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  1. Probably this killing is a political statement to show who has the power and is willing to use it. I wonder if the people, the Thai delegation will meet in Europe, are aware of this execution. I hope the article "New report ranks Thailand as the world’s riskiest holiday destination" does not reflect to this article. It is a matter of time and the death penalty will also given for jokes about watches.
  2. At every airport and border crossing the officials should ask for an approval letter or prove of single parenthood if not both parents travel with the child. Of course the rules are not always applied. So kids get abducted. Do you expect a land border crossing and taking a flight out of Cambodia, Laos or Malaysia would be easier? Also you can expect problems in every country if you do not have documents proving your are the child's caretaker. Although it seems that countries as India, Pakistan and Marocco do not seem to care a lot about international laws about child abduction.
  3. The challenge then is to get a Thai bank account on a tourist visa. Assuming the OP does not have a Thai bank account yet.
  4. $2100 US a month, so you do not want to spend the money on a 5 year Elite visa. Money comes from interest and deposits, so no monthly pension that can be confirmed by an embassy. You only want to go out of Thailand like twice a year, so no 30 day or 60 day visa runs. Only sensible option left a retirement visa which will require to transfer 800,000 baht of your funds to a Thai bank account. First you have to obtain a Non-Immigrant Visa or One Year Non-Immigrant Visa and then convert it in Thailand to Retirement Visa. You can do all the paperwork yourself or search for an agency that can help you for fee. You probably have to go to a Thai consulate/embassy and your country embassy a few times.
  5. Paul944

    Internet Nomad

    By working as an internet nomad you already breaking the Thai law. Paying tax over the earnings will not legalize it. Instead of subsidizing the purchase of submarines and watches donate your money to some useful community projects, if this makes you feel good. Plenty of projects to choose from. If you want to pay tax just buy a foreign car with a very big engine :) Working in Thailand requires a Thai work permit. Yes working as an internet nomad being in Thailand is working in Thailand. It is impossible to get a Thai work permit for working as an internet nomad with only customers outside Thailand. Even if you get a work permit while working for a Thai customer this will not legalize the work you do for other customers. Enjoy that the law is not enforced on you. A privilege not many people have living under a military junta/
  6. Next year he can take part in the tour de France.
  7. Is there a map of speed cams in Thailand available? would be nice to have them in Sygic.
  8. It is not the only one in the city. Normally I stay with family near Wat Phrathat Doi Tham and just walk to the temple to play with the cats and dogs there. Instead of ordering coffee with cake I donate a 10 kg bag of cat food.
  9. Seems he started braking 1 or 2 meters before the road block. Brakes worked quite well after that, with some assistance of the stopping power of the police pickup. An idiot without brains in the truck.
  10. The public bicycle system works very well in Paris and other cities. But those are meant for the locals and tourists can not hire them. In Paris people can earn points by moving bicycles from impopular to popular spots. The bicycle stands need some space and that is hard to find in a city. That can also be a problem in Chiang Mai.
  11. Paul944

    Van crash leaves driver dead, hotel staff injured

    The van does not look that old but had no airbags apparently. Poor driver forgot to keep his eyes and van on the road.
  12. They still have them in the villages near Bangkok. It costs 10 baht for 1.5 km trip from the family house to Tesco Lotus Rama 2. I tip them 5 or 10 baht because my weight is more as 2 times their average passenger. It looks none of the guys is younger as 70. The younger ones all drive motorcycle taxis. 50 baht for a ride seems quite expensive.
  13. I am sure there is a definition what is considered to be 'work' in Thailand. Can you drive a car or do you have to hire a driver? Can you walk or bicycle to visit a place or do you have to go by public/private transport? Are you allowed to clean a glass in a hotel room or do you have to call room service?
  14. Let us know the result. If your passport allows a 30 day visa exempt entry, this should not be a problem. But the immigration officer will automatically stamp a visa so you better explain your request before giving your passport. It is probably highly dependable on the mood of the immigration officer also.
  15. What happened with the thai model that posed with only wearing some juwelery?