residence of the person making the notification (with the TM.30)
  5. Fastest: Depends on the banks you are using, but probably a SWIFT transfer from your Canadian bank to your Thai bank. Easiest: A SWIFT transfer from your Canadian bank to your Thai bank. Cheapest: For the amount you are talking about, probably a SWIFT transfer from your Canadian bank to your Thai bank. Seeing that you have the choice of two Thai banks, check with your Canadian bank whether either of your Thai banks is their correspondent bank in Thailand for Canadian dollars, as this would avoid the fee of an intermediate bank.
  6. Another useful point to consider is that, based on some posts in other topics, some bank branches are averse to opening any type of bank account for nationals of the United States of America, apparently because of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), a US law.
  7. Skyiceice, knowing now that the documents required for opening a bank account may vary from one Kasikorn branch to the other, are you interested in hearing from members about the requirements by any Kasikorn branch in any part of the country?
  8. For those who, like me, didn't know: Bueng Kan is a province in the northeast of Thailand Seka is a district in Bueng Kan province Unknown at the moment is whether Kadilo opened his account at Kasikorn, the bank about which the OP is enquiring.
  9. It is probably even more impressive if your foreign bank transmits the recommendation to the Kasikorn bank via the SWIFT messaging network. Incidentally, make sure you ask to open a savings account, as other wise the bank employee might think that you want a current account, something you definitely cannot get without a work permit.
  10. If you had mentioned the period for which this foreigner's consultation is needed and if this period were not longer than 15 days, one could examine whether a NOTIFICATION FOR ENGAGEMENT IN NECESSARY AND URGENT WORK UNDER SECTION 9 (WP.10) might have success.
  11. Lungbing is right. At some bank branches, they want to see a work permit, house registration book, Thai ID card or other documents, at others they are happy with just the passport. There is no uniform policy used by all banks and all bank branches in Thailand. If you are specifically asking about Kasikorn bank because you plan to remit money from your bank account outside Thailand to a Kasikorn account in your name, you can ask your foreign bank for a letter of recommendation if you run up against otherwise insurmountable obstacles at your local Kasikorn bank.
  12. Is it possible that there was a misunderstanding? As far as I know, it is not necessary to have paid tax or be liable to pay tax in order to get a tax certificate, only to have submitted a tax return form and for this form to have been processed by the Revenue Office.
  13. The above definition also applies to any SWIFT transfer from any country in the world to any other country.
  14. The latest I saw was LGBTQX, or perhaps it was LGBTQX+