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  1. It's a roundabout that will never stop. Pay higher minimum wage and in around 3 months with price rises needed to support the rise your back to square one. Thais don't realize that any income rise has to be funded and the only way is in price rises... Greater efficiency is never going to happen sadly . Thais don't in the main work hard and you could argue why should they . The only way it will change is if they are rewarded fairly for working harder and more efficiently . Let's be honest it's not a minimum wage as such but a set standard wage or would seem like that
  2. Also you could throw a million officers at the problem but if you don't change the mindset and penalties your P*****g in the wind
  3. And so he should be !!!! But it's not really a surprise is it that results weren't forthcoming !!
  4. Nigeone

    Tiger Kingdom in Town is it still closed?

    Sad as had many good nights in there ..
  5. And the excuses keep coming !! And will continue .anyone thinking not is delusional !
  6. Nigeone

    Green light for Bt37-bn wind farm projects

    As above does Thailand really get enough wind to drive these ?? I'm surprised about this but I'm assuming they have done there homework but hey it's Thailand , I'm not convinced to be honest !
  7. Will we get some honest arrival figures now I wonder ?
  8. Nigeone

    New police vehicles found with defects

    Contrary to other poster these are police cars !! Isle of Man TT 2017 BAC Mono and top of the range Mustang
  9. No fail !! Lack of critical thinking , poor education standards and a bad mentality and work ethic generally means that most graduates will fall along way short of what's needed to drive this country forward . Also of course a failure of those in power to let students flourish ! Not changing in my lifetime sadly !
  10. I'll,be surprised if they don't pass... I'm sure there will be some little issues but they wouldn't be that stupid ...would they !!??? Now come back in 6 months or so time and I'm sure they won't ! maintenance and the likes isn't a strong point of Thai mentality . We wait and see !
  11. No room in this field for buses ...the Fire Engines .still waiting to be put in service . Not any time soon for sure !!
  12. A proverbial meeting of supreme intellect ! Not ! Love to be a fly on the wall for this one
  13. How will this work when it rains ..wet wais lol
  14. Some chance to get the population to stop drinking. !! Little chance and no chance !
  15. It can't be below levels in Bangkok and Chiang Mai surely !! The hub of low emissions ! Another first