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  1. Did the police report show the number of the lost passport?
  2. Line App Spam

    Thank you. I see what you mean. Readers interested in reading a review about these products or in buying them will appreciate these links, though.
  3. The OP having received the information he was looking for, this topic is now closed.
  4. Line App Spam

    Which of the links below are links to advertising? (The time stamps are of 18 November, UTC+1)
  5. Ethaniel, you did not post the arrival stamp you have in your passport, which would show the end date of the permission to stay when you arrived in Thailand, but from your extension disapproval stamp that date appears to be 19 NOV 2017. Two days before that date you went to an immigration office and applied for an extension of stay of seven days. The current "Criteria and Conditions for Consideration of an Alien’s Application for a Temporary Stay in the Kingdom of Thailand" are listed in clauses 2.1 to 2.32 of the order of the Royal Thai Police No. 327/2557 (which has been wrongly translated as Order of the Immigration Bureau). Looking at your application and because of the lack of accompanying documents the immigration official must have recognised immediately that you did not qualify for any of the listed extensions and if you would have preferred to withdraw your application and leave Thailand not later than 19 NOV you would have reason to complain if the official did not explain this option to you, which would have avoided the extension disapproval stamp in your passport. It appears, however, that you would have proceeded with your application anyway and on this basis the official applied paragraph four of the aforementioned Police Order: This is the reason for the additional seven days you were allowed to stay despite the non-approval of your application. It may look like an extension of stay by seven days and de facto that's what if is, but from a legal point of view it is a grace period granted following the denial of your application. You could have applied for three days or one hundred days, the result would have been exactly the same.
  6. Arriving is Official

    Too much trolling by Aditi Sharma. Topic closed.
  7. Therefore, these Thai members of your family would be a wife and a child or children of hers of whom you are not the father, wouldn't they? Or Thai children you adopted?
  8. What has given you the impression that "the tourist is well down in Thailand? What numbers are you using?
  9. Arriving is Official

    There is no "non-tourist visa" If you have any visa questions regarding your trip to Thailand, state your nationality the purpose of your trip and planned duration of your stay and you will receive much useful information here.
  10. Removed a troll post and the replies to it.
  11. Error 502 Bad gateway

    Yes, that's the screen I got, too. So it was a 502 I got.
  12. If you are currently staying in Thailand longer than 90 days, the first time you have business at an immigration office you will be fined for your failure to submit the form TM.47 Regarding the TM.30, every to you check in at a hotel this notification is made by the hotel. You need not do it yourself.
  13. I'd like to add one more option to those listed in my post #4 above as a reason for which a border immigration official could cause you and your child trouble on an attempted visa-exempt run: 3. deny you and your child entry because you have no written consent of the child's mother to travel with the child abroad.