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  1. For somebody who claims to be financially well off, you certainly are financially illiterate. A pension could be a self funded one.. with all your alleged wealth don’t you have a SMSF ? Crazy if you don’t. Or it could be a defined benefit one as they used to have in the military, for example. They were a condition of employment....the pay was not the best around but wear the uniform for 20 years and you end up with a pension to make up for the low pay. Certainly not a govt cash handout !
  2. MikeN

    Bell Siphon Big Size

    Another reason to have smaller multiple pumps is to have a backup for breakdowns and maintenance.... you don’t want to have just one pump that breaks down in the middle of the night.
  3. MikeN

    Bell Siphon Big Size

    First up, 60cms is deeper than most grow beds that are usually around 30cm of media but if you do want that size it is 6180L volume per bed, of which around 30% is water, =1854L. 1854L *12 beds =22248, * 4/hour =89,000 liter/hour approx. So your pump is massively oversized compared to the grow beds ! You could have six times as many grow beds with that flow rate. What is your main aim, fish or vegetables ? If you want to maximize the fish side of things those grow beds will not be enough, if the grow beds are the limiting factor do not overstock with fish. But according to the calculator at engineeringtoolbox.com a container of your size specs (with 120mm stand pipe) should gravity drain in about 7 minutes, which should be about right. The siphon should be twice the diameter of the standpipe. I think the numbers are right, but this is something you are going to have to test with trial and error, set up one tank to check and upsize the pipe if needed. Install valves for flow control into the beds, and divert the excess flow from the pump through a bio filter and spray back into the fish tank to help aeration. Good luck !
  4. No, it does not say anything about not having caps..... there will still be caps on the bottles, just no plastic wrap seals over the caps.....you know those fiddly little bits of plastic people tear off and probably drop on the ground. If you don’t need them on Coke bottles, why would you need them on water bottles ?
  5. You cannot go to TOPS often then, as they have had this bag free day on the 3rd day of the month for a while, and there are lots of signs and announcements about it, at my local TOPS anyway. Never seen anybody unaware or complaining about it either.
  6. MikeN


    Judging by your English you are not Thai, so how, as a foreigner, did you manage to purchase land ?
  7. Well sorry, but I have trouble believing those numbers ! Look at the sample size for Khon Karen ..... 20 ! Why would a pair of Nike shoes be 20% less in Khon Karen ? Why would a new car be 500,000 baht cheaper in KK. than the same one In BKK ? Those “statistics” have a price for 330ml Coke bottle at 20 baht in BKK, when the standard price is 17 baht for a 500ml bottle. Those figures are just too inaccurate to be taken seriously.
  8. If the Australian embassy really wanted to verify income it would not be too hard, Foreign Affairs would just need to access the ATO database like many other govt depts and agencies. In Australia, unless you want to get slugged with the maximum tax rate, you have to declare your tax file number for all investments, pensions, salaries etc and all income from these is notified to the ATO. So while it makes it harder to cheat on your tax it would also make it easy to verify your income. Possibly the only legal income the ATO “might” not know about automatically would be rental income ? So all an authorized embassy staff would need to do is look up your tax file number and confirm #123456789 earned $98765 last year. Whether you would actually want somebody able to pry into your tax affairs is another matter ....
  9. But once they had been upgraded it was very bad customer relations and business practice to downgrade them again. If it had been the original plane the off duty pilots would have had to sit in business class anyway, if it was good enough for them then business class should have been good enough in the replacement plane.
  10. And did it not occur to you that this hypothetical person could have got a marriage visa and a work permit and obeyed the law ? But I will bet that at least 99% of the people in this story that were arrested on Koh Phi Phi do not have a Thai spouse anyway, maybe somebody running one of the illegal hostels might have a Thai wife the others would be just trying to extend their party on the island.
  11. Naive or new?, says the guy with ten posts to his name, half of them in this thread....... Did n’t you read the story, it’s about illegals on Phi Phi and other tourist areas around Krabi. If you have ever been to Koh Phi Phi you would surely have seen many, many people working illegally there, you would have to be blind not to see them in the bars and guest houses. How many of these backpackers would have been born here, raised here or married a local as you claim ? None, zero, zilch..... If so many people were not breaking the law there would be no need of these “non stop crackdowns”. Immigration police doing their job is not xenophobia, no matter what your paranoid fears might tell you.
  12. It is a byelection, the result will not be repeated in a general election, certainly not nation wide. A 51/49 result is not a rout, that’s about average for elections. And I doubt Shorten will be praying for more of the same when Labour can only muster 11%, down 6% ! Phelps has said she would not support any Labour calls for an early election, perhaps because she knows by election voting often goes against the incumbent party and that she probably will not hold the seat in a general election.
  13. It is not exactly a rout on the latest figures, with it going 51%/49% to the independent after preferences, but on the primary vote it is Libs a mile in front on 43%, the leading Independent on 29% and Labour on 11%, with a multitude of independents like the voluntary euthanasia party, the arts party, animal justice party and more bringing up the rear but directing their preferences to Phelps to put her in the lead at the moment. Labour and Greens both had a swing of 6% against them so they should not be feeling too comfortable.
  14. Well when I went there earlier this year our boat was checked three times in 3 days to make sure we had paid our park fees. The park staff are on the ball but what the guys selling tickets on the mainland get up to remains to be seen.
  15. Cost effective ? After you spent months on full pay by deliberately gaming the system : ” I would go months at times without ever seeing the inside of an airplane, going for a couple or 3 weeks was normal.  Of course, this didn't affect my pay. I was on call, after all, which means on duty. I just wasn't flying “ No dude, now we understand why airfares are so expensive, paying for free loading bludgers to do nothing. And people operating public transport, be it busses or planes, should not be working while they are tired.