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  1. And no pictures to verify this all !! Not like RTP to miss a opportunity or maybe they've already been sold on ??!!
  2. He's right ! But what did he expect !
  3. Wow impressive , if it's to be believed . But sadly me thinks only the tip of the iceberg. Scary how many guns are out there and more to come when the police get there new ones !!
  4. Another day ,another plan. Same result !
  5. Thanks I knew it was around 30 million claimed and actually was looking up figures when you quoted me !! 555
  6. Once again some doubt on these figures !! isn't there approx thirty million visitors a year allegedly. So lots of catching up to do the rest of the year !! 4 months and only 2.8 million leaves over 27 million in 8 months ! Is that possible ??
  7. The biggest threat to the Army is in my opinion likely to be the RTP. When the've had enough of the RTA pushing into there revenue streams it might kick off.. till then nothing is going to threaten there cosy little number. And if anyone did my money would be on the attackers as I don't feel the majority of Thai army is up to any sort of reasonable standard and will probably just run or surrender
  8. Well he has gone as far as covering all bases !! Basically he hasn't a clue what it's actually going to do I would imagine!
  9. And the fun begins ! One thing is for sure Thai government doesn't want to try and renegade on this contract like it has a habit of doing on others !
  10. Not enough water for that !!! Come back in the rainy season !
  11. This is a great example of all that's wrong with what should be a wonderful country ! And the saddest part is everyone knew he wouldn't show ! Disgrace Thai prosecutors and police and one of the own too who was killed
  12. Let the games begin ! at least when they get them it will keep us all entertained !
  13. As we all we carry on saying every year !! What about the other 358 day s of the year when approx 80 people die daily ! Is he happy about that then as seems road deaths only matter at Songkran and Our New Year !
  14. Not sure I feel we are getting the full story here as to who's guilty or how !! One thing is sure if you were a organization approached by Thailand to tender for large contracts like this you'd have to do a lot of soul searching before you'd tender !! No wonder the likes of Volvo stepped back. Also as others have said maybe these can go along side the fire engines !
  15. How many committees will it take to reach any conclusions in this 'crime' . A Thai cop confused , now there's a thing ..who would have thought !!!