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  1. Next year he can take part in the tour de France.
  2. Is there a map of speed cams in Thailand available? would be nice to have them in Sygic.
  3. It is not the only one in the city. Normally I stay with family near Wat Phrathat Doi Tham and just walk to the temple to play with the cats and dogs there. Instead of ordering coffee with cake I donate a 10 kg bag of cat food.
  4. Seems he started braking 1 or 2 meters before the road block. Brakes worked quite well after that, with some assistance of the stopping power of the police pickup. An idiot without brains in the truck.
  5. The public bicycle system works very well in Paris and other cities. But those are meant for the locals and tourists can not hire them. In Paris people can earn points by moving bicycles from impopular to popular spots. The bicycle stands need some space and that is hard to find in a city. That can also be a problem in Chiang Mai.
  6. Van crash leaves driver dead, hotel staff injured

    The van does not look that old but had no airbags apparently. Poor driver forgot to keep his eyes and van on the road.
  7. They still have them in the villages near Bangkok. It costs 10 baht for 1.5 km trip from the family house to Tesco Lotus Rama 2. I tip them 5 or 10 baht because my weight is more as 2 times their average passenger. It looks none of the guys is younger as 70. The younger ones all drive motorcycle taxis. 50 baht for a ride seems quite expensive.
  8. I am sure there is a definition what is considered to be 'work' in Thailand. Can you drive a car or do you have to hire a driver? Can you walk or bicycle to visit a place or do you have to go by public/private transport? Are you allowed to clean a glass in a hotel room or do you have to call room service?
  9. Let us know the result. If your passport allows a 30 day visa exempt entry, this should not be a problem. But the immigration officer will automatically stamp a visa so you better explain your request before giving your passport. It is probably highly dependable on the mood of the immigration officer also.
  10. What happened with the thai model that posed with only wearing some juwelery?
  11. Good to hear everything went well. Having all the papers ready helps of course. A lot of people complaining just do not have the required documents ready. A bit weird you can not get a birth certificate only.
  12. He probably wants a multi entry visa. Those are not easy to get, except the expensive elite visa. If he travels a lot maybe it still worthwhile because the free limo service saves the taxi costs. You can also get multi entries on a retirement visa. But then he has go to the process obtaining it, including being in Thailand for 2 months.
  13. If you can get a multi entry tourist visa it will be more convinient. No extensions needed, just a border crossing after 60 days.
  14. Visa can be obtained at the consulate in Amsterdam, http://www.royalthaiconsulateamsterdam.nl . You have to download a form and answer some questions on it. Also need 2 pass photo's, copy of passport page and copy of the tickets. Visa is 30 euros and sending a passport back is 10 euros. They like it if you bring an enveloppe with your address already written on it. If you live far from Amsterdam it is a bit inconvenient to go there, but still easier as getting an extension in Thailand. Eva Air checks on departure date and visa. Probably other airliners also. So even if you plan a 'visa run' after 4 weeks, you need something to convince the airliner to let you board.
  15. now up for a quick sale before all electronics starts failing.