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  1. I'm equally confident they won't be !! Let's see !
  2. Nonsense !! Pure B****** . It wasn't out of bounds and the coach clearly did a great job . It's Thailand not Namby pampy western kids . And the rescue guy died because he ran out of air. Sadly it was his responsibility to make sure he had enough..very sad but a accident .
  3. Police are useless ,ineffective jokes and everyone can be bought . Basically this ! Criminals have the means to embrace this .
  4. That's not happening anytime soon . 80% plus are unskilled and that includes those with ,not worth the paper its written on , degrees .
  5. Nope. I'm my opinion it's totally the banks fault . When we were little we asked our parents all the time for things . We learnt we don't always get what we ask for but it's not the kids fault for asking. Just trying it on . No different here. Customer goes to the bank puts forward a proposal and gets a answer. It would seem ability to pay is not considered or sufficient checks done. The bank has the power to say yes or no ! Don't ask don't get we all know that saying. They ask and seemingly always get . Banks responsible for lack of good control .
  6. Nigeone

    Blame problems on past govts, not Junta: Prayuth

    From where I sat it looked like money selected the previous leaders and promises to all !
  7. Nigeone

    Blame problems on past govts, not Junta: Prayuth

    Ohhh okay ,good to know all the previous regimes liked to collect watches too.
  8. And a whole different outcome ! Couldn't make this up but we all knew it was coming . Give it a few months and no international help were there
  9. Here we go..is anyone really surprised !! Quite sad really as dust hasn't settled yet .
  10. No mate ..8 British experts were part of a 13 man international dive team who went in each day and rescued them. I think 2 Aussies ,1 Belgium , 1 Dutch and 1 Japan with back up from 5 Thai seals . The British also had a couple of guys coordinating at the surface . Only one Brit went back due to a long standing health appointment
  11. Really impressed with the coach . He comes across as very well and stated all the lads could swim as it was part of his programme and he took them every Saturday to learn to swim. Nice lads and seem fine . Tough little buggers as many Thai youngsters are . Respect to them and the coach .
  12. For sure re the vet. Maybe he wouldn't be up to speed in doses but he would sure know how to do the injections. And as you say a broad knowledge of first aid I'm sure .
  13. That should be really easy !! Not a hope in hell would the Brits and Aussies and other experts would have been invited if Thai Seals had the necessary skill set. Clearly they don't and fair play to Thai officialdom in reckonising that early on . If they had of gone alone in the rescue in my opinion it would have had disastrous consequences .
  14. Has the quality of teaching improved though ?? Just saying !
  15. Is this not just about living beyond your means ?? Seems like it . Borrowing money and being unable to repay the interest . We've all been there's in the west ,or most have and know well the problems it brings .